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TS ICET Exam Preparation Checklist 2024: Dos & Don'ts

TS ICET Exam Preparation Checklist 2024: Dos & Don'ts

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Our comprehensive TS ICET 2024 Preparation Checklist deals with key points to ensure success in the TS ICET examination by discussing the dos and don’ts that will help you maximize your performance. Read ahead to learn about the TS ICET exam preparation checklist 2024 and also the TS ICET 2024 exam day guidelines.

TS ICET is a state-level online entrance test conducted by Kakatiya University, Warangal on behalf of TSCHE in order to provide admission to candidates in B-Schools of Telangana State.

TS ICET Exam Preparation Checklist 2024: Dos & Don'ts

A TS ICET exam preparation checklist is important in order to craft an effective study plan which when followed with patience and dedication will pave the way for admission and ultimately a successful career in management through TS ICET 2024.

Some dos for TS ICET preparation:

  • Understand TS ICET exam pattern and syllabus.
  • Use good books for preparation.
  • Practice questions from previous year papers regularly.
  • Focus on time management.

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Some don'ts for TS ICET preparation:

  • Don't delay preparation.
  • Don't ignore any section of TS ICET.
  • Don't skip practice of questions.
  • Don't rely on rote memorization.
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To learn about these points and some more in detail, read the article.

Dos for TS ICET Exam Preparation

Understand the TS ICET Exam Pattern

1. In your TS ICET exam preparation checklist, it is important to thoroughly understand the exam pattern.


Online mode (Computer Based Test)

No. of questions

200 multiple-choice questions

No. of sections

Three different sections - Analytical Ability, Mathematical Ability and Communication Ability


2 hours and 30 minutes. There will be no sectional time limit.

Marking scheme

Each question will have 4 options

For every correct answer, 1 mark will be awarded

There will be no negative marking

2. Familiarize yourself with the types of questions asked across the different sections. Based on previous years, TS ICET is considered moderately difficult. The level is definitely lower than that of CAT. The TS ICET Exam 2024 Preparation Checklist wouldn’t be complete without doing a subject-wise breakdown of the syllabus along with the importance of each section in terms of the number of questions asked. The weightage may vary slightly but based on previous years’ format, the section-wise distribution of TS ICET 2024 is as follows -


No. of Questions


Section A




  • Problem-Solving



  • Data Sufficiency



Section B




  • Algebraical Ability and Geometrical Ability



  • Arithmetical Ability



  • Statistical Ability



Section C




  • Functional Grammar



  • Vocabulary



  • Reading Comprehension



  • Business and Computer Terminology






Create a Proper Study Schedule

  • A comprehensive study schedule and plan followed diligently is a necessary part of the TS ICET Exam 2024 Preparation Checklist and will pave the way for success.

  • Make a workable plan keeping in mind all the topics that you need to cover with a special focus on the topics that are important and have been repeatedly asked in previous years.

  • It is crucial to set a solid foundation. Start with the basics. As far as Mathematical Ability is concerned, work on the concepts of Vedic Maths, for instance. Be thorough with your tables and basic calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division which will also help with Analytical Ability.

  • Make concise notes of the important formulas. For instance,

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Pie chart :

If distribution given in percent,

  1. Actual Value = (this value x total amount of data) ÷ 100

  2. Percentage of data = (given data/total of all data) x 100

  3. Central angle of a data = (given data/total of all data) x 360 degrees

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Trigonometry :

  • sin x = cos (90° – x)

  • cos x = sin (90° – x)

  • tan x = cot (90° – x)

  • cot x = tan (90° – x)

  • sec x = cosec (90° – x)

  • cosec x = sec (90° – x)

  • 1/sin x = cosec x

  • 1/cos x = sec x

  • 1/tan x = cot x


Subject-Verb-Agreement :

  • Subject 1 + AND + Subject 2 + Plural Verb

  • Subject 1 + AS WELL AS + Subject 2 + Verb according to Subject 1

  • Many + Plural Noun + Plural Verb

  • Many + A + Singular Noun + Singular Verb

  • A Number Of + Plural Noun + Plural Verb

  • The Number Of + Plural Noun + Singular Verb

  • For the vocabulary section, keep revising daily. If you have difficulty in learning, memorize by writing.

  • When doing the Functional Grammar part, keep in mind where you need to start. Tenses and basic understanding of parts of speech form the basis of English. Why so? Tenses means verbs and a verb is the basic component of a sentence. A sentence generally has these basic requirements -


  2. VERB

  3. ./?/!

