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10 Best Tips to Get Hired after Completing MBA

10 Best Tips to Get Hired after Completing MBA

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The competition in every field is increasing exponentially. One needs to toil hard to mark a safe and secure position after completing their graduation or post-graduation courses. Especially in professional courses like MBA, students worry about their future plans after MBA. Many students have a false notion that it is easy to do an MBA, get a job in a company, and soon become boss of the same. The most logical answer to the question - “What to do after MBA?” is to explore opportunities in your desired company, networking and communicating with potential clients

It is not rocket science to complete the MBA course and get a degree. Enrolling into the MBA course and the hardships it follows are just the beginning of various challenges that are waiting for you. The biggest challenge of all is getting ‘a good job’.

Since MBA is a vast ocean of opportunities, you can explore the entire ocean as this degree offers ample opportunities to showcase your skills in many fields like the banking sector, marketing, education, business analytics, etc. This concludes that you can apply for different types of jobs after MBA. And the best part is MBA does not restrict a candidate to a particular field. Even if you hold a different specialization, you can switch to another anytime if you have proven yourself well in the other.

Now the question arises, how to get hired after completing MBA? How to set yourself apart from the rest of other MBA degree holders? So to ensure that you have an edge after completing your MBA, you should go through the following tips to get hired:

  1. Examine yourself and Promote your Skills

Your career lies in your hands. You have full rights to shape it according to your passion. So, to push your passion and channelize your energy in the right direction, you should first know your direction. To get hired after completing your MBA, you should know what you wanted to do. You should evaluate yourself, your skills, and your achievements. You should see what drives your dreams. Once you examine yourself thoroughly, you have a direction to work on and transform yourself for the same. To have a successful career, such clarity is always demanded.

Once you are done with your self-evaluation process, you should never hesitate to promote it. Being vocal about your skills and achievements helps you a lot to get hired. It is very essential to communicate your accomplishments and goals. Your communication skills are judged the most by the interviewer if you are doing an MBA in HR or MBA in retail management Just remember that even extracurricular efforts are acknowledged by companies and Interviewers if you know the right technique to present them.

  1. Ability to tackle the Status Quo

Being an MBA degree holder, you should have an agile mindset and not a rigid one. You should have the ability to tackle different situations smartly, without panicking. This power is needed the most in the corporate sector where you will have to address from different nations, communities, or mindset.

So, you should meet different people, communicate with them, know their opinion on different topics, and observe their attitude. If you can handle people with different mindsets then no one can stop you from getting hired. This ability impresses recruiters the most.

  1. Enhance your Skills

Getting an MBA won’t work if you don’t have a set of skills. Though you will get to learn many skills during the course, you will have to keep polishing them throughout your life. During your course, you gain problem-solving skills, learn critical thinking, reflective thinking, logical reasoning, and previous trends. But to get hired, you should know how to use these skills in your Interview and the job if you get hired. Enhancing your skills shapes your career and you never become outdated for any company especially in MBA in IT and MBA in luxury brand management.

  1. Establish a Good Network

This is one of the strongest ways to get a good job. Various B-schools and institutions give exposure to students by organizing several interactive sessions with various companies, professionals, or experts. Such sessions are the best way to create your contacts in the market.

It is your responsibility to establish a good network. A strong network can play a role in referrals. People from your network can refer you to a company and everyone knows that ‘word of mouth’ is one of the strongest modes of marketing. Such references from your network can help you to step up your career ladder. It should be known that references play a significant role in promotions as well as appraisals.

So, you are advised to establish good relations in the industry you want to enter. Students with MBA in human resource management should definitely work on this tip as a good network is considered helpful for them even after getting hired. It may help you to get hired in your dream company.

  1. Socialize on Social Media

Nowadays, social media has become an integral part of our lives. Every now and then, people either go through their feed or become a part of others’ feed. So, why not make the most of your time on social media and let your social media profile do the talking. While looking for jobs, you should keep on updating your social media profiles with your achievements. It creates your online presence and also a decent profile may attract recruiters on these platforms.

Moreover, social media is a powerful job-hunting tool. You can connect to the recruiters directly on Facebook or Twitter. You are also advised to maintain your LinkedIn profile and make it look as professional as you can to establish a strong and real network. Keep a track of all the jobs posted, apply to them, and sooner or later you will get noticed if you have the required potential.

  1. Pitch unique business Ideas

If you want to get hired in a start-up company then you should ponder on unique ideas. It is always impressive to pitch your unique and creative business ideas to entrepreneurs in any industry. Or you can introduce new methods to improve their presence in the market or increase their sales. Such ideas always boost your chances to get hired in any company.

  1. Give your best in the Internships

Now, this is one of the simplest routes to get hired after completing an MBA degree. MBA and Internship go hand in hand. Doing an internship is not new for MBA students. Every MBA student knows that undertaking an internship is a part of their curriculum. These internships train students to handle problems by making them work on live projects. It is an opportunity where a student gets a chance to apply his knowledge and skills practically. Internships also prepare you for the outside world by making you meet experts or professionals from different fields. You get to learn a lot from the tips and advice shared by the experts.

