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CAT Negative Tones - Practice Questions & MCQ

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In modern consumer societies, individuals are presented with an unprecedented array of choices. From toothpaste brands to career paths, the options seem limitless. While this abundance of choice may initially appear liberating, it often leads to a phenomenon known as the "paradox of choice." Research indicates that when faced with too many options, individuals become overwhelmed, leading to decision paralysis or dissatisfaction with the chosen outcome.


Psychologist Barry Schwartz argues that the quest for the "best" option can be mentally taxing and counterproductive. Furthermore, individuals may become preoccupied with the opportunity cost of their choices, wondering if a different option might have been more fulfilling. In contrast, having fewer options can lead to greater satisfaction and a more straightforward decision-making process.


The paradox of choice extends beyond consumer goods and permeates various aspects of modern life, influencing everything from education to healthcare. Striking a balance between ample choice and manageable decision-making is a crucial consideration for optimising individual well-being in contemporary societies.

What would be the most suitable title for this passage?


Which paragraph has a negative tone?


Paragraph 1:

The sun cast a warm, inviting glow over the picturesque village square. Locals and tourists alike enjoyed the bustling farmer's market, where fresh produce and handmade crafts were on display.


Paragraph 2:

The suspenseful thriller had readers on the edge of their seats, eagerly turning the pages to unravel the mystery at its heart.


Paragraph 3:

The once-thriving industrial town had fallen on hard times, with abandoned factories and crumbling infrastructure. Unemployment rates soared, leaving many residents struggling to make ends meet.


Paragraph 4:

The concert in the park was a delightful experience, with talented musicians performing a wide range of musical genres. Families lounged on blankets, enjoying the music and each other's company.


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Negative Tones

Introduction to Negative Tones in Passages:


In reading comprehension, identifying the tone of a passage is crucial for understanding the author's attitude and perspective. Negative tones indicate that the author has a critical or unfavourable view of the subject matter. Recognizing and interpreting negative tones is essential for accurately comprehending the author's message.


Key Points:


Identifying Negative Tones: Negative tones can manifest in various ways, including expressions of criticism, disappointment, scepticism, or pessimism. Look for words, phrases, and statements that convey negativity.


Author's Perspective: Understanding the author's perspective is vital. Negative tones imply that the author opposes or disapproves of the subject, idea, or situation being discussed.


Context Matters: Consider the context in which negative language is used. It should align with the overall theme or message of the passage.


Contrast with Other Tones: Be aware of the contrast between negative tones and positive or neutral tones within the same passage. This can provide insight into the author's complexity of thought.




Let's explore examples of negative tones within passages:



"The government's mismanagement of funds has led to a financial crisis that is affecting the lives of ordinary citizens. The lack of transparency and accountability in their actions has eroded public trust."


Negative Tone: The passage conveys a negative tone by using words like "mismanagement," "financial crisis," "lack of transparency," and "eroded public trust." These words reflect criticism and disappointment in the government's actions.



"Despite the promises made by the pharmaceutical industry, the side effects of this medication are causing severe harm to patients. It raises questions about the ethics and safety standards in drug development."


Negative Tone: This passage exhibits a negative tone by highlighting the "side effects" causing "severe harm" and raising questions about "ethics" and "safety standards." The author is critical of the pharmaceutical industry's claims and practices.


Recognizing negative tones in passages helps you understand the author's perspective and the critical aspects of the subject matter being discussed. It's important to differentiate negative tones from positive or neutral tones, as this distinction can provide valuable context for interpreting the passage accurately.


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