  4. Some meaning, of course

However, even without a subject, a sentence can be formed which is called an imperative sentence in which the subject is YOU but it is implied/hidden. For example,

  1. Open the door.

  2. Please sit down.

  3. Let him go

So, a subject can be hidden but not the verb. Now if we say, “Go.” it is a complete sentence with a hidden subject YOU, and the verb GO. This means a verb is the most basic thing you need to know in order to make a sentence, thus making Tenses important. Besides, to form a correct sentence structure or to find errors in a sentence, you need to know the different parts of speech. Be thorough with the two topics.

  • In Functional Grammar, study the concept of a particular topic, then practice questions based on that topic. Move on to miscellaneous practice only after completing all the topics of functional grammar.

  • Generally, students find it monotonous if they study one subject for a long time. You need variety. Don’t study one single subject in one day. This way it will be difficult for you to focus if you are finding something boring.

  • Do not underestimate the importance of a quiet and study-friendly environment in order to focus better.

  • Stick to the time-table that you have made for yourself keeping in mind the time you have for studying along with your own strengths and weaknesses.

Use Good TS ICET Study Materials and Resources

Now let’s see which books and other resources will help you most with your TS ICET. Here is a list of the best ones of each section.

  • AP & TS ICET Previous Years Solved Papers - Praxis Group

  • Integrated Common Entrance Test (Complete Success Package) - Arihant Publications

  • Newspapers - The Hindu, The Economic Times

SubjectBook TitleAuthor/Publisher
Verbal & Non-Verbal ReasoningVerbal and Non-Verbal ReasoningRS Aggarwal

Reasoning Book for Competitive ExaminationsPearson

Logical Reasoning and Data InterpretationNishit Sinha
Mathematical AbilityQuantitative Aptitude for Competitive ExamsRS Aggarwal

Vedic MathematicsDr. Aditi Singhal

Mathematics for MBA Entrance ExaminationsDr. RS Aggarwal

How to Prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for CATArun Sharma
Communication AbilityWord Power Made EasyNorman Lewis

High School English GrammarWren and Martin

Proficiency in Reading Comprehension Simplifying the “Passage” for youAjay Singh

Practice Questions Regularly

  • Your TS ICET exam preparation checklist requires you to practice regularly.

  • You very well know the importance of practice but do it the right way in order to gain the maximum benefit from it. When you start studying and are doing one chapter/topic at a time, practice just the topic-wise questions. Once you have done the chapters/topics individually, move on to practicing TS ICET previous years’ questions.

  • Practicing all the kinds of questions that can be framed on a chapter/topic will give you a lot of confidence and minimize the chances of any surprises on the day of the exam.

  • Previous years’ questions will familiarize you with the difficulty level of the exam.

  • Such questions will help you understand which questions are more important so that you may give more attention to them.

  • Practice from TS ICET mock tests and sample questions.

  • Keep track of time while practicing. Make a note of which sections take longer in order to formulate a time management plan for the day of the exam.

  • Practice also enables you to understand your strengths and weaknesses and you can work accordingly.

  • Practice reinforces learning and is an ongoing revision process.

Focus on Your Weaknesses and Improve Them

To boost your chances of success, it is required that you diagnose what your weaknesses are. Solve a few TS ICET mock tests or previous years’ questions for that purpose so that you are able to formulate a strategy accordingly by understanding what you need to focus more on. This self-assessment will help you make an effective study plan according to your current level of learning.

Develop Time Management Skills

  • Even if you are not able to devote much time to your TS ICET preparation, but are able to maintain your concentration throughout, it will bring the same benefits, probably even more because the main thing is not the time you spend studying but the focus with which you study.

  • It is not beneficial to study for long hours at a stretch.

  • It is advisable to break down your study sessions into shorter, focused intervals so as to maintain concentration.

  • Study in short time blocks in order to enhance your concentration like 1-2 hours at a time while taking 5-minute breaks every one hour which will also help you to remember a greater proportion of what you learn.

Stay Healthy and Maintain a Balanced Lifestyle

  • Embracing a healthy lifestyle is of utmost importance to students.

  • You are able to concentrate more if you have sound physical and mental health.

  • Not just a balanced diet and exercise but also a proper sleep cycle should be paid attention to. It is also important to keep yourself hydrated.

  • Brain activities are strongly related to hydration level status. Studies show that even 2-3% dehydration of body weight can impair many aspects of brain function thus preventing your brain from giving its 100%.

Seek Clarifications for Doubts and Difficulties

During the course of your preparation, there will be numerous occasions when you will be stuck somewhere and will need help. That help can come in various forms.

