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MAT Preparation Tips for Mathematical Skills 2024: Best Books, Study Plan, Topics

MAT Preparation Tips for Mathematical Skills 2024: Best Books, Study Plan, Topics

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Management Aptitude Test or MAT is a national-level MBA entrance exam which is conducted by the All India Management Association (AIMA). In this article, we will discuss some important MAT 2024 preparation tips for mathematical skills.

MAT is conducted four times a year in February, May, September, and December. Candidates can choose the exam mode out of the following modes:

(i) Remote Proctored Internet Based Test (IBT)
(ii) Paper Based Test (PBT)
(iii) Computer Based Test (CBT)
(iv) Paper Based Test and Remote Proctored Internet Based Test (PBT+IBT)
(v) Double Remote Proctored Internet Based Test (IBT+IBT)
(vi) Computer Based Test and Remote Proctored Internet Based Test (CBT+IBT)
(vii) Paper Based Test and Computer Based Test (PBT+CBT)

MAT 2024 Preparation Tips for Mathematical Skills

To get a good score in the mathematical skills section of the MAT exam, candidates should follow a proper preparation strategy and allocate ample time to practice. Some MAT 2024 preparation tips for mathematical skills are:

  • Be thorough with the basic concepts.

  • Learn important mathematical formulas and theorems.

  • Focus on speed and accuracy.

  • Use shortcut techniques.

  • Solve MAT previous year questions.

To learn about these tips in detail, read the article.

MAT Exam 2024 Highlights

The MAT exam consists of 5 sections and each section has 30 questions. The total time allocated to complete the paper is 120 min. (2 hours) from this year.


No. of Questions


Language Comprehension



Data Analysis & Sufficiency



Mathematical Skills



Intelligence and Critical Reasoning



Economic & Business Environment




Total Time

2 hours (120 min.)

For every correct answer 1 mark is given and 0.25 marks are deducted for each wrong answer.

Significance of Mathematical Skills Section in the MAT exam

The mathematical skills section develops the problem-solving ability and logical thinking of a person. These skills are important from the career perspective as after management courses you have to deal with the different problems related to mathematical skills and data. The skills developed through mathematical practice can enhance performance in other sections like Data Analysis and Sufficiency, and Intelligence and Critical Reasoning.

The Mathematical Skills section is one of the scoring sections of the MAT 2024 exam. In this section, if you have good command in this section then you can score good marks in this section with surety. This section is very helpful to enhance the overall score in the MAT exam.

MAT Mathematical Skills Section Syllabus

The MAT Mathematical Skills section covers a wide range of topics, these topics are designed to test a candidate's quantitative abilities and problem-solving skills. The following topics are covered in the Mathematical Skills section:


Geometry (Basic figures, theorems etc.)

Profit & Loss


Ratio, Proportion & Variation


Simple & Compound Interest

Coordinate Geometry

Average, Mixtures & Alligation


Time, Speed & Distance

Algebra (Basic Equations, Inequalities)

Time & Work

Permutation & Combinations



Sequence & Series (AP, GP, HP)

Linear & Special Equation

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Types of Questions and Difficulty Level

In Mathematical Skills for MAT Exam questions related to all given topics in the syllabus are asked. Generally, in this section easy to moderate questions are asked, which can be easily done within the given time with the help of MAT 2024 preparation tips for mathematical skills which are explained below.

Preparation Tips for MAT Mathematical Skills Section

Following are some important key points for MAT 2024 Preparation Tips for Mathematical Skills:

Brush Up on Basic Concepts

Brushing up basic concepts is one of the important tips of our preparation strategy. Concepts are the base of the mathematical skills section. If you are good with concepts then this section is like a piece of cake for you. In this section, you can use some shortcut methods/formulas to solve the lengthy/difficult questions but you can’t depend always upon shortcut formulas.

In-depth learning of basic concepts is a must for a good score in this section. You should focus on basic concepts and keep revising them before giving mocks.

Learn Important Formulas, Theorems, etc.

