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BBA Specialisations Offering High Paying Jobs

BBA Specialisations Offering High Paying Jobs

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Students often get confused while choosing the right specialisation in a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program. Finding the right BBA specialisation in a developing country like India can significantly change the career of the student. To know which BBA specialisation is best the student must know the skills, interest and salary options offered in the field. This article delves into the highest paying BBA specialisations in India, which will help the students decide which BBA specialisation is best for them.

BBA Specialisations Offering High Paying Jobs

Bachelor of Business Administration in a 3 or 4 year course that teaches the students management and business-related studies and creates job opportunities related to consultants, analysts, managers etc. in the field of start up and MNCs. There are several BBA specialisations which train the students in a particular field that boost the chances of getting jobs in the particular field. Some of the top BBA specialisations and the career prospects are listed below for the students to decide which BBA specialization is best.

BBA in Finance

BBA in Finance is one of the most commonly opted courses and it is one of the highest paying BBA specialisations in India. Every company requires a finance team who would handle the income and outflow of money, investments, and other financial aspects required for the functioning and development of the company. Students learn about handling the finances and learn about investment. Most of the BBA graduates in Finance opt for careers like financial analysts, investment bankers, financial consultants etc. As most of the businesses require an expert in finance to grow. The career opportunities are ample in this field. And the future prospects of this career are also high as finance will remain as a secure field. The starting salary for BBA finance graduates can range from Rs 4,50,000 to Rs 5,00,000 per annum. If the students wonder which BBA specialisation is in demand, they can opt for this.

BBA in Finance Salary Trends

Job Profile of BBA in Finance

Average Salary

Financial Analyst

Rs. 4.6 LPA

Financial Advisor

Rs. 3.7 LPA


Rs. 5.6 LPA

Marketing Executive

Rs. 6 LPA

Human Resource Manager

Rs. 6.50 LPA

BBA in Marketing

Businesses these days are growing and there are various marketing strategies involved in making these big leaps. Thus, every successful business requires high quality marketing that will help them not only grow but thrive in the high competition. This makes BBA in Marketing as one of the best BBA specialisations in India. BBA in Marketing graduates work for promoting and selling products or services offered by the company. With the arrival of digital marketing the BBA in Marketing graduates have been witnessing a strong demand making it one of the highest paying BBA specializations in India. Career options after BBA in Marketing include marketing manager, brand manager, sales manager, and digital marketer etc. The starting salary of the BBA in Marketing graduates is Rs. 4 to 7 LPA. With experience the graduates can earn much more.

BBA in Marketing Salary

Job Profile of BBA in Marketing


Marketing Manager

Rs 7,00,000

Marketing Executive

Rs 2,80,000

Brand Manager

Rs 12,00,000

Marketing Research Analyst

Rs 4,00,000

Product Manager

Rs 8,00,000

Marketing Manager

Rs 7,00,000

BBA in Human Resource Management

Students who opt for the BBA in Human Resource can work in the recruitment and management of the working individuals in a company. Every company requires human resource managers who will handle the company workers. The human resource managers work include recruitment, training and development, performance appraisal, and employee relations. The HR managers, recruitment specialists, training and development managers are some of the common job roles of the BBA HRM graduates. The salary offered to the students at a starting level is 3 to 5 LPA. The graduates find this as one of the best BBA specialisations in India.

BBA HRM Salary Trends

Job Profile of BBA in HRM


HR Executive

Rs. 2,80,096

PR Manager

Rs. 6,01,407

IT Recruiter

Rs. 3,33,333

Trainee HR Management

Rs. 1,76,568

Top BBA Colleges - Location Wise

BBA in International Business

The world has gone global with the international trends becoming viral and the products being available online. The BBA in International Business students learn global trade, foreign markets, international business communication, cross-cultural management etc. Most of the students graduating in this field work in the MNCs which makes it one of the highest paying BBA specialization in India. The BBA in International Business graduates get job roles such as international business manager, export-import manager, foreign exchange manager, and international marketing manager. The average salary of the students after graduation is around Rs 4,00,000 to Rs 6,50,000.

BBA in International Business Salary

Job Profile of BBA in International Business


Export Manager

Rs 7,00,000

International Brand Manager

Rs 9,00,000

Financial Analyst

Rs 5,00,000

International Logistics Manager

Rs 6,60,000

Marketing Manager

Rs 7,00,000

BBA in Information Technology

The world going digital has created immense opportunities for the students in the field of BBA in Information Technology. The BBA graduates in information technology handle the IT management, systems analysis, software development, and data management of the major tech companies. Being a job at a tech company makes it one of the highest paying BBA specializations in India. IT manager, systems analyst, business analyst, and IT consultant are some of the top job profiles of this specialisation. The graduates after BBA in IT earn Rs. 4,00,000 to Rs. 20,00,000 per annum.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. In which branch of BBA has more scope and salary?

BBA specialisations like finance, marketing, human resource management pays the most.

2. Which specialisation in BBA is best?

One of the top BBA specialisations is BBA in finance. Other top BBA specialisations include marketing, human resource management, international business, etc.

3. How can I get a high salary after BBA?

During the course of  BBA the students should opt for various internships and gain experience which can help them get a high paying job after BBA. 

