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CAT Approach to app based questions - Practice Questions & MCQ

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Directions: Read the passage below and answer the question.


In the realm of business, innovation plays a pivotal role in driving growth and staying competitive. Companies that embrace innovation continuously seek new ways to improve products, processes, and customer experiences. This proactive approach not only fosters creativity within the organisation but also positions companies to adapt to changing market dynamics and emerging technologies.




Which of the following summaries best captures the essence of the paragraph?


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Approach to app based questions

Introduction to Application-Based Questions:


Application-based questions in reading comprehension go beyond assessing your understanding of the passage. These questions require you to apply your knowledge, reasoning skills, and the information gathered from the text to analyse, synthesise, and draw conclusions. Mastering the approach to application-based questions is crucial for success in the VARC section of the CAT exam.


Key Points:


Higher-Level Thinking: Application-based questions often involve higher-level cognitive skills such as critical thinking, inference, analysis, and synthesis. They require you to go beyond mere comprehension and think critically about the passage's content.


Understand the Question: Carefully read and understand the application-based question before attempting to answer it. Identify the specific task or action the question is asking you to perform.


Refer Back to the Passage: For application-based questions, you will need to refer back to the relevant parts of the passage. This may involve re-reading portions of the text to extract the necessary information.


Context Matters: Consider the context of the passage and the information provided within it. Ensure that your answer aligns with the passage's content and logic.


Eliminate Distractions: Application-based questions may include answer choices designed to confuse or mislead. Eliminate incorrect answer choices systematically by cross-referencing them with the passage.


Multiple Passes: If an application-based question seems challenging, consider making multiple passes through the passage, focusing on different aspects with each pass. This can help you gather the necessary information gradually.




Let's work through an application-based question to understand the approach:


Passage Excerpt:

"In the 21st century, technology has revolutionised the way we communicate. From smartphones to social media platforms, the world is more interconnected than ever before."


Application-Based Question:

"How has technology affected interpersonal relationships according to the passage, and what implications does this have for society?"




Understand the Question: The question is asking about the impact of technology on interpersonal relationships and its implications for society.


Refer Back to the Passage: Review the relevant parts of the passage that discuss technology's influence on communication and interpersonal relationships.


Context Matters: The passage mentions that technology has revolutionised communication. You need to extract information on how this affects interpersonal relationships and what implications this might have.


Eliminate Distractions: Examine the answer choices and eliminate those that do not align with the passage's content. Focus on the choices that address the impact and implications of technology on relationships.


Synthesise Your Answer: Based on the passage's content, craft a response that discusses how technology has increased interconnectedness but may also raise questions about the quality of interpersonal relationships and their societal implications.


Application-based questions require you to think critically and draw meaningful conclusions from the passage's information. Practise these questions regularly to refine your skills in analysing and applying textual information effectively.


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