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An interaction with Avishek Paul pursuing MBA from IIT Roorkee

An interaction with Avishek Paul pursuing MBA from IIT Roorkee

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Established in 1847, Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee is one of the most prestigious and top colleges of India. Popularly known as IIT Roorkee, the institute offers 134 online courses, 1 part time course and 96 full-time courses, out of which 23 courses are offered at the undergraduate level, 53 courses are offered at the postgraduate level and 20 courses are offered at the doctoral level. Known for engineering programmes, IIT Roorkee MBA programme is one of the prominent courses. Careers360 brings you an interview with Avishek Paul who is pursuing MBA from IIT Roorkee. He shared all his experiences regarding the IIT Roorkee admission process, campus lifestyle, placements and all important points that an aspirant must want to know. To know all about IIT Roorkee MBA, read the full interview below.

An interaction with Avishek Paul pursuing MBA from IIT Roorkee
An interaction with Avishek Paul pursuing MBA from IIT Roorkee

Careers360: Tell us something about yourself.

Avishek Paul: I am currently an IIT Roorkee MBA student. I have work experience for about 34 months before joining the prestigious institute. Before that, I completed my bachelor's in technology in Mechanical Engineering. During my bachelor years, I was active in several leading positions. I was also interested in public speaking and entrepreneurship, which earned me several laurels. After having worked for a few years, it dawned on me that not having a management degree would only dampen my chances of reaching the pinnacle of success. I thus appeared for the CAT examination and entered one of my dream colleges, IIT Roorkee.
I am currently a part of 2 committees and have bagged four live projects. I will be going on to my summer internship next month and am all pumped up! Well, that is all about myself for the time being!

Careers360: What is the course you are currently pursuing? Please give details

Avishek Paul: Currently, I am pursuing a Master of Business Administration course here. It is an 8-term course, where each term consists of 8 weeks and is fast-paced. One would have to be always on his toes. It teaches us well about the corporate world, where everything has to be done on short notice. The program offers you a dual degree which helps you have a more holistic understanding of all the facets of management. Students also have several events almost every week, which allows them to connect more with industry professionals and thus leave their mark and help the students grow. The faculties of the department are outstanding, and the pedagogy doesn't just include case studies, unlike other colleges across the nation. We have a very smooth balance of case studies and theory, which helps you learn and implement the concepts best.

Careers360: What were the factors that made you choose IIT Roorkee?

Avishek Paul: Since pursuing an MBA degree, IIT Roorkee was a clear out-and-out choice for me. I had also converted several IIMs and other well-known private colleges, which rank pretty high in the NIRF rankings, but IIT Roorkee added more value to me than all others. First, I have always been inclined towards a smaller batch size. A smaller batch size means better student connections and a better student-teacher relationship. The same is really in effect here. Almost all the teachers know all the students by their names and are personally connected with them to help them grow. Next, the dual degree was another thing that had me thinking, as in this fast-paced world, every manager has to take care of several aspects of the business sooner or later. The earlier we would be aware of the number of departments, the better for us.
Another thing that was of utmost importance was the ROI of the institute, it's one of the best in the industry. You just have to pay around ten lakhs, and the average package per the last batch has touched as high as 18.34lpa, with the highest being 27.94lpa! So, this college is surely one of the best colleges when it comes to ROI. There are other benefits that it would take all day to discuss the advantages; some of them are the brand image, value, and recall of an institute like IIT, the infrastructure, the location advantage, the 175 years of rich history, and much more.
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Careers360: What were the challenges you faced during the initial days after admissions?

Avishek Paul: A few challenges I faced were mainly adjusting to a new place where it takes time to get familiar with the new environment and get into a completely different timetable. When you start your MBA journey, you learn more about unlearning and getting used to an entirely different lifestyle where you will handle many club and committee work at the same time. When I was selected for one of the clubs and committees, I was not very comfortable in doing many tasks and work which I was not familiar with. I made a few mistakes along the way , but the seniors were supportive and very helpful throughout it and helped me learn a lot which might come handy in today’s business world.

Careers360: Can you throw some light on the clubs, committees, and extracurricular activities that are offered at your institute? Which ones are you part of and what made you choose them?

