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How to Prepare for XAT 2025 in One Month?

How to Prepare for XAT 2025 in One Month?

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How to Prepare for XAT 2025 in One Month? - After IIMs, the prestigious institute that drags the attention of youngsters is XLRI Jamshedpur. But the question is how to prepare for XAT as it is considered to be the toughest exam after CAT. Especially with a month left, it becomes more thoughtful about which tactics to apply for good marks. XAT exam will be held on January 5, 2025 in CBT mode. Careers360 in this article on how to prepare for XAT in one month will help candidates know the major techniques/strategies that they should apply to gain admission to XLRI Jamshedpur.

Candidates will get admission either in the PGDM-HRM, PGDM-BM or PGDM-GM program. The exam pattern of XAT should be the basis for exam preparation. The remaining one month should be pre-planned beforehand and the focus should be on all four sections as there is negative marking as well. To ace XAT 2025 with a good score, candidates must read the complete article by Careers360.

XAT preparation in one month

For one-month XAT preparation, start by creating a focused daily schedule that allocates specific time blocks for each section: Verbal and Logical Ability, Decision Making, Quantitative Ability, and General Knowledge. Begin by revising fundamental concepts and practising key areas where you feel less confident. Alternate between mock tests and section-wise practice to gauge progress and identify weak spots. Dedicate regular time to current affairs and GK to stay updated. Set aside time for revision and review of previous test mistakes.

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Introduction to Decision-Making: Ethical Dilemma; Data Interpretation: Approximation Techniques, Ratio and Proportion, Alligation


Approach to Reading Comprehension: Informative Reading Comprehensions; Data Interpretation Basics; Introduction to Profit and Loss


Percentages: Successive Percentage Change; Faulty Balances; Profit and Loss; Time Work; Pipes and Cisterns


Time Work; Decision Making: Operations/Strategic Decisions, HR/Organizational/Policy Decisions; Negative Tone RC; Selection with Conditions


Time, Speed, Distance; Relative Velocity; Identifying the Central Idea of the Passage; Main Idea/Purpose of the Passage; Circular Tracks


Races and Headstarts; Relative Velocity; Clocks; Races and Boats; Interest


Averages; Einstein’s Puzzle; Inferences; RCs Having Close Options


Inferences from Passage; Decision Making: Behavioral/Personal Decisions; Linear Arrangement; Circular Arrangement; Arrangement Across Levels


Seating Arrangement: People Facing Different Directions; Parallel Lines and Angles; Introduction to Triangles; Area of Triangles


Incenter; Internal and External Angle Bisector Theorem; Congruency and Similarity of Triangles; Apollonius Theorem; Author’s Opinion


Number of Triangles; Basics of Trigonometry; Applications of Trigonometry; Heights and Distances; Introduction to Geometry: Triangles; Chords and Tangents; Circumference and Area of Circle


Alternate Segment Theorem; Geometry: Circles; Pie Charts; Plan of Action


Ordering Facts; Quadrilaterals; Identify Title of a Passage; Tone of Passage


Coordinate Geometry; Integral Points Inside a Circle; Data Interpretation: Tables with Missing Values


Mensuration of Solids; Graphs and Statistics; Linear Equations; Variables; Linear Equations in 3 Variables; Determinant Method of Solving Linear Equations; Special Linear Equations


Introduction to Quadratic Equations; Quadratic Equations: Relations Between Equations; Range of Possible Values of Quadratic Coefficients; Maxima and Minima; Progressions: Common Terms in Progressions, Arithmetic-Geometric Progression


Introduction to Progressions and Series; Arithmetic Mean; Sum of Convergent Series; Progressions and Series; Remainders with a Series


Introduction to Para Jumbles; Identifying Links Using Transition Words; Identifying Connectors in Para Jumbles; Data Interpretation: Data Over Years; Data Interpretation with Connecting Data Sets


Data Interpretation: Bar; Quantitative-Based Data Interpretation; Factorizing Polynomials; Introduction to Functions


Approach to Para Completion; Types of Para Completion Questions; Para Completion (Sentence Insertion); Functions; Shifting of Graphs; Data Interpretation: Rate of Growth


Logarithms; Surds and Indices; Inequalities Basics; Inequalities with Modulus; Divisibility Rules


Introduction to Factors; Cyclicity of Factors; HCF and LCM; Divisions Leaving Same Remainders; Highest Power of a Number in a Factorial; Number Systems: Factors; Number of Integral Solutions; Base Systems


Remainder Theorem Basics; Fermat Theorem; Wilson’s Theorem; Euler’s Theorem; Remainder Theorems; Chinese Remainder Theorem


Truth-Lie Concept; Probability Basics; Derangement; Circular Arrangement; Selection with Repetitions; Probability; Binomial Theorem


Directions; Finding Assumptions; Identifying Conclusions; Identifying Components in Critical Reasoning; Flaw in Argument; Strengthen or Weaken Conclusion; Probability on Partitioning


