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Preparation Tips for TS ICET 2024 Analytical Ability

Preparation Tips for TS ICET 2024 Analytical Ability

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The Telangana State Integrated Common Entrance Test (TS ICET) is an annual entrance examination conducted by the Kakatiya University, Warangal on behalf of the Telangana State Council of Higher Education (TSCHE). The purpose of the article is to provide you with an overview of the TS ICET Exam and preparation tips for TS ICET 2024 Analytical Ability. Also included is an explanation of the section's high weightage (75 out of 200 questions) and topics that are asked in the exam and its role in differentiating candidates in the TS ICET competitive exam. TS ICET 2024 was conducted on 5 & 6 June.

Preparation Tips for TS ICET 2024 Analytical Ability

This article will help you understand how to prepare for the TS ICET Analytical Ability section. Some preparation tips for TS ICET 2024 Analytical Ability are:

  • Understand the types of questions asked in TS ICET.
  • Practice questions regularly.
  • Improve your reasoning skills.
  • Focus on time management.
  • Practice with the help of TS ICET mocks.

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Read about the above tips in detail in the article.

TS ICET 2024: Exam Pattern and Syllabus


Online mode (Computer Based Test)

No. of questions

200 multiple-choice questions

No. of sections

Three different sections - Analytical Ability, Mathematical Ability and Communication Ability


2 hours and 30 minutes. There will be no sectional time limit.

Marking scheme

Each question will have 4 options

For every correct answer, 1 mark will be awarded

There will be no negative marking

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SectionsNo. of Questions
Section-I: Analytical Ability75
Section-II: Mathematical Ability75
Section-III: Communication Ability50
TS ICET 2025 Sample Papers with Solutions PDF
This eBook covers the TS ICET 2025 sample papers section wise (Mathematical Ability, Analytical Ability & Communication Ability) along with solutions and answer keys to crack the exam.
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To apply for the TS ICET 2024 exam there are certain educational qualifications.

Bachelor's degree of minimum three years duration from a recognized university with at least 50% marks (45% for reserved categories)Bachelor's degree with at least 50% marks (45% for reserved categories) with Mathematics at 10+2 level or at the graduation level.
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TS ICET Syllabus 2024

Understanding the syllabus for any examination is the first step towards clearing the examination with a good score. If a candidate has a good understanding of the examination then that candidate can manage their time efficiently and prepare smartly. TS ICET Exam syllabus is similar to other MBA entrance examinations. For better understanding, let’s understand the syllabus-

Section-I: Analytical Ability (75 questions)

Following are the analytical ability topics, which are covered under the analytical ability section-

Symbol Interpretation

Numbers and Alphabets

Missing Number in Sequence

Blood Relationships

Seating Arrangements

Sequences and Series


Calendars and Clocks

Arrivals and Departures

Bar Diagram

Venn Diagram

Date, Time and Arrangement Problems

Coding and Decoding

Tables and Graphs

Pie Chart

Data Analysis

Problem Solving

Data Sufficiency

Section-II: Mathematical Ability (75 questions)

Following are the Mathematical ability topics, which are covered under this section-

Binomial Theorem


Notions of Limit and Derivative

Plane Geometry-Lines

Triangles, Quadrilaterals, Circles

Coordinate Geometry- Distance between points




Relations & functions


Linear & algebraic equations


Profit & Loss

Ratio, Proportion & Variation

Pipes & cisterns

Time & Work

Time, speed & distance


L.C.M. & H.C.F.

Remainder Theorem

Section-III: Communication Ability (50 questions)

Following are the Mathematical ability topics, which are covered under this section-

Reading and Comprehension

Functional Grammar for Business contexts

Understand Written text and drawing inferences

Functional grammar for day to day communication

Terminology and concepts in computer and business contexts (letters, reports, agenda, memoranda, minutes, etc.)


Breakdown of the TS ICET Analytical Ability Section

The TSICET analytical ability data sufficiency section is divided into two main parts:

SectionsNo. of QuestionsInformation
Data Sufficiency20TS ICET Data Sufficiency section consist around 20 questions.