1. Coaching classes – You get a structured approach and a well-designed study plan under the guidance of experts when you are taking coaching classes – online or offline. You stay motivated when you are among your peers and can better judge your performance when compared to others.

2. Consulting with teachers or mentors – Try to be in touch with teachers and subject experts who can help you with your weak areas. You need to have some sources to clear your doubts when you are preparing for the TS ICET exam.

Stay Positive and Motivated Throughout the TS ICET Preparation Journey

Maintain focus throughout the preparation journey and also while answering. It is important to stay positive. Focus on your own preparation and, on the final day, on the question that you are solving and give your best. Later, the result of even a difficult exam may pleasantly surprise you.

Also Check:

Don'ts for TS ICET Exam Preparation

Don't Delay TS ICET Preparation

The earlier you start, the better it is. Do not delay your TS ICET exam preparation. The syllabus is vast and there is great competition. You need to understand the concepts and then practice them thoroughly. You can’t afford to waste time.

Don't Ignore any Section of the TS ICET Syllabus

As discussed earlier, the syllabus is diversified and each topic needs to be done. Even if a topic is not very important and is rarely asked, there is no guarantee that it won’t be on your TS ICET question paper on the day of your exam. So leaving such topics during preparation would be risky. However, focus more on the ones repeatedly asked.

Don't Rely Only on Memorization

Don’t just do rote learning. Focus on understanding. If you do not understand the concepts, retention of information may be short-lived.

Don't Overburden Yourself with Long Study Sessions

More than the number of hours, it is important that you study with focus even if the duration is not that long. Besides, studying for several hours at a stretch is not sustainable in the long run.

Seek Help If Facing Difficulties

Don’t panic if you face any problems while studying. Try to get help in order to clear your doubts. Collaborative studying with peers is advisable for this purpose. You may also join online study groups where you may find other aspirants and teachers who can guide you and solve your doubts.

Don't Skip TS ICET Mock Tests and PYQs

  • Practice is crucial for selection. Don’t underestimate its importance.

  • Start with topic-wise tests.

  • Then move on to mock tests and previous years’ questions because they are based on the entire syllabus.

  • Doing mock tests regularly makes you faster and better at answering questions.

  • It is a great way to revise.

  • You recognize your weak areas and can make them strong.

Don't Neglect Revision and Review of Mistakes

If you are not regular with your revision, you are bound to forget what you have studied. Revision helps you refresh your memory and solidify the concepts that you study.

Don't Compromise on Sleep and Rest

Adequate sleep plays an important role in overall health. And health is necessary for any type of activity - mental or physical. In order to save time, sometimes students make the mistake of cutting down their sleep and rest time which is wrong. You can optimize the functioning of your brain only if your body gets proper rest. It is a basic requirement of the body and mind. Do not compromise on it.

Don't Compare Yourself with Others

Learn to compete with yourself instead of with others. Focus on self-improvement. Break the habit of comparing yourself with others.

TS ICET 2024 Exam Day Guidelines

Gather TS ICET Exam Essentials

On the day of the exam, you will be allowed to carry only the following things inside the examination hall -

  • TS ICET 2024 Hall Ticket (Admit Card)

  • A valid ID Proof (Aadhaar Card/Voter ID Card/Driver’s License/Passport, etc)

  • Transparent water bottle

  • 50 ml hand sanitizer in a transparent bottle

  • Face mask

  • Disposable Gloves

  • Blue/Black ballpoint pen

  • Any other documents, if mentioned on the Admit Card

Plan Travel Route and Time

  • Check the timings of the exam properly.

  • Make prior arrangements to reach the examination center and make sure you know the exact location and don’t end up wasting time searching for it just before you are to take the exam. It can lead to anxiety.

  • There can be unforeseen delays on your way to the examination centre so make it a point to leave early and reach there at least one hour before the reporting time.

  • Finding your exact hall number and seat at a place you are not familiar with, can take up to several minutes. Keep that margin.

How To Navigate To a Question

  1. A question palette containing the question numbers will be visible on your screen.

  2. Click on the question number you wish to attempt.

  3. The selected question will be displayed on the screen.

  4. You can also use the Save & Next button to navigate to the next question.

Manage Time During the TS ICET Exam

  • Read all the instructions carefully before attempting the questions. Follow the instructions regarding the navigation and interface properly.

  • A total of 200 questions will be asked in Computer Based Test mode (MCQ manner). You will have to choose the correct option by clicking on it with the mouse, and the keyboard is not to be touched at all.

  • Before you start answering, decide how you will manage the time, allocating time for each section. Try to keep around 15 minutes for revision at the end.