Avishek Paul: Starting with clubs and committees that MBA candidates entirely run, We have a different club that mainly focuses on Operation, HR, Marketing, Analytics,Finance, and many others. These clubs focus on their core domain and conduct sessions that help them get in-depth knowledge about their domain. Moving onto the committee part, We have MEDIA & PR, COMPETITION, COMPARING, IARC, and others that handle all the promotion, guest lectures, and preparing students for their future. Apart from this we also have Several CENTRAL clubs where a mix of students come to take part in. These clubs and committees are handled by students from B.Tech,, and even Ph.D. are part of. It gives you an advantage over other B-schools as you not only hang out with your MBA colleagues but also students from different areas of expertise.
Talking about me, I am a part of the Himalayan Explorer Club, where we organise treks throughout the year to experience the snow-capped Himalayas. I choose this club because you get to train with the best of trekkers and interact with people with different sets of skills and expertise. And one thing unique about this club is that we travel almost twice a month outside our campus, which teaches us management skills like negotiation and planning. And while we are on a trek you learn the art of managing people and learn from them. Being on the trek with other students on those mountains helps you make personal contacts and also interact with many other seniors, or even researchers or scholars on campus.

Careers360: Describe a typical day at the institute. What do you do from the time you wake up till you go to sleep?

Avishek Paul: A typical day would start at around 8 in the morning. I would freshen up and rush to the mess to have my breakfast. Once done, I would run to the class starting at nine and typically continue till 12. We would return to our rooms, have lunch, and then rest as the next class would begin around 3. We would then have classes till 5. Done with the classes, now is the time one would explore. Sometimes I would go to the beautiful Saraswati Mandir or run at the Lal Bahadur Shastri stadium, which is large enough to conduct international events! Or I may decide to chill out with friends in the canteen or MAC. Having a solid 2.5 to 3 hours of entertainment, I would return to the mess and have dinner. After dinner, most of the time, we would gather in one of our friend’s rooms and discuss the case studies at hand or might be on the assignment for the next day. If it's a holiday the next day, most of us would be in SAC or MAC enjoying our favourite sports like table tennis, squash, or badminton!

Careers360: Tell us about the faculty-student ratio here and about the teacher-student relationship as per your understanding.

Avishek Paul: The Department of Management Studies (DoMS) at IIT Roorkee has a faculty-student ratio of approximately 1:3, which allows for a more personalised and interactive learning experience for students. The smaller class sizes results in an excellent faculty-student ratio which enables the faculty to provide individual attention and guidance to students, which helps them in their academic and personal development. Moreover, students can interact more freely with their professors, discuss their ideas, and clarify their doubts, enhancing their learning experience. Overall, an excellent faculty-student ratio contributes significantly to the student's success. At IIT Roorkee DoMS, the faculty-student ratio is one factor that makes it an excellent institution for pursuing management education.

Careers360: What facilities are provided by the institute to the students?

Avishek Paul: IIT Roorkee provides its students with many facilities to ensure a comfortable and enriching college experience. The campus is spread over 365 acres and has modern facilities and infrastructure. One of the essential facilities provided by IIT Roorkee is its excellent library. The Central Library at IIT Roorkee is one of the country's largest and most comprehensive libraries, with a collection of over 2,00,000 books, journals, and other resources. The library is open 24/7, and students can access various digital resources. In addition to the library, IIT Roorkee has state-of-the-art labs and research facilities, allowing students to conduct cutting-edge research and explore their interests. The institute provides access to advanced equipment and software essential for research in various fields.
The campus is fully equipped with modern hostels that provide comfortable and safe accommodations to students. The hostels are spacious, well-ventilated, and equipped with all the necessary amenities. The institute offers separate hostels for boys and girls, and each hostel has a resident warden to ensure that the students are safe and comfortable. IIT Roorkee facilities also has a range of sports facilities, including an Olympic-size swimming pool, a football field, a cricket ground, a basketball court, and a gymnasium. Students can participate in various sports activities and tournaments throughout the year. Moreover, IIT Roorkee also has a range of dining facilities that provide nutritious and hygienic food to students. There are several canteens and messes around the campus that serve a variety of cuisines, including vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.
Overall, IIT Roorkee provides its students with all the necessary facilities to ensure a comfortable and enriching college experience. The institute is committed to providing high-quality education and creating an environment that fosters student growth and development

Careers360: How good are your hostels in terms of comfort, facilities, and cleanliness?

