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What Types of Questions are Asked in BBA Entrance Exams?

What Types of Questions are Asked in BBA Entrance Exams?

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One of the popular undergraduate Business and Management courses in India is BBA. Students who want to get admission into the top BBA programs must clear entrance examinations. BBA entrance exams in India test the students' understanding of aptitude and skills that are required in management studies. The general knowledge questions for BBA entrance exams are also important for the students. This article discusses what types of questions are asked in BBA entrance examinations, top BBA entrance exam pattern.

What Types of Questions are Asked in BBA Entrance Exams?
What Types of Questions are Asked in BBA Entrance Exams?

What Types of Questions are Asked in BBA Entrance Exams?

Though there are multiple BBA entrance examinations conducted, each of these tests the candidates on similar topics. The students must prepare for these BBA entrance exam topics thoroughly to score maximum marks in most of the BBA entrance examinations. Some of the common entrance exam topics are.

  • Quantitative Aptitude

  • Logical Reasoning

  • Verbal Communication

  • General Knowledge

  • Data Interpretation

Quantitative Aptitude

The Quantitative aptitude of an BBA entrance exam tests the student's mathematical skills and numerical abilities. The students must prepare for basic mathematical questions such as percentage, profit loss, number system, solving equations etc. Along with that the students must also practice doing statistics questions which are commonly asked. The students must focus not only on the accuracy of the answer but the time consumptions in these questions. The students must understand the basic concepts behind each problem. Solving the BBA entrance exam previous year question papers can be really helpful. Some of the most commonly asked topics for the BBA entrance exam are:

Number Theory

Square Roots and Cube roots

Fraction and Decimals


Ratio and Proportion

Profit And Loss

Data Interpretation

Commercial Math

Data Sufficiency Test

Surds and Indices


Mensuration Area



Quantitative Comparison

Data Comparison

Compound and Simple Interest




Eg) If the price of a commodity increases by 25%, by what percentage must a consumer reduce consumption so that the expenditure on the commodity remains constant?

Logical Reasoning

LR or Logical reasoning is a very important portion in almost all entrance examinations including the BBA entrance exams. The students must understand questions such as sequence and series, analogies and logical puzzles. The students must also understand questions of blood relations. These questions might look easy, but they can be tricky at times and sometimes the answer that we usually assume, may be different from the real answer. The students practised these questions thoroughly and took that time in the exam while solving these questions by reading the question carefully. The topics that are usually touched upon are:

Data Arrangement Test

Data Sufficiency Test

Statement Conclusion

Mathematical Operations

Statement Arguments

Coding & Decoding

Time Sequence

Classification (Odd Man Out) Test

Insert Missing Sequence Test

Relationship Test

Logical Diagram (Venn Diagram)

Number Test

Eg) Find the next image/number in a given series.

Verbal Communication

For the admissions into BBA colleges many colleges set an eligibility criterion of English fluency. That is why most of the BBA entrance examinations test the fluency of English in the students. For preparing for verbal communication the students should prepare comprehension questions, develop their vocabulary and focus on grammar. The students can do so by reading newspapers and magazines. Along with that they must refer to grammar textbooks and questions. The common areas in which questions are usually asked are:

Reading Comprehension


Idioms and Phrases

Fill in the Blanks

Rearrangement of words in sentences and paragraphs

Spotting errors, spelling errors and checking for inappropriate usage of words

Para Completion

Antonym, Synonym, Confusing Words

Idioms and Phrases


General Knowledge

GK is a common section asked in many entrance examinations including the BBA entrance exams. In general knowledge questions the students must prepare about the current events and especially economic and financial terminologies. The students can stay updated with the news by using their free time in researching general knowledge. The students must make note of the various important events that have taken place in the past year. Some topics that the students can focus on are:

Business and General Awareness

Computer Science

Trade awareness of the world and India



Economic Study

Current Affairs

General polity


Data Interpretation

Most of the BBA entrance examinations test the students on data interpretation questions. These questions test the student’s problem-solving abilities. These include bar graphs, pie charts, tables etc. the most important advice in this section would be to solve the BBA entrance exam previous year question papers.

Paper Pattern of Top BBA Entrance Exams

Candidates can benefit by analysing the top BBA entrance exam question patterns to understand what types of questions are asked in BBA entrance exams. To make the work easier, we have curated the top BBA entrance exams and the different types of questions that are asked in these.


