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MBA Books For Preparation Entrance Exam

MBA Books For Preparation Entrance Exam

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MBA Preparation Books

Choosing the right books and study materials is crucial while preparing for MBA entrance exams. A great number of books for MBA entrance exam are available in the market and while choosing the best MBA books, MBA aspirants must opt for the books that are widely used by students and toppers. This article will guide you on the best MBA entrance books in different aspects of MBA entrance exams such as verbal ability, reading comprehension, quantitative aptitude, logical reasoning, Data Interpretation and the like.

Previous Year Question Papers

For any MBA aspirants who prepare for the MBA entrance exam, going thoroughly through the previous years' question papers is very vital. It helps in understanding the structure and difficulty level of the exam. It also deepens the candidates' familiarity with the exam pattern and diversity of questions. Face To Face CAT 29 Years (1993-2021) Section Wise & Topic Wise solved paper is an inclusive book of previous years' question papers the MBA aspirants can rely on. Check out the best book for MBA entrance exam.

1. Face To Face CAT 29 Years (1993-2021) Section Wise & Topic Wise solved paper by BS Sijwali ad Indu Sijwali


Face To Face CAT 29 Years is a comprehensive collection of the CAT previous question papers of 29 years (from 1993 to 2021). Covering the whole section-wise and topic-wise syllabus, it proves to be an excellent option to prepare for CAT, MAT, XAT and other MBA entrance tests. The book includes data interpretation & logical reasoning, quantitative aptitude, and verbal ability & reading comprehension.

Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension

  1. Vocabulary

  2. Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis


Word Power Made Easy written by Norman Lewis is a best-selling book that will help MBA aspirants build the rich vocabulary and word skills needed while appearing for the entrance exam. Written in a lucid way, the book provides simple techniques to enrich the vocabulary and help to practise them and track the progress daily. Along with introducing words and their meaning, it also guides on their correct usage of them.

B) Reading

  1. How to Get More Out of Your Reading by Norman Lewis

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While appearing for MBA entrance exams, the candidates must have the ability to read fast and comprehend the sentences and paragraphs quickly. It needs a good vocabulary and a lot of practice in reading paragraphs and making out their meanings. How to Get More Out of Your Reading Paperback written by Norman Lewis is one of the best choices to improve your reading comprehension as it focuses more on practice than theory. It will guide how to read the piece deeply and grasp it quickly. It is the toppers’ choice to prepare for many competitive exams.

  1. How To Read Better & Faster by Norman Lewis


How To Read Better & Faster Paperback by best-selling author Norman Lewis will help MBA aspirants to improve their reading and comprehension skills as its title denotes. It will enlighten on the techniques of speed reading, concentration skills, enriching vocabulary and strategies to absorb the main idea of the text quickly which counts much while sitting for the MBA entrance exam.

C) Grammar & General English

  1. Better English by Norman Lewis


In verbal ability, language skills including grammar will be thoroughly checked in the MBA entrance exams. Better English Paperback authored by Norman Lewis will lighten up your MBA dreams by providing you with better grammar and English language grounding. The book includes chapters on spelling, grammar and pronunciation.

  1. My Blue Book of Grammar by Jose Dominic Joseph


My Blue Book of Grammar by Jose Dominic Joseph is an exclusive book on English grammar that can be used by MBA aspirants to prepare for MBA entrance exams. The book deals with every topic of grammar in greater detail. It is one of the most sought-after books on English grammar among Indian students including MBA aspirants.

  1. Objective English for General Competitive Examinations by Edgar Thorpe & Showick Thorpe


Objective English for General Competitive Examinations by Edgar Thorpe and Showick Thorpe is specially designed for students who appear for competitive examinations. Thanks to its focus on practice through mock tests and vast repository of vocabulary, it is one of the highly preferred books among students who prepare for competitive exams including MBA entrance exams.

  1. Wiley's ExamXpert Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for CAT by Capt. AK Kalia (Retd)


If you are planning to crack the MBA entrance exams like CAT, XAT and the like, Wiley's ExamXpert Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for CAT is a great choice for improving your language skills and reading comprehension capacity. The voluminous book ( contains more than 1000 pages) provides you with a deep understanding of every topic of the languages and includes a 16-week programme exclusively for vocabulary building.