Avishek Paul: IIT Roorkee hostels are well-known for their comfort, facilities, and cleanliness. Hostels provide students with a safe, comfortable, and convenient living environment. There are separate hostels for boys and girls, and each hostel has a resident warden to ensure that the students are safe and comfortable. The hostels have modern amenities like Wi-Fi connectivity, 24/7 power backup, and round-the-clock security. The rooms are spacious, well-ventilated, and equipped with all the necessary furniture and utilities, such as a study table, chair, cupboard, bed, etc. The hostel also provides common facilities such as laundry, a TV room, a recreational room, etc., where students can relax and interact with their peers. The hostels are kept clean and hygienic, and the cleaning staff ensures that the washrooms, common areas, and corridors are regularly cleaned and maintained. The hostel authorities also conduct regular inspections to ensure the facilities are in good condition and promptly address any issues.
Moreover, the mess and canteen facilities at IIT Roorkee are well-known for providing nutritious and hygienic food to students. The kitchen is well equipped with modern technology to prepare food for students, and the student also suggests a menu to provide students with a balanced and healthy diet. The mess and canteens serve a variety of cuisines, including vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. The hostels at IIT Roorkee are well-maintained and provide students with a comfortable and convenient living environment. The facilities are modern and maintain cleanliness at a high level. The institute is committed to providing a comfortable living environment for its students, and the hostels are a testament to this commitment.

Careers360: How do you balance your studies, projects, exams, and other activities?

Avishek Paul: Balancing studies, projects, exams, and other activities can be challenging for any MBA student. However, it is possible to manage all these responsibilities effectively with the right strategies and habits. Planning our schedule helps us track all the assignments, projects, and other activities. We try to keep a proper schedule for all activities. The entire day we are busy with classwork which includes lectures and presentations and in the evening, we involve ourselves in doing our homework and preparing for the next day. While some students attend SAC and MAC to meet our colleagues to discuss competitions and extracurricular activities to take part in. But nights are usually the time for badminton, where most students go to SAC and chill out with each other, or you can hang around the THOMSON Building, which looks stunning at night.
Like any other student, exam preparation usually starts a week before the exams, and somehow we do have a blast doing it and studying all night in the library with our friends and going out for occasional snacks & walks. And honestly, it’s not about creating a balance; it's more about prioritising essential things at the right time

Careers360: What are the popular hangouts at the institute? What, according to you, are the most-visited places nearby?

Avishek Paul: Well, inside the institute, there are a lot of great places to hang out. You can spend your evening planning the next birthday party in the beautiful Bhawan canteens-New Vigran Kunj tops on my list. If you are into star gazing, take your friends to the star-gazing club terrace in SAC. And If you are a foodie, welcome to MAC, where you would have the CCD and the Subway among the other stores. There is a place for everyone inside the campus.

Going outside the campus, you can look out for many things. The most popular is the Ganga Canal, where you just sit on the stair in the evening and enjoy the cool breeze, and you can even take a dip in the water if you like. "Are you someone who loves having chaap?". Great, go for Amritsari chaap. Prakash Sweets will do away with your sudden desires if you are a sweet tooth like me. For non-veg lovers, you got Punjabi dhaba, Desi Tadka, Tanishaa, and many others! Well, I understand there is much more than just food that people hang out at! You have an excellent marketplace right outside the campus, where you can meet all your needs for every item you might need and if you want to travel somewhere near Roorkee, you can plan cycling to Haridwar or Rishikesh, and if you are a mountain person, you even take a Road Trip to Dehradun or Mussoorie.

Careers360: How do you spend your leisure time on campus?

