CAT Slot 1 Analysis 2019
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CAT Slot 1 Analysis 2019 - Indian Institute of Management, Kozikhode conducted the Common Admission Test (CAT) on November 24 in computer-based mode. According to the CAT slot 1 analysis 2019, the exam was moderately difficult with candidates finding the quantitative ability section difficult , followed by data analysis and logical reasoning and English was easiest. The CAT 2019 slot 1 analysis includes the experts’ take on various aspects of the exam like difficulty level of the sections, ambiguous questions, ideal attempts for each section, and changes introduced. The first slot of the Common Admission Test (CAT) 2019 was held from 9 am to 12 pm on November 24, 2019, Sunday. As per CAT 2019 slot 1 analysis by the test takers, candidates informed that English was time-consuming but was easy. The CAT slot 1 analysis 2019 also provide how the students reacted on being asked about sectional difficulty level. According to slot 1 analysis of CAT 2019, candidates stated that the difficulty level of the verbals section, quantitative ability and data interpretation and logical reasoning. The detailed analysis of CAT 2019 slot 1 reveal the topic-wise difficulty level of the test and expected cutoff. Academic experts will also provide the CAT slot 1 analysis 2019. Based on the opinion of test takers and experts, Careers360 present the overall and section-wise CAT slot 1 analysis 2019. CAT exam is conducted for admission to 20 IIMs and around 100 other B-schools in the country. CAT 2019 result will be announced by IIM Kozikhode on January 4.
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Technical Glitch - In this part of CAT slot 1 Analysis, after speaking to the candidates, Careers360 stated that there was no technical glitch at the centres covered by the team. In 2018, some of the CAT test aspirants encountered technical glitches in the exam hall. Even before the exam had started, the system showed an error, however, the concerned authority resolved it on time.

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According to Arks Srinivas, National Head, MBA Prep, Career Launcher, in CAT 2018, the Quantitative Ability section was difficult, while the Verbal and Reading Comprehension was easy. The Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning section was easier than the previous year. He says, "The level of difficulty of the paper was higher as compared to last year. VARC continued to be easy; DILR was easier than last year with sets that took less time to solve. 1-2 sets were difficult to solve though. However, Quant was tougher this year. An overall raw score of around 155 should fetch a 99 percentile in CAT 2018."

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The CAT exam was conducted in computer based mode in two slots - Slot 1 (9 AM to 12 PM) and Slot 2 (2.30 PM to 5.30 PM).

CAT Slot 1 Analysis 2019

CAT consists of three sections, Verbal and Reading Comprehension (VARC), Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DI & LR) and Quantitative Ability (QA). Before knowing the analysis of CAT 2019 slot 1 in detail, let's have a look at the exam structure.

CAT 2019 Slot 1 Analysis - Exam Structure and Sectional Difficulty Level


Total No. of Questions

No. of MCQs

No. of Non-MCQs


Difficulty Level

Good Attempts





1 hour







1 hour







1 hour







3 Hours

Moderate to Difficult


Each question carried three marks and there was negative marking of one mark for each wrong answer, except the non-MCQs. The order in which the sections appeared in CAT 2019 are likley to be VARC, DI & LR and QA. Each section was of hree hours and candidates were not allowed to toggle between sections. However, there was no restriction in the order of attempting questions within the section.

Now, let's have a look at the section-wise analysis of CAT 2019 Slot 1.

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CAT Slot 1 Analysis 2019 - Sectional

Candidates can check the sectional analysis of slot 1 of CAT 2019:

CAT 2019 Slot 1 Analysis - Verbal and Reading Comprehension

As per the CAT slot 1 analysis 2019 of the VARC section, candidates found this section as the easiest while some of them found it time consuming. In 2018 24 RC questions and 10 VA questions were asked. The RC part is likely to have a total of five passages with a similar word limit. Four passages will probably have five questions each and one passage had four questions. According to CAT 2019 slot 1 analysis we will update the difficulty level of the different passages that will be asked. As per the experts, around 20-21 questions with 85 percent accuracy can bring a good score in this part of the section.

