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CMAT 2025 Tips for Language Comprehension - Expert Strategy & Preparation

CMAT 2025 Tips for Language Comprehension - Expert Strategy & Preparation

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The CMAT is an MBA entrance exam administered by the National Testing Agency (NTA), which approximately 70,000 candidates take each year. Over 1400 management institutions in India use it as a shortlisting criterion. In this article, we will focus on CMAT 2025 Tips For Language Comprehension.

Compared to other well-known entrance exams such as CAT, SNAP, and XAT, CMAT is generally regarded as less challenging. It is a computer-based exam that assesses the candidate's aptitude, reasoning, verbal, and general knowledge through five sections. Each section consists of 20 questions with varying levels of difficulty.

CMAT 2025 Tips For Language Comprehension

The CMAT Language Comprehension section is considered to be on a lower difficulty level than CAT and XAT VARC. However, it is still important to prepare well for this section to increase your chances of success in the CMAT exam. To tackle CMAT Language Comprehension questions one should follow the points given below:

  • Improve reading skills.

  • Improve your knowledge of grammar and vocabulary.

  • Practice with CMAT mock tests and previous year papers.

  • Revise regularly.

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The CMAT 2025 tips for language comprehension given in the article will help candidates immensely.

Weightage of Language Comprehension Section in CMAT

The Language Comprehension section plays a pivotal role in determining a candidate's overall performance in CMAT. It helps to evaluate the candidate’s ability to comprehend complex passages, apply grammar rules, and utilize an extensive vocabulary. Ultimately, scoring well in this section not only enhances the overall percentile but also reflects strong communication skills, essential for success in the business world.

Those who are good in this section can easily manage to score well as for the past few years the questions in this section can be expected from moderate to easy level of difficulty. It is crucial to understand the CMAT exam pattern and CMAT syllabus to prepare effectively for CMAT 2025. The exam typically includes multiple-choice questions covering reading comprehension, grammar, and vocabulary. To streamline their preparation efforts, candidates must familiarize themselves with the number of questions, marking schemes, and topics specified in the syllabus while planning for CMAT Language Comprehension Tips & Tricks.

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CMAT Language Comprehension Exam Pattern And Syllabus

The VARC section in this exam also comprises 20 questions like the rest of the 4 sections and the best part is that there is no sectional time limit that too in 180 minutes. The marking scheme allocates 4 marks for every right answer and 1 negative mark for every wrong answer.

CMAT Language Comprehension Syllabus

It is important to understand knowledge of the syllabus for the exam is important for students so that they don't waste time studying random things but focus on what is coming in exam. Therefore, the following table provides a concise and important topics of CMAT language comprehension syllabus:








Till last year the paper comprised of 3 to 4 RC’s and the rest were all vocabulary and grammar-based questions.

CMAT Language Comprehension Preparation Tips & Tricks

Improve reading skills

As we can expect 3 to 4 Rc’s in this paper so reading and comprehending the information are vital. The passages can come from any area so the daily reading schedule has to be maintained diligently. While selecting materials to read keep in mind to add variety to it. Read novels, poems, essays, short stories, journals, blogs, articles, etc to make the comprehension power stronger. Select resources very carefully from both online and offline arenas. If possible diversify your mode of learning and take help from web series, podcasts, interviews, etc to enrich your understanding. The second target should be to follow a planned approach while dealing with passages. Start by skimming to get the theme, then move towards scanning to get more important details in the context of the passage and then decide whether to start with questions or to start with the passage. Both have their pros and cons. The third strategy should be mastering the different types of questions like-

  • Main idea based

  • Vocabulary based

  • Critical reasoning based

  • Title based

  • Tone based

  • Factual based

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Each type is completely different from the other one so practice a lot.

For example -

Data privacy is the fundamental right of individuals to control how their personal information is collected, used, and shared. In today's digital age, where vast amounts of data are generated and exchanged, ensuring data privacy is paramount. It involves safeguarding sensitive information from unauthorized access, breaches, and misuse. Effective data privacy measures include encryption, user consent mechanisms, and transparent data handling practices. Upholding data privacy not only fosters trust between individuals and organizations but also mitigates risks associated with identity theft, cyber-attacks, and privacy violations, thus preserving individuals' rights and maintaining the integrity of digital ecosystems.

