Learn speed enhancement techniques to crack MAH CET, says Ranjit Calangutkar, TIME

Learn speed enhancement techniques to crack MAH CET, says Ranjit Calangutkar, TIMEThe Maharashtra MBA CET 2017 is scheduled to be conducted on March 4 and 5 in computer based mode. With few days left for the test, Careers360 brings you an interview with MAH CET Expert, Ranjit Calangutkar, Course Head for Maharashtra MBA CET, T.I.M.E., Mumbai who shares some helpful tips to crack MAH CET.

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Mr. Calangutkar shares his inputs explaining the key factors of the test and strategies to prepare and attempt MAH CET.  According to the expert, MAH CET MBA is a test of speed, which needs high accuracy in answers. Ranjit recommends learning of a few speed enhancement techniques to overcome the challenge of attempting 200 questions within 150 minutes.  


Further, he mentions smart preparation and practice as key factors for securing good scores in MAH CET 2017. Read his interview to know about the MAH CET exam pattern along with the test taking tips to crack MAH CET 2017.



Careers360: MAH CET will be conducted on March 4 and 5, 2017. Please share the details of the test pattern.

Ranjit: The Maharashtra MBA/MMS-CET is conducted for the admission to the first year, of the two-year full-time post-graduate degree courses in Management namely Master of Business Administration (MBA)/ Master of Management Studies (MMS). The Government of Maharashtra has established a State Common Entrance Test Cell (CET CELL).  Some of the good colleges accepting The Maharashtra MBA/MMS-CET scores are JBIMS, Sydenham, KJ Somaiya, Welingkar etc.


Last year there have been a few changes in the test structure.  There will be four sections, with maximum weight-age given to Logical Reasoning section. This section will have 75 questions, followed by Quantitative Aptitude and Verbal Ability with 50 questions each, and Abstract Reasoning with 25. Also, besides four answer options, students will have five options to select the right answer from. However, the total number of questions remains 200 along with the duration of 150 minutes.


Careers360: How are the changes in the exam pattern beneficial for the students?

Ranjit: One positive thing for the students is that the MAH-MBA/MMS-CET will have a fixed number of questions from each section. Some advantages are:

b) As the number of questions in each section is fixed, it seems to have reduced the surprise element.

c) The questions will be presented test wise. This helps in segregating the questions in a better way which helps in focusing on one type of questions at a particular time. 

d) The number of options will be five, unlike four in the previous years



Careers360: Could you share some preparation techniques for the test?

Ranjit: The MAH – MBA/MMS CET over the years has been a test of speed. The task of attempting 200 questions in 150 minutes with a high accuracy is not so easy. A few things required to crack the exam are proper preparation, good test taking strategy, practice and speed enhancement techniques. A lot of practice is required to build up speed. The more you practice, the better you do in the test.


Careers360: What are your tips on test taking?

Ranjit: Good Preparation alone will not help; the student also should have a good test taking strategy for attempting the paper. As the CET level of difficulty or the type of questions generally does not change, after taking a few mock tests the students will have a good idea about the paper and the questions asked. The students are supposed to categorise the questions into the following areas:


i) High-speed high accuracy (HSHA)

ii) High-speed low accuracy (HSLA)

iii) Low-speed high accuracy (LSLA)

iv) Low-speed low accuracy (LSLA)


At first, the candidate is supposed to finish off all the HSHA questions and ensure that none of them are left. Usually, a paper will have about 80 – 90 HSHA questions. Ideal time allocation for the HSHA questions is about 60 minutes. The students should also be open to surprises as the difficulty levels may vary. In some cases an easier paper may include more of HSHA questions and a tougher paper would include less of HSHA questions. Solving the HSHA questions should also help the student complete the first scan of all the 200 questions. During the first scan, along with solving all the HSHA questions, the student is supposed to also locate the HSLA and LSHA questions which he is supposed to attempt in the next 60 minutes. He should take up the HSLA and LSHA questions in the next 60 minutes and the last 30 minutes should be kept for LSLA and guessing the unsolved questions as there are no negative markings. The above strategy may change at times as per the student’s level of preparation. For instance, a well-prepared student will have more questions in the HSHA area and may have to spend more time there which means he will have fewer questions in the other areas and require less time there. The students are advised to give as many mocks as possible and experiment different time allocation strategies in the mocks.  


Careers360: Any advice for students on how to prepare themselves one day before the test?

Ranjit: Ensure that you have taken proper printouts of the hall tickets and necessary documents to be taken at the exam venue. If possible, visit the venue beforehand to avoid any hassles on the day of the exam.  Relax get some good sleep and give your best in the paper. Finally, my advice to all students would be, not to fall prey to any rumors and always rely on trusted sources for exam-related news. 


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First Published On : 02 Mar 2016 06:29 PM IST
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