TS ICET Analytical Ability Data Sufficiency questions assess your ability to determine if the given data is sufficient to answer a question. This tests your logical thinking and ability to work with limited information.

Example: "Given statements X and Y, determine whether you can answer a question using just one of them, both, or if neither provides sufficient information."
Problem Solving75TSICET Analytical Ability Problem Solving covers various types of problems including sequences and series, data analysis, coding-decoding, and puzzles.

Example: "What is the next number in the series 2, 4, 8, 16, ...?"

How to Prepare Analytical Ability Topics for TS ICET 2024: Important Topics

TS ICET Analytical Ability section consists of different topics. For each topic, you have to work on different concepts. You have to learn different approaches and your imagination to solve such types of questions as this section tests your common sense and IQ.

Some important key points regarding TS ICET 2024 Analytical Ability Preparation Tips which are necessary to keep in mind with reference to each topic are mentioned below-

1. Blood Relationships:

  • You have to understand all definitions related to all relations.

Ex: Who is sister-in-law?

Ans: Male – a. Wife of brother b. Sister of wife

Female- a. Wife of brother b. Sister of husband

  • Never assume gender without given information.

Eg.: Ramesh is brother of Mukesh, in this example Ramesh is male (given) but no information is given about the gender of Mukesh. So, never assume Mukesh as male.

2. Numbers & Alphabets:

  • To solve the questions related to these topics you should cram the alphabets and their position i.e. R is 17th, S is 19th. To learn this, you have to learn a reference word “EJOTY” as landmark position. E-5, J-10, O -15, T- 20, Y-25. If you know that T comes at 20 then you can easily keep the nearby alphabets in mind.

3. Missing Numbers in Sequence:

  • Missing numbers analytical ability questions has different variations as there are multiple patterns, to solve these questions you have to learn these patterns.

Eg.: 2,9,28, 65, ?

Solution: 2 = 13 + 1

9 = 23 + 1

28 = 33 + 1

65 = 43 + 1

So, as per this pattern, next number will be- 53 + 1 = 126

Same like this example there are multiple pattern i.e. addition of a specific number, difference, product, division, difference with squares etc. If you know all patterns then this topic is very easy.

4. Sequence & Series:

  • This topic of Analytical Ability is similar to missing numbers, where different pattern and mathematical concepts are used.

5. Data Interpretation:

Data interpretation (DI) questions are asked under the Analytical Ability Problem Solving section for ICET exam, where questions are asked related to Table charts, Bar Diagram, Pie Charts. In this DI section questions are mainly related to analysis and calculation which is solved with the help of arithmetic concepts i.e. percentage, ratios & averages. You have to work over calculation part to score well in this Analytical Ability Section. Following are some concepts which are required to learn –

a. Percentage

b. Vedic Maths

c. Ratio

d. Averages

e. Approximation

6. Seating arrangement:

Seating arrangement questions are asked in the TSICET Analytical Ability Problem Solving section. There are different types of arrangement questions i.e. Linear arrangement, Circular arrangement, Floor arrangement, Block arrangements etc. Following are some key points to keep in mind while solving these types of questions-

  1. Never assume anything- In the TSICET Analytical Ability Problem Solving section a statement has different meanings and interpretations.

Eg.: There are five persons in a Row. C sits between A & B. This statement has multiple possibilities as nothing is given about seating positions of A & B.

  1. Clear Interpretation- To understand the meaning of any statement you have to interpret it clearly.

Eg.: Rahul sits second to the left of Sanjay. The meaning of this statement is that there is one person between Rahul and Sanjay and Rahul is to the left of Sanjay.