  1. Our target should be to understand the theme, which is "Data Privacy" and the importance of safeguarding personal information in the digital age.

  2. While skimming and scanning next we can easily get the tone of the passage, which is informative and authoritative as It aims to educate the reader about the significance of data privacy in today's digital landscape while conveying a sense of importance and urgency regarding the protection of personal information.

  3. Let’s solve a vocab question on the same-

Q: What does the term "mitigates" mean in the context of the passage?

Choices: A) Amplifies B) Reduces C) Enhances D) Exacerbates

Ans: B

Explanation: The term "mitigates" in the context of the passage refers to lessening or reducing risks associated with identity theft, cyber-attacks, and privacy violations.

To excel in the Language Comprehension section, it is essential to have strong reading skills. Candidates can enhance their comprehension abilities by regularly reading a variety of topics and genres. They can also use techniques such as skimming and scanning to quickly identify important information and improve their reading speed without sacrificing understanding. So try to solve one Rc a day to keep tension away.

Grammar skillset

We can expect a good number of questions from this area too so better to revisit all the fundamentals along with the rules for grammar and sentence correction. On top priority, topics like parts of speech, voice, subject predicate object, tenses, narration, subject-verb agreement, subject-pronoun agreement, and modifiers should be rechecked thoroughly. Practice should be on for all types of questions from this segment like part error, fill in the blanks, cloze test as well as match the following. Having a firm grasp of grammar rules and concepts is crucial for excelling in the Language Comprehension section of CMAT. Candidates should familiarize themselves with common grammar errors that are tested in the exam and practice identifying and correcting them. Using resources such as grammar guides and online tutorials can help in gaining a comprehensive understanding and application of grammar principles.

For example -

Sample sentence - The manager as well as the labourers are going on a strike tomorrow. (correct sentence)

In the above sentence if we are not aware of First Subject Rule we will consider the sentence as incorrect. And also to solve the above question we need clarity regarding which is the subject. So basic knowledge regarding grammar is first priority and then follows the application of the rules.

The stock of vocabulary is a must

It is very important to work on vocabulary as maximum direct and indirect questions are related to this topic. Make a separate copy to note down vocabulary. Try to use different techniques to gain confidence like affixes, contextual skills, etc. Be aware and practice questions of different major formats like spellings, foreign words, synonyms, antonyms, one-word substitution, phrases and idioms and also miscellaneous vocabulary questions. The more you expose yourself to practical learning you gain confidence. One must be using mnemonics in vocabulary to sail long. Try to play online quizzes, puzzles, and solve assignments, and tests from wherever it is available. And gain confidence in honing your contextual skills so that you are ready to take on any kind of challenge.

For example -

Cryptography is the new style in this present era.

The two roots are here to decode the meaning of the highlighted word. Let’s see-

The study of coded messages for secret communication is known as cryptography. The word cryptography is derived from the Greek prefix "crypto-" meaning "hidden" and the suffix "-graph" meaning "to write".

Try to practice with mock tests and previous year's questions

  • It's important to assess your strengths and weaknesses. So, spend more time improving areas where you struggle while also continuing to hone your strengths. A balanced approach is key to overall success.

  • Taking a Mock test is highly beneficial in preparing for exams as it helps to simulate exam conditions and evaluate one's level of preparedness. A Candidate should try to include regular mock test sessions in their study schedule to understand their strengths and weaknesses. A good approach to analyzing one's performance in mock tests helps to identify areas that require improvement, allowing for targeted revision and refinement of strategies.

  • Also trying to solve CMAT previous year's questions provides insight into the exam's pattern and helps to familiarize oneself with the types of questions asked. Practice requires a mix and match of questions from different areas like Easy, Moderate and Difficult zones too. It will make one confident about the pattern and hidden challenges while targeting for CMAT Tips for Language Comprehension.

Regular revision is a must

Time is a very crucial factor to be handled. So consistent revision is key to solidifying concepts and retaining information.

i) Some effective revision techniques -

  • Candidates should employ various revision techniques such as flashcards, summarization, and concept mapping to reinforce learning. Usage of flashcards for quick recall of key concepts and vocabulary is a widely recognized strategy in language learning. To exemplify we can say that a student studying English vocabulary might create flashcards with words on one side and definitions or sample sentences on the other. Regularly reviewing these flashcards helps reinforce memory and aids in the retention of new words.

