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IMT Nagpur Alumni Interview - Sarthak Sahoo says “Stick to the basics and enjoy the process of learning”

IMT Nagpur Alumni Interview - Sarthak Sahoo says “Stick to the basics and enjoy the process of learning”

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Studying in a renowned B-school is a dream of management aspirants, which leads them to zero down the one that fits their academic goals, personal/professional growth, and networking opportunities. Every MBA aspirant looks for good infrastructure, a rigorous academic routine, experienced faculty, and other facilities that can provide them with a conducive environment and make their years spent in the B-school memorable. Now, who else can better narrate the experience of a B-school and life after than the alumni. Careers360 interviewed Sarthak Sahoo, an alumnus of IMT Nagpur, batch 2017-19, to know his experience, his learnings, his days at the college, facilities there, academic & fun activities, and all about the said institute. Here's an IMT Nagpur alumni interview giving you a sneak peek into the life there and after.

IMT Nagpur Alumni Interview - Sarthak Sahoo says “Stick to the basics and enjoy the process of learning”
IMT Nagpur Alumni Interview - Sarthak Sahoo says “Stick to the basics and enjoy the process of learning”

Careers360: Tell us about your domain and work profile. At the professional level, did you pursue the same field you were interested in or you switched?

Sarthak Sahoo: Yes, I pursued the same field in which I was interested. I am a Business Consultant (Financial Services). I worked for EY in the business consulting setup. Before this, I had managed a team of 10 members as a part of Eclerx Services Limited.

Careers360: Does the industry work differently from what you learned at IMT Nagpur?

Sarthak Sahoo: The fundamentals taught at IMT Nagpur stay intact but on a work level, more industrial integration can be done by encouraging students to take different projects relevant to the industry practices.

Careers360: How has your time in college added value to your life, both professionally and personally?

Sarthak Sahoo: On both levels, my time in college has helped me understand the values of people management and learn the different technological aspects relevant to the job market.

Also, it has transformed into a different person.

Careers360: What were your initial thoughts when you joined IMT Nagpur?

Sarthak Sahoo: Initially, I was quite open to the variety of the curriculum that was being taught on campus. My only thought was to absorb as much as I could from what was on offer.

Careers360: Do you miss the time spent at IMT Nagpur? Can you share some memorable experiences?

Sarthak Sahoo: Yes! Student-driven activities, the crowd, celebrations, and intense competition among students still attract me to the campus.

Careers360: Briefly take us through your life at the campus, the activities you used to do and your routine?

Sarthak Sahoo: I followed a routine in terms of campus life with a shift from the usual sometimes. I took part in quizzes, committee-driven activities and other team sports.

Careers360: Apart from academics, what were the other activities you were involved in and how did it enrich your life?

Sarthak Sahoo: Sports and Committees were some of the other activities that I was involved in. Also, in the process of promoting IMT Nagpur in Social Media and worked exclusively in the area of brand management for IMT Nagpur.

Careers360: How did you keep yourself updated with the industry requirement and what was the role of the Institute in it?

Sarthak Sahoo: To keep myself updated with the industry requirements I focused on the various events in and took part in every other competition where I felt it was going to add to the whole analytical thinking process needed to develop for the corporate world. Also, internships did help a lot to understand the industry requirements to some extent.

Careers360: You are a proud alum of this college. What is the best part of IMT Nagpur from a student's perspective?

Sarthak Sahoo: The campus, the infrastructure, the faculty, and the diaspora of students. It’s tough to choose, I think it is the whole package that makes the experience complete. The platter won't be complete even if we miss one dish.

Careers360: What is your suggestion/guidance for the IMT Nagpur aspirants?

Sarthak Sahoo: You have taken the first step towards a beautiful journey ahead. Stick to the basics and enjoy the process of learning. Take in as much as you can. Make sure you give enough weightage to academics and co-curricular activities. Especially for Finance and BA aspirants, "Acads do matter". Please take it seriously.


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Hello Aspirant,
Hope you are well

The  XAT cut-offs for IMT Nagpur and Welingkar Institute for their MBA program is between 70-80 percentile. So you have a good chance of getting a call from both institutes. However, the chances of conversion depend on your 10th, 12th, graduation marks.

Hello aspirant,

I regret to inform you that, despite your 57 percentile on the CAT exam, IMT Nagpur will not be contacting you. This is because the college's total cut-off score for all CAT, MAT, and CMAT exams is 70 percentile. There is no sectional cut-off, but you must score at least in the 70 percentile in order for your application to be reviewed further.

Thank you

Hope this information helps you.

Hi there,

In my opinion I would suggest you to go with BIMTECH.

BIMTECH stands for Birla institute for management and technology is a very decent college and it is also one of the best B- schools to join.

See, if your CAT percentile lies in the range of 70- 85% or much more than this then don't forget to give this institute a chances as it is also very good college to explore.

The college size is vast and has every modern facilities along with good teachers.

Talking about the placements, it all depends upon the student's calibre. The average package lies in the range of 7-10 LPA and if you perform well then you can grab more better packages and offers.

Also, This college is economical and budget friendly with good facilities. So, better to get yourself here.

Hope you understand. Revert in case of any query!


Hello aspirant,

IMT Nagpur offers a variety of extracurricular activities, including sports, dancing, and theatre. Yes, there are numerous organisations and societies that encourage and support students while also allowing them to follow their interests. The student-faculty ratio is average. Not too low, so lecturers may devote adequate time to each student. At IMT Nagpur, juggling employment and academics is simple. For example, because none of the forums or groups meet every day, we have plenty of time to balance both sides of our lives.

Thank you

Hope this information helps you.

Dear aspirant,

I would be judging these two institutes on the basis of placements.

So, IMT nagpur has a very strong placement cell. All the training and placement related stuff is handled by the placement team. The students are trained through various training programmes to enhance their communication skills.

Students are placed across various sectors such as BFSI ,IT and ITES , service , hospitality, e-commerce ,consulting ,power , manufacturing, FMCG and retail and many more.

Whereas imi new dehli does not have strong grip in its placements.

To get complete information you can check out the link given below-

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