So, you should make the most of your internship period. You should give your best shots in the internships as your performance in internships increases the chances of your selection. Additionally, if you perform extraordinarily well in your internship, there are chances that the same company may offer you a job.

To get an internship in a well-renowned company for a good position, you need to start working for it from the first year of the course itself.

  1. Explore different industries while pursuing the degree

Being a fresher you should open to all types of industries. As we know, MBA is a versatile degree. It has a plethora of industries to offer such as finance, marketing, human resource management, and even MBA in food processing is getting popular among youth. Even if you choose one domain as your specialization, you should not be too rigid about the same in your career path. Especially during the start of your career, try to explore from the vast sea of opportunities so that you can go with the field which suits you the best. (Note: Your specialization doesn't need to turn out to be the same as expected. So, if you are not satisfied with the perks your specialization offers you, you can anytime switch to the field which you like the most.)

  1. Create an impressive Resume

A resume is not just a detailed list of academics and achievements but it is a key to unlock better opportunities. It is a chance to set you apart from other candidates. A part of your personality should be reflected in your resume. You should keep the following things in mind while creating an attractive resume:

  • KISS: Usually, recruiters give a glance at the resumes. So, it is advised to ‘Keep IT Short and Simple’ yet impressive.

  • Avoid Jargon and Superlatives: Being under the constraint of time, recruiters do not like excessive use of jargon and technical acronyms. They prefer simple resumes that provide sufficient factual information.

Additionally, avoid being superficial. Though it is important to communicate your accomplishments and be vocal about it but do not exaggerate any of your achievements. Try to sound professional with good leadership and managerial qualities in your resume.

  • Check Spellings and Grammar: Grammatical or spelling mistake is the biggest turn-off and that too in the resume. Your resume is your holistic story and wrong grammar or spelling can put you in a bad light. So, check grammar and spellings thoroughly in your resume.

  1. Prepare yourself 6 months before the term ends

Generally, the duration of an MBA course is 2 years. So, if you want to secure a good job, you should prepare yourself 6 months before your course ends. Start hunting for jobs and present yourself as a complete package 6 months before the term ends. If you start early, you will get chances to sit for various company interviews. In this way, you may grab a good opportunity and even if you fail in any, you will at least learn to perform better in the next interview. This tip may be the most helpful for those who are pursuing MBA in information technology.

Always remember that an MBA degree holder is valued in every organization. Getting a job after course completion will be an excellent kick start to your career. So, a handful of things should be done to get hired in a good company after your MBA. If you abide by at least two of the above-mentioned tips then without any doubt the ball would be completely in your court.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. Does holding an MBA degree ensure a job?

Sadly, the truth is an MBA degree is equivalent to any other educational degree and does not ensure a job. However it is a professional degree, the chances to secure a job are comparatively higher than most other degrees. Many institutions guarantee placement but still, you will have to prove your worth to secure the position.

2. What are the job opportunities for MBA graduates?

Since MBA covers various domains, it opens up to massive job opportunities. Some top job roles include marketing manager, investment banker, product manager, chief technology officer, retail manager, and many more.

3. Which MBA specialization would be helpful for me if I want to start my business?

Well, it depends on what type of business you want to start in the future. Different domains include technology, hotel management, hospitality, healthcare, and many more. You can choose your specialization accordingly like MBA in information technology, MBA in the supply chain, MBA in hotel management, MBA in healthcare and hospital management, MBA in HR, etc. Along with that if you take an entrepreneurship and business development course, it would be a plus point for your business as such courses teach you to tackle major business problems.

4. Is there any age limit for pursuing an MBA degree?

No, there is no age bar for pursuing an MBA. You can enroll for this degree course at any age of your life.

5. Is there any value of pursuing an MBA in distance education?

Yes, distance MBA is valuable. It follows the same curriculum as a regular course but you will have to work harder to get hired. Many recruiters give priority to regular degree holders. Moreover, your less exposure will again be a drawback. So, the responsibility will be on your shoulders to convert these drawbacks into a blessing and get hired.

6. Will I get a job with a handsome salary after completing my MBA in distance education?

Though it is not impossible to get a job after completing an MBA in distance education, you may have to settle for less salary. Also, you will have to work harder to make yourself stand out from the crowd of regular MBA degree holders. So, it is advisable to pursue a regular MBA course unless you are working.

7. How much salary can be expected after completing MBA?

The salary package depends on factors like your job profile, work experience, projects handled, and set of skills. If you have done MBA from a good institution then the package starts around 4 lakhs per annum. This may increase up to 12 lakhs with 10-12 years of work experience.

8. Can I apply for a job in a foreign county with an MBA in IBM?

Of course! MBA in International Business Management covers diverse topics including the basics of business management. You can apply with this degree in foreign countries as well provided that you pursue it from an accredited institution.

9. Are online certificate courses for MBA students worth it?

Absolutely! All the certificate courses are made to benefit students. Such courses polish your skills and improve your quality. In fact, for an MBA student taking online certificate courses will add a star in their decorated resumes.

10. What courses can I apply for after completing MBA?

You can pursue several courses and most common of all is pursuing Doctorate degrees. You can do a Ph.D. in any of the domains like business administration, human resource management, etc. Or you can take short-term certificate courses to improve your skill set in your domain.


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