4. Which BBA is more in demand?

BBA as an overall course is in demand, however specialisations of BBA which are in high demand include human resource management, finance, international business, marketing etc.

5. Can a BBA graduate earn 1 lakh per month?

One can earn 1 lakh per month after BBA if one has the right set of skills and talent. The students need to build a good resume and apply for high skilled jobs. 


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Hello aspirant,

Following are the name of some of the BBA colleges:

  • APC College Kolkata - Acharya Prafulla Chandra College, Kolkata
  • Adamas University, Kolkata
  • Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Kolkata Campus
  • BPPIMT - BP Poddar Institute of Management and Technology, Kolkata
  • Brainware University, Kolkata

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No, the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIM Ahmedabad) does not offer a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) course. IIM Ahmedabad is primarily known for its postgraduate and doctoral programs, particularly the Post Graduate Program in Management (PGP), which is equivalent to an MBA.

For information about other MBA colleges in India, you can go through the link below.

Masters in business law is a 2 year PG degree offered by many institutes in india.National Law School of India University, Bangalore offers this programme through distance learning where you can apply directly without giving can go for these institute if you are interested in law career

1.Amity University Noida

2.Symbiosis Law School

3.Tamil Nadu Dr. Ambedkar Law University

4.Indian Law Institute

In india llb degree is more preferable than master in law if you want to make career in law firms companies.You are not from a legal background. In such a case, it will be better to prefer an MBA from a good college/IIM’s, etc through the CAT , MAT and similar examinations.


To pursue an MBA from the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs), you need an undergraduate degree, and both CA (Chartered Accountancy) and BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) with a specialization in Financial and Investment Analysis (FIA) are viable paths.

Choosing between them depends on your interests and career aspirations. CA is a rigorous and respected qualification that provides deep expertise in accounting, taxation, and finance, which can significantly strengthen your profile for an MBA and career in finance. However, it demands substantial commitment and time.

On the other hand, BBA(FIA) offers a broader business education with a focus on financial and investment analysis, providing a balanced mix of management and finance knowledge. This can make you well-rounded and prepare you for the diverse curriculum of an MBA program. Ultimately, if you have a strong inclination towards accounting and finance and can handle the intensive nature of CA, it can be highly beneficial.

However, if you prefer a more holistic business education that covers various aspects of management, BBA(FIA) might be a better choice. Both paths have the potential to enhance your MBA application and career prospects, so choose based on your interests and strengths.

Hope this helps,

Thank you


Yes, you can still pursue B. Pharma in Telangana, Hyderabad. However, you'll need to fulfill the specific eligibility criteria and admission requirements of the colleges and universities offering B. Pharma courses. Here are some points to consider:

· Eligibility criteria: Check the eligibility criteria for B. Pharma in various colleges and universities in Telangana, Hyderabad. Some colleges may consider candidates with a non-Science background, while others may require a Science background.

· Entrance exams: Prepare for and appear in entrance exams like TS EAMCET, CBSE 12th, TSBIE, or other exams accepted by B. Pharma colleges in Telangana.

· Lateral entry: Some colleges may offer lateral entry into the second year of the B. Pharma program for candidates with an MBA or BBA degree.

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Marketing Director

A career as Marketing Director is also known as a marketing expert who is responsible for the overall marketing aspect of the company. He or she oversees plans and develops the company's budget. The marketing Director collaborates with the business team to plan and develop the marketing and branding strategies for the company's products or services. 

4 Jobs Available
Business Development Executive

Business development executives strive to achieve maximum output with minimum input. If you are good at understanding and convincing people, the career as a business development executive can be enjoyable for you. Business development executives are candidates who have been transferred to the sales from other departments. In general, Business development executives are promoted to a management position. There are plenty of work openings throughout the profession because every company requires Business development executives.

3 Jobs Available
Content Marketing Specialist

Content Marketing Specialists are also known as Content Specialists. They are responsible for crafting content, editing and developing it to meet the requirements of digital marketing campaigns. To ensure that the material created is consistent with the overall aims of a digital marketing campaign, content marketing specialists work closely with SEO and digital marketing professionals.

3 Jobs Available
Sales Manager
2 Jobs Available
Business Analyst

Individuals who opt for a career as a business analyst look at how a company operates. He or she conducts research and analyses data to improve his or her knowledge about the company. This is required so that an individual can suggest the company strategies for improving their operations and processes. Students can visit the Great Lakes Institute of Management, Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies to study Business Analytics courses. Business analyst jobs are usually done to help the company make more money, solve existing business problems and achieve its goals.

2 Jobs Available
Marketing Manager
2 Jobs Available
SEO Analyst

An SEO Analyst is a web professional who is proficient in the implementation of SEO strategies to target more keywords to improve the reach of the content on search engines. He or she provides support to acquire the goals and success of the client’s campaigns. 

2 Jobs Available
Digital Marketing Executive

Digital marketing is growing, diverse, and is covering a wide variety of career paths. Each job function aids in the development of effective digital marketing strategies and techniques. The aims and objectives of the individuals who opt for a career as a digital marketing executive are similar to those of a marketing professional: to build brand awareness, promote company services or products, and increase conversions. Individuals who opt for a career as Digital Marketing Executives, unlike traditional marketing companies, communicate effectively through suitable technology platforms.

2 Jobs Available
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