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CMAT 2025 Preparation Tips for General Awareness: Best Books, Strategy, Tips & Tricks

CMAT 2025 Preparation Tips for General Awareness: Best Books, Strategy, Tips & Tricks

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If you are looking for CMAT preparation tips for GK, you need a comprehensible study plan that includes the most important points that need to be covered. If you look at the syllabus of this section, you will feel that you need an exhaustive study of the subject but we will discuss CMAT 2025 preparation tips for General Awareness and help you devise an effective study plan for yourself which will help you reach your goal.

CMAT 2025 Preparation Tips For General Awareness

General Awareness is an important section of the CMAT exam. Not only is it important from the CMAT exam point of view, but it is also important for the GDPI and WAT stages.

Some general CMAT 2025 preparation tips for general awareness are:

  • Read newspapers and magazines regularly.

  • Follow online YT channels or books for static GK.

  • Engage in quizzes to test your knowledge.

  • Practice previous year papers and take mock tests.

So, follow the preparation tips given in the article and work hard to get a good score in the section.

CMAT 2025 Syllabus

In CMAT 2025, questions will be asked from the following subjects:

1. Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretation

2. Logical Reasoning

3. Language Comprehension

4. General Awareness

5. Innovation & Entrepreneurship

The question paper will contain 100 questions of 4 marks each, with 1 mark to be deducted for every wrong answer. Each of the five sections will carry 20 questions, therefore all subjects have equal weightage.

CMAT General Awareness Section: Pattern and Syllabus

Before we discuss CMAT preparation tips for general awareness, we need to discuss the format, weightage, and types of questions typically asked in this section which contains Static GK as well as Current Affairs. As discussed earlier, this section will contain 20 questions.

General Awareness or General Knowledge is a vast subject with individual subjects like History, Geography, Economics, etc as its subtopics so to get the exact idea how and what to prepare, you need to understand what the weightage of Static GK and Current Affairs has been over the years.

GK Questions







Static GK







Current Affairs














Broadly speaking, Static GK refers to the facts and information that do not change with time. As far as CMAT 2025 is concerned, this can be asked from the following topics –

  • History

  • Geography

  • Economy

  • Companies and Brands

  • Indian Political System & Constitution

  • Organizations

  • Science & Technology

  • Sports

  • Miscellaneous

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For Current Affairs, you can focus on these –

  • Economy

  • Business & Corporate News

  • Indian Polity

  • Organizations

  • New Developments in Science & Technology

  • People in News

  • Sports

  • Miscellaneous

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CMAT 2025 Preparation Tips and Strategies for GK

Step-by-step guide to creating an effective study plan -

  • Keeping in mind the detailed CMAT syllabus, assess your strengths and weaknesses and make a comprehensive study plan in which you need to prioritize high-scoring topics while allocating study time for each. You are required to know which topics are more important and have more weightage while deciding the study time for each.

  • It is important to set realistic and attainable goals. Set short-term as well as long-term goals. Allocate time for daily and weekly study sessions which should have some spare time for regular practice and very quick revision as well. Break down your goals. Instead of setting one big goal, break them down into smaller ones that you can accomplish every day because this in turn gives you a psychological boost. Your preparation itself will provide you with the motivation that you need.

  • Be ready to embrace your failure to achieve even your little goals sometimes. You can’t expect yourself to be 100% on schedule every time.

  • The amount of time you study is not as important as the quality of your study so it’s important that you are focused throughout your study duration and for that it is necessary to keep taking short breaks. Studying for long periods at a stretch is not advisable as it leads to distraction and you tend to grasp less and less. Go for sprints, not marathons.

  • Managing time during the exam is as important as managing it while you are preparing. You’ll have to answer 100 questions of varying types spread across all five sections of CMAT 2025. On the basis of your strengths and weaknesses, plan how long you will take for each section. Practise accordingly in such a way that, in the end, you are able to review and revise your answers for errors and rectify them and increase your overall score.

  • GK questions help you save time which you can utilize in solving questions of other sections as there is no sectional restriction of time and you can utilize the saved time in solving questions that require long calculations and analysis. They are time saving as you either know the answer or you don’t. You don’t have to rack your brains trying to get to the answer somehow. You don’t tend to spend beyond a few seconds on a question. Ideally, you should not spend more than 8-10 minutes on this section.