Evaluating Extra Information; Parallel Reasoning; Probability: Dice; Advanced Probability; Bayes Theorem


Poem RC; Commonly Confused Words; Venn Diagrams Basics; 4-Group Venn Diagrams; Venn Diagrams: Maxima-Minima


Data Sufficiency; Data Interpretation LR: Maxima, Minima; General Knowledge: Awards, Static GK: History & Polity, Famous Organizations, Companies & Brands, Geography, Business & Corporate News


XAT Static GK: Important Dates, Cryptocurrencies & Market; Parts of Speech; Articles; Prepositions; Errors; Tenses and Tense Consistency; Subject-Verb Agreement; Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement


Revision and Practice Tests: Full-length mock tests covering all sections (Verbal and Logical Ability, Decision Making, Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation, General Knowledge); Review incorrect answers and focus on weak areas

Tips to be Followed on How to Prepare for XAT in One Month?

As per the exam pattern of XAT 2025, the paper will be of three hours and 30 minutes. Candidates will have to solve four sections namely Verbal & Logical Ability, Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation, Decision Making, and General Knowledge. The challenge here would be to manage the time and still answer questions accurately as there would be negative marking as well. Hence, candidates who are at the edge are slightly confused about how to prepare for XAT in one month. Given below tips on cracking XAT in one month can be followed by candidates to get good XAT result.

  • Make a Daily Planner
  • Focus on Strong Areas
  • Take More Mock Tests
  • Improve Accuracy by Practice
  • Solve Previous Question Papers
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Make a Daily Planner

A famous proverb says, “well begun is half done”. Hence, no matter a month is left for XAT, candidates who preplan things to be done are considered to have covered halfway round. To start with, first and foremost candidates need to make a daily planner. Check the XAT syllabus and divide the topics to be covered. Set a time schedule of devoting two hours each to all four sections. By doing this, candidates will be able to make a justified and equalized plan without bias. Candidates should try to take breaks of 15-30 minutes between sections to re-energize themselves. Try to look for some of the best books for XAT.

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Focus on Strong Areas

Since only one month is left for XAT 2025, candidates should not make haste in studying the whole syllabus. They should calmly go through the XAT syllabus and highlight the topics they are familiar with. Mark the strong topics and emphasize them. Do not cram the sub-topics/ methods/ equations/ formulas just for the sake of giving the exam.

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Take More XAT Mock Tests

The best way to prepare and gauge the preparation level is by taking XAT mock tests. Candidates who are to take XAT 2025 are advised to attempt the XAT mock tests before as well as after their preparation. XAT 2025 mock test will not only provide a simulated environment to understand the exam day pressure but will also help in finding the type of questions that may come up on D-Day. Aiswarya Padma B Who Scored 96.986 Percentile in XAT told Careers360 that the mock of XAT helped her a lot. XLRI Jamshedpur will activate the XAT mock test link on the official website.

Improve Accuracy by Practice

Practice even if you don’t like it is a common phrase used nowadays as it can make you good to go. Since there is a negative marking scheme in XAT exam, candidates need to be very careful in solving the questions. Candidates should attempt questions and not leave the question unanswered. As per the XAT pattern, - 0.10 marks will be deducted for more than 8 un-attempted consecutive questions in the XAT exam. However, avoid going with gut feeling and answering randomly as it is better than answering wrong and losing marks.

Solve Previous Question Papers

One of the major tips on how to prepare for XAT in one month is to solve the previous question papers. Experts suggest that solving more and more previous year question papers of XAT will help candidates know different types of questions in XAT exam. In full practice, this may lead to a stage where candidates do not find any new question types/topics. Moreover, it coincidentally happens that the same type of question is asked in XAT 2025.

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SOIL Institute of Management
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Jaypee Business School
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Hello Aspirant

Seeing your marks, it is evident you are good in academics. Thus, you can get into a good MBA college but mind you, it won't be easy because there are thousands of students who are as good as you, if not better. MBA colleges do not choose candidates solely based on academic performance, although it has a big weightage in their selection process. They test your presence of mind, intellect, and communication skills through Group Discussions and Interviews.

The safest way to get into a good MBA college is to score 96-97+ percentile and do really well in GD and  PI. Top MBA colleges in India are IIMs, XISS (Ranchi), TISS, Delhi School of Business, and Symbiosis.

Hope this helps

Hello Aspirant

Congratulations on your score, There are many good B schools at 80-85%ile in CAT and XAT
1)Great Lakes, Chennai
3) Goa Institute of Management
Do your research about these colleges as to what is their average package, the roles offered.

Colleges like NIBM specialize in Finance, and IRMA has a lot of sales marketing Roles. So ultimately the choice is yours which specialization you want to pursue.

Hello Aspirant,
Hope you are well

The  XAT cut-offs for IMT Nagpur and Welingkar Institute for their MBA program is between 70-80 percentile. So you have a good chance of getting a call from both institutes. However, the chances of conversion depend on your 10th, 12th, graduation marks.

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