CAT 2013 got over a couple of days back. You must be anticipating calls from the B-schools based on the cutoffs and your expected score. While you are apprehensive about getting a call for GD/WAT & PI calls from your dream B-School, this article will help you gauge the distance between your dream of getting a call from the 13 IIMs followed by converting it and the reality.


Latest: CAT 2014 has been announced by IIM Indore. Application process starts from August 6.


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As you know, the CAT 2013 cutoff is based on your score that you will get in CAT 2013. You can calculate your expected score or percentile and relate it with the IIM cutoffs to make a calculated guess. However, the caveat is, the IIMs declare their cutoffs in percentiles and not the exact score and the percentile depends on factors like number of test takers and the difficulty level of the exam. IIMs and Prometric, the agency which conducts the computer based CAT follows a normalization process to equate the scores across the 40 tests conducted over 20 days, 2 slots each. However, there is an ambiguity in the normalization process so we would not delve deeper on that. What we will provide you are the scoring process of CAT and the factors which decide your admission in the IIMs.

CAT 2013 Scoring Process

For any exam, the scoring process is very important as it tells you whether you will have to bear the brunt of a wrong answer (negative marking) or not. The scoring process has remained uniform from the time CAT has gone computer based. Prior to that, the marking scheme varied.


There was always negative marking involved in CAT. However, marks for the correct answer have been different. Before CAT 2009, each correct answer had 4 marks. Since 2009, when CAT turned computer based and was conducted by Prometric Testing, the correct answers contained 3 marks and the incorrect answers had 1 mark negative marking.

The scoring process which was followed in CAT 2013 is as follows:

Correct answer: +3

Wrong answer: -1

No answer: 0

Candidates’ raw scores for each section are calculated on the basis of the number of questions attempted- answered correctly / incorrectly, and those not attempted. According to Prometric, the process ensures that the candidate attempts / answers those questions only which he / she has knowledge about and does not make random guess (to avoid negative marking). 

After calculating the raw score of the test takers, the scores will be scaled and equated.

The IIM scaling model is as follows:

Section Scores = 0 to 225

Total Exam Score = 0 to 450

Finally, three scaled scores are presented for each candidate – One overall scaled score and two separate scaled scores for both the section.


How IIMs shortlist you

Right after the CAT 2013 result will be declared on January 14, 2014, the IIMs will start declaring the shortlist of candidates for GD/WAT and PI rounds. The IIMs will shortlist you on the basis of your CAT score and the institute specific cutoff percentile. All the 13 IIMs have declared their admission criteria and here is the list of cutoffs.


CAT 2013 Cutoff

Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad


Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore


Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta


Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow


Indian Institute of Management, Indore


Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode


Rajiv Gandhi Indian Institute of Management, Shillong


Indian Institute of Management, Ranchi


Indian Institute of Management Rohtak


Indian Institute of Management, Raipur


Indian Institute of Management Trichy


Indian Institute of Management Udaipur


Indian Institute of Management Kashipur


CAT 2013 score is not the only criterion which will be considered by the IIMs while shortlisting the candidates for the next round of admission, namely Group Discussion, Personal Interview and Written Ability Test. Majority of the IIMs consider the candidate profile including the past academic records, work experience, gender and academic diversity factor for the shortlisting procedure.

The following paragraph will give you the criteria apart from CAT scores which are considered for the shortlisting of candidates for the next round of admission.

IIM Ahmedabad considers the past academic records of the candidates which includes Class X, Class XII and Bachelor’s marks.

IIM Bangalore considers the past academic records along with the work experience. The weightage given to the shortlisting process is 70 which include CAT score, 10th marks, 12th marks, Graduation marks and work experience or professional course.

IIM Calcutta on the other hand considers Gender Diversity factor along with the past academic records.

IIM Lucknow considers a vast number of factors which includes CAT score, past academic records, work experience, diversity factor, which further includes academic discipline and gender. The total weightage of the shortlisting process is 50.

IIM Indore shortlisting criteria include only CAT score and past academic records. A composite score is calculated on the basis of the SSC, HSC and Bachelor’s degree marks.