VA part had both MCQs and non-MCQs. The difficulty level of Para-jumble questions will be updated after the conclusion of Slot 1. It will also mention how was the odd sentence out questionsas whether they are difficult or slightly difficult. Let's have a look at the overall analysis of the VA part through the table given below:

CAT Slot 1 Analysis - Verbal Ability Questions and Difficulty Level


No. of Questions

Question Types

Difficulty Level

Para-jumble (Odd Sentence out)












CAT 2019 Slot 1 Analysis - Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning

According to CAT slot 1 Analysis 2019, data interpretation questions were moderately difficult. The experts, they will provide inputs about whether the DILR section will be moderately tough or will be on the difficulty scale. The section is likely to have 32 questions divided into 24 MCQs and 8 non-MCQs. Out of the total sets given in the section, CAT 2019 slot 1 analysis will mention if it questions are easy to solve. As per 2018 analysis, the best part of DI sets was that no calculation are required in any of the sets to solve. Let's have a look at the topic-wise analysis of DILR.

CAT 2019 Slot 1 Analysis - DILR Topic-wise Analysis

TopicNo. of Questions*Difficulty Level*
Pie Chart-Annual/half yearly/Quarter Sales4Moderate
ATM -Denominations of 100,200 and 5004Moderate
Set Theory-1600 rockets were launched4Moderate
4 Females, 4 Males-Minor and major4Easy
Matrix-Adjacent cells4Easy
3 Committees-research/teaching/economist4Moderate
1-20 petrol pumps4Moderate
10 friends -scores in DI/WE/GK4Difficult

Going with the experts' opinion, around 15-17 questions with 90 percent accuracy is considered as good to get a high score.

CAT Slot 1 Analysis 2019 - Quantitative Ability

Considering the difficulty scale, this section was clearly on the tougher side, especially for non-engineers. There were questions that were lengthy in the arithmetic section. The section had questions from Arithmetic (14), Modern Math (10), Geometry (six) with a couple of questions from Algebra and Numbers each. There were around eight to 10 sitter questions in this section. According to experts, Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry questions were on the tougher side. Let's have a look at the topic-wise analysis of QA section.

Some of the questions that were asked in the quantitative ability.

Q. Ramesh and Gautam are among 22 students who write an exam. Ramesh scores 82. The average score of 21 students other than Gautam is 62. The average score of all the 22 students is 1 more than the average score of the 21 students other Ramesh. The score of Gautam is (i) 49 (ii) 51 (iii) 48 (iv) 53

Q. Corners are cutoff from an equilateral triangle "T" to produce a regular hexagon "H." Then the ratio of the area of "H" to the area of "T" is (i) 2:3 (ii) 3:4 (iii) 4:5 (iv) 5:6

Q. The product of two positive numbers is 616. If the ratio of the difference their cubes to the cube of their differences is 157:3, then the sum of two numbers is (i) 58 (ii) 95 (iii) 85 (iv) 150

Q. The number of real roots of the equation 2 cos (x(x+1) = 2x + 2 -x is (i) 0 (ii) 1 (iii) 2 (iv) infinite

Q. If (0.55)x = (0.555)y = 1000 then, the value of 1/x - 1/y is (i) 2/3 (ii) 1/3 (iii) 1 (iv) 3

Q. The product of the distinct roots of |x2 - x - 6| = x+2 is (i) -24 (ii) -16 (iii) -8 (iv) -4

Q. If m & n are integers such that (√2)19 34429m8n = 3n16m(4√64) then m is (i) -16 (ii) -20 (iii) -12 (iv) -24

Q. If a1 + a2 + a3 +........ an = 3(2n+1 - 2), for every n≥1, then an equals is

Q. If a1, a2.....are in AP, then 1/ √a1 + √a2 + 1/ √a2 + √a3...........1/ √an + √an+1 is eqaul to

(i) n-1/√a1 + √an-1 (ii) n-1/√a1 + √an (iii) n/√a1 - √an+1 (iv) n/ √a1 + √an+1

CAT 2019 Slot 1 Analysis - QA Topic-wise Analysis

TopicNo. of Questions*Difficulty Level*
Number System2Moderate
Modern Math3Moderate
Geometry and Mensuration7Difficult

If a candidate attempts 18-20 questions with 85 percent accuracy, s/he can expect a good percentile in this section.