Formulas and theorems are the main part of any concept. There are a lot of formulas in the Mathematical skill section. You should learn all basic formulas and theorems and also try to learn some shortcut formulas as they will help you to solve questions in lesser time. There are some key points which you should consider for this:

  1. Make a formula book for each chapter which will help you in revision.

  2. Revise the formulas before every mock.

  3. In the initial phase of preparation revise the formulas every weekend (or once a week)

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Following are some points on how to make the formula book:

  1. Write the formulas chapter-wise and mark them as formula 1, formula 2, etc.

  2. After the formulas write 1 short example related to each formula so that you can revise the formulas efficiently with the help of examples before the MAT exam and mocks.

MAT Preparation Tips, Study Material & Mock Test
Candidates can download this eBook to check MAT 2024 section-wise preparation tips, latest exam pattern, previous year paper analysis & Important books.
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Focus on Speed and Accuracy

Speed and Accuracy are the main key factors to ace any exam. In the MAT Mathematical Skills section, while practicing you should focus on accuracy rather than speed in initial mocks, then after some 5-6 mocks you should try to improve your speed as without speed you can’t increase the no. of attempts. Following are some points to increase the speed:

  1. Revise the concepts and formulas multiple times.

  2. Practice Vedic Maths/Mental Maths for 10-15 min. daily.

  3. Learn some shortcut methods or formulas.

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Use Shortcut Techniques

MAT exam is time-bound having 120 minutes to answer 150 Questions. In this way, you can understand that for each question you get less than 1 minute. If this time is distributed equally in all 5 sections, then you get 24 minutes for the Mathematical Skills section, which means less than 1 minute to solve each question.

To solve 30 questions in 24 minutes you have to solve the questions very quickly, for this shortcut methods are very much required as shortcut methods provide simplified approaches and save time. Practice shortcut methods as much as possible.

Practice Regularly

To master any section practice is very important. Mathematical Skills for MAT requires a lot of practice to master and get the right speed to solve this section. You should practice regularly as per the following points:

  1. Revise the topic and related question, which you have learned that day.

  2. If you haven’t learned any new topic of Mathematical Skills on any day then revise the previous topics and solve questions related to those topics.

  3. After solving questions on any topic which are given in the study material, attempt quizzes related to that topic.

  4. Take MAT mocks after completing 4-5 topics and practice questions in which you are lacking.

Solve MAT Previous Year Question Papers

Solving MAT exam previous year question papers is one the most important tips for MAT Mathematical Skills. You should solve the previous year question papers of at least 5 years. By solving previous year question papers, you will get to know answers to following questions:

  1. What type of questions were asked?

  2. What were the difficulty level of those questions?

  3. How many questions were asked from which topics?

If you can get the answer to these questions then you can prepare in a better way for the examination. Understanding the exam pattern is very important which you can get easily by analyzing MAT exam’s previous year question papers.

Take MAT Mock Tests and Practice Quizzes

Mock tests are as important as analysis of previous year question papers. Mock tests help you to manage time and to check how much you are learning. It helps you to understand the concepts in depth and helps you to rectify the minor conceptual errors in your learning. You should take Mock Tests and practice different Quizzes as it is one of the most important tips to ace any exam or any section.

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Analyze and Review Mistakes

Analysis of quizzes and mock tests is the most important part of your learning which improves your preparation. By analysis you get to know the answer to following questions:

  1. What kind of mistakes you are doing?

  2. Which topics/concepts are your weakness and strengths?

  3. What is your accuracy?

  4. How can you manage time in better way?

By analysis and review, you get to know the answers to the above questions and what is the struggling part for you i.e. calculation, understanding questions, accuracy etc. This will help you avoid similar errors in the actual. On the basis of this you can understand the importance of Analysis and review. So, you should focus on analysis after each MAT mock test and quiz.

Time Management Strategies

Practicing mocks is important as it helps us to manage the time. Learning to manage your time effectively during the exam is very important to crack any exam. You should primarily focus on managing your time as time management helps you in preparation in the following ways:

  1. It helps you to create a study plan

  2. It helps you to understand how to take mocks efficiently to score maximum marks.

  3. It helps you to understand which questions you should solve first and which questions you should skip so that you can score well in the exam.

Time management is the most essential part of clearing any examination. Here are some techniques to save and manage time:

1. Start with the questions you find easier and can answer quickly. If any question looks difficult then you should skip the question for that instant and try to solve easier questions first. This will help you gain momentum and save time for more difficult questions later.