  • Answer those questions first which you find easy and then move on to the difficult ones.

  • Do not waste too much time on one question. If you have time in the end, try to solve the questions that you left.

  • As there is no negative marking in TS ICET 2024, make sure you don’t leave any question unattempted. There is also no sectional time limit and you are allowed to switch between sections in order to answer at your own convenience. Make the most of this flexibility.

Stay Calm and Focused

Focus on the matter you have learned and not on the test itself. Stay calm. If you have studied properly and taken proper rest as well, it will surely show positively in your performance.


It is important that you understand the TS ICET exam pattern and TS ICET syllabus and prepare a study plan accordingly which you follow diligently right till the end along with regular practice and revision. If you have paid heed to TS ICET exam 2024 preparation checklist and TS ICET 2024 Exam Day Guidelines, you don’t have reason to be nervous. Good luck!

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. Is there any sectional time limit in TS ICET 2024?

No. There is no sectional time limit in TSICET 2024 and you can switch between sections. You have the liberty to attempt the sections in the order of your choice.

2. Is there any negative marking in TS ICET 2024?

No. There is no negative marking in TS ICET 2024. Hence, candidates are advised to attempt all the questions.

3. Which subjects will be asked in TS ICET 2024?

TS ICET consists of three sections/subjects - Analytical Ability, Mathematical Ability, and Communication Ability.

4. What is the duration of TS ICET?

In TS ICET, you have to answer 200 questions in 150 minutes. Therefore, speed and accuracy both are quite important.

5. How to prepare for TS ICET 2024?
  • Go through the syllabus and gather all the study materials and books accordingly. 
  • Prepare a study plan that covers all the sections and topics under each section.
  • Practice questions from TS ICET sample papers and previous year papers. 
  • Revise what you have learned daily. 
  • Take mock tests regularly to get acquainted with the exam conditions.
6. Is the TS ICET exam easy?

TS ICET is a state-level entrance test that can be considered easy when compared to other national-level entrance exams such as CAT, XAT, etc. Still, candidates must be disciplined and work hard to prepare for the TS ICET examination.

7. What are some good books for TS ICET preparation?

Some good books for TS ICET preparation are Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning by RS Aggarwal, Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation by Nishit Sinha, Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Exams by RS Aggarwal, Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis, High School English Grammar by Wren and Martin


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Questions related to TSICET

Have a question related to TSICET ?

No, an NCC As of the now, TS ICET Counselling does not include a certificate as a specific category.

TS ICET Counselling sometimes takes into account particular groups such as Sports Quota, Children of Ex-Servicemen (CAP), and Physically Handicapped (PH), among others.

Hello aspirant,

Every year, Kakatiya University administers the Telangana State Council of Higher Education (TSCHE)-sponsored TS ICET test. June 4 and 5 of 2024 will see the holding of the TS ICET. Beginning in the first week of March 2024, registration for the TSICET exam will be open.

To know the syllabus and exam pattern, you can visit our website by clicking on the link given below.

Thank you

Hope this information helps you.

Hii There,

If you've forgotten your login details for TSICET, you can recover them using the email you used when registering for the exam. You'll find options on their website for retrieving your user ID or password if you've forgotten them. Simply click on the links provided and follow the instructions to reset your user ID or password.

If you encounter any difficulties, don't hesitate to reach out to their helpline numbers for assistance.

I'm here to assist you with any further inquiries you may have. Please feel free to ask additional questions.


TSICET Qualifying Marks 2022
In the cutoff of the TS ICET exam, the minimum marks that are required by the candidate to qualify for the admission process of the participating institutes will be released. As mentioned earlier the cutoff is 25 percent of the total marks allotted.
Mere qualification in the TS ICET test does not entitle a candidate to have been admitted into MBA/MCA course unless the candidate:
1. Appears for TS ICET Counseling at the notified Centers.
2. Applies in response to the admission notification issued by the authority concerned.
3. Satisfies all the eligibility criteria for admission as stipulated by the authority concerned.
With the rank you're mentioning you can check out these colleges accepting TSICET scores for MCA
KU Arts and Science college
Auroras PG college MCA
Avanthi PG college
Mahatma Gandhi University College of Engineering and Technology
Vaageswari College of Engineering
RBVRR Institute of Technology
These are a few colleges you may get as per your rank but you should also check out some other good colleges accepting different Management entrance exams.


You got good rank firstly , congrats for your rank.  Basically for girls Osmania University is best.  With your rank you can choose through counselling best colleges present in Telangana State.  MBA colleges are in TS with need infrastructure and with good placements.  For girls JNTU also best and choose good colleges through counselling.

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