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BBA Entrance exam preparation 2021: Write 3 to 4 mock tests a month prior to the exam

BBA Entrance exam preparation 2021: Write 3 to 4 mock tests a month prior to the exam

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BBA Entrance exam preparation: Planning to appear for a BBA entrance exam but don’t know how to start your preparations? Well, it is not that difficult to prepare for an entrance exam if you have a strategy in your mind that will help you in getting along with the preparations. As the name suggests, BBA entrance exams are conducted for admission to various BBA programmes/specializations. The entrance exams can range from being university level to national level. In this article, we will discuss how to prepare for the BBA entrance exam, types of entrance exams for the BBA programme, some do’s and don’ts and things to do before and on the day of the exam. Continue reading to get all the relevant information on the preparation for the BBA entrance exam.

Types of BBA Entrance Exams

As mentioned earlier, there are BBA entrance exams at the university level, state level and national level. Check the table given below to know some of the entrance exams for each level.

BBA Entrance Exam Levels





Amity University BBA Entrance Exam


Karnataka UGCET




How to Prepare for BBA Entrance Exams?

Ponder over the Principles

The first and foremost thing one can do before diving into the preparations is that they have to strengthen their basics of the said entrance exam. It is often misinterpreted that starting off with the difficult sections of any entrance exam will help prepare faster, but honing the basics of the same will make it easier for one to prepare for the further syllabus.

Tackle Time Management

One of the most important skills one can achieve is to manage time. Time is very crucial when it comes to giving exams. So, what a candidate can do is learn to manage time by keeping a timer beside them when solving each question. This will help in knowing new techniques to solve a question in lesser time.

Make Most of the Mock Tests

Almost all the toppers of any entrance exam emphasise on solving mock tests as they help in giving a blueprint of an entrance exam. It also gives an idea of how difficult an exam can be and what one can do to prepare for the said entrance exam in a better way. So, solve a mock test every alternate day to get the most of it.

Do’s and Don’ts of Preparations Before the Exam


Stay Updated with the Entrance Exam

It is advised to a candidate who is preparing for an entrance exam, to keep on checking the official website so that if any update occurs, he/she can plan/prepare accordingly.

Eat Healthy and Sleep Well

As tempting as it may seem to feast on all the junk food, one should really restrict themselves to eat healthy as much as possible, to avoid unwanted illness. Along with that, get enough sleep (6 to 8 hours) to stay active the next day.


Don’t Worry if a Topic is Left out

Worrying about a topic left unprepared may seem scary, but there is nothing to worry about since a mere topic may not really change your score or make a huge impact on your result.

Don’t Skip the Basics

Basics are as important as the difficult questions, in fact, they help in understanding the later parts of the syllabus of any entrance exam. So, it is important to understand and learn the basics before going to the difficult parts of an entrance exam.

Do’s and Don’ts of Preparations on the Day of the Exam


Stay Confident

The best thing you can do to yourself before appearing for an entrance exam, be it any, is to stay confident. By doing so, you won’t forget any preparations, revisions that you did and will find the exam a bit easier to solve.

Keep All the Things Ready

It is extremely important to keep all the necessary things ready a day before the exam so that you won’t feel stressed and hurried. All things will be done calmly and you’ll stay confident throughout.


Don’t Leave for the Centre at the Last Moment

It is very much advisable to leave the house half an before the exam time so that you won’t face any unnecessary stress and rush.

Don’t Eat Too Much or Too Little

Overeating and not eating properly can cause problems at the exam centre. So, it is advised to the candidates to eat adequate amounts of food and healthy food. Also, if one is allergic to a certain food item, avoid it at all costs as it may leave them feeling ill during the exam time.


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Questions related to IPU CET

Have a question related to IPU CET ?

Hi there,

congrats on getting 6k rank in ipu cet examination.

At this rank you are certainly eligible to get and admission in any one of the ipu colleges taking part in the counselling. Getting this rank gives you an edge to take the admission in your preffered field and the college.

You can take help and know more about the further details by visiting the official website of the ipu and then check about the the previous year cutoff which will give you an idea about the list of the colleges in which you are eligible for admission.

You can also visit our webpage and then check about the details regarding the counselling and the colleges available at your rank. The link of the same is mentioned below:

Hope this resolves your query.

With a rank of 8001 in IPU CET, you have a good chance of securing a seat in a decent BBA college under IP University.

While top-tier colleges might be out of reach, you can expect to get admission in reputable institutes. Some potential options based on previous year trends include:

  • Rukmini Devi Institute of Advanced Studies: Known for its good academic environment.
  • Tecnia Institute of Advanced Studies: Offers various specializations in BBA.
  • Institute of Information Technology & Management: Focuses on IT-related aspects of business.
  • Banarsidas Chandiwala Institute of Professional Studies: Reputed for its management programs.

With a 4876 rank in IPU CET, your chances of getting into top-tier colleges might be lower, but you can still get admission in mid-tier and lower-tier IP University colleges for various courses. Check the previous years' cut-offs and counseling rounds to determine the specific colleges you might get into.

Hello student

The admission to the Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies (VIPS) depends upon the cutoff list released by the institute. The overall cutoff rank for IPU CET is 119-272481 for round 1 . Since you have a rank of 101 in IPU CET in MA Economics, you may get admission in VIPS . However, it is recommended to check the official website of VIPS for the latest updates regarding admission and cutoff lists.

The eligibility criteria for admission to B.Tech programs can vary from one institution to another. JEE Mains is a common entrance exam accepted by many engineering colleges in India for B.Tech admissions.

While, IPU CET, Indraprastha University Common Test is specifically conducted by Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University for admission to various Undergraduate and postgraduate graduate programs.

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