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MBA Finance Salary in India 2024 - Popular Jobs, Salary Packages, Top Recruiters

MBA Finance Salary in India 2024 - Popular Jobs, Salary Packages, Top Recruiters

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MBA Finance Salary in India ranges from 3 LPA to 30 LPA. The MBA salary in finance depends on the type of MBA college, educational background, level of experience, company one is working in and location. MBA from IIMs will easily offer an average salary package of 25 LPA. MBA in finance is a great option for individuals with good mathematical skills and an interest in accounting. Continue reading this article to know the MBA finance salary of freshers, experienced professionals, top-paying jobs in finance and much more.

MBA Finance Salary in India: Key Highlights

The main purpose of candidates pursuing MBA in finance is the high placement packages offered by top companies. Individuals wishing to pursue MBA in finance are suggested to have a look at these key highlights:

  • Average MBA in finance salary in India offered by top B-schools like IIMs and IITs ranges between 15-30 LPA.
  • MBA placement package in finance offered by premier institutions is between 12-18 LPA.
  • MBA in finance from an average MBA college in India can get you a salary package ranging between 2-10 LPA.

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MBA Finance Salary in India: Popular MBA Finance Jobs

Candidates with an MBA degree in finance must know the types of jobs available and the salary for MBA in finance offered for those positions. Given below is the list of some of the top finance jobs with promising salaries in India.

MBA Finance Jobs in India

MBA Finance Salary In India

Financial Analyst

5 Lakhs - 8 Lakhs

Business Analyst

6 Lakhs - 12 Lakhs

Relationship Manager

7 Lakhs - 9 Lakhs

Finance Manager

10 Lakhs - 18 Lakhs

Equity Research Analyst

7.5 Lakhs - 12 Lakhs

Research Analyst

6 Lakhs - 10 Lakhs

Chief Financial Officer

15 Lakhs - 20 Lakhs

Bank Manager

6 Lakhs - 10 Lakhs

Account Manager

7 Lakhs - 12 Lakhs

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MBA Finance Salary in India: Experience-wise

MBA salary in finance majorly depends on the level of experience one has in this field. Check out the salary offered for various positions to freshers and experienced professionals.

MBA in Finance Salary for Freshers

An average MBA in finance starting salary offered to freshers is Rs. 4.5 LPA. Have a look at the entry-level MBA finance salary for graduates for various job roles below in the table.

Job Role

MBA Finance Fresher Salary

Financial Planner

Rs. 3.5 LPA

Investment Banker

Rs. 7.5 LPA

Risk Manager

Rs. 5 - 7 LPA

Equity Analyst

Rs. 4 LPA

Financial Advisor

Rs. 3 LPA

Finance Manager

Rs. 5 - 7 LPA

Business Analyst (Finance)

Rs. 4-5 LPA

Portfolio Manager

Rs. 5 - 7 LPA

Financial Analyst

Rs. 3 LPA

Accounting Manager

Rs. 5.4 LPA

Bank Manager

Rs. 4 LPA

MBA Finance Salary after 10 Years

Individuals can get an average MBA finance salary of Rs. 10 LPA after 5-10 years of experience in various financial roles. Check out the finance in MBA salary listed in the table below.

Job Role

MBA Finance Salary after 10 Years

Financial Planner

Rs. 7-12 LPA

Investment Banker

Rs. 17 LPA

Risk Manager

Rs. 10 LPA

Equity Analyst

Rs. 7-8 LPA

Financial Advisor

Rs. 5 LPA

Finance Manager

Rs. 10 LPA

Business Analyst (Finance)

Rs. 8-9 LPA

Portfolio Manager

Rs. 10 LPA

Financial Analyst

Rs. 5-6 LPA

IIM Salary Package in Finance

IIMs are one of the top MBA colleges in India offering highest paid jobs after MBA in finance. An average IIM salary package in finance ranges between Rs. 20 LPA to 25 LPA. Students can check out the IIM MBA finance salary in India based on the average package offered by various recruiters.

