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CAT Corresponding Angle Axioms - Practice Questions & MCQ

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If n is parallel to m and ∠1=90°, then measure of ∠2 is also 90°.  

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Corresponding Angle Axioms

In previious concept, we have learnt and named some pairs of angles formed when a transversal intersects two lines. Now, let us find out the relation between the angles in these pairs when when line AB is parallel to line CD.

Axiom 3 : If a transversal intersects two parallel lines, then each pair of corresponding angles is equal.

Thus, whenever line AB parallel to CD are cut by a transversal t, then ∠1 = ∠5,  ∠4 = ∠8,  ∠2 = ∠6 and ∠3 = ∠7.

Axiom 4 (converse of axiom 3): If a transversal intersects two lines such that a pair of corresponding angles is equal, then the two lines are parallel to each other.

i.e. if a transversal t cuts two lines AB and CD such that  (∠1 = ∠5) or (∠4 = ∠8)  or (∠2 = ∠6) or (∠3 = ∠7) then, AB is parallel to CD.

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