CAT Expected Cutoff

According to experts, a score of around 150-155 is likley to fetch 99 percentile. The CAT cutoff depends on various factors like:

  • Difficulty level of exam

  • Number of test takers

  • Number of candidates qualifying for the next rounds

  • Number of seats

  • Institute repute or ranking

Around 2.44, 169 lakh candidates registered for CAT 2019 and apparently, more than 2 lakh are likely to appear for the entrance test. The CAT 2019 result will be announced on January 4, 2020.

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I got 92.06551 in jee mains.what rank i will get in obc cat

Devraj choudhary Student Expert 23rd Jan, 2020


Your general rank canbe calculated by the formula (100-92.06551)*8.69lakh/100

That equals 69000. But if the number of students appearing in april session increases than the 8.69 lakh will be replaced by the number in formula and your rank will change.  Estimation of obc rank is quiet difficult as we don't have number of obc candidates data. You can also use rank predictor

Hope it helps


my younger brother got 98.3 percentile in 2020 jan general cat. mains exam can he get Top 10 NIT for CSE ?

Devraj choudhary Student Expert 23rd Jan, 2020


For his 98.3 percentile he won't be in top 10000 rank, and thus won't get CSE in top 10 NITs. But he may definitely get CSE in some IIITs or lower NITs. He may get ECE in average NITs, and can go for branch change after 1st year in college. Or even he can appear for jee mains once again and get better score.

All the best


I scored 59.13%ile in CAT. For which colleges i should apply ?

shubham gautam 23rd Jan, 2020

Hello Vandit,

Here is the list of colleges which accept 50-60 percentile score in CAT along with their location, courses offered and fees.

  • School of Management Sciences (SMS), Lucknow

Courses Offered: MBA, PGDM  Total Fees: Rs.1,90,000-3,80,000

  • New Delhi Institute of Management(NDIM), New Delhi

Courses Offered: MBA, PGDM  Total Fees:  Rs. 8,25,000

  • School of Management Sciences, Varanasi

Courses Offered: MBA, PGDM  Total Fees: Rs. 2,40,000

  • Acharya Bangalore Business School, Bangalore

Courses Offered: MBA, PGDM, Executive PGDM  Total Fees: Rs. 6,50,000-9,00,000

  • Bengal Institute of Business Studies, Kolkata

Courses Offered: MBA +PGPBM/PGPFM  Total Fees: Rs. 4,80,000

  • Doon Business School, Dehradun

Courses Offered: MBA, PGDM  Total Fees: Rs. 4,11,500-6,56,000

  • PSG Institute of Management, Coimbatore

Courses Offered: MBA, PGDM  Total Fees:  Rs. 8,00,000

  • Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore

Courses Offered: MBA, PGDM  Total Fees: Rs. 5,98,000

  • Githam Institute of Management, Visakhapatnam

Courses Offered: MBA, PGDM  Total Fees: Rs. 7,20,000

Here is another tip, you can also apply to top B Schools such as Symbiosis, XLRI and Narsee Monjee which conduct their own entrance exams. Its not just the exam score which is considered but also your performance in class 10th and 12th along with graduation percentage which will help you to get a place in top B-schools.

Hope this Information helps.

Best wishes for your future!


my name is shivam Chavan i scored 70%in 10th and 78% in 12th and I belong to sc category. so if i score above 70 percentile in CAT, is there any chance for me to get call from IIM-A?

Sampriti Student Expert 23rd Jan, 2020
IIM Ahmedabad requires a minimum of 70 percentile in CAT for students falling in SC category with 60 percentile each in all the sections. But IIMs not only consider the CAT scores, it takes into account various other factors while giving a call. So considering your academic record you must score more than 80 percentile in order to get a call from IIM Ahmedabad.

Good Luck

i can not give CAT exam, can i go for MAT,,,,,,, is only MAT is sufficient for mba admission

Khusji 22nd Jan, 2020


Yes you can, MAT score is accepted by more than 600 B- schools in the country.

You can know about all the colleges which take admission through MAT on our page link-

You can check selection procedure through MAT on our page-

Hope this helps

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