Avishek Paul: Inside the campus, there are a lot of places we can hang out at. If you want to play your heart out, Student’s Club is your place. If you want a quick snack and to hang out with friends, go to MAC, where you can sip hot and cold Coffee at CCD at less than half their rates. Most of the shops and canteen provide food at a subsidised rate, IITR Advantage but then a few students will love spending time with books, and MGCL or SAC would be the best place to discuss with your friends. And did we miss the Archives, or call it a Museum if you want. It's a beautiful place within the library, which stores ancient scriptures and then again, canteens are always a go-to place. Perfect for eating and hanging out with friends and then enjoying wide open space with greenery all around at ABN & LBH grounds, where you might forget the time while you are with your friends. Sit over there, and watch as students practise football and hockey. You have many productive things to do on campus, as every day feels full and exciting in an IIT.

Careers360: What are the internships like? How do students prepare for them and how beneficial do you think they are?

Avishek Paul: IIT Roorkee DoMS offers its students a wide range of internships, which are an integral part of our academic curriculum. These internships allow students to gain practical knowledge and hands-on experience in their field of study. To prepare for internships, We have different committees that conduct workshops, training sessions, and mock interviews to help students improve their skills and prepare for the internship selection process. They also help in resume building and guides how to approach companies for internships. There is a competition committee at DoMS that organises various competitions that help students showcase their skills and get exposure to the industry. These competitions include case study, hackathons, and business plan competitions.
Apart from these committees, DoMS at IIT Roorkee has several student clubs focusing on different management areas. These clubs organise events, workshops, and guest lectures, providing students with valuable insights and exposure to various management aspects. For instance, the Business Management Analytics Club (BMA) focuses on analytics and data-driven decision-making, while the Marketing Club (MarkIIT) focuses on marketing and advertising strategies. The Management Consulting Club (MCC) helps students develop consulting skills and provides exposure to the consulting industry. Similarly, we also have Finance and HR clubs focused on financial knowledge and human resource management skills, and the Operations Club focuses on operations management.
Overall, internships at IIT Roorkee DoMS allow students to gain practical experience and apply their theoretical knowledge in real-world situations. The preparation committee, competition committee, and student clubs help students prepare for internships, develop essential skills, and get exposure to different management aspects, making the internships highly beneficial.

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Careers360: Please give details on the recruitment process at the campus. Can you specify the recruiters that visit the campus? Also, what are the roles that students get placed in?

Avishek Paul: The recruitment process involves the central placement cell at the institute level and more importantly the Placement Committee at the department level tasked with giving all the updates related to placement and making sure the student is doing it properly. Candidates are encouraged to avail themselves of all the opportunities offered by both of the cells.

  • Accenture Strategy, Adani, Bank of America, Barclays, Bristlecone, Cognizant, CyberTech, Dell Technologies, Deloitte, EXL, EY, GAIL, HCL, Godrej, IBM, HDFC, ICICI, Infosys, Morgan Stanley, Paytm, Vedanta, Whirlpool, and several other companies are prominent recruiters.
  • Marketing recruiters offered profiles including Management Trainee, Product Manager, Product Specialist, Relationship Manager, Business Development, Area Sales Manager.
  • Recruiters also offered coveted finance profiles in fields like Financial Risk Advisory, Financial Operations, Financial Analyst, Senior Auditor.
  • For General Management the offered profiles included Management Trainee, Accelerated Leader, Young Leaders Program, Assistant Manager.
  • Recruiters from the Operations, IT, and Analytics domains offered SAP Consultant, Operations Analyst, Data Analyst.

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Careers360: Can you give details of the placement statistics of the last batch?

Avishek Paul: Our latest batch at DoMS, IIT Roorkee have performed extremely well in terms of placements. They achieved an average CTC of 18.34 LPA, with the highest CTC being 27.94 LPA and the median CTC being 18.09 LPA.
47% of our students received Pre-Placement Offers (PPOs). It is worth mentioning that 33% of the batch secured positions in Operations, IT, and Analytics domains, with an average salary of 19.36 LPA. 24% of the batch were placed in the General Management domain, with an average salary of 18.39 LPA. The Marketing domain provided placements to 29% of the batch, with an average salary of 18.29 LPA. Lastly, 14% of the batch received offers in the Finance domain with an average salary of 15.98 LPA. respectively. The outstanding feats achieved by our students reify the fact that they have made full use of their learning experiences here at DoMS, IIT Roorkee – thanks to our faculty and exemplary curriculum – which has enabled them to land substantial posts in large organisations across industries like Finance, Technology and Marketing among others!