IIM Kozhikode will give weightage to past academic records along with the CAT 2013 scores for shortlisting the students to attend the WAT and PI rounds.

IIM Shillong will consider the past academic record along with CAT 2013 scores.

IIM Rohtak shortlisting criteria include CAT 2013 scores, past academic records, gender and academic diversity factors. To ensure gender diversity, female candidates will be assigned a grace score of 30. Similarly, to ensure subject diversity, candidates having a non-engineering background at graduation will be assigned a grace score of 30.

IIM Ranchi, Trichy, Udaipur and Kashipur will consider only the CAT 2013 scores for shortlisting the candidates for the Personal Appearance Round (Common WAT & PI rounds for new IIMs).

Final Selection Process for IIMs

The final selection process takes place through Written Ability Test (WAT) and Personal Interview (PI). Earlier Group Discussion was a prominent feature but now the IIMs have replaced the GD with WAT or added it as a component along with GD. IIM Kozhikode and IIM Lucknow will conduct both GD and WAT along with PI.

The 6 new IIMs, including IIM Ranchi, Rohtak, Raipur, Trichy, Udaipur and Kashipur conduct a Common Admission Process where the shortlisted candidates of these institutes will have to appear for a common WAT and PI round. The new IIMs will declare the final selection list separately. The new IIMs’ Common Admission Process round had started from 2012. The first round of CAP in 2012 was conducted by IIM Rohtak followed by IIM Raipur. The CAP rounds for this year will be conducted by IIM Trichy.

Like shortlisting process, IIMs have separate parameters for the final selection process.

In IIM Ahmedabad, 70% weightage is given to WA-PI score and 30% weightage is given to the Composite Score which is based on the past academic records. The factors which are taken into consideration in the final stage of selection are written analysis (WAT), personal interview, verifiable awards and recognitions, academic performance, exceptional achievements, extra-curricular activities, post-degree work experience, post-graduation education etc.

After the final selection round, IIM Bangalore will consider the note content score (weight=7.5), note style score (weight=7.5), and the personal interview score (weight=20), after standardization across interview panels and sessions, will be added to the pre-PI total to arrive at the final aggregate score.

IIM Calcutta will give the weights on the factors like CAT score, WAT, PI and past academic records (UG and PG).

IIM Lucknow only considers the performance in GD, PI and WAT rounds for the final selection process, the combined weight of which is 50.

IIM Indore will consider the performance in PI and WAT and past academic records (10th, 12th and graduation) for the final selection.

The selection criteria of IIM Kozhikode include CAT, WAT/GD, work experience and Personal Interview.

IIM Ranchi will consider the factors like candidate profile (academic profile, work experience, academic diversity and gender diversity) for the final selection.

For the final selection process, IIM Rohtak, IIM Raipur, IIM Trichy, IIM Udaipur and IIM Kashipur consider the performance in CAT, PI & WAT and past academic performance, work experience and related factors.

Pressing for diversity: tapping females and non-engineers

To encourage gender and academic diversity, many IIMs have redesigned their admission criteria and selection process since the past few years.

As the engineering among other disciplines still dominates most of the IIMs’ student profile with around 90% student share or even more in some cases, many IIMs have taken steps to enhance academic diversity of their class. For example, beginning academic session 2014-16, IIM Ahmedabad will allow direct entry for toppers from different academic background including Arts, Commerce, Science/Medicine, Engineering & others, into its Written Analysis and Personal Interviews (WA-PI) round. 

IIM Lucknow also awards 3 extra marks to non-engineers during the selection process. IIM Kozhikode and all the 6 new IIMs also have some provisions for tapping more non-engineers for their respective classes.

Similarly, many IIMs have special provisions aimed at increasing share of women students in their class.

As a result, in the last few years, many IIMs have witnessed a growth in the number of female students admitted to their programmes.

IIM Kozhikode has set a new record by becoming the first IIM to admit more than 50 per cent women students in its PGP batch this year. According to the institute, the 17th batch of PGP has a total of 196 woman students in the batch of 361 students. The percentage of woman candidate in the batch stands at 54%.

