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CMAT General Awareness Sample Questions

CMAT General Awareness Sample Questions

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In CMAT, GK (General Knowledge) questions play an essential role in examining candidates' awareness in various areas. To improve your knowledge base and become familiar with the general knowledge questions for CMAT 2025 or its patterns, you are required to practice CMAT General Awareness sample questions. Additionally, you can utilize online resources offering previous CMAT general awareness questions and their respective answers. The sole purpose of this article is to showcase sample CMAT GK questions with answers so that they can have an idea on what type of CMAT general awareness questions they can expect in the CMAT examination.

The candidates must keep in their minds that the CMAT general awareness section is one of a crucial section of the CMAT examination and requires extensive practice. It is always good to have an idea about the different CMAT GK questions that can be asked.

CMAT General Awareness Sample Questions

To succeed in CMAT's challenges effectively, improving your general knowledge is essential. Stay updated on current affairs and static GK to confidently excel in the general knowledge section of the CMAT. You can start reading newspapers daily, read good GK books, and use online resources to improve your knowledge about the world.

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To excel, you must access the CMAT general awareness questions with answers pdf given at the end, in order to enable focused CMAT preparation.

Here are the CMAT General Awareness Sample Questions for practice:

CMAT General Awareness Sample Questions with Solutions

1. According to traditional Indian seasons, which of the following seasons falls in the month of November-December?

  1. Autumn

  2. Winter

  3. Hemant

  4. Spring

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Answer: C

Explanation: The correct answer is Hemant

Spring is Vasant Ritu, Summer is Grishma Ritu, Monsoon is Varsha Ritu, Autumn is Sharad Ritu, Pre-Winter is Hemant Ritu, and Winter is Shishir Ritu. On the other hand, India has four seasons, just like the rest of the world, according to the India Meteorological Department (IMD).

2. The Winter Youth Olympic Games 2025 will be held in_____________.

  1. Gangwon

  2. Lausanne

  3. Dakar

  4. Singapore

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Answer: A

Explanation: The correct option is Gangwon

The Winter Youth Olympic Games are a sporting event for young athletes, typically aged 14 to 18. They parallel the regular Winter Olympics and include various winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, and ice hockey.

The event aims to promote sportsmanship, culture, and education among youth.

3. In which year were the 73rd and 74th amendments passed by the Parliament?

  1. 1989

  2. 1992

  3. 1990

  4. 1995

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Answer: B

Explanation: The correct answer is 1992.

Parliament passed the 73rd and 74th Constitutional Amendments in December 1992.

The 73rd Amendment Act of 1992 established a new section IX to the Constitution, consisting of 16 articles and the Eleventh Schedule. The 73rd Amendment to the Constitution was enacted to strengthen and expand the three-tiered democracy.

Part IXA of the Constitution, which deals with municipalities in articles 243 P to 243 ZG, has been amended by the 74th Amendment Act.

4. Match Column-A with Column-B.


Alternative name

i. Vitamin A

a. Ascorbic acid

ii. Vitamin B12

b. Retinol

iii. Vitamin C

c. Cobalamin

iv. Vitamin D

d. Ergocalciferol

  1. i-b, ii-a, iii-c, iv-d

  2. i-a, ii-b, iii-c, iv-d

  3. i-c, ii-b, iii-d, iv-a

  4. i-b, ii-c, iii-a, iv-d

Answer: D

Explanation: The correct option is i-b, ii-c, iii-a, iv-d

Vitamin A - Retinol

Vitamin B 12 - Cobalamin

Vitamin C - Ascorbic acid

Vitamin D - Ergocalciferol

Vitamin A is essential for vision, immune function, and skin health. It can be obtained from foods like carrots, sweet potatoes, and spinach. Vitamin B12 is crucial for nerve function and the production of red blood cells. It's found in animal products like meat, fish, and dairy, and often supplemented in vegetarian or vegan diets. Vitamin C is important for immune function, collagen synthesis, and antioxidant protection. Citrus fruits, strawberries, and bell peppers are good sources. Vitamin D is essential for bone health, immune function, and overall well-being. Sunlight exposure and dietary sources like fatty fish and fortified foods contribute to its intake.

5. Which of the following statements is correct?

  1. Water is a cyclic resource

  2. Water has only one state

  3. Water is a non-renewable resource

  4. Water is a biotic resource

Answer: A

Explanation: The correct answer is Water is a cyclic resource.

