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TANCET MBA 2024 Preparation Plan for Analytical Reasoning

TANCET MBA 2024 Preparation Plan for Analytical Reasoning

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TANCET MBA 2024 Preparation Plan for Analytical Reasoning - Tamil Nadu Common Entrance Test (TANCET) entrance test consists of a total of five sections and Analytical Reasoning is one of them. Prior to starting the TANCET preparation of Analytical Reasoning section one should evaluate themselves in terms of quantitative and qualitative terms.

TANCET MBA 2024 Preparation Plan for Analytical Reasoning
TANCET MBA 2024 Preparation Plan for Analytical Reasoning

TANCET MBA 2024 Analytical Reasoning preparation needs extra attention as this section tests candidates' observational skills. This section does not require specialized knowledge all it requires is a discerning pattern and the ability to think through a situation. Read the full article to know more about TANCET MBA 2024 preparation plan for analytical reasoning and exam pattern.

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TANCET MBA 2024 Preparation Plan for Analytical Reasoning

Candidates to score good in the Analytical Reasoning section of TAMNCET MBA 2024 should follow the below-mentioned preparation plan:

Do not lose accuracy rate

While attempting questions from TANCET MBA analytical reasoning section and questions pertaining to set based games and rankings, seating arrangements need more accuracy as compared to other sections. Candidates should proceed methodically while attempting such questions. For example- If candidates get any seating arrangement question wrong, then in this scenario all the answers related to the same topic will also be wrong.

Practice from Mock Test

The most effective way to score big in the Analytical Reasoning section is persistently working on it. With the help of TANCET Mock test candidates will get more familiar with paper patterns and through this candidates come across different problems and it will help them to improve their analytical skills. Apart from that candidates should include sample paper and previous year TANCET MBA previous paper in their preparation schedule.

Pay deep attention while attempting questions

Analytical reasoning questions need deep attention, which means one should read the question very carefully in order to not miss out on any tiny detail. One should be more observant while reading the question so that one can distinguish between the definite and possible outcomes under the given situation.

Time Management for Analytical Reasoning

Firstly, candidates need to plan out a strategy as to how they will divide time between sections during the TANCET MBA. The easiest way to deal with time management is, read the question paper carefully and solve the less time consuming questions first. OR one can divide their whole time in three parts. In the first part, solve the easiest one and in the second part candidates can proceed to easy to moderate one and in the end candidates should solve the toughest one.

TANCET MBA Preparation Plan 2024 - Analytical Reasoning Topics

Prior to starting the preparation for TANCET MBA Analytical Reasoning, it is important to know the detailed TANCET MBA syllabus of it. The analytical reasoning section will comprise topics like directions and ranking, number sequence, odd one out etc. Check all the topics pertaining to TANCET MBA 2024 Analytical Reasoning.

Sets based on games

Directions & Ranking

Blood Relations



Number Sequence

Odd one out

Conditional statements



Seating arrangement- Linear

Venn Diagram

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Recommended Books for TANCET MBA Analytical Reasoning Section

Candidates can refer to the following books for the preparation of TANCET MBA Analytical Reasoning section:



Analytical Reasoning

MK Pandey

Logical and Analytical Reasoning

AK Gupta

Shortcuts in Reasoning (Verbal, Non-Verbal & Analytical)

Disha Experts

The Hand on Guide to Analytical Reasoning

Peeyush Bharadwaj

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TANCET MBA Exam Pattern 2024

The exam pattern of TANCET MBA 2024 will consist of a total of five sections, namely- Reading Comprehension, Analysis of Business Situations, Data Sufficiency, English Grammar and Usage and Quantitative Ability. The total time duration for TANCET MBA 2024 will be 2 hours. Check all aspects of TANCET MBA exam pattern in the below-provided table.

Exam Pattern of TANCET MBA 2024




There will be a total of 5 sections, namely

  • Reading Comprehension

  • Analysis of Business Situations

  • Data Sufficiency

  • English Grammar and Usage

  • Quantitative Ability

Total marks


Marks allotted to each question


Negative marking

Scheme applicable (⅓ marks will be deducted for each wrong answer)

Nature of questions


Total time duration

2 Hours (120 Minutes)

Exam mode

Pen and paper based mode

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. How long does it take to prepare for TANCET MBA 2024 exam?

To prepare for TANCET MBA candidates need at least five months time.

2. What skills are tested in analytical reasoning section of TANCET MBA?

Analytical reasoning involves the understanding structure of relationship, deductive reasoning and inferring what could be false from the given facts.

3. Will analytical reasoning section be of objective type?

No, all the questions in TANCET exam 2024 will be of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs).

4. What will be the medium of TANCET 2023 MBA exam?

The medium of TANCET MBA 2023 will be English.


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TANCET is a popular entrance exam in Tamil Nadu for MBA aspirants. The exam evaluates candidate's aptitude in areas like quantitative ability, logical reasoning, verbal ability, and data interpretation.

TANCET scores are accepted by various colleges and universities in Tamil Nadu for their MBA programs.

You can get TANCET past year's question papers through the link below:

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The TANCET MBA question paper provides candidates with information on the test's format, probable themes, degree of difficulty, and other features. Using the TANCET MBA questions paper is one of the best ways for applicants to master the entrance exam and get a higher grade.

To obtain the TANCET past year's question papers, use the link provided below to visit our website.

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Through the use of the TANCET MBA question paper, candidates can learn about the format, likely themes, difficulty level, and other aspects of the test. One of the finest approaches for applicants to ace the entrance exam and score higher is to use the TANCET MBA questions paper.

To get the previous year question papers of TANCET, you can visit our website by clicking on the link given below.

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A TANCET is a exam conducted for  getting seat in good college of mba/march/mca/..the cuttoff marks depend on category and performance of student. Your percentile is 51.74  unnder BCM category. You have chance to get admission in university of madras chepauk college.

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So, with regard of you're query.  Most likely in the second week of May, Anna University will host the TANCET MBA 2023 entrance exam. According to the TANCET MBA 2023 test format, the paper will be divided into five sections: Quantitative Ability, Verbal Ability, Logical Reasoning, General Knowledge, and Data Sufficiency. The TANCET MBA test pattern for 2023 includes the scoring system and the number of questions in each segment. A state-level exam known as TANCET is held for admission to MBA program in institutions in Tamil Nadu that accept the TANCET 2023 MBA score.

You can access prior year's papers by clicking the link below:

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