Be confident of your skills and preferences, says Vikramjeet Singh of Bajaj Allianz General

BFSIVikramjeet Singh, Head – HR at Bajaj Allianz General in conversation with Careers360 advises that candidates should assess the sectors that they want to join very well. Read on to know more about the job scenario in BSFI sector.




VikramjeetCareers360: How is the job scenario shaping up for freshers in the BFSI sector?

Vikramjeet: At present, BFSI industry in India is going through a transformation and bringing in significant technological disruption. In this scenario, the job opportunities for fresh graduates are very promising, as young minds bring a pool of fresh ideas and innovations, which is imperative for any industry player to stay competitive. At Bajaj Allianz GIC, every year we hold recruitment drives across India and at entry level we offer executive and management trainee programs. We look out for talent from various disciplines, including MBA, Law and Engineering, etc.


Careers360: Is campus recruitment undergoing a change? How do you select?

Vikramjeet: With the changing times, people practices are also evolving and while hiring young talent, much deliberation is paid towards a candidate’s aptitude and expectations. Trends indicate that a well-outlined engagement with fresh graduates can lead to a rewarding association between candidates and employers. Campus recruitment is no more a brisk one to two days affair, it is veritably an engagement journey through platforms such as faculty and student orientation sessions, training and development programs, counselling sessions spread over months. A crucial HR practice now is to essentially impart knowledge of the relevant sectorial ingredients eloquently and to highlight the opportunities that the industry enfolds for nimble candidates. While conducting placement drives every year, our aim is to choose competent candidates who are not only good in academics, but are equally enterprising and cognizant of business intelligence about their roles.


Careers360: What are the latest trends on campus hiring?

Vikramjeet: In any given organization, there are multiple functions and categories and the skills set for all varies. At present, employers look for those who are well acquainted with industrial and corporate aspects of their subject. Students participating in short term projects and internships have an enhanced scorecard as compared to those who don’t. Similarly, students opting for requisite certifications and licenses to upscale their skills and keep pace with latest industry needs have an edge.


Careers360: What do you look in a candidate?

Vikramjeet: We look if they are coming with the right attitude. Given the diverse functions in the organization, we welcome candidates from diverse backgrounds. Prime objective is to scout for those who are ready to explore and enjoy marking their strides in a competitive environment. In addition to the strong hold of technical skills; personality traits like flexibility and swiftness of a job seeker make one a perfect stakeholder. Depending on the capabilities and expertise, we offer in-house trainings to polish the skills further.


Careers360: Are students getting campus placement of their choice?

Vikramjeet: A number of factors account for a situation where students are not able to tap the opportunities during campus placement. Besides the dynamics of economic volatility, students pursuing a course that offers more industry exposure and is more relevant with the current phase of industry, will definitely be better placed. At times, lack of flexibility about choice of profiles and roles also land students in adverse situations.


Careers360: Does Bajaj Allianz have any kind of open platform for job seekers?

Vikramjeet: We have tied up with leading job boards and professional networks besides connecting with a set of colleges across India. We also participate in initiatives that aim to create an employment platform for the adept and educated youth.


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