Water is a cyclic resource. This statement reflects the fact that water undergoes a natural cycle known as the water cycle or hydrological cycle. In this cycle, water moves between the Earth's surface and the atmosphere through processes such as evaporation, condensation, precipitation and runoff. Water is constantly recycled and redistributed in this cyclic manner, making it a renewable resource on a global scale.

The other statements are not accurate:

Water exists in multiple states (solid, liquid and gas) depending on temperature and pressure conditions.

Water is generally considered a renewable resource because of the natural processes that replenish it, so it is not a non-renewable resource.

Water is an abiotic resource, meaning it is not derived from living organisms.

6. In which of the following archaeological sites of the Harappan civilisation was jadeite stone found?

  1. Mahagadha

  2. Mehargarh

  3. Hallur

  4. Daojali Hading

Answer: D

Explanation: The correct answer is Daojali Hading.

Daojali Hading, a hill nestled in the Brahmaputra Valley, holds archaeological significance as the site where jadeite stone was discovered. This stone is believed to have originated from China and is found in proximity to routes leading to Myanmar and China. The excavation at Daojali Hading, led by a team headed by M. C. Goswami and T. C. Sharma in 1961-63, marked a notable discovery. It stands out as the first stratified neolithic site uncovered in northeast India. The findings from the excavation included distinctive shouldered celts and pottery marked with cords. This archaeological site provides valuable insights into the ancient history and cultural practices of the region, shedding light on connections with neighbouring areas and trade routes

7. Raut Naach is famous in which of the following states?

  1. Punjab

  2. Gujarat

  3. Assam

  4. Chhattisgarh

Answer: D

Explanation: The correct option is Chhattisgarh

Raut Naach, a traditional folk dance form that is famous in the state of Chhattisgarh, India. It is an integral part of the cultural heritage of the region and is often performed during festivals and special occasions. Raut Naach is known for its vibrant and energetic movements, accompanied by traditional music and songs.

8. Shivpuri National Park of Madhya Pradesh is famous for

  1. tiger and elephant

  2. wild buffalo

  3. Birds

  4. leopard and chital

Answer: D

Explanation: The answer is leopard and chital.

Shivpuri National Park, situated in Madhya Pradesh, India, holds great significance as a protected area renowned for its abundant wildlife and diverse biodiversity. It is located in the Shivpuri district and covers an area of around 156 square kilometres. Significantly, the park is home to animals like chitals (spotted deer) and leopards, which denote a healthy and balanced

9. Blood group was discovered by:

  1. William Harvey

  2. Landsteiner

  3. Pavlov

  4. Alexander Fleming

Answer: B

Explanation: The correct answer is Landsteiner.

Karl Landsteiner has been credited for the discovery of the ABO blood group system in 1900. His extensive research on serology based on simple reasoning led to the identification of major blood groups such as O, A, and B types, compatibility testing and subsequent transfusion practices.

When a person loses lots of blood through an accident or illness, it must be replaced. When transfusions from one person to another were tried, however, the result was very often disastrous. Karl Landsteiner discovered why when different people's blood was mixed, the red blood cells sometimes clumped.

He explained in 1901 that people have different types of red blood cells, that is, there are different blood groups. The discovery led to safe blood transfusions between people with compatible blood groups.

10. Which Part of the Constitution of India reflects the Fundamental Duties?

  1. Part X

  2. Part XII

  3. Part IV-A

  4. Part IX-B

Answer: C

Explanation: The correct answer is Part IV-A.

Basic obligations are covered by Article 51A of Part IV-A of the Indian Constitution. On the advice of the Swaran Singh Committee, which the government had appointed earlier that year, the 42nd Amendment to the Constitution was adopted in 1976, adding the Fundamental Duties of Citizens. Only citizens are subject to basic obligations; non-citizens are not.

11. Who has been appointed as the country's second Chief of Defence Staff (CDS)?

  1. Anil Chauhan

  2. Manoj Kumar

  3. R Dinesh

  4. Sanjay Agarwal

Answer: A

Explanation: The correct option is Anil Chauhan

The Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) is a high-ranking military officer who serves as the principal military advisor to the government and coordinates the operations of the armed forces. They are responsible for promoting inter-service cooperation and ensuring the armed forces are prepared to meet national security objectives. The country's first CDS was Bipin Rawat, who died in an accident.