2. Learn shortcut techniques for solving mathematical problems and other tricks that can help you save time without compromising accuracy.

3. Time allocation plan is another key factor in your strategy. Divide your time strategically among the different sections based on your strengths and weaknesses. Allocate more time to sections that you find challenging and less time to sections you are confident about.

Seek Help for Difficult Topics

If you find any topic difficult then you should discuss this with your mentors as guidance from mentors is a very important part of your preparation. Mentors help you to understand the problems related to concepts, what are your weaknesses, and how to overcome the problems and weaknesses related to concepts. Mentors help you to prepare a study plan according to your learning style and provide a personalized approach to how to take mocks. On the basis of this, you can understand the importance of guidance from experts or mentors.

MAT 2024 Mathematical Skills Important Topics

Following are some topics that are easy to learn and asked very frequently in the MAT Mathematical Skills section:



Profit & Loss

Quadratic Equation


Linear & Special Equation

Simple & Compound Interest


Time & Work

Above given topics are easy to understand and can be mastered with the least practice. These topics cover more than 50% part of this section.

Best Books for MAT 2024 Mathematical Skills Preparation

Following is the list of some important books for preparation of MAT Mathematical Skills 2024:

Name of the Book


Speed Mathematics: Do it Quick, Do it Right

Rajesh Kumar Thakur C

Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Exams

RS Aggarwal

Quantum CAT

Sarvesh K. Verma

Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations

Abhijit Guha

How to Prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for CAT

Arun Sharma

Mistakes to Avoid in MAT Mathematical Skills Preparation

During the MAT exam preparation, candidates ignore some points or make some mistakes. You should work on rectifying these mistakes, which is very important to clear the exam. Following are some common mistakes made during the preparation:

Also Check:

Neglecting Basic Concepts

Relying totally on shortcut techniques or neglecting basic concepts is one of the mistakes that you should avoid during your preparation. Basic concepts are important to learn the Mathematical Ability topics properly. If you are good with basic concepts then you can solve each type of question and easily learn shortcut methods.

Ex: Area of Equilateral triangle = √3/4 a2; {This is a shortcut method to find area}.

If in any question side of the equilateral triangle is given then you can easily find the area of the triangle as you know this shortcut method only. But if the height of the triangle is given then you can’t find the area of the triangle using this formula. But if you know the basic concept then you can easily find the solution to the question. You should not neglect basic concepts if you want to ace the MAT Mathematical Skills Section.

Not Practicing Different Types of Questions

To master this mathematical ability section practice is important but practice of different types of questions is more important to learn/master the section. By solving different types of questions, you get to know variations that can be made using a concept or combination of different concepts. Solving the same type of questions or skipping practice of different types of questions is one of the mistakes that you should avoid during your preparation.

Ex: In percentage topic, successive percentage change is very interesting and easy concept. But all questions can’t be solved using only this concept, so you have to work over other concepts also whether you like it or not i.e. Multiplication factor, respective percentage change, questions related to expense, price, etc.

Relying Too Much on Rote Learning

Sometimes while learning concepts, candidates try to memorize the formulas or shortcut methods rather than understanding the concepts, which can be a big mistake. There are high chances of forgetting lengthy formulas under exam pressure. So, relying too much on memorization is a mistake and you should avoid doing this.

Ex: Sum of squares of first n even numbers = 2n (n+1) (2n+1)/3

There are high chances that you forget any term of this formula in the exam, so you should learn this but you should also learn the concepts, so if you forget the formula, you can solve it with the help of basic concepts.

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Not Using Shortcut Techniques

Shortcut techniques are very important to solve lengthy questions related to lengthy concepts, if you want to maximize the no. of attempts and score then you can’t solve each question with the basic method. Not using shortcut techniques is one of the mistakes that you should avoid during your preparation. Let’s understand this with the help of an example:

Ex: A shopkeeper marked the price of an article 50% more than the cost price and give 10% discount to the customer. Find overall profit percentage of the shopkeeper.


M-1 Let the cost price of the article = 100x

Marked price = 50% more than the cost price = 100x + 50% of 100x = 150x

Discount = 10 % of Marked price = 10% of 150x = 15x

Selling price = Marked price – discount = 150x – 15x = 135x

Profit = SP – CP = 135x – 100x = 35x

Profit % = Profit X 100% / CP = 35x x 100% / 100x = 35% ans.

