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CAT Introduction - Practice Questions & MCQ

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Identify which of the following is a whole number?

Every rational number is:

Which of the following statement is true?

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A quilt is formed by sewing many different pieces of fabric together. The pieces can vary in color, size, and shape. The combinations of different kinds of pieces provide for an endless possibility of patterns. Much like the pieces of fabric, mathematicians distinguish among different types of numbers. The kinds of numbers in an expression provide for an endless possibility of outcomes. You have already studied counting numbers, whole numbers, and integers. In this chapter, we will learn about other types of numbers and their properties.

Does the term “real numbers” seem strange to you? Are there any numbers that are not “real”, and, if so, what could they be? For centuries, the only numbers people knew about were what we now call the real numbers. Then mathematicians discovered the set of imaginary numbers. You won't encounter imaginary numbers in this course, but you will later on in your studies of algebra.

In our day to day life we deal with different types of numbers which can be broady classified as:

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