As per CUET BBA exam pattern, the exam test the student's general knowledge current affairs, general knowledge abilities, quantitative reasoning, logical and analytical reasonings. Most of the colleges take the general test marks for admissions. However, some colleges also ask the students to appear the domain section. The domain test for CUET BBA entrance exam is mathematics and business studies. The students are advised to opt for English as the language because most of the colleges except English for their merit calculation. The students must note that 5 marks will be awarded for correct answer and one mark will be deducted for a wrong answer.


The Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University conducts a common entrance test for BBA. To qualify GGSIPU BBA exam, the students need to prepare English comprehension, general knowledge, logical reasoning and aptitude related to the field of management and communication. The students must note that they will be awarded 4 marks for each correct answer and one mark will be deducted for each wrong answer.


The Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies conducts BBA entrance exam once a year. According to the NPAT BBA exam pattern, there are 120 questions, and the duration of the exam is 100 minutes. The students are checked on the basis of their proficiency of English language which consists of 40 questions. Along with that there are quantitative and numerical abilities and reasoning and general awareness questions which are 40 each. The students are awarded one mark for each correct answer and there is no negative marking in this BBA entrance exam.


The Symbiosis University entrance examination is conducted to test the students for BBA admission. This Symbiosis BBA entrance exam consists of 150 questions out of which 40 are from English, quantitative, and general knowledge each. The other 30 questions are analytical and logical reasoning. The students must note that there is no negative marking for wrong answers. The duration of the test is 150 minutes.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. How to prepare for BBA entrance exams?

To prepare for baby entrance exams the students must first know the syllabus and then solve as many questions as possible along with the previous year question papers.

2. What subjects are there in the BBA entrance exam?

The BBA entrance exam usually tests the student's quantitative abilities, logical reasoning, English abilities, general knowledge and data interpretation.

3. Which type of questions come in BBA entrance exams?

BBA entrance exams are usually MCQ questions which test the students logical reasoning abilities, English and quantitative abilities.

4. Which entrance exam is best for BBA?

The  BBA entrance examinations are CUET UG, GGSIPU CET, IPMAT, SET, NPAT.

5. Can I study BBA without entrance examination?

Many of the colleges take in BBA students without conducting entrance examination and only on the basis of merit or personal interviews.


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Hello Aspirant , Hope your doing great . As per your query , the age limit for BBA in SNGIST is 17 to 25 years .

Hello aspirant,

Following are the name of some of the BBA colleges:

  • APC College Kolkata - Acharya Prafulla Chandra College, Kolkata
  • Adamas University, Kolkata
  • Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Kolkata Campus
  • BPPIMT - BP Poddar Institute of Management and Technology, Kolkata
  • Brainware University, Kolkata

For more information you can visit our website by clicking on the link given below.

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Hope this information helps you.

No, the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIM Ahmedabad) does not offer a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) course. IIM Ahmedabad is primarily known for its postgraduate and doctoral programs, particularly the Post Graduate Program in Management (PGP), which is equivalent to an MBA.

For information about other MBA colleges in India, you can go through the link below.

Masters in business law is a 2 year PG degree offered by many institutes in india.National Law School of India University, Bangalore offers this programme through distance learning where you can apply directly without giving can go for these institute if you are interested in law career

1.Amity University Noida

2.Symbiosis Law School

3.Tamil Nadu Dr. Ambedkar Law University

4.Indian Law Institute

In india llb degree is more preferable than master in law if you want to make career in law firms companies.You are not from a legal background. In such a case, it will be better to prefer an MBA from a good college/IIM’s, etc through the CAT , MAT and similar examinations.


To pursue an MBA from the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs), you need an undergraduate degree, and both CA (Chartered Accountancy) and BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) with a specialization in Financial and Investment Analysis (FIA) are viable paths.

Choosing between them depends on your interests and career aspirations. CA is a rigorous and respected qualification that provides deep expertise in accounting, taxation, and finance, which can significantly strengthen your profile for an MBA and career in finance. However, it demands substantial commitment and time.

On the other hand, BBA(FIA) offers a broader business education with a focus on financial and investment analysis, providing a balanced mix of management and finance knowledge. This can make you well-rounded and prepare you for the diverse curriculum of an MBA program. Ultimately, if you have a strong inclination towards accounting and finance and can handle the intensive nature of CA, it can be highly beneficial.

However, if you prefer a more holistic business education that covers various aspects of management, BBA(FIA) might be a better choice. Both paths have the potential to enhance your MBA application and career prospects, so choose based on your interests and strengths.

Hope this helps,

Thank you

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