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CAT Main Idea and Title - Practice Questions & MCQ

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Main Idea and Title

Main Idea and Title 


Main Idea:



The main idea is the central message or theme that an author intends to convey through a passage. It represents the primary focus or purpose of the author's writing. Identifying the main idea is crucial for comprehensive understanding and effective summarization of a passage.



Understanding the main idea is essential because it provides a roadmap for comprehending the supporting details and arguments within a passage. It acts as an anchor, helping the reader stay focused on the core message amid potentially complex or verbose content.


Locating the Main Idea:


  1. Introductory Paragraph: Often, the main idea is explicitly stated in the opening paragraph. The author may present the central theme early on to provide readers with context.


  1. Concluding Paragraph: Similarly, the main idea may be restated or summarised in the concluding paragraph. This serves to reinforce the core message and leave a lasting impression on the reader.


  1. Implicit Throughout: In more complex passages, the main idea may be implicitly woven throughout the text. In such cases, readers must carefully consider the recurring themes, arguments, or concepts presented.


Approach to Main Idea Questions:


  1. Active Reading: Engage with the passage, actively seeking out the author's main argument and key points.


  1. Identify Central Themes: Look for recurring ideas, arguments, or concepts that underpin the passage's content.


  1. Opening and Closing Focus: Pay close attention to the introductory and concluding paragraphs, as they often contain explicit statements of the main idea.


  1. Avoid Getting Bogged Down: While details are important, prioritise capturing the overarching message of the passage.


  1. Consider the Author's Purpose: Reflect on why the author is writing and what message they intend to convey to the reader.


Main Idea Examples:


  1. Passage Excerpt:

"Advancements in artificial intelligence have revolutionised various industries, from healthcare to finance. The integration of AI-driven algorithms has led to increased efficiency and accuracy in decision-making processes."

Main Idea: The main idea of this passage is the transformative impact of artificial intelligence on various industries, emphasising its role in enhancing efficiency and accuracy.


  1. Passage Excerpt:

"Exploring the intricacies of human behaviour, psychology sheds light on the underlying factors influencing our thoughts, emotions, and actions. It provides valuable insights for personal growth and interpersonal relationships."

Main Idea: The main idea here is the significance of psychology in understanding human behaviour and its applications in personal development and relationships.


  1. Passage Excerpt:

"The concept of sustainability is at the forefront of global discussions, driving efforts to address environmental challenges. Embracing eco-friendly practices is paramount for a sustainable future."

Main Idea: The central theme of this passage is the importance of sustainability and the need for adopting environmentally-friendly practices.


Mastering the skill of identifying the main idea and crafting effective titles will greatly enhance your ability to comprehend and engage with passages in the VARC section of management exams.





The title of a passage is a concise representation of the entire passage's content. It serves as a preview of the subject matter and should encapsulate the main idea.


Characteristics of an Effective Title:


  1. Reflects Main Idea: The title should accurately represent the central theme or message of the passage.


  1. Concise and Clear: It should be brief yet descriptive, providing a clear indication of the content to follow.


  1. Engaging: A well-crafted title piques the reader's interest, encouraging them to delve into the passage.


  1. Avoids Misleading Information: The title should not misrepresent the content or mislead the reader about the passage's focus.


Title Examples:


  1. Passage Topic: "The Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation"

Title: "Cultivating Inner Peace: The Power of Mindfulness Meditation"


  1. Passage Topic: "The Influence of Art on Society"

Title: "Brushstrokes of Change: Art's Impact on Cultural Shifts"


  1. Passage Topic: "The Evolution of Urban Planning"

Title: "Blueprints for Progress: A Journey through Urban Planning"


  1. Passage Topic: "The Role of Technology in Education"

Title: "Empowering Minds: Technology's Educational Revolution"


  1. Passage Topic: "The Psychology of Decision-Making"

Title: "Deciphering Choices: Unravelling the Psychology of Decision-Making"


Remember, an effective title captures the essence of the passage, providing readers with a clear and engaging preview of the content. Additionally, understanding the main idea allows for a more nuanced comprehension of the supporting details within the passage.


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