Dr. Debashis Chatterjee, IIM Kozhikode Director says, “IIM Kozhikode started it all in 2010 in looking beyond just CAT scores and engineering backgrounds. More diversity implies greater learning opportunities from the peer group as well as better placements.”

IIM Bangalore also admitted the largest number of female students this year as the count went up to 108 in comparison to last year’s 100.  The institute, however, denies having introduced any special criteria for female candidates.

Last year, IIM Lucknow witnessed a 150 per cent rise in the number of woman students, compared to the 2011-13 batch. In the same year, IIM Calcutta saw the women students count doubling from 11% to 23%.  IIM Indore also witnessed the similar trend.

IIM Ranchi, which had no girl student in its 2011-13 batch, admitted a total of 42 girl candidates to its PGDM and PGDHRM programmes for the academic year 2012-13. 

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Stay tuned to B-School.Careers360 for more IIM Admission Criteria 2014-16.

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whats think different in a CMAT and a cat

Shiksha 28th Mar, 2020


Although both the exams are for getting into Bschools in India for post graduation but there is a huge difference between the two:

  • Cat is common admission test and cmat is common management admission test
  • Cat is one of the most popular exam in india for management given by around 2 lakhs of people and cmat is given by a lesser candidates around 50k-60k.
  • Most of the bschools & iim accept cat score and around only 400+ colleges in india iccepts cmat score.
  • Cat has a higher difficulty level and cmat is a bit on the easier side.
  • Both exams are online but the exam pattern is different. Apart from quantitative ability, verbal ability and logical reasoning that are there in both the exams, cmat also an additional section for gk & current affairs.
  • There are very few top colleges through cmat and many top colleges through cat that you can target.
  • I hope this helps.

what percentile in cat do I need if I have 84 percent in 10th and 92 percent in 12th to get into IIM Indore?

ADIL KHAN Student Expert 28th Mar, 2020

Hii Suraj,

IIM Indore is one such B-school which values your previous academic marks a lot. Your graduation marks matter too. And the stream from which you graduated. You have a good score in class 12th but an average one in class 10th. See it is just not your acads but your work-ex if any, your extracurriculars matter too.

You'll still need a percentile somewhat above 98+ if you are a student of Commerce background. Being from tech. background furthermore makes it difficult for one to get in.

You can visit the following link for more info-

You can reach out to us for more information regarding admissions entrance tests etc.

Hope it helps.



Is it possible to get elegible for mba course without work experience in s p jain and if eligible then at what cat score open category student gets admitted.

Manidipa Kundu Student Expert 27th Mar, 2020


see it is not mandatory to have work experience to join 2 year mba program in sp jain, however if you opt for executive mba then work experience is necessary.

sp jain offers mba courses on Marketing, Operations, Information Management & Finance.

sp jain selection criteria is two types 1> profile based, 2> profile cum score based.

as per previous years cutoff cat overall percentile was 85. with 75 percentile cutoff in sectional. sp jain observes candidates based on their academic score, extracurricular activities, achievements and relevant work experience.


how many % required in 12th for cat

Shaurya Kapoor 27th Mar, 2020

It basically depends upon from college to college and the criteria for short listing. But if you wish to make it to the top colleges of CAT it is advised to score very high percentage of marks in your class x and class xii.

Every year the percentage needed for shortlistment is changed by the college.

The overall shortlistment depends upon your performance in class x and xii , your grades in college , extra curricular activities and your work experience.

All the Best !!!?


will i get earth science in 515 score in iit gwahati in gen cat. Or water resources

Manidipa Kundu Student Expert 27th Mar, 2020


I have mentioned the previous years cutoff of civil engineering for iit guwahati below in various stream for general category,

StructuralEngineering    CE    713

Geotechnical Engineering    CE    627

Transportation Systems Engineering    CE    639

Water Resources Engineering    CE    590

Infrastructure Engineering and Management    CE    627

so you have less chances for iit guwahati.

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