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CMAT Topper Interview: CMAT and MAH MBA CET Preparation Journey and Life at SIMSREE

CMAT Topper Interview: CMAT and MAH MBA CET Preparation Journey and Life at SIMSREE

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CMAT Topper Interview: Rugved is currently pursuing the MMS program at Sydenham Institute of Management Studies securing 99.77%ile in MAH MBA CET and 97 %ile in CMAT. In an exclusive interview with Careers360, CMAT topper Rugved talks about his CMAT and MAH MBA CET preparation journey and life at SIMSREE. He shared insightful tips and tricks to crack these MBA entrance exams. This article offers excerpts from this CMAT topper interview. Watch the complete conversation by clicking the YouTube link given below.

CMAT Topper Interview: CMAT and MAH MBA CET Preparation Journey and Life at SIMSREE
CMAT Topper Interview: CMAT and MAH MBA CET Preparation Journey and Life at SIMSREE

Careers360 - Tell us a little bit about yourself and your profile.

Rugved - I was born and brought up in Pune. I've done my schooling from Pune itself, SSC board. I've done my bachelor's in economics, and went on to pursue masters in economics as well. I've had a couple of work experiences where I've worked with a think tank in Pune. And I've worked as a basketball coach independently.

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Careers360 - Which MBA entrance exams did you give?

Rugved - I gave CMAT and MAH MBA CET. These are the only two exams that I appeared for.

Careers360 -What were your scores in these exams?

Rugved - In CMAT, I scored 97 percentile and in MAHCET, I scored 99.77 percentile.

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Careers360 - What are some important topics for CMAT?

Rugved - In the VARC section, improving English proficiency takes time and consistent effort. Developing the habit of reading extensively and enhancing vocabulary are crucial. Additionally, finding logical connections within passages is important, as it aids in effectively tackling reading comprehension questions. Utilizing the elimination process can be helpful in solving RCs efficiently, but this requires the ability to read quickly and comprehend passages accurately. Practice is essential in mastering RCs due to the time constraints involved.

Careers360 - what are some best books for CMAT?

Rugved - CMAT has a vast syllabus but there is much less time pressure as it is for three hours.For quants, I primarily relied on the materials provided by the online coaching center I joined. They covered a comprehensive range of topics. For the VARC section, "Word Power Made Easy" proved beneficial in enhancing vocabulary and understanding word origins. The books provided by our institute sufficed for LR preparation. Additionally, practicing mock tests after covering all the topics was crucial.

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Careers360 -What advice would you give for preparing for MAH MBA CET?

Rugved - For MAH MBA CET, you have a lot of time as it's probably happening next March, 2025. Start preparing now. If you're working, you don't need to quit your job to focus on MAH MBA CET; it's not that difficult. However, you need a dedicated and disciplined approach to studying for CET.

Careers360 - Many students get demotivated while preparing for entrance exams. What advice would you give them to stay motivated and continue their preparation?

Rugved - You need to be brutally honest with yourself. I knew I was weak in maths and had to work hard to improve. In CET, you can't have any weak sections. Even after preparing, I had weak areas like geometry, where I just knew the basics. When I didn't score well in mocks, I felt demotivated, but I reminded myself that my foundation was solid. Even knowing 60-70% of the material can be enough to succeed. Stay focused on your goal and give your best, even when you feel like giving up.

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Careers360 - Considering the booming startup culture in India and the aversion towards traditional education, do you think an MBA is still relevant?

Rugved - I was just discussing this with my sister. If you know why you're doing something, the degree itself becomes less crucial. For example, if you have a family business or want to start your own, an MBA offers a solid platform to learn essential skills. While practical experience is valuable, an MBA can still be beneficial if you're ready to invest one or two years in it. It depends on your specific situation rather than making a generalized statement.

Careers360 - What are your future career plans? How do you see yourself in the next few years?

Rugved - I've only thought about the next five years. It depends on how I get placed in a company. I'm open and flexible to any finance profile but don't want to commit to certain roles right now, like an equity research analyst. I see myself in general management within a company, which isn't a core finance role but requires an understanding of finance. I'm very committed to that.

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Full version of CMAT Topper’s Interview: Check out this video to watch the complete conversation:Rugved shares tips to crack #CMAT

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Students gearing up for CMAT 2024 should utilize past CMAT question papers and other model papers to enhance their readiness. Accessing PDFs of previous CMAT question papers familiarizes students with the exam's format and the types of questions typically posed. This resource also aids in identifying key topics for study based on past CMAT papers.

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The Common Management Admission Test (CMAT) is a national-level Entrance Examination conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA) in India. It is an Online computer-based test held annually for admission to various Management programs offered by AICTE - approved institutions and university departments in india.

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About 1,350+ best MBA colleges accept CMAT score in India . Among these, 988 colleges are privately owned, 122 colleges are owned by public/government organisations, and public-private entities own 8 MBA colleges. CMAT is one of the main accepting entrance exams in top MBA colleges in India.

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Colleges that accept the CMAT will each declare the CMAT cut off date of 2024. As more than 1000 B-schools throughout the country accept CMAT scores for admission to their MBA and PGDM programs, applicants should aim for a 100 percentile on the exam, which is between 345 and 360 points.

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