7. Calendar & Clocks:

Calendar & Clocks are one of the most important topics of Analytical Ability in any competition examination. There are a few points that must be kept in mind while learning and solving the questions related to this topic, which are as under:

  1. Always check for the Leap/Non-leap year before finding day or date. {If a non-century year is divisible by 4 and a century year i.e. 1200,1300 is divisible by 400 then that year is called the Leap year otherwise that year is considered as Non-leap year.}

  2. In clock questions carefully check for the concept of coinciding of hands.

  3. Some Clock questions are also related to the Time, speed & Distance concept of Mathematical Ability.

8. Venn Diagram:

Venn Diagram problems are related to the problems where some persons are involved in only one thing but some are involved in multiple things, to determine the no. of persons involved in different groups Venn Diagram is used. If you keep some key points in mind then this topic will be very easy to solve, following are the key points:

  1. Always be careful with the key word ‘only’.

Ex: There are 80 persons in an office. 40 persons like tea, 20 persons like only coffee and 60 persons like cold drink. Now there are two type of statement-

1. 40 persons like only tea- Interpretation of this statement is that only 40 persons like tea.

2. 40 persons like tea- But interpretation of this statement is that 40 persons like tea but there is nothing mentioned about only tea, which means they can like other things too like coffee and cold drink.

b. You need to understand the intersection and union concept.

9. Data Sufficiency:

Data sufficiency has good weightage in Analytical Ability Questions for ICET as around 20 questions come from this section. This section usually involves statements and requires the candidate to analyze if one, both, or neither statement is needed to solve the problem.

In date sufficiency questions one question is asked and two statements are given with reference to this question.

Eg.: Que. What is the value of x?

Statement 1: 4x+5 = 21

Statement 2: x2 = 16

From statement 1- x = 4

From statement 2- x = 4, -4

Option 1. Statement 1 alone is sufficient to answer the question but Statement 2 alone is not sufficient.

Option 2. Statement 2 alone is sufficient to answer the question but Statement 1 alone is not sufficient.

Option 3. Both statements together sufficient to answer the question.

Option 4. Neither of the statement alone or together sufficient to answer the question.

To solve questions related to this topic you need to work over some key points, which are as follows:

  • 1. If a statement provides unique solution for any question that means that statement is sufficient to solve the question.

Ex: From statement 1 we get only one value of x but from statement 2 we get two values of x. So as per above explanation, statement 1 provide unique solution. So, for this question option 1 is correct answer.

  • 2. Never read any statement under the impression of another statement.

  • 3. If any statement is sufficient to answer the question then there is no need to combine the statements.

10. Coding-Decoding:

Coding-decoding is one of the most important topics of Analytical Ability section. In this section, words or statements are coded in a code and you have to change another word or statement in a code using the same pattern which is given in another code.

Eg.: If EARTH is written as FCUXM in a certain code. How is MOON written in that code?

Solution: Let’s decode the given pattern


|+1 |+2 |+3 |+4 |+5


By following same pattern, we can find the code of asked word ‘MOON’


|+1 |+2 |+3 |+4


Ans: ‘NQRR’

To master this section practice of different variations of this topic is very important as there are

different patterns and different type of coding i.e. letter coding, number coding, mirror coding,

substitution coding etc.

11. Syllogism

This topic of Analytical Ability section is asked in almost each competitive examination. This

topic needs higher level of analysis and logics as there are multiple possibilities hidden in a given

statement, so you have to consider all possibilities and work over finding conclusion by using these

possibilities. The best way to solve Syllogism questions is Venn Diagram. Venn Diagram gives a clear

visualization to the all possibilities.

Let’s understand what type of questions are asked in syllogism:


Read the given statements and conclusions carefully. Assuming that the information given in the statements is true, even if it appears to be at variance with commonly known facts, decide which of the given conclusions logically follow(s) from the statements.


Some pictures are prizes.

Some prizes are erasers.

Some erasers are helmets.


I. Some helmets are prizes.

II. Some erasers are pictures.

III. No helmet is a prize.

The possible Venn diagram according to the given statements is as follows –


Let's analyze the conclusions –Conclusion I: Some helmets are prizes – It is a possibility that the circle representing helmets and prizes overlap. But this is not definite. Thus, this conclusion does not follow.
Conclusion II: Some erasers are pictures – From the Venn diagram, it is evident that there is no definite relation between erasers and pictures. Thus, this conclusion does not follow.
Conclusion III: No helmet is a prize – It is a possibility that the circle representing helmets and prizes does not overlap. But this is not definite. Thus, this conclusion does not follow.

