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AP ICET 2024 Exam Day Guidelines, Do's & Don'ts

AP ICET 2024 Exam Day Guidelines, Do's & Don'ts

Edited By Himanshu Shekhar | Updated on May 06, 2024 05:15 PM IST | #APICET

AP ICET 2024 Exam Day Guidelines - “To be prepared is half the victory,” and this should be in every aspect of any exam. AP ICET exam day guidelines help with preparation with what to carry on the day of the exam, how to face the question paper, etc. Candidates who are appearing for the exam can avail of the AP ICET 2024 exam day guidelines here. As per the AP ICET 2024 schedule, the AP ICET entrance test will be held on May 6 and 7, 2024, in the morning and afternoon.

AP ICET exam is for MBA and MCA admissions as well as lateral entry to MCA programmes in the University colleges and their affiliated colleges of Andhra Pradesh. The exam will be conducted by Sri Krishnadevaraya University. Earlier, it was conducted by Andhra University. Before checking the exam day guidelines of AP ICET 2024, it is vital to know some important information like the exam pattern, and topics to prepare. It is also important for candidates to be prepared with the documents to carry and other precautions to take.

AP ICET Exam Day Guidelines 2024

Some of the important details of the AP ICET 2024 exam pattern are:

  • AP ICET exam is a computer-based exam to be held in two sessions.
  • The duration of the AP ICET 2024 exam is 150 minutes
  • Candidates have to answer 200 questions in total
  • The medium of the test is English & Telugu for Section-A & B while section C is only in English
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AP ICET 2024 Exam Dress Code

As per Andhra Pradesh ICET 2024 exam day guidelines, candidates are advised to not apply any external material such as Mehendi, ink etc on their hands or fee. If a candidate found in any unfair practices, that will lead then to the disqualification of the candidate.

  • The AP ICET dress code of male candidates, they should wear light half shirt or t-shirt and pants without much pockets.
  • For female candidates, they should wear light clothes with half sleeves and avoid cloths with designs.
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AP ICET 2024 Syllabus, Marks, and Sections

One important tip for AP ICET preparation is to know, what are the important topics to prepare for. This includes a good perusal of the AP ICET syllabus 2024. Next comes the list of the best books for AP ICET preparation. The following table gives a good idea of the topics and marks for each section in AP ICET 2024.

AP ICET Marks and Sections

AP ICET Exam Details


Section-A: Analytical Ability

(i) Data Sufficiency


(ii) Problem Solving


Section-B: Mathematical Ability

(i) Arithmetical Ability


(ii) Algebraical and Geometrical Ability


(iii) Statistical Ability


Section-C: Communication Ability

(i) Vocabulary


(ii) Business and Computer Terminology


(iii) Functional Grammar


(iv) Reading Comprehension


Total Marks


Documents to carry on AP ICET exam day

Before understanding the AP ICET 2024 exam day guidelines to be followed, candidates must keep ready the requisite documents and things needed to be carried to the exam hall. These are:

  1. AP ICET 2024 Admit Card
  2. A valid original Identity Document
  3. Any other document as specified
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Other things allowed inside the AP ICET exam hall:

  1. A mask
  2. Sanitiser
  3. A transparent bottle of water
  4. Gloves
  5. A ballpoint pen

AP ICET 2024 Exam Day Guidelines- Do’s

Below-mentioned are some of the important AP ICET exam day guidelines.

  1. Carry the exam kit with you: As mentioned earlier, the admit card has to be carried to the exam hall as the other documents specified.
  2. Reach the exam centre ahead of time: To avoid getting caught in the last-minute rush and to ensure a smooth entry to the AP ICET 2024 exam, it is vital to reach ahead of time.
  3. Read the instructions and question paper before beginning the examination: After entering the exam hall, it is important to note the instructions and follow them. The next thing to do is to read the question paper and plan accordingly.
  4. Plan answering the questions in a rational manner: It is a good thing to answer questions that one knows the answers to and then attempt questions that one is unsure of. Since the exam does not have negative marking, one can take a certain amount of risk in answering questions that are seemingly familiar. Answering questions that one doesn't know the answer to is a definite NO.

