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IIFT 2024: Last Week Preparation and Exam Day Tips

IIFT 2024: Last Week Preparation and Exam Day Tips

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IIFT 2024 Last Minute and Exam Day Tips - Exact planning and preparation hold the key to success in IIFT 2024. It is likely for candidates to be on their nerves and feel anxious during IIFT 2024 preparation. But none can benefit from the apprehensive behavior. Hence candidates are advised to stay composed and avoid stressing their brain cells for better performance in the IIFT 2024.

In this article on IIFT 2024 tips and tricks, Careers360 aims at providing the strategies to be followed by candidates. Along with that, we will also highlight the exam day tips which are beneficial for candidates if followed uncompromisingly. IIFT is a national-level entrance exam that is conducted by the National Testing Agency on behalf of the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade.

IIFT 2024: Tips to Remember Before Exam

For the year 2024, IIFT is scheduled to be conducted in the first week of December tentatively. Apart from following a dedicated attitude to studying, candidates should also ensure that they follow a proper sleep pattern. Since IIFT is considered to be a lengthy test, along with accuracy, speed plays an equivalent role. Candidates are advised to follow the given basic instructions of IIFT 2024 -

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  • Be thorough with Basics

  • Quickly Analyze the Major Topics

  • Self Introspect Through Mock Test

  • Manage Time of the D Day

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Be thorough with Basics

Candidates are advised to quickly scan the basics of IIFT syllabus 2024. No new topic should be touched on. Remember that in the last two days before 2024, excellence cannot be attained without revising the basics. Only revise the topics which are already covered. Go through the basic strategies and revise them.

Quickly Analyze the Major Topics

At an earlier stage in IIFT: Last Month Preparation Strategy, candidates were advised to make sticky notes/flashcards and mark all major topics for the IIFT 2024 quick preparation. Flip through the concepts of major topics and revise them. In IIFT 2024 managing time will be of utmost importance. Knowing the right set of questions to answer will be of great help if candidates have covered all the major topics covering maximum accurate questions.

Quick Link-

IIFT Time Management Strategy

Self Introspect Through Mock Test

One of the best ways to gauge the performance level of oneself would be to appear in mock tests. The mock test of IIFT 2024 will also be similar to the IIFT 2024 paper pattern. Hence, candidates must know how to answer questions accurately within the given time frame.

Manage Time of the D Day

Deciding on the average time per question in advance is of utmost importance. In the IIFT 2024 last two days, while solving mock tests or sample papers candidates must decide an average time to be spent on one question so that other questions are not a stake or compromised.

IIFT 2024 Exam Day Tips

  • Be on Time and Check Seating Arrangements

  • Follow Invigilators Instructions

  • Read Questions and Answer Carefully

  • Don’t Panic and Remember the Art of Leaving

Be on Time and Check Seating Arrangements

One of the major IIFT 2024: Exam Day Tips is to be on time. Candidates should reach the exam centre as per the time details mentioned on their IIFT admit card 2024. Being on time gives an added advantage as candidates can check their seating arrangements without hassle/chaos. Moreover, any additional stressful situation can be avoided. However, candidates should be careful and not get indulged in unnecessary discussion with fellow candidates regarding how much is prepared or such.

Follow Invigilators Instructions

When in the exam hall of IIFT 2024 exam centre, the person there to assist is the invigilator. Candidates must make sure that they listen to and follow the instructions of the invigilator. In case of any query related to system allotment, rough sheets, working of a computer system or any other thing, candidates should directly speak to the invigilators.

Read Questions and Answer Carefully

Reading carefully and then answering is one of the major IIFT 2024: Exam Day Tips which is to be strictly followed by all candidates. Marking questions abruptly may end up in deducted marks as IIFT 2024 exam pattern also has a negative marking option. Do not struggle to understand lengthy questions if they are out of reach in one go. If candidates are left with additional time in the end they may tend to solve such lengthy or time taking questions.

Don’t Panic and Remember the Art of Leaving

In any MBA entrance exam, be it IIFT 2024 or any other panicking is no option. If candidates do not know the answer to any question, they should move on to the next question instead of complicating the situation. As part of one of the major IIFT 2024: Exam Day Tips, candidates are advised to remember the art of leaving a question if the answer is unknown. Do not answer wrongly just for the sake of assumption as it may attract a negative score and lower the results.

IIFT 2024 Last Minute and Exam Day Tips

Apart from all the points mentioned above candidates must also ensure that they follow the given points -

  • Visit the exam centre in advance

  • Follow social distancing

  • Wear masks to avoid any contact

  • Get a hard copy of IIFT admit card

  • Be calm and composed


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Yes, there are integrated BBA-MBA programs offered by IIM Indiore. These programs are designed for students who want to pursue a management education right after completing their 12th grade. The entrance exam for this is IPMAT. As for IIFT, they have their own entrance exam called IIFT Entrance Exam.

Hope this helps,

Thank you

Hello Aspirant

IIFT is one of the premiere institutes in the country. The institute is well known for comprehensive programs, placements and hefty packages. Short answer, full time MBA from IIFT would be a good idea.

Indeed, it is conceivable, yet it will be very troublesome. You get focused on a variety on the off chance that you're a non-engineer.

Ensure you have an exceptionally high percentile.

Business colleges like FMS don't consider your school marks. A portion of the other business colleges gives less weightage to your past scholastics. IIIFT doesn't give a lot of weightage to past scholastics.

You might decide to get some work insight before applying as that will help your profile.

By the day's end, assuming you get a high percentile, that by itself will do the trick to get you a meeting call. At the point when inside the room, it is up to you to persuade the specialists that you have a place there in that business college.

Dear aspirant,

I would like to request you to kindly mention your category because that can also be the reason for your shortlisting as you would have cleared the category wise cut off .

But if you are from general category i would advise you kindly prepare for your pi very sincerely because that's the eliminating round where maximum candidates suffer rejection. Even high percentile scorers suffer rejection.

Hello aspirant,

Yes you are eligible for IIFT in terms of education qualification and need to meet other eligibility criteria. Eligibility criteria that candidates must have minimum 50 percentage (45 percentage for reservation category candidates) in Graduation from a recognised College or University.

Students must have been resident outside India, for a period of not less than 18 months as on 31 st December, 2021 & should be outside India during IIFT exam.

Alao they are requested to submit a certificate from the Indian Embassy or High Commission.

To get more information about IIFT go through below mentioned link.

Hope this information was helpful to you.

Best of Luck!!

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