CAT 2017 Analysis by IMS Learning

CAT Analysis by IMS LearningCAT 2017 Analysis by IMS Learning - As CAT 2017 concluded on November 26, experts from IMS coaching institute has shared their analysis. Around 2 lakh candidates are expected to appear in the test, which is the most coveted MBA entrance exam. IMS experts have shared their CAT 2017 Analysis, with Careers360. Here we bring you the CAT 2017 first slot and second slot analysis by IMS Learning. Below is the IMS section and slot wise analysis of CAT:

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CAT 2017 Analysis by IMS Learning


Before moving towards detailed section-wise and overall CAT exam analysis by IMS Learning, let us take a look at the CAT exam pattern 

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The break-up of the sections of CAT 2017 is as follows:


CAT Exam Pattern

Section No.

Section Name

Total Number of Questions

Number of Multiple Choice Questions

Number of TITA Questions


Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension





Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning





Quantitative Ability








CAT 2017 Analysis by IMS Learning

Below candidates can check this year CAT exam analysis by IMS for better understanding:


Section I – Reading Comprehension and Verbal Ability


Slot 1-  The VA-RC section this year was quite similar to the CAT 2016 section in terms of question types. Grammar and Vocabulary questions were again missing this year. RC consisted 3 passages with 6 questions & 2 passages with 3 questions - a majority of these questions were direct and could be solved within the given time-limits. IMS students who appeared for the exam reported that as many as 21 questions were easy.


Highlights of VARC section:

  • Of the 10 VA questions, 7 were TITA and 3 MCQs.

  • 3 Out-of-context sentence – TITA (Easy to Medium)

  • 4 Paragraph Jumbles – TITA (Medium to Difficult)

  • *3 Paragraph summary/Author’s opinion questions – MCQs. (Easy to Medium) (With negative Marks)*

  • *The only difference from the 2016 CAT, and the several IMS SimCATs!

  • It was possible to attempt 26 to 28 questions which should give you a competitive score. 

Slot 2- The slot 2 of CAT reflected the same pattern followed in the slot 1. The type of questions this section were similar to that of CAT 2016. 



Section-II: DI-LR section


Slot 1- The DI-LR section had a total of 8 sets, 4 questions in each set. The section comprised 3 sets of Data Interpretation and 4 sets of Logical Reasoning. The remaining set was logic based DI and hence cannot be simply classified as either DI or LR. Selection of the right sets to solve was key to a good performance in this section. Just like the previous year, no set was completely Type in the answer - TITA questions were divided across individual sets. In which, 4 sets were completely MCQ whereas the remaining 4 sets were a combination of TITA and MCQs. There were a total of 8 TITA questions. Overall the section was marginally tougher compared to last year. If a good student could have solved around 4 sets in this section with 80% accuracy, then they were likely to be in the safe zone.


Slot 2- In the second slot, the section consisted of 8 sets, where each set had 4 questions. DI section had 4 sets of questions while LR also had 4 sets. Compared to the CAT slot 1, no set was completely TITA in the Slot 2. TITA questions were dispersed across individual sets. 4 sets were completely MCQ whereas the remaining 4 sets was a combination of TITA and MCQs ( 2 TITA and 2 MCQ each). Like in the first slot, there were a total of 8 TITA questions in the DI –LR section for this slot as well. Overall, the DI-LR section in the second slot was little easier compared to the first slot . Students who could have solved around 4 to 5 sets (in the range of 16-18 questions) in this section with 80-85% accuracy, they would be in the safe zone.


Section III – Quantitative Ability


Slot 1- The quantitative section was easy and dominated by Arithmetic topic with 13 questions followed by Algebra, Geometry and Modern Math with 6 to 7 questions each. There were a few questions on Numbers. There were 11 TITA questions this year - compared to last year when there were only 7! If one went through the entire section, there were at least 12 to 15 sitters for the taking. Unlike last year, there was no typographical error reported this year. An attempt of 24 to 26 questions in this section should be a good bet.


Slot 2- Just like the first slot, the Quant section was easy in the second slot as well. This section was too dominated by Numbers, Geometry, Algebra and Modern Math. Apart from which the number of TITA questions were 11 similar to the first slot. If one went through the entire section, there were at least 12 to 15 sitters for the taking. Unlike last year, there was no typographical error reported this year. An attempt of 25 to 27 questions in this section should be a good bet. 


CAT 2017 Cutoff by IMS Learning


According to the experts of IMS Learning, in order to secure 99.5 percentile in CAT 2017, a total score of 175 in Slot 1 and 185 in Slot 2 should be sufficient. For sections, VARC, DILR and QA should have raw scores of 80, 48-53 and 72-75 respectively. 


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For taking bd ms integrated course Photonics in cusat ...what should be rank in CAT exam much mark is required?


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