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Why BBA: Best Reasons to Choose BBA

Why BBA: Best Reasons to Choose BBA

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Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is one of the popular undergraduate business programs after class 12.The first and foremost question is why to choose BBA after 12th? Or there must be a question like why did you choose bba course if you are pursuing it right now. BBA deals with the administration and the management of business. In today’s competitive world, everyone wants to excel in their preferred field. BBA is going to help you in all the aspects of professional and personal life. The skills that you gain from the BBA course will help you in your personal life too. In the same way, an organisation's management is also run by such professionals, who are expert in managing all the tasks with great management skills. This is what BBA is going to impart in academic years.

What is a Bachelor of Business Administration?

BBA is a three year course. In these three years, you will study about the real meaning of finance, people and business. BBA course provides the basic foundation of business. If you want a desired result, You need to learn how to manage things in time. Basically, management is the science of collaborating human resources and available resources to get a meaningful result. So, BBA course deals with management and administration. A student can learn leadership skills along with a degree in BBA. You will accomplish behavioural and communication skills. This will help you in convincing the idea to the team. Handling a team with persuading skill will show the leadership quality within you. This course is designed in such a way that a student will come out as a master in business skills. Moreover, there are many reasons why BBA is important?

Why BBA course can be chosen as a career option?

  • BBA prepares students for the business world. In this fast changing world, people are experts in taking decisions within a time frame. So, why should the younger generation not be equally talented as experienced people in business. BBA gives you that much exposure to learn decision making techniques. A quick and perfect planned decision can produce tremendous success.

  • BBA imparts fundamentals of business principles.The course has the real meaning of quality, responsibility, mutuality, efficiency and freedom in an organisation. These principles are important in running a business.

  • Nowadays, Startups are growing on a large scale. BBA is literally going to deal with all aspects of business problems. This will help in achieving organisational wisdom.

  • Problem solving skills are basic in BBA courses. If any issue arises, then how you are going to handle the situation with your persuading skills, this course has a section of curriculum for that.

  • The course deals with critical and the analytical thinking. This skill is important to analyse a situation arising in the management.

  • Last but not the least, you can pursue Masters in business administration further.

Why to choose BBA after 12th?

While most of the students are perplexed in selecting the best career option. The article will explain why to choose BBA course after 12th?

Broader Business Knowledge: The courses deal with business related principles such microeconomics, macroeconomics, cost accounting and principle of accounting. This brushes up the basic concept of business management.

Better carrier options: You can explore the fields like marketing, finance and human resources. The skills like corporate etiquette, decision making and consulting is imparted, that make you suitable for multiple jobs. You can select the career that suits your interest.

Next stone for MBA: Zeal for pursuing MBA is also a reason why BBA course is important. Nowadays, MBA is attracting young minds because the recruiting agency is paying a fair package to the skilled professionals.

TOP specialisation in the BBA courses

Specialisation deals with particular sectors deeply. Hence it increases the productivity of a firm. In due course, the firm also respects your talent and pays you as per your skill. These professional options require different sets of skills. However, these are the professional options with which students can go ahead.

Future scope in India In BBA courses

BBA course is a great course. It deals with business. Further, business deals with people to people, people to business and business to business. So, customer relationship management is dealt with in the course. This includes the principles, practises an organisation follows while interacting with customers. It increases the employability in both the public and private sector. That is why do you choose bba course. Following are the domains in which BBA students can excel:

  • Finance

  • Banking

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Export companies

  • Advertising

  • Consultancy

  • Research and development

  • Digital Marketing

Careers and Job opportunity in demand generation

India is now the 5th largest economy in the world. Moreover, the Government of India has recognised 1,14,902 entities as startups in the current year. An excellent management skill is the need of the hour for the startup ecosystem. BBA courses have basic subjects that deal with strategic management. The data reveals why BBA course is important? So, there are large demands for the following posts in the private and public sectors.

HR Manager: HR manager is responsible for bridging the gap between employees and the organisation. A healthy relation between company and the employee is the key to success of business.

Finance & Accounts Executive: The executive keeps track of finance of the company. So, executives are ready to solve financial conflicts within and outside the company. This profile ensures the business is profitable.

Business Development officers: Marketing and sales are handled by BDOs. The role of BDOs is to establish and promote the brands. BDOs are the backbone of an organisation. These people have excellent persuading skills.

Business consultant: The consultant has an understanding of economics and business dynamics. So, recommendation of business consultants is important for the profitability of an organisation.

Earning or your salary depends on the skills you have gained throughout the BBA courses. There are many companies in India such as Microsoft, Accenture, L&T, IBM, Hindustan Unilever and many more offer significant packages to the candidates. So, you need to have a high command on your skills to attract a dream package. In entry level career, the package will be less compared to an experienced one. However, the average salary after degree is INR 4.5 LPA. There would be an increment after experience and promotion. After getting your dream salary, you will realise why you choose bba?


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If you are thinking to do Brand Management, you can surely go for BBA rather than opting for (// . It is going to be easier for you to continue your studies further in MBA. The chances of getting placed into a good and reputed companies is more high.

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Although there isn't a single location where you can get all of the BBA past exam questions, you can still locate them because many institutions have archives of past exam questions on their official websites. Go to the "Academics" or "Examination" section of the website for your university. Departments or programmes may be used to categorise them (BBA).

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  • Pros: Integrated program (save time), strong curriculum (business + law), industry exposure, modern facilities.
  • Cons: High fees, new university, location might not be ideal.

comparing options, and gathering more information, you can make the best decision for your future legal education.


BBA in Aviation and Tourism Management is a 3-year degree course. Different colleges/universities have different cut off for admission in this course. However, students who have completed their 12th standard in any stream from a recognised board with atleast 50% marks are eligible for admission in this course. It is advisable to check the requirements of the college you are planning to join in their official website.

Hope this information will help you. Best wishes ahead!


For admission to the BBA program at KIIT through the KIITEE 2024 exam, candidates generally need to secure a percentile that places them within the closing rank of 1561. This cutoff may vary slightly each year based on factors such as the number of applicants, exam difficulty, and available seats.

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