Since some + no is a complimentary pair. So, either conclusion I or III follows.

12. Direction & Distance:

Direction & Distance is one of the simplest topics which are asked in Analytical Ability Section.

This section can be mastered easily if you have the basic knowledge of directions and left and right

movement. Let’s understand what type of questions are asked in this section:


Starting from point Z, Khanna walked 80 m toward the South. He took a left turn and walked 40 m. Then, he took a right turn and walked 40 m. Then, he took a left turn and walked 20 m. Again, he took a left turn and walked 120 m. How far and in which direction is Khanna now from the starting point Z?

Firstly, we will draw the diagram as per the given instructions –


Now, we have to find the direction of Khanna with respect to the Z.


Here, Z is the starting point and A is the endpoint.
The distance between the starting point and end point is = 40 + 20 = 60 m

So, Khanna is in the East direction and is 60 m from the starting point.

TS ICET Analytical Ability Preparation Tips

There are some points that are important for the preparation point of view other than the conceptual knowledge. There are some important points related to practice and mocks:

1. Understand the Types of Questions Asked in TS ICET:

Before appearing in the exam, you must familiarize yourself with different types of Analytical Ability Questions for ICET which include date sufficiency and problem solving. You must practice a variety of problems to build confidence which is the most important for preparation.

2. Practice TS ICET Questions Regularly:

Consistent practice with TS ICET previous year papers, sample questions, and mock tests is crucial. This helps in understanding the pattern and improving speed and accuracy. Previous year papers help us to understand the level of questions, which section has what weightage and variation in the TS ICET 2024 exam pattern.

3. Develop Logical Thinking:

Engage in activities that enhance your logical thinking, such as puzzles, brainteasers, and logical reasoning exercises. To solve visual reasoning questions a lot of logic and imagination is required which needs different reasoning exercises to enhance the logical thinking capacity.

4. Time Management:

The practice of mocks is important as it helps us to manage our time. Learning to manage your time effectively during the exam is very important to crack any exam. You should practice solving TS ICET questions within a set time limit to improve your time management skills.

5. Analysis of TS ICET Mocks:

After practicing, review your mistakes and understand where you went wrong. This will help you avoid similar errors in the actual exam. Analysis of mocks helps us to understand that in which topics you are lacking and how you should work to solve relevant problems of concepts.

Mistakes to Avoid in TS ICET Analytical Ability Preparation

Neglecting Regular Practice

Regular practice builds knowledge, confidence, and efficiency, while also helping you develop effective time management and problem-solving skills. Neglecting regular practice is one of the mistakes during the preparation. You should practice regularly.

Ignoring Weaknesses

Focusing only on strong areas and ignoring weak subjects/areas is one of the mistakes during the preparation. You should work on your weak areas early and devote extra time to improving them. Your study plan must be balanced.

Skipping Detailed TS ICET Mock Analysis

Detailed analysis of TS ICET mocks is very important. Skipping detailed analysis of questions is one of the mistakes during the preparation. You should analyze the mocks and questions after the test thoroughly so that you can analyze your mistakes and conceptual weaknesses.

Relying on Shortcuts Too Much

Relying too much on shortcuts is a big mistake as concepts of questions are limited but variation with those concepts is too much, so for every variation applying and cramming shortcuts is not possible. You should work on learning concepts properly rather than relying on shortcuts.

Neglecting Time Management

Not managing time effectively during preparation and the actual exam is a big mistake. You should practice time management while solving questions from the book and giving mocks, this management develops strategies to answer questions quickly and accurately within the allotted time.

Not Prioritizing Accuracy

While giving mocks sometimes candidates ignore the importance of accuracy and focus on the maximum no. of questions attempted. You should focus on accuracy.

Not Seeking Clarifications for Doubts

Solving and asking doubts is important to learn the concepts properly. You should clarify the doubts which appear while giving mocks or understanding the concepts as these clarifications help in understanding the concepts in depth.