Practical Tips And Tricks To Enhance General Awareness Preparation

  • The General Awareness paper contains questions on Static GK as well as Current Affairs, with more weightage of questions on Static GK as discussed earlier. But even Static GK questions are often directly or indirectly related to some recent event so it’s important that you stay updated with the latest news through newspapers, magazines and online sources. Form the habit of reading the newspaper. It will also help you with your Language Comprehension paper.

  • You can make use of mobile apps and podcasts for on-the-go learning. This means actively learning as you go about your daily life activities. This learning can happen anywhere, at any time. You can use your spare moments throughout the day effectively with the simple use of your smartphone. Here your own concise notes will also come in handy as you can revise something at a glance while doing something else, like waiting for the bus or strolling.

  • You may utilize mnemonic techniques. These are techniques that use associations to help you remember information. These strategies help you to recall information, thus improving memory.

  • Practising previous years’ questions and mock tests is the most important part of your preparation. Be regular with this and keep a track of where you are lagging, what you are repeatedly doing wrong and where you are taking too much time. This practice will improve your accuracy as well as speed.

  • Engage in group discussions and quizzes to reinforce learning. The more you keep testing yourself, the better it is. If you see some fact or information again and again, you are bound to remember it. That’s the use of discussions and quizzes.

  • Create mind maps or visual aids to organize information effectively. This aids in learning by using keywords and phrases instead of complete sentences.

Now we’ll take a sample question to understand how to enhance your preparation of GK for CMAT 2025.

Ques. In which year was the 73rd amendment passed by the Parliament?

A. 1989

B. 1992

C. 1990

D. 1995

Answer: B

Taking this example, let’s see how you can study. Make sure that you make self-help notes. You are not a UPSC aspirant who has to write long answers. You are required to learn one-liners so plan and study accordingly. Like in the above question, think of all the related things that can be asked and write them down as one-liners. For instance,

  • 73rd Amendment Act, also known as the Panchayati Raj Act

  • The 11th Schedule of the Indian Constitution added, containing 29 subjects

  • OBJECTIVES - Strengthen rural democratic structure; Decentralize power and decision-making to the local Panchayats; Empower Panchayats to undertake development

  • A three-tier Panchayati Raj system:

  • Village level: Gram Panchayat

  • Intermediate level: Panchayat Samiti

  • District level: Zila Parishad

  • Act added Part IX to the COI which contained provisions from Articles 243 to 243 (O)

  • Act does not apply to Nagaland, Meghalaya, and Mizoram & certain other areas

  • Tenure of a Panchayat – 5 years

  • Minimum age for member of Panchayat – 21 years

This is just a sample to get an idea of what type of questions are asked and how you need to make notes. No need to write essay-type descriptive answers. Note down the key points topic-wise. These concise notes will also be very useful towards the end when you are revising. And will also come in handy if you wish to revise any particular topic just before the exam – like last-minute revision.

Besides, according to psychological studies, writing things down in order to learn them is a great strategy because when you are writing down some information, your mind is more involved. It sharpens your memory. In addition, making hand-written notes instead of typing on a computer/phone is considered better because it triggers more brain activity and develops stronger neural encoding and memory retrieval. So, writing and learning have been psychologically proven to bring benefits and can be utilized to learn countless facts of GK.

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How To Stay Updated With Current Affairs for CMAT 2025

It is important to stay consistently updated with current affairs leading up to the exam. Ideally, you should do the current affairs of one year, counting backwards from the date of the exam. But the last six months are more important. In order to stay informed, you may do the following –

  • Set aside dedicated time each day for reading newspapers or online news portals. There is no fixed rule regarding how much time that should be. You have to make a balanced time table that covers all topics and subjects keeping in mind the time each day you are able to devote to studying.

  • Follow reputable news channels and websites for reliable information. We tend to retain information more when it is backed by visuals so news channels can help you remember the events and the related important information better than simply reading about them.