Quantitative Aptitude Books

  1. Quantitative Aptitude Quantum Cat by Sarvesh K Verma


Quantitative Aptitude Quantum Cat prepared by Sarvesh K Verma proved to be very helpful and beneficial for MBA aspirants to tackle the Quantitative Aptitude section of the MBA entrance exam as well as other entrance exams such as CAT, XAT, IIFT, SNAP, CMAT and MAT.

  1. Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations by Abhijit Guha


Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations is a comprehensive book on Quantitative Aptitude which is one of the most important competitive exams and entrance tests. It is the best book for the MBA entrance exam as it covers the whole gamut of aspects of quantitative aptitude including numerical, calculations, arithmetic reasoning, percentage analysis, categorization, graph and table reading, and quantitative analysis. Written by Abhijit Guha, it is prepared based on the latest patterns of various competitive and entrance exams.

  1. Quantitative Aptitude for CAT by Nishit K. Sinha


Quantitative Aptitude for CAT written by Nishit K. Sinha incorporates the basic to complex concepts of QA. It helps the students to ace various MBA entrance exams including CAT, SNAP, XAT and IIFT by scoring high marks in QA, the crucial area of all MBA entrance tests. Providing “Test Your Learning” after every chapter and practical questions at the end of every section, the book facilitates the students to evaluate themselves.

Logical reasoning books for MBA entrance exam

  1. Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation for CAT by Nishit K. Sinha


Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation for CAT by Nishit K. Sinha is one of the best MBA entrance exam books that will help obtain high marks in logical reasoning and data interpretation, especially for CAT. However, it also can be relied on to appear in XAT, SNAP, IIFT, IRMA, MAT, and NMAT. The differentiating features of this book include the 60° practice with the latest papers of CAT, XAT, SNAP, and IIFT and a clear understanding of strategies to solve the problems using the concept.

  1. Koncepts of Logical Reasoning for CAT & Other MBA Exams by Gajendra Kumar


Authored by Gajendra Kumar, Koncepts of Logical Reasoning for CAT & Other MBA Exams provides detailed glimpses of logical reasoning and primarily focuses on concepts and problem-solving. Written by analysing 23 years of CAT exams and 10 years of IIFT and XAT, it will be a one-stop solution for MBA aspirants who prepare for entrance exams.

Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning

  1. A New Approach to REASONING Verbal, Non-Verbal & Analytical by BS Sijwalii & Indu Sijwali


A New Approach to REASONING Verbal, Non-Verbal & Analytical by BS Sijwalii & Indu Sijwali is an exhaustive take on the reasoning and the students appearing for the MBA entrance exams can depend to enhance their ability to answer the reasoning questions. Interestingly, the book approaches reasoning through categories, namely, verbal, nonverbal and analytical and provides a broad understanding. The book will definitely be one of the MBA entrance books to brace yourself for CAT, XAT, MAT, CMAT, SNAP, IIFT and the like.

Best books for MBA preparation


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Exams for top MBA programmes in 2024, including CAT, XAT, MAT, SNAP, IBSAT, CMAT, and others, will be held from November 2024 to April 2025. From February to May 2024, other top state-level MBA entrance tests were held, including the MAH-CET, AP ICET, TS ICET, OJEE, KMAT and GMAT, MAT, ATMA, and others. Notification for the CAT, one of the most renowned MBA entrance exams, will be sent out in the final week of July 2024. The exam is scheduled for November 24.

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Yes, a CET passed student can take admission for MBA as an external student. There are many universities and institutions that offer distance learning or external programs for MBA. You will need to check the specific admission requirements and procedures for the institutions you are interested in. Typically, they will require your CET scores and other academic qualifications for the application process.

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To pursue an MBA from the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs), you need an undergraduate degree, and both CA (Chartered Accountancy) and BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) with a specialization in Financial and Investment Analysis (FIA) are viable paths.

Choosing between them depends on your interests and career aspirations. CA is a rigorous and respected qualification that provides deep expertise in accounting, taxation, and finance, which can significantly strengthen your profile for an MBA and career in finance. However, it demands substantial commitment and time.

On the other hand, BBA(FIA) offers a broader business education with a focus on financial and investment analysis, providing a balanced mix of management and finance knowledge. This can make you well-rounded and prepare you for the diverse curriculum of an MBA program. Ultimately, if you have a strong inclination towards accounting and finance and can handle the intensive nature of CA, it can be highly beneficial.

However, if you prefer a more holistic business education that covers various aspects of management, BBA(FIA) might be a better choice. Both paths have the potential to enhance your MBA application and career prospects, so choose based on your interests and strengths.

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