  • Along with that implementing summarization and concept mapping can further enhance vocabulary acquisition. Always try to follow that after learning a set of new words, a learner could summarize their meanings or usage patterns in a notebook or digital document. Also, this process helps to consolidate the information and provides a reference point for future review. It is proved time and again that creating concept maps that group related words or illustrate semantic relationships can deepen understanding and facilitate connections between vocabulary items.

ii) Plan for Scheduled Revision -

  • Scheduled revision sessions and reading daily ensure that previously learned material remains fresh in memory, thereby enhancing retention and recall during the exam. The more you practice you come across new question types, rules and challenges, which can be handled confidently.

  • Divide week-wise targets and try to be practical while approaching. Especially these last few days requirement is to revise the mistakes made in the mock test.The target should be to solve one RC daily as this helps you to maximize your score.

Best Books For CMAT Preparation



Word Power Made Easy

Norman Lewis

30 Days to a More Powerful Vocabulary

Norman Lewis

English Grammar and Composition

Wren and Martin

How to Prepare for Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for the CAT

Arun Sharma

How to Prepare for Logical Reasoning for the CAT

Arun Sharma

The Pearson Guide to Verbal Ability and Logical Reasoning for the CAT

Nishit K Sinha

Quantitative Aptitude

R.S. Aggarwal

Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations

Abhijit Guha

Lucent's General Knowledge

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Peter F. Drucker

Download Free Topic-wise MCQ PDFs for CMAT

Candidates preparing for the CMAT exam can use the language comprehension for CMAT PDFs to practice different types of questions and fine-tune their preparation.

CMAT Quantitative Techniques And Data Interpretation MCQs

CMAT Logical Reasoning MCQs

CMAT Language Comprehension MCQs

CMAT General Awareness MCQs

CMAT Innovation And Entrepreneurship MCQs

Key takeaways

If planning for CMAT 2025 then start working on a strategic approach and disciplined preparation. Start on an immediate basis to work on enhancing reading skills, mastering grammar, expanding vocabulary, practising with mock tests, and engaging in regular revision, candidates can boost their confidence and performance in this section. As the last few years trend saying the VARC section is comparatively easy in comparison to other sections so why waste this chance of scoring more in this? With complete diligent effort and effective strategies, success in CMAT's Language Comprehension section is within reach. Start planning on CMAT Tips for Language Comprehension, and happy learning.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. How many RC’s can we expect in cmat?

 3 to 4 RCs can be expected in the cmat exam as the past trend is talking about.

2. What is the expected format for vocabulary questions?

 Antonyms, synonyms, foreign words, phrases, idioms, match the following, one-word substitution and vocab miscellaneous types can be expected in the Cmat exam.

3. How to excel in sentence correction questions?

 Sentence correction requires one’s strong fundamental knowledge about grammar then only one deals with the arena confidently.

4. How to improve time management in reading comprehension?

 Every day practice one RC and try to set time and work on speed reading to achieve the set target.

5. Is it important to cram vocabulary?

Cramming can never help in vocabulary rather use memory aids or the technique that works well.

6. How to prepare for Language Comprehension in CMAT?
  • Start by getting into the habit of reading daily: newspapers, magazines, anything. 

  • Use flashcards for quick recall of key concepts and vocabulary.

  • Revise all the important grammar rules.

  • Practice questions from sample papers and mock tests.

7. How to study for the CMAT exam?
  • Understand the exam syllabus and gather study materials accordingly. 
  • Make a proper study plan that covers all the topics and includes time for revision and practice. 
  • Revise all the basic concepts in quants, verbal ability, and reasoning. 
  • Use resources like newspapers and online YT channels for current affairs and GK. 
  • Practice questions from previous years’ papers and mock tests.


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Students gearing up for CMAT 2024 should utilize past CMAT question papers and other model papers to enhance their readiness. Accessing PDFs of previous CMAT question papers familiarizes students with the exam's format and the types of questions typically posed. This resource also aids in identifying key topics for study based on past CMAT papers.

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The Common Management Admission Test (CMAT) is a national-level Entrance Examination conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA) in India. It is an Online computer-based test held annually for admission to various Management programs offered by AICTE - approved institutions and university departments in india.

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