  • Join online forums or discussion groups to exchange ideas and insights. Study groups can help you stay motivated and you can also discuss your doubts and get help there.

  • Participate in quizzes and competitions to test and expand your knowledge and keep track of your score. Such quizzes are a great way to keep revising the important facts.

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Choose the Best Books and Other Resources for CMAT

There are countless books and practically indefinite study material available for CMAT but it can also waste the time of the aspirant. It is crucial which books and other resources are the best which will help you focus and achieve your goal. Here is a list of the best ones of each section.

Best books for CMAT – Language Comprehension



How to Prepare for Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for the CAT

Arun Sharma (McGraw Hill Education)

Dr R S Aggarwal (S. Chand)

The Pearson Guide to Verbal Ability and Logical Reasoning for the CAT

Nishit K Sinha

How to Prepare for Logical Reasoning for the CAT

Arun Sharma (McGraw Hill Education)

English Grammar and Composition

Wren & Martin (S. Chand)

Word Power Made Easy

Norman Lewis

Best books for CMAT – Quantitative Aptitude



How to Prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for CAT

Arun Sharma (McGraw Hill Education)

Quantitative Aptitude

Dr R S Aggarwal (S. Chand)

Quantitative Aptitude Quantum CAT Common Admission Tests for Admission Into IIMs

Sarvesh K Verma (Arihant)

Best books for CMAT – Logical Reasoning



How to Prepare for Logical Reasoning for CAT

Arun Sharma (McGraw Hill Education)

Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation for the CAT

Nishit K Sinha (Pearson)

A Modern Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning

Dr R S Aggarwal (S. Chand)

Best books for CMAT – General Knowledge



General Knowledge


Current Affair Magazines and Newspapers

The Hindu

The Financial Times

The Economic Times

Best books for CMAT – Innovation and Entrepreneurship



Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Peter F. Drucker

Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management

R Gopal


Robert D. Hisrich

CMAT Mock Test PDF Free Download

Candidates preparing for CMAT exam can download a free CMAT mock test PDF and take their preparation to the next level.

Download Now

Download Free Topic-wise MCQ PDFs for CMAT Exam

Candidates preparing for the CMAT exam can use the PDFs to practice different types of questions and fine-tune their preparation.

CMAT Quantitative Techniques And Data Interpretation MCQs

CMAT Logical Reasoning MCQs

CMAT Language Comprehension MCQs

CMAT General Awareness MCQs

CMAT Innovation And Entrepreneurship MCQs


The General Awareness section holds the potential to significantly boost your overall score. A strategic study plan with diligent preparation will help you ace this section and tackle questions easily and in turn, allow you to swiftly answer questions and save more time for other sections that may have complex calculations and analysis.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. How many subjects will be asked in CMAT 2024?

The following subjects will be asked in CMAT 2024 -

  • Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretation
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Language Comprehension
  • General Awareness
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship
2. What is the total number of questions asked in CMAT?

The CMAT paper will contain 100 questions, 20 each from every section.

3. Does the CMAT have negative marking?

Yes. The paper consists of 5 sections with 20 questions each to be answered in a duration of 180 minutes. Each correct answer will fetch you 4 marks and for each wrong answer, 1 mark will be deducted.

4. Does the General Awareness paper of CMAT have Static GK and Current Affairs both?

Yes. The General Awareness paper of CMAT has Static GK as well as Current Affairs.

5. How to study GK for CMAT 2024?
  • Start reading a newspaper daily to get acquainted with current affairs. 
  • Make concise notes of topics from static GK such as History, General Science, Economics, etc. 
  • Solve questions from sample papers and previous years’ papers to get an idea of the types of questions asked. 
  • You can also play online GK quizzes in your free time.
6. Which is the best book for CMAT GK?

Some good books for the CMAT GK section are Lucent's General Knowledge and Arihant’s General Knowledge book.

7. Can one clear CMAT without coaching?

Yes, one can prepare for CMAT without coaching by doing the following steps: 

  • follow the revised exam pattern and syllabus,
  • identifying strengths and weaknesses, 
  • selecting appropriate study materials, and 
  • focusing on improvement through self-study and regular assessment of progress.


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