M-2 There is a shortcut method for this- you can use successive percentage formula to solve this-

Profit % = Mark-up% - Discount % - Markup x Discount/100

= 50 – 10 – 50 x 10/100 = 35 % ans.

With the help of this example, you can understand that how time and effort can be saved using shortcut techniques.

Ignoring Time Management

Time management is very important for the preparation of any exam and ignoring time management is one of the common mistakes during the preparation. You should practice time management while solving questions from books and giving MAT mocks, this management develops strategies to answer questions quickly and accurately within the allotted time.

For the Mathematical Skills in MAT exam, you get 24 minutes to solve 30 questions, if the total time of 120 min. is distributed equally for each section. To solve 30 questions within 24 minutes is very tough with proper management of time. If you manage time smartly then you can also save some extra time from other sections, which can be used in any other section. You can understand the importance of time management with the above-explained case. So, you should avoid this mistake to save yourself from the problems related to preparation.

Neglecting Review of Mistakes

Review of mistakes is very important. After taking a mock or any quiz, you should analyze it and try to find the following points:

  1. Is there any conceptual weakness? If there is any weakness, then you should revise and try to understand that concept properly.

  2. Is there any calculation mistake? If there is any mistake, then you should work on the calculation and try to improvise that thing.

  3. Is your speed good enough as per the MAT exam?

Review or analysis of mistakes helps you to understand all these points. You should focus on review and analysis after each test or mock. Neglecting this is one of the mistakes that you should avoid during your preparation.

Overlooking Mental Math Techniques

Overlooking mental math techniques is one of the mistakes made during the preparation of MAT Mathematical Skills section. Mental math is very important for this section as you have less than 1 min. to solve each question. You should avoid making this mistake during your preparation. Let’s understand, how Mental Math can save time during the MAT exam, with the help of an example:

Ex: You have to multiply 209 x 204 while solving a question, if you know mental math technique, then you can easily multiply this within 5-10 seconds but without it, it will take around 1 minute.

Underestimating the Importance of Practice

Regular practice is very important as it helps you in the following ways:

  1. It helps you to build confidence and accuracy.

  2. It helps you to develop effective time management and problem-solving skills.

  3. It helps you to command over any concept.

From the above points, you can understand why practice is important. Underestimating the importance of practice is one of the mistakes that you should avoid during your preparation.

Not Seeking Clarifications for Doubts

Solving and asking doubts is important to learn the concepts properly. You should clarify the doubts which appear while giving mocks or understanding the concepts as these clarifications help in understanding the concepts in depth. Let’s understand this with the help of an example:

Ex: A person travels from city A to city B with the speed of 30 kmph and travels back from city B to city A with the speed of 70 kmph. Then find the average speed of the person for the whole journey.

Solution: There is a general misconception that average speed = average of speeds

So, the average speed = (30 + 70) / 2 = 50 kmph.

{But this is wrong}

A constant speed by which you can travel the same distance in the same time is called the average speed.

Average speed = Total distance travelled/ Total time taken

If you use this formula then you’ll get the answer as 42 kmph, which is the right answer

From the above example, you can understand how misconception can ruin your whole paper. To learn the concepts properly, you should try to clear the doubts with the help of mentors. If you don’t clarify the doubts then you are making mistakes which you should avoid.

Allowing Stress to Hamper Performance

Mental health is very important during preparation. Ignorance of mental health leads to the generation of stress and allowing stress impacts your performance and your focus and confidence. There are mainly two factors that can help you reduce stress:

  1. Practice - Proper practice gives you confidence, which helps in reducing the stress.

  1. Healthy lifestyle - A healthy lifestyle with proper diet, exercise, and adequate sleep helps you to avoid the stress.

Tips to Achieve A High Score In MAT Mathematical Skills Section

Following are some tips for achieving a high score in MAT Mathematical Skills 2024:

  1. Understand the MAT Syllabus

Before starting the preparation, understand the syllabus and the type of questions that are asked in the MAT exam.

  1. Practice Regularly

Regular practice is the key factor to ace the exam and this section. Focus on regular practice for a good score in this section.

