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List of BBA Specialisation - Courses, Top Colleges, Eligibility, Salary Trends

List of BBA Specialisation - Courses, Top Colleges, Eligibility, Salary Trends

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Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a popular undergraduate program that equips students with essential skills to thrive in the business world. Most often, students think of a bright future and opt for a BBA course after completing their class 12. However, selecting a good BBA specialization is the most important and also difficult task. Candidates need to select BBA specialization courses as per their interests. A particular BBA specialization will help students tailor their education to their specific interests and career goals. Through this article, candidates get information about the list of BBA specializations and can also check the list of colleges that offer BBA with various specializations and career opportunities. Read the complete article to know more about BBA specialization.

BBA Specialization

Apart from career interest, the selection of BBA specialization should also focus on other factors such as career and future growth. Some of the best BBA specialization courses include finance, marketing, international business, human resource management, operations management, entrepreneurship, healthcare management, retail management, hospitality and tourism management, supply chain management, etc.

BBA Top Specializations

Candidates can below check some of the best specializations for BBA along with their career opportunities:

BBA in Marketing

BBA specialization in marketing is one of the highly opted courses by students due to its high career growth. BBA in marketing allows candidates to learn different marketing subjects such as marketing management, consumer behaviour, marketing research, brand management, advertising, marketing, and sales strategies. The duration of a BBA in marketing is three years. The average BBA in marketing salary is 4 to 7 LPA.

BBA in marketing colleges in India

Below are some of the best BBA marketing colleges in India with fees:

Salary Trends of BBA in Marketing

Marketing Manager

Rs 7,00,000

Marketing Executive

Rs 2,80,000

Brand Manager

Rs 12,00,000

Marketing Research Analyst

Rs 4,00,000

Product Manager

Rs 8,00,000

BBA in Finance

Candidates who get admission to BBA finance specialization course are prepared in such a way that they create a strong foundation in financial management, economics, and business administration. BBA specialization in finance subjects is focused on the financial industry, including banking, investment, financial analysis, corporate finance, and more are covered during a course BBA in finance. The average salary offered to students who have completed finance specialization in BBA is Rs 4,50,000 to Rs 5,00,000. The aspirants have bright future in banking, investment firms, corporate finance and the department of finance.

Best BBA in Finance Colleges in India

Salary Trends of BBA in Finance

Job Profiles

Average Salary

Financial Analyst

Rs. 4.6 LPA

Financial Advisor

Rs. 3.7 LPA


Rs. 5.6 LPA

Marketing Executive

Rs. 6 LPA

Human Resource Manager

Rs. 6.50 LPA


Human resource management is one of the important parts of any organization and therefore, a large number of students table BBA in HRM admission. During the BBA specialization in human resources course, students study recruitment, training and development, career planning, performance management, employee benefit management, organizational effectiveness, employee relations, and collective bargaining. The average salary of a fresher after a BBA HR specialization ranges between 3 to 5 LPA.

BBA in HRM Colleges in India

Salary Trends of BBA in HRM

HR Executive

₹ 2,80,096

PR Manager

₹ 6,01,407

IT Recruiter

₹ 3,33,333

Trainee HR Management

₹ 1,76,568

BBA in Operations Management

Upon successful completion of BBA specialization in operations management, candidates learn various aspects of business including supply chain management, logistics, production planning, quality control, project management, and process optimization. The positions include careers as an operations manager, coordinator for logistics, and supply chain analyst. A fresher can earn somewhere between 4 to 7 LPA after completing a BBA in operations management.

Best BBA Operations Management Colleges in India

BBA Operations Management specialization colleges


School of Business, UPES Dehradun

₹10.10 Lakhs

Manav Rachna University, Faridabad

₹5.92 Lakhs

Salary Trends of BBA in Operations Management

Area Operations Manager

5 to 7 LPA

Operations Manager

4 to 6 LPA

Logistics and Supply chain Managers

4 to 6 LPA

BBA in International Business

International Business is another popular BBA specialisation considered by students. During BBA specialization in international business courses, students are provided with learning on topics like international aspects of business, including international marketing, global finance, cross-cultural management, international trade regulations, and more. Graduates with a BBA in International Business can opt for many career paths such as international marketing manager, global supply chain manager, international trade analyst, and international business consultant to attain a good understanding of global market strategies. The average salary offered to BBA in international business graduates is Rs 4,00,000 to Rs 6,50,000.

Best BBA International Business Colleges in India

BBA International Business specialization colleges


Christ University - Christ University, Bangalore

₹5.60 Lakhs

School of Business, UPES Dehradun

₹10.10 Lakhs

Sharda University

₹6.78 Lakhs

Mittal School of Business LPU Phagwara

₹6.24 Lakhs

Amity University Gurgaon

₹12 Lakhs

Salary Trends of BBA in International Business

Export Manager

Rs 7,00,000

International Brand Manager

Rs 9,00,000

Financial Analyst

Rs 5,00,000

International Logistics Manager

Rs 6,60,000

Marketing Manager

Rs 7,00,000

BBA in Digital Marketing

Undoubtedly digital marketing is one of the most emerging fields in India and around the world. Therefore, the BBA in digital marketing scope is too high and as a result, demand for BBA in digital marketing among students is increasing rapidly. During the BBA Digital Marketing course, students get a chance to improve their management skills and also get in-depth knowledge on sales conversions, analysing marketing campaigns, and developing strategies to promote their businesses using brand management, and capital innovations. The average BBA in digital marketing salary for students ranges from Rs 5,00,000 to Rs 10,00,000.