Allowing Stress to Impact Performance in TS ICET exam

Mental health is very important during preparation. Ignorance of mental health leads to the generation of stress which impacts performance, which leads to the lack of focus and confidence. You should maintain a healthy lifestyle with proper diet, exercise, and adequate sleep.

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The article aims to inform and guide candidates on the importance of the Analytical Ability section in the TS ICET 2024 exam, providing them with the knowledge and tools needed to excel in this critical part of the test. By understanding its significance and employing effective preparation strategies, candidates can improve their TS ICET 2024 performance and overall score, thereby enhancing their chances of securing admission to desired MBA and MCA programs.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. What are some of the important TS ICET Analytical Ability topics?

Some important topics are: Blood relations, series and sequences, data interpretation, seating arrangement, calendars and clocks, venn diagrams, and data sufficiency.

2. How many questions are there in the Analytical Ability section of TS ICET?

There are 75 questions in the Analytical Ability section: 20 questions from data sufficiency and 55 from problem solving.

3. How to prepare for TS ICET exam?
  • Go through the syllabus of TS ICET and get well-versed with all the topics and concepts.
  • For analytical ability, focus on improving your problem-solving skills by solving puzzles. 
  • For mathematical ability, focus on covering the basic concepts of all topics and solve questions.
  • For communication ability, read essays, magazines, books, etc., to improve reading comprehension skills and vocabulary. 
  • Practice MCQs from PYQs and sample papers.
  • Revise concepts regularly.
  • Take mock tests to identify your weaknesses and work on them.
4. Is TS ICET exam easy?

TS ICET exam can be considered easier than other management exams such as CAT and XAT. With consistent practice, it is possible to secure good marks in the exam. Prepare well in advance and practice consistently to increase your chances of securing a good score in the exam.

5. What is the eligibility criteria for TS ICET 2024?

For admission into MBA courses one should have passed a bachelor's degree of a minimum of three years duration with at least 50% marks (45% of marks for reserved category). For MCA, Mathematics at 10+2 level or at the graduation level is required.

6. How to improve reasoning skills for TS ICET 2024?

First, go through the syllabus and review the topics asked in the exam. Practice questions daily from each topic. Make sure you solve different types of questions from each topic. You can improve your analytical skills by doing puzzles and brain teasers in your free time. Solve questions from TS ICET previous year papers and sample papers. Take mock tests also.

7. What is data sufficiency in TS ICET 2024?

Data sufficiency is a part of the Analytical Ability section, the other part is problem solving. In data sufficiency, statement-based questions are asked, where you have to determine if the given statements are sufficient to answer a question. For this section, your maths concepts, such as percentages, basic algebra, mensuration, etc must be clear.

8. What are the best books for TS ICET 2024 preparation?

Some recommended books for TS ICET are:

  • Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning by RS Aggarwal

  • Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Exams by RS Aggarwal

  • Analytical Reasoning by MK Pandey

  • Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis

  • High School English Grammar by Wren and Martin


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TSICET Qualifying Marks 2022
In the cutoff of the TS ICET exam, the minimum marks that are required by the candidate to qualify for the admission process of the participating institutes will be released. As mentioned earlier the cutoff is 25 percent of the total marks allotted.
Mere qualification in the TS ICET test does not entitle a candidate to have been admitted into MBA/MCA course unless the candidate:
1. Appears for TS ICET Counseling at the notified Centers.
2. Applies in response to the admission notification issued by the authority concerned.
3. Satisfies all the eligibility criteria for admission as stipulated by the authority concerned.
With the rank you're mentioning you can check out these colleges accepting TSICET scores for MCA
KU Arts and Science college
Auroras PG college MCA
Avanthi PG college
Mahatma Gandhi University College of Engineering and Technology
Vaageswari College of Engineering
RBVRR Institute of Technology
These are a few colleges you may get as per your rank but you should also check out some other good colleges accepting different Management entrance exams.


You got good rank firstly , congrats for your rank.  Basically for girls Osmania University is best.  With your rank you can choose through counselling best colleges present in Telangana State.  MBA colleges are in TS with need infrastructure and with good placements.  For girls JNTU also best and choose good colleges through counselling.

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