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CAT Logical Corollary - Practice Questions & MCQ

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Directions: Read the passage below and answer the question.

In a study of urban transportation, researchers found that the introduction of bike-sharing programs led to a significant decrease in traffic congestion and air pollution in several cities. However, challenges related to bike infrastructure and safety persist in some areas.



Based on the information provided in the passage, what can be inferred about the overall impact of bike-sharing programs on urban transportation?


Directions: Read the passage and answer the question


The city sprawled beneath the azure sky, its skyline a testament to human ambition. Skyscrapers reached for the heavens, their gleaming glass facades reflecting the sun's brilliance. Down below, the streets pulsed with life—a symphony of honking horns, hurried footsteps, and snippets of animated conversation.


Amidst the urban cacophony, a solitary figure sat on a weathered bench in the park. The old man, his face etched with lines of wisdom, gazed at the ceaseless motion around him with an air of detached serenity. To him, the city was a living, breathing entity, its rhythms and pulses a reflection of the human spirit.


As the day slipped into dusk, the city underwent a transformation. Lights began to twinkle, creating a mesmerising tapestry against the darkening canvas of the sky. The old man's eyes twinkled in tandem, mirroring the city's luminous dance.


A passerby might have wondered what thoughts occupied the old man's mind. Did he see the city's relentless pursuit of progress as a noble endeavour or a folly of misplaced priorities? Did he view the ceaseless motion as a source of vitality or a reminder of the restlessness that gripped modern existence?


To the old man, the city was a tapestry of stories—each gleaming window, each bustling street corner, whispered a narrative of human aspiration and endeavour. It was a microcosm of dreams woven together, where every individual played a part in the grand mosaic of urban life.



Based on the passage, what can be inferred about the old man's perspective on the city?


When is the main idea often explicitly stated in a passage?

Directions: Read the passage below and answer the question.


Globalisation has led to increased interconnectedness among nations, fostering cross-cultural exchanges and economic integration. While it has brought opportunities for trade and cultural enrichment, it has also given rise to challenges, including concerns about the homogenization of cultures and the exploitation of labour. Striking a balance between the benefits and drawbacks of globalisation remains a critical challenge for the international community.




Which of the following summaries best captures the essence of the paragraph?


Directions: Read the passage and answer the question below.

A recent study on employee productivity found that flexible work hours and the option to work remotely were positively correlated with higher job satisfaction. The study also revealed that employees who had access to flexible work arrangements reported lower levels of stress and greater work-life balance.



Which of the following can be logically inferred from the passage?


Concepts Covered - 1

Logical Corollary

Introduction to Logical Corollary in Application-Based Questions:


Logical corollary questions assess your ability to draw logical conclusions or inferences based on the information presented in a passage. These questions require you to analyse the passage's content, identify relationships between ideas, and deduce logical implications or consequences. Mastering the skill of identifying logical corollaries is crucial for success in the VARC section of the CAT exam.


Key Points:


Understanding Logical Corollaries: A logical corollary is a statement or inference that logically follows from the information provided in the passage. It represents a direct consequence or implication of the facts or arguments presented.


Analyse the Passage: To identify logical corollaries, carefully analyse the content of the passage. Pay attention to cause-and-effect relationships, conditional statements, and any explicitly stated or implied connections between ideas.


Logical Reasoning: Logical corollary questions often involve logical reasoning and deductive thinking. You must apply your analytical skills to derive conclusions that logically flow from the passage's information.


Eliminate Incorrect Options: When answering logical corollary questions, consider each answer choice carefully. Eliminate choices that do not logically follow from the passage's content. The correct answer should be a logical consequence.


Multiple Steps: In some cases, identifying a logical corollary may require multiple steps of reasoning. Break down complex passages or arguments into smaller components to deduce the correct conclusion.




Let's work through an example of a logical corollary question:


Passage Excerpt:

"Recent studies have shown a strong correlation between regular exercise and improved cardiovascular health. Engaging in physical activity, such as jogging or swimming, can lead to a lower risk of heart disease."


Logical Corollary Question:

"Based on the passage, which of the following statements is a logical corollary?"




Analyse the Passage: The passage discusses the relationship between regular exercise and improved cardiovascular health. It implies that engaging in physical activity reduces the risk of heart disease.


Identify the Corollary: To find a logical corollary, look for a statement that directly follows from this information. In this case, the logical corollary would be something that reinforces the idea of exercise reducing the risk of heart disease.


Evaluate the Answer Choices:


a) "Exercise is the sole factor influencing cardiovascular health."

b) "Heart disease can be completely eliminated with exercise."

c) "Regular exercise has no impact on overall health."

d) "Engaging in physical activity can decrease the risk of heart disease."


Correct Answer: Option d) "Engaging in physical activity can decrease the risk of heart disease."


Explanation: This statement logically follows from the passage's information about the correlation between exercise and improved cardiovascular health. It reinforces the idea presented in the passage.


Identifying logical corollaries requires careful analysis of the passage and the ability to deduce conclusions that logically align with the information provided. Practise logical reasoning questions to enhance your skills in drawing accurate logical inferences from passages.


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