12. Which Indian budget introduced a statement highlighting the gender sensitivities of the budgetary allocations?

  1. 2008-09

  2. 2010-11

  3. 2005-06

  4. 2001-02

Answer: C

Explanation: The correct option is 2005-06

The introduction of a statement highlighting the gender sensitivities of budgetary allocations in India began with the Union Budget of 2005-2006. This marked a significant step towards recognizing and addressing gender-related concerns in the budgetary process. The statement emphasized the government's commitment to gender mainstreaming and sought to analyze how budgetary allocations and policies impact different genders.

13. The term 'Back-stick' is used in which of the following games/sports?

  1. Basketball

  2. Badminton

  3. Hockey

  4. Volleyball

Answer: C

Explanation: The correct answer is Hockey

In hockey, the phrase "back-stick" is used. In a hockey game, a variety of fouls can result in penalties. The back stick is an illegal shot where the puck hits the hockey stick's rounded face. Players are not permitted to use both sides of the stick when playing hockey. The intentionally curved side of the stick can be used for no ball contact at all, while the flat side can be used for traditional play.

14. Which physical unit is defined as the field intensity that produces one newton (N) of force per ampere (A) per meter of the conductor?

  1. Candela

  2. Coulomb

  3. Tesla

  4. Pascal

Answer: C

Explanation: The correct answer is Tesla

The field intensity producing one newton of force per ampere of current per meter of the conductor is known as one tesla (1 T). A Tesla is equivalent to one ampere and one Newton per meter. A prime example demonstrates this: It is precisely equivalent to the flux density of a Tesla, which acts as an exact 1 Newton attraction on a one-meter-long electrical conductor that conveys a current of 1 ampere.

15. Which of the following is commonly known as quicklime?

  1. CaSO4

  2. CaCl2

  3. Ca(OH)22

  4. CaO

Answer: D

Explanation: The correct answer is CaO

Calcium oxide (CaO) is commonly known as quicklime. Quicklime is a white, crystalline solid at room temperature and is produced by heating calcium carbonate (CaCO3), typically in the form of limestone, in a process called calcination. The chemical reaction is as follows:

CaCO3 → CaO + CO2

16. ‘Imperfect’ is an autobiography of:

  1. Rahul Dravid

  2. Ravi Shastri

  3. Milkha Singh

  4. Sanjay Manjrekar

Answer: D

Explanation: The correct option is Sanjay Manjrekar

"Imperfect" is the autobiography of Sanjay Manjrekar, a former Indian cricketer and cricket commentator.

As this book is an autobiography, it contains information about the life, cricket career, obsession, etc. of the cricketer. This book was released by Dilip Vengsarkar.

17. Match the industrial plant with it's location.

Name of the industrial plant

Related Location


A) Buranpur


B) Chennai


C) Korba


D) Bhatinda

  1. 1-A,2-B,3-C,4-D

  2. 1-C,2-A,3-B,4-D

  3. 1-C,2-A,3-D,4-B

  4. 1-D,2-A,3-B,4-C

Answer: C

Explanation: The correct option is 1-C,2-A,3-D,4-B

BALCO, or Bharat Aluminium Company, is an Indian aluminium manufacturing company. It is located in Korba. It is a subsidiary of Vedanta Limited, one of the largest natural resource companies in the world.

IISCO, or Indian Iron and Steel Company, located in Chennai, is a historic steel manufacturing company in India. It was established in 1918 and played a crucial role in the development of the country's steel industry.

The NFL commonly refers to the National Football League, which is a professional American football league in the United States. It is located in Bhatinda.

ICF Burnpur likely refers to the Indian Iron and Steel Company (IISCO) located in Burnpur, India. This company has historical significance in the steel industry and played a key role in the development of the Indian steel sector.

18. Which of the following Indian freedom fighters said "Be the change you want to see in the world"?

  1. Bipin Chandra Pal

  2. Mohammad Ali Jinnah

  3. Surendranath Banerjee

  4. Mahatma Gandhi

Answer: D

Explanation: The correct answer is Mahatma Gandhi.

The quote "Be the change you want to see in the world" is often attributed to Mahatma Gandhi, who was a prominent leader in the Indian independence movement. While there is some debate about the exact phrasing of the quote, it is widely associated with Gandhi's philosophy of personal and social transformation through individual actions.

19. In the later Vedic period, which of the following varnas mainly did work like farming, animal husbandry, and trade?

  1. Vaishya

  2. Brahmin

  3. Shudra

  4. Kshatriya

Answer: A

Explanation: The correct option is Vaishya

In the later Vedic period, the varna primarily responsible for activities like farming, animal husbandry, and trade were the Vaishya. The Vaishya were the merchant and business class in the Vedic social hierarchy. They were involved in various economic activities, including agriculture, cattle rearing, trade, and commerce.