AP ICET Exam Day Guidelines 2024 - Don’ts

  1. Do not stress at the last minute: Taking too much stress in the days prior to the exam is a big NO. Students should revise well and keep themselves motivated instead of comparisons with others and undue stress.
  2. Do not be casual about the exam: This may lead to forgetting vital documents like the admit card, other related information, etc.
  3. Do not carry electronic devices and other debarred items to the exam hall: Devices like smartwatches, digital cameras, mobile phones, smartphones are prohibited as are stationery items like papers, pens, etc. Students can be debarred from the exam in case such items are found on them.
  4. Do not carry eatables or other stuff to the exam hall. Eatables are not allowed inside the exam hall so students should avoid carrying them.

In addition, any baggage carried by the aspirants will have to be left outside the exam hall.

AP ICET 2024 Instructions for exam day

The authorities may announce certain exam day guidelines for AP ICET 2024. These are divided into pre, during, and post-exam. The guidelines can be checked below.

At the time of AP ICET exam

  1. Show ID cards for verification
  2. Wait for photo capturing by the invigilator
  3. Sit in the designated place
  4. Start the system and accept the declaration
  5. Begin the AP ICET exam 2024.

Post-AP ICET Exam Day Guidelines

  1. Leave only when the exam time is up.
  2. Hand over the rough sheet given for rough work
  3. Drop the AP ICET 2024 admit card in the box placed therein

Post exam, the AP ICET 2024 answer keys will be searched for by most students. However, since the exam is online, the preliminary answer key will be released the next day of the exam, on May 8, 2024. Candidates can raise objections to the same within a given time frame and thereafter the final AP ICET answer key 2024 will be released. The official answer keys for AP ICET 2024 will be released along with AP ICET results following the conclusion of the AP ICET 2024 exam on June 20. The final answer key will be used to assess the answers given by the students and merit lists drawn up before the declaration of the AP ICET 2024 result.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. How do I prepare for AP ICET 2024?

You should prepare for AP ICET 2024 considering the following guidelines:

  • Analyze and Understand
  • Time Management
  • Goal Setting and Accomplishment
  • Solve Question Paper Sets
2. Is APICET easy?

AP ICET can be considered to be comparatively easily in respect of other similar entrance exams. 

3. What should we take for ICET exam?

Candidates must carry AP ICET admit card 2024 to the exam centre. Candidates must also carry the following:

  • A valid original Identity Document
  • Any other document as specified


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Questions related to APICET

Have a question related to APICET ?

Since you graduated with a BCA , the major group subject you should mention in your AP ICET application form would be Computer Science/Computer Applications.

The AP ICET exam is designed for candidates seeking admission into postgraduate programs like MCA (Master of Computer Applications) offered by universities in Andhra Pradesh.

Hello aspirant,

Understanding the AP ICET exam syllabus for 2024 enables candidates to identify the particular subjects crucial for scoring effectively. As outlined by the authorities, the APICET question paper comprises three segments: Analytical Ability, Mathematical Ability, and Communication Ability. Refer to this article for additional details on significant topics, sections, and more for the APICET exam.

To know complete syllabus, you can visit our website by clicking on the link given below.

Thank you

Hope this information helps you.


Hope you are doing great.

Answering to your question ,
The APSCHE (Andhra Pradesh State Council of Higher Education) will define the syllabus for AP ICET 2024, outlining the topics from which the exam questions will be derived. Familiarity with the AP ICET exam syllabus 2024 allows candidates to identify the specific areas they need to focus on for scoring well. As outlined by the authorities, the APICET question paper is structured into three sections, namely Analytical Ability, Mathematical Ability, and Communication Ability.For more information kindly visit the site link mentioned below.

AP ICET Syllabus 2024 - Download AP ICET Exam Syllabus PDF Here! (

Hope this helps!!

Hello Aspirant,

The tentative start date of the AP ICET 2024 registration procedure is set for the second week of March 2024 at Sri Krishnadevaraya University, Anantapur. Candidates who meet the eligibility requirements can apply online for the AP ICET in 2024. The AP ICET application form will be accessible at, the official website.

The fee for tuition after getting the seat will be ranging from 50k-70k.

You can refer the below details to know fee structure:


Hello Aspirant,

The tentative start date of the AP ICET 2024 registration procedure is set for the second week of March 2024 at Sri Krishnadevaraya University, Anantapur. Candidates who meet the eligibility requirements can apply online for the AP ICET in 2024. The AP ICET application form will be accessible at, the official website.

The fee for tuition after getting the seat will be ranging from 50k-70k.

You can refer the below details to know fee structure:


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