Name of IIM

Average IIM MBA Finance Salary

IIM Ahmedabad

Rs. 33 LPA

IIM Bangalore

Rs. 32 LPA

IIM Calcutta

Rs. 40 LPA

IIM Lucknow

Rs. 35 LPA

IIM Kozhikode

Rs. 20 LPA

IIM Indore

Rs. 20.5 LPA

IIM Shillong

Rs. 20 LPA

IIM Rohtak

Rs. 16.06 LPA

IIM Ranchi

Rs. 20 LPA

IIM Raipur

Rs. 18 LPA

IIM Tiruchirappalli

Rs. 20 LPA

IIM kashipur

Rs. 14.4 LPA

IIM Vishakhapatnam

Rs. 15.2 LPA

IIM Bodh Gaya

Rs. 12 LPA

IIM Amritsar

Rs. 14.63 LPA

IIM Sirmaur

Rs. 12.8 LPA

IIM Sambalpur

Rs. 12.2 LPA

IIM Jammu

Rs. 12 LPA

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MBA Finance Salary in Top MBA Colleges

Other than IIMs, major B-schools in India provide MBA in finance admission and offer high salary packages, sometimes higher than top IIMs. Candidates can have a look at the finance degree with MBA salary package offered by a few of the top non-IIMs mentioned below.

Name of the Institution

Average MBA Finance Salary

FMS Delhi

INR 25-30 LPA

MDI Gurgaon


XLRI Jamshedpur

INR 18-20 LPA


INR 22.1 LPA

JBIMS Mumbai

INR 18.91 LPA

IIFT Delhi

INR 18.27 LPA

MBA Finance Salary in Government Sector

Plenty of government jobs after MBA finance are available in India for MBA aspirants to choose from. Government sector banks and telecom companies hire MBA finance freshers and experienced professionals for various job roles. The average finance MBA salary in India offered in the government sector is Rs. 15 LPA. Check out the companies, MBA finance job salary offered by these companies in government sector mentioned below.

Top Government Companies

Job Profiles

Average MBA in Finance Salary


Bank Manager

Rs. 9 LPA

Branch Manager

Rs. 17.2 LPA

Chief Manager

Rs. 29.5 LPA


Account Officer

Rs. 10.7 LPA

Junior Accounts Officer

Rs. 8.3 LPA

National Dairy Development Board (NDDB)

Deputy Manager

Rs. 14 LPA

Account Assistant

Rs. 3.8 LPA

Senior Manager

Rs. 20 LPA

Executive Accountant

Rs. 5.4 LPA

Dredging Corporation of India Limited

Joint General Manager

Rs. 27.5 LPA

Deputy Manager

Rs. 14.9 LPA

Bharat Earth Movers Limited (BEML)

Assistant General Manager

Rs. 19.2 LPA

Accounts Officer

Rs. 10.6 LPA

Assistant Manager

Rs. 13.6 LPA

Bank of Baroda

Credit Manager

Rs. 13 LPA

Banking Officer

Rs. 7.5 LPA

Credit Analyst

Rs. 13.4 LPA


Finance Branch Manager

Rs. 16.3 LPA

Financial Consultant

Rs. 2.8 LPA

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MBA Finance Salary in Private Sector

The average MBA finance salary in private sector ranges from Rs. 3.6 LPA to Rs. 34.5 LPA. Given below are some of the MBA finance jobs with salary offered by top recruiters in private sector.

Top Private Companies

Job Profiles

Salary (INR)

Goldman Sachs

Analyst Developer

Rs. 19.30 LPA

Investment Banking Analyst

Rs. 22.2 LPA

Senior Financial Analyst

Rs. 6.9 LPA

Morgan Stanley

Senior Manager

Rs. 27.13 LPA

Financial Analyst

Rs. 7.4 LPA

Boston Consulting Group

Senior Associate

Rs. 34.5 LPA

Senior Financial Analyst

Rs. 18.3 LPA

Bain and Company

Associate Consultant

Rs. 25.7 LPA

Junior Consultant

Rs. 30.2 LPA

Finance Coordinator

Rs. 9.3 LPA

JP Morgan

Financial Analyst

Rs. 9.05 LPA

Investment Banking Analyst

Rs. 23.7 LPA

Credit Analyst

Rs. 11.9 LPA


Business Finance Manager

Rs. 10 LPA

Financial Analyst

Rs. 3.6 LPA

Reliance Industries

Finance Manager

Rs. 12.5 LPA

Accounts & Finance Manager

Rs. 15.1 LPA

MBA Finance Salary by Top Recruiters

Given below in the table are the top global recruiters offering lucrative salary after MBA finance and job roles to candidates.

Goldman Sachs




Goldman Sachs


Capgemini Consulting

JP Morgan Chase & Company




Deutsche Bank

Boston Consulting Group

McKinsey & Company


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