Careers360: What kind of support do students get from the alumni base of the institute?

Avishek Paul: The alumni base of IIT Roorkee is an extensive network of successful professionals who are committed to supporting their alma mater and helping current students in any way possible. The alumni of IIT Roorkee are spread across the globe, and they are actively involved in various initiatives and activities that support the institute and its students. One of the main ways the alums support the students is through mentoring and career guidance. Many alums offer their time and expertise to mentor current students and help them in their career paths. They provide guidance on different areas, from industry trends to job opportunities and career paths, and help students build their professional network.
Apart from mentoring, the alums also contribute to the institute's development by providing financial support for various initiatives such as scholarships, infrastructure development, research projects, and student activities. They also help organise various events, guest lectures, and workshops that give students valuable insights and industry exposure.

Moreover, the alumni of IIT Roorkee also provide internship and job opportunities to current students. Many alums are in senior positions in various organisations, and they often reach out to the institute's placement cell to recruit students from their alma mater. This helps the students in getting excellent job opportunities and exposure to various industries.
The alumni base of IIT Roorkee provides significant support to current students regarding mentoring, career guidance, financial assistance, and job opportunities. Their vast experience and expertise offer valuable insights to the students and help them build successful careers.

Disclaimer: This content was distributed by IIT Roorkee and has been published as part of Careers360’s marketing initiative.


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Candidates must have passed the class 12th or equivalent examination with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics as compulsory subjects and a minimum of 75% marks in aggregate (65% for PwD candidates) in the same attempt.

Admission to the program is based on JEE Advanced scores.

The BS-MS program is a five-year integrated program that combines the curriculum of a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Mathematics and Computing with a Master of Science (MS) degree in the same field. The program provides a strong foundation in mathematics and computer science, along with courses in applied mathematics, computational science, and electives in various areas of specialization.

The curriculum for the BS-MS program in Mathematics and Computing at IIT Roorkee includes courses in:

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  • Electives in various areas of specialization, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, cryptography, and financial mathematics.

  • The program provides a strong foundation in both mathematics and computer science.

  • The program prepares students for careers in research, academia, and industry.

  • The program offers a variety of electives that allow students to specialize in a particular area of interest.

    I hope it helps!

Hii There,

I hope you are doing Great

According to your query, you need to get rank under 100 in SC category to get CSE branch in IIT Roorkee as per previous year cutoff.

If your rank is below 4000 then you will able to get admission in IIT Roorkee but you will not get CSE branch.

Go through this link to get information about cutoff of JEE Advance:

I hope this answers your question.



Mechanical Engineering is one of the ancient and well-established branches in IIT Roorkee. The placement in mechanical is more than 72% with the rest of the population choosing for higher studies, CAT and UPSC. The average package in Mechanical Engineering is more than 10 Lacs.

Hope this helps!!!

Thank you.

Hey Eldora,

IIT Roorkee does not accept NATA scores. Admission to IIT Roorkee is based on exams such as JEE Advanced, GATE, JAM, and written tests followed by interview rounds.
Check out this link for further information:

Check out this link for IIT Roorkee's various cutoff trends:

Dear Aspirant,

The cut off of a college will keep varying every year based on the number of students attempting the exam, the difficulty level of the paper and the preferences of the students.

The previous year cutoff is as follows.

1. CSE -  120

2. Electrical - 500

3. ECE - 300

4. Mechanical - 800

5. Production - 1500

6. Civil - 1300

These are the category wise rank trends of IIT Roorkee.

To get into the most preferred branches like Electrical, CSE ,ECE you need to get a rank below  15 K in CRL and for other branches you need a rank below 25 K in CRL.

This is a general trend.

Please check the link below for more details on the cutoffs.

IIT Roorkee Cut-off

Hope this helps

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