20. Which are the shortcut keys used to start a new line in the same cell in Microsoft Excel 365?

  1. Tab + Enter

  2. Alt + Enter

  3. Ctrl + Enter

  4. Shift + Enter

Answer: B

Explanation: The correct answer is Alt + Enter.

To create a new line in Microsoft Excel 365, the shortcut key Alt + Enter is used. This is also useful when creating a bulleted list, and by pressing the shift and enter keys, it allows us to go to the next line without creating a new bullet number.

To practice more GK questions for CMAT 2025: Download Here

Preparation Tips for CMAT 2025: General Awareness

Read newspaper daily

To keep abreast of current affairs, get into the habit of reading a newspaper daily. This will not only improve your knowledge about national and international events but also improve your reading comprehension skills.

Utilize online apps and quizzes

Since a lot of memorization is involved in static GK, you can try online apps to remember facts while doing your daily activities. This can be done with the help of podcasts and short videos. Online quizzes are also a fun way to practice CMAT general knowledge questions.

Practice questions from previous years’ papers

Solving PYQs is important as you’ll be able to see which types of questions are asked in the exam. While it may seem like current affairs questions from PYQs are irrelevant, you can at least get an idea of the topics that are majorly asked in the exam.

Take CMAT mock tests

Along with solving PYQs, it is important to take mock tests as they will help you get familiar with the exam conditions like the layout of questions, time constraints, etc.

Important Topics for CMAT General Awareness

Candidates giving the CMAT exam should be well aware of the General Awareness topics that are important and are likely to come in exam. The following list gives an insight on what are the important topics which candidate should prepare.

World History

Indian Art And Culture

Indian Polity And Constitution

World Geography




Honours & Awards

Books & Authors


National Events

Best Books For CMAT Preparation



Word Power Made Easy

Norman Lewis

30 Days to a More Powerful Vocabulary

Norman Lewis

English Grammar and Composition

Wren and Martin

How to Prepare for Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for the CAT

Arun Sharma

How to Prepare for Logical Reasoning for the CAT

Arun Sharma

The Pearson Guide to Verbal Ability and Logical Reasoning for the CAT

Nishit K Sinha

Quantitative Aptitude

R.S. Aggarwal

Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations

Abhijit Guha

Lucent's General Knowledge

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Peter F. Drucker

Download Free CMAT GK Questions with Answers PDFs



















































Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. What topics should CMAT GK preparation primarily focus on?

CMAT GK preparation must focus on covering topics on history, geography, current affairs, economics, business, awards, sports, corporate events, etc. Other topics related to entertainment, politics, and the environment are also asked.

2. What is the weightage of the General Knowledge (GK) section in the CMAT exam, and how does it compare to other sections?

The CMAT GK section has equal weightage like other sections in the exam paper, with 25 questions.

3. What are the two categories of general awareness questions commonly asked in the CMAT exam?

There are two categories of general awareness questions asked in CMAT- static and current GK.

4. What topics are covered under static GK for the CMAT exam?

Static GK broadly consists of areas that do not change over time. The static GK questions for CMAT may be asked from the following topics:

  • History

  • Geography

  • Economy

  • Companies and Brands

  • Indian Political System & Constitution

  • Organizations

  • Science & Technology

  • Sports

  • Miscellaneous

5. What topics are covered under Current GK for the CMAT exam?

For current affairs for CMAT, candidates can focus on the following topics:

  • Economy

  • Business & Corporate News

  • Indian Polity

  • Organizations

  • New Developments in Science & Technology

  • People in News

  • Sports

  • Miscellaneous

6. What are the preparation tips for CMAT General Awareness?
  • Read a newspaper daily to get acquainted with current affairs.

  • Make concise notes of topics from static GK such as History, General Science, Economics, etc.

  • Use flashcards to revise facts like History dates, names of important people, etc.

  • Solve questions from sample papers and previous years’ papers.

  • Play online GK quizzes in your free time.

7. What type of GK questions are asked in the CMAT exam?

General Awareness in CMAT includes questions from current affairs, and static GK questions from topics such as History, Economics, Politics, Geography, General Science, Literature, Sports, and Indian Constitution. 

8. How to prepare for Static GK for CMAT exam?

Select a good book like Lucent's General Knowledge and go through it thoroughly. Also, try to answer as many questions on static GK as possible. Stay updated with global events and keep notes on important questions.


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