  1. Learn Maths Shortcut Techniques

Shortcut techniques are very important for the high score in this section as you have to solve questions in less than 1 minute.

  1. Practice MAT Mocks and Previous year papers

Practice of mocks and previous year papers helps you to understand your weaknesses and mistakes. It helps you in time management which is important to achieve a high score in this section.

  1. Analysis of MAT Mocks

Analysis of mocks is important as it helps you to rectify your mistakes. Rectification of mistakes is important to achieve a high score in this section.


During preparation you should focus and work on the following points:

  1. Brush Up on Basic Concepts

  2. Learn Important formulas, theorems, etc.

  3. Focus on Speed and Accuracy

  4. Solve Previous Year Question Papers

  5. Take Mock Tests and Practice Quizzes

During preparation, you should try to avoid the following mistakes:

  1. Neglecting Basic Concepts

  2. Skipping Practice of Different Types of Questions

  3. Relying Too Much on Memorization

  4. Not using shortcut techniques

  5. Ignoring time management

  6. Neglecting Review of Mistakes

  7. Overlooking Mental Math Techniques

  8. Underestimating the Importance of Practice

  9. Not Seeking Clarifications for Doubts

  10. Allowing Stress to Impact Performance

You should believe in yourself and be confident that you have everything to clear the exam. You should just work with dedication and perseverance. Following are some points on which you should focus:

  1. Believe in yourself

  2. Stay positive and focused

  3. Stay persistent and never give up

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. When & how many times MAT is conducted in a year?

MAT is conducted 4 times a year in February, May, September, and December.

2. What is the Qualification required for MAT?

A graduate student in any discipline from any recognized University or equivalent recognized degree or a final year student of any undergraduate course is eligible for the MAT exam.

3. What is the mode of test of MAT exam?

Candidates can choose the exam mode out of the following modes:

(i) Remote Proctored Internet Based Test (IBT) 

(ii) Paper Based Test (PBT) 

(iii) Computer Based Test (CBT) 

(iv) Paper Based Test and Remote Proctored Internet Based Test (PBT+IBT) 

(v) Double Remote Proctored Internet Based Test (IBT+IBT) 

(vi) Computer Based Test and Remote Proctored Internet Based Test (CBT+IBT)

(vii) Paper Based Test and Computer Based Test (PBT+CBT) 

4. What is the validity of the MAT score?

The validity of the MAT score is one year.

5. What is the age limit for the MAT exam?

There is no age limit for the MAT exam.

6. What topics come in MAT mathematical skills section?

The topics that come in MAT exam mathematical skills are: 

  • Percentage

  • Geometry (Basic figures, theorems etc.) 

  • Profit & Loss

  • Mensuration

  • Ratio, Proportion & Variation

  • Trigonometry

  • Simple & Compound Interest

  • Coordinate Geometry

  • Average, Mixtures & Alligation

  • Numbers

  • Time, Speed & Distance

  • Algebra (Basic Equations, Inequalities)

  • Time & Work

  • Permutation & Combinations

  • Partnership

  • Probability

  • Sequence & Series (AP, GP, HP)

  • Linear & Special Equation

7. Is MAT exam easier than CAT?

Yes, the MAT exam is easier than other national-level MBA entrance exams like CAT and XAT. However, proper preparation is still important to score well in the exam.

8. How to prepare for MAT mathematics section?
  • Make sure that you go through the MAT Maths syllabus and get well-versed with the basics of each topic.

  • Learn some shortcut methods, mental math, and calculation tricks to save time. Practice using these methods every day.

  • Practice questions from MAT sample papers and previous years’ papers. Take mock tests regularly to assess your preparation level. 


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Hello aspirant,

The Management Aptitude Test (MAT) is a standardised examination designed to help Business Schools (B-Schools) evaluate applicants before accepting them into their MBA and related programmes. Solving mat sample papers immensely helps in its preparation.

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MAT covers sections like language comprehension, Mathematical skills, data analysis and sufficiency, intelligence and critical reasoning, and India and Global environment.

NMAT on the other hand, focuses on language skills, Quantitative analysis and logical reasoning.

MAT is conducted in either paper based or computer based but, NMAT is only computer based.

MAT scores are accepted by wide range of management schools across India. While NMAT score are primarily used for admission into NMIMS, and some other institutions.

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