Top Digital Marketing Colleges in India

BBA Digital Marketing Specialization Colleges


School of Business, UPES Dehradun

₹10.10 Lakhs

Chitkara Business School, Patiala

₹4.10 Lakhs

Shoolini University Solan

₹6 Lakhs

ITM Navi Mumbai

₹10.95 Lakhs

MSRIM Bangalore

₹60 K

Salary Trends of BBA in Digital Marketing

SEO Expert

Rs 3,60,000

Digital Marketer

Rs 3,00,000

Content Manager

Rs 6,00,000

Social Media Manager

Rs 4,00,000

Business Marketing Manager

Rs 7,00,000

Web Analytics

Rs 3,30,000

BBA in Business Analytics

After completing BBA Business Analytics specialization, students gain knowledge on data analytics, statistics, data mining, data visualization, and more. Average BBA in business analytics salary in India is 7,00,000. There are a number of BBA in business analytics colleges in India and students can check the list of some of the top institutes below.

Top BBA Business Analytics Colleges in India

BBA Business Analytics Specialization Colleges


Chitkara Business School, Patiala

₹4.10 Lakhs

GITAM School of International Business, Visakhapatnam

₹5.97 Lakhs

KL University Business School, Guntur

₹6 Lakhs

Jindal Global Business School, Sonipat

₹13.50 Lakhs

PIMR Indore

₹4.89 Lakhs

Salary Trends for BBA in Business Analytics

Financial Analyst

Rs 4,00,000

Business Analyst

Rs 6,00,000

Big Data Analyst

Rs 6,50,000

Data Visualiser

Rs 6,00,000

Data Scientist

Rs 10,00,000

BBA in Information Technology

Aspirants choosing BBA with IT as a specialisation learn many things about IT resource management, system analysis and technology management, etc. The career positions include IT manager, architects, and business co-ordinator, etc.

BBA Specialization Eligibility in India

Candidates willing to get admission to BBA specialization 2024 course are required to meet the eligibility criteria. The eligibility criteria for each BBA specialization vary. Therefore, students are advised to check the eligibility criteria for each institute. However, candidates can below check the general eligibility criteria for BBA admission 2024.

  • Qualifying Exam- Students who have completed 10+2 in any stream from a registered educational board can apply. Many BBA Colleges conduct entrance exams.

Qualifying Marks- An aggregate of above 50 percent is required in class 12th.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. Which specialisation of BBA has more demand?

Banking and Finance are the most preferrable specialisations.

2. Is there a bright career for BBA HR specialisation?

Yes, BBA HR specialisation offers good opportunities.


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You can definitely pursue a Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) after completing your 12th in Arts. There's no restriction on the stream you studied in 12th grade for pursuing BBM.

Many colleges and universities offer BBM programs open to students from all backgrounds. The course focuses on developing business and management skills, which can be acquired irrespective of your previous academic stream.

So, if you're interested in a career in business and management, BBM is a viable option for you.

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Marketing Director

A career as Marketing Director is also known as a marketing expert who is responsible for the overall marketing aspect of the company. He or she oversees plans and develops the company's budget. The marketing Director collaborates with the business team to plan and develop the marketing and branding strategies for the company's products or services. 

4 Jobs Available
Business Development Executive

Business development executives strive to achieve maximum output with minimum input. If you are good at understanding and convincing people, the career as a business development executive can be enjoyable for you. Business development executives are candidates who have been transferred to the sales from other departments. In general, Business development executives are promoted to a management position. There are plenty of work openings throughout the profession because every company requires Business development executives.

3 Jobs Available
Content Marketing Specialist

Content Marketing Specialists are also known as Content Specialists. They are responsible for crafting content, editing and developing it to meet the requirements of digital marketing campaigns. To ensure that the material created is consistent with the overall aims of a digital marketing campaign, content marketing specialists work closely with SEO and digital marketing professionals.

3 Jobs Available
Sales Manager
2 Jobs Available
Business Analyst

Individuals who opt for a career as a business analyst look at how a company operates. He or she conducts research and analyses data to improve his or her knowledge about the company. This is required so that an individual can suggest the company strategies for improving their operations and processes. Students can visit the Great Lakes Institute of Management, Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies to study Business Analytics courses. Business analyst jobs are usually done to help the company make more money, solve existing business problems and achieve its goals.

2 Jobs Available
Marketing Manager
2 Jobs Available
SEO Analyst

An SEO Analyst is a web professional who is proficient in the implementation of SEO strategies to target more keywords to improve the reach of the content on search engines. He or she provides support to acquire the goals and success of the client’s campaigns. 

2 Jobs Available
Digital Marketing Executive

Digital marketing is growing, diverse, and is covering a wide variety of career paths. Each job function aids in the development of effective digital marketing strategies and techniques. The aims and objectives of the individuals who opt for a career as a digital marketing executive are similar to those of a marketing professional: to build brand awareness, promote company services or products, and increase conversions. Individuals who opt for a career as Digital Marketing Executives, unlike traditional marketing companies, communicate effectively through suitable technology platforms.

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