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TANCET 2024 Preparation Checklist: Do’s & Don’ts

TANCET 2024 Preparation Checklist: Do’s & Don’ts

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Everyone who wishes to take admission in the best colleges in Tamil Nadu wants to be on the toppers list of TANCET. But the question is what sort of final preparation level is required to hit the toppers list. Well, if you are looking for that answer, then you are at the right place. Careers360, in this article on TANCET 2024 Preparation Checklist: Do’s & Don’ts, will guide candidates on how to go about the TANCET exam in order to ensure certainty of clearing TANCET 2024 with good marks without thinking of dubious things. TANCET 2024 will be held on March 9, 2024. Candidates who are feeling skeptical can read the complete article to know more.

TANCET 2024 Preparation Checklist: Do’s & Don’ts
TANCET 2024 Preparation Checklist: Do’s & Don’ts

Major Dos for TANCET MBA 2024

  • Carry Photo ID Proof

  • Visit Exam Centre Prior

  • Be on Time to Avoid Fuss

  • Check Seating Arrangements Beforehand

  • Obey Invigilators

  • Be Careful with OMR Sheet

  • Do Not Panic

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Carry Photo ID Proof

All candidates should carry a hard copy of their TANCET hall ticket. Also, since TANCET MBA 2024 will be paper based or CBT, for the purpose of verification of candidates’ identification, all candidates should bring valid photo ID proof. Any of the following photo ID proofs-

  • PAN Card

  • Aadhar Card

  • Voter ID

  • Driving Licence

  • Passport

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Visit Exam Centre before the test day

The exam center is the location where the exam of TANCET MBA 2024 will be conducted. The TANCET admit card will have the complete address of the exam centre allotted to candidates. Candidates should check the same and visit the exam centre beforehand.

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Be on Time to Avoid Fuss

Reaching the exam centre before the actual time is always important, as it helps avoid the fuss. Anxiety about getting late adversely affects the memory of candidates. It disturbs the composition and calmness of candidates, which play a vital role in how candidates perform in an exam. So it is important to reach the exam centres a few minutes before the check-in time.

Check Seating Arrangements Beforehand

After reaching the TANCET exam centres candidates are requested to check their seats. Information related to the seat allotted to candidates will be either available on the exam centre gate or notice board outside or within the premises of the TANCET 2024 exam centre.

Obey Invigilators

In the TANCET MBA 2024 exam, a guide, also known as an invigilator, will be there to provide assistance to candidates. He or she will be there before, during, or after the completion of the TANCET MBA exam. For any clarification related to the TANCET question paper, seating arrangements, or the like, candidates can ask the invigilators who will be present throughout the exam. All candidates are requested to follow their instructions carefully. Failure to follow the invigilators may lead to disqualification.

Get familiar with exam structure

Before the actual exam on exam day, candidates who are looking to appear for the TANCET 2024 should get acquainted with the nature of the exam. It helps avoid inconvenience at the exam day and write the exam with comfort and confidence.

Do Not Panic

In order to do well in TANCET 2024, candidates are advised not to panic and start writing the answers abruptly. They should first read the question paper carefully and then mark the answers after they are sure of their answers. Each wrong answer will get you one negative mark. Hence, writing the answer carefully is crucial.

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Major Don’ts for TANCET MBA 2024

  • Do not go for last-minute preparations

  • No Unfair Practices

  • No Electronic Devices

  • Do not Hustle for Good Marks

  • No Bio-Breaks

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Do not go for Last Minute Preparations

On the day of the examination, candidates should not start any new topic to avoid agitation. Moreover, candidates should also not indulge in any kind of “study talks” with other candidates. This situation or conversation may lead to negative thoughts related to what will happen if something unprepared is asked. This will ultimately lead to a bad performance in the exam. Hence, neither discuss how much is covered nor start studying any new topics.

No Unfair Practices

Candidates who will be caught engaging in any negative or unfair practices like cheating, helping others, or copying content from chits or other sources will be disqualified. Such candidates will not be allowed to continue their exam and their OMR sheets will be collected immediately.

No Electronic Devices

Be it the TANCET MBA 2024 exam or any other entrance exam, no candidates are allowed to carry any electronic devices with them. Thus, as part of safety measures during exams, candidates should remember that they should not carry any mobile phones, pagers, electronic calculators, or digital watches.

Do not Hustle for Good Marks

One of the don’ts for TANCET MBA 2024 would be to answer questions abruptly after reading them once. Candidates are advised to first read the question carefully, think over it two times and then answer. Since answering wrongly in TANCET MBA 2024 will attract negative marks, answers should be marked carefully. Marking questions with a nonchalant attitude will backfire.

No Bio-Breaks

The total duration of TANCET MBA 2024 will be 120 minutes. Candidates will not be allowed to take any breaks in between unless there is a medical emergency. Invigilators will not let any candidate leave the exam hall before the exam hours are over.


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TANCET is a popular entrance exam in Tamil Nadu for MBA aspirants. The exam evaluates candidate's aptitude in areas like quantitative ability, logical reasoning, verbal ability, and data interpretation.

TANCET scores are accepted by various colleges and universities in Tamil Nadu for their MBA programs.

You can get TANCET past year's question papers through the link below:

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The TANCET MBA question paper provides candidates with information on the test's format, probable themes, degree of difficulty, and other features. Using the TANCET MBA questions paper is one of the best ways for applicants to master the entrance exam and get a higher grade.

To obtain the TANCET past year's question papers, use the link provided below to visit our website.

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Through the use of the TANCET MBA question paper, candidates can learn about the format, likely themes, difficulty level, and other aspects of the test. One of the finest approaches for applicants to ace the entrance exam and score higher is to use the TANCET MBA questions paper.

To get the previous year question papers of TANCET, you can visit our website by clicking on the link given below.

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A TANCET is a exam conducted for  getting seat in good college of mba/march/mca/..the cuttoff marks depend on category and performance of student. Your percentile is 51.74  unnder BCM category. You have chance to get admission in university of madras chepauk college.

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So, with regard of you're query.  Most likely in the second week of May, Anna University will host the TANCET MBA 2023 entrance exam. According to the TANCET MBA 2023 test format, the paper will be divided into five sections: Quantitative Ability, Verbal Ability, Logical Reasoning, General Knowledge, and Data Sufficiency. The TANCET MBA test pattern for 2023 includes the scoring system and the number of questions in each segment. A state-level exam known as TANCET is held for admission to MBA program in institutions in Tamil Nadu that accept the TANCET 2023 MBA score.

You can access prior year's papers by clicking the link below:

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