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Best GMAT Coaching Institutes In Bangalore With Fees Structure

Best GMAT Coaching Institutes In Bangalore With Fees Structure

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GMAT stands for Graduate Management Admission Test. It is conducted by Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC). It is an entrance exam for MS and MBA courses in India as well as foreign countries. Over 114 countries accept GMAT scores for admission. Some of the foreign universities accepting GMAT scores are the University of Pennsylvania, Stanford University, Yale University, Harvard University, Columbia University, University of California, University of Chicago, Dartmouth College, and many others.

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It is a computer-based adaptive test. The score ranges from 200 to 800 marks. The students must be at least 18 years old to apply for this exam. The GMAT question paper consists of 4 sections including analytical writing, integrated reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and verbal reasoning. The competition is very tough, and it is very difficult to score high marks to get into the top institutes. The GMAT coaching institutes help students to crack the exam and get enough scores. They make the preparation easier.

List Of Top GMAT Coaching Institutes In Bangalore

GMAT is a tough entrance exam to crack. Many students opt for coaching classes to prepare well for the exam. In Bangalore, there are many GMAT coaching institutes. Some of the top coaching classes are mentioned below.

  1. T.I.M.E

  2. Career Launcher

  3. Manya Education

  4. Gateway Abroad

  5. Jamboree

  6. Byju’s Classes

  7. Global Education Consultancy Services

  8. Krishna Consultants

  9. Manhattan Review

  10. Career Point

  11. VproV

  12. Competition Forum

  13. IMS

  14. Texas Review

  15. Career Plus Study Abroad

  16. Brainstorm Consulting

  17. CrackVerbal

  18. Hurray Coaching Center

  19. Visu Academy Limited

  20. Brain Tree

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How To Choose GMAT Coaching Institute In Bangalore

The GMAT entrance exam is an important exam for students that want to pursue MBA in foreign countries. The students may get confused while opting for a GMAT coaching institute. They may need to keep a few things in mind while selecting one.

  1. The GMAT coaching institute must be near your home or hostel. Travelling can take a lot of time and money.

  2. Check the services and facilities provided by each institute.

  3. The results yielded by the GMAT coaching institute determine the quality of teaching.

  4. Make sure the teachers are well qualified and have experience.

  5. Some GMAT coaching institutes offer demo classes that may help students to understand their teaching style better.

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Reasons To Opt for GMAT Coaching Classes

GMAT coaching classes have been popular among the students that want to study MBA in foreign countries. But some students might be a little skeptical about choosing one. Below is the list of reasons for you to opt for a GMAT coaching institute.

  1. The teachers and faculty members counsel and mentor the students to achieve a good rank in the GMAT exam.

  2. The GMAT coaching institutes have a healthy competitive environment that motivates the students.

  3. They have a proper study plan and provide study material that covers the GMAT syllabus.

  4. They conduct test series which help students to identify their weaknesses and strengths.

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Top GMAT Coaching Institutes In Bangalore

There are many GMAT coaching institutes in Bangalore. The top 5 institutes are mentioned below. It includes other details like fee structure, centers, and facilities provided by GMAT coaching institutes.

  1. T.I.M.E

It has 7 centers in Bangalore and 244 all across India. It offers facilities like notes, doubt sessions, online lectures, quizzes, and counseling among others.

The fee structure for GMAT coaching is approximately Rs. 70k.

  1. Career Launcher

It has 11 centers in Bangalore and 174 in India. It is one of the best GMAT coaching institutes in India. They provide services like mock tests, study material, online support, doubt sessions, etc.

The fee structure for GMAT coaching is approximately Rs. 30k.

  1. Manya Education

There are 6 centers in Bangalore and 42 all over India. They offer study material, mock tests, notes, online support, counseling, and many others.

The fee structure for GMAT coaching is approximately Rs. 40k.

  1. Gateway Abroad

It has only 1 center in Bangalore and 8 in other cities of India. They offer various services including test series, study material, doubt sessions, counseling, and various others.

The fee structure for GMAT coaching is approximately Rs. 9k.

  1. Jamboree

There are 3 centers in Bangalore and a total of 137 in India. They provide services like study material, booklets, doubt classes, counseling, test series, and various others.

The fee structure for GMAT coaching is approximately Rs. 25k.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

2. What is the marking scheme for the GMAT entrance exam?

The marking scheme for the GMAT entrance exam is as follows.

  1. There is a total of 80 questions in the GMAT question paper.

  2. The question paper is divided into 4 sections- integrated reasoning, analytical writing assessment, verbal reasoning, and quantitative reasoning.

  3. The score range is 200-800 marks.

  4. There is no negative marking in the GMAT exam

3. How many times can a student apply for the GMAT entrance exam?

The students can appear for the GMAT entrance exam 5 times in 12 months.

4. What is the age limit for the GMAT entrance exam?

The student must be at least 18 years old to apply for the GMAT entrance exam. There is no upper age limit to appear in the GMAT exam.

5. What are the eligibility criteria for the GMAT entrance exam?

The candidates must fulfill the eligibility criteria to apply for the GMAT exam. It is mentioned down below.

  1. The candidate must have completed the bachelor’s degree from a recognized college or university.

  2. The candidate must be at least 18 years old to apply for the GMAT exam.


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Questions related to GMAT

Have a question related to GMAT ?

The difficulty of CAT (Common Admission Test) versus GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) can depend on the individual's strengths and background. Generally, some consider CAT more challenging due to its emphasis on quantitative ability, data interpretation, and logical reasoning, often requiring speed and accuracy under time constraints. GMAT, on the other hand, tests similar skills but includes a unique focus on analytical writing and integrated reasoning. For better guidance, Invicta Institute provides tailored coaching to help you understand the specific demands of each exam and prepare effectively based on your strengths and goals.

Hello aspirant,

Here below are the name of some of the best books for GMAT preparation:

1. The Official GMAT Guide 2024

2. Manhattan GMAT Prep

3. Kaplan GMAT Prep Plus 2024

4. PowerScore GMAT Critical Reasoning Bible

5. Veritas Prep GMAT Quant Score on Point

for more information, please visit the following link:

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Hope you are doing great.

Answering to your question, In the traditional sense, yes, the GMAT is considered a challenging test, but the difficulty lies not so much in the content as in other factors. While the quant section may pose challenges, covering basic school-level math, most of the tested topics are typically familiar from earlier education. Overcoming the GMAT's difficulty primarily involves revisiting and reinforcing these foundational math concepts.

The true challenge of the GMAT stems from time constraints and the pressure of the exam environment. Despite the quant section focusing on school-level math, the key hurdles are managing time efficiently and handling the stress of the test itself. It's crucial to recognize that success on the GMAT is more about mastering nerves and time management than about tackling exceptionally complex content.Establishing a disciplined study routine and dedicating ample time to practice are key strategies to navigate the challenges of the GMAT successfully. With consistent effort and practice, even an average student can achieve a score of 700 or higher.

In essence, while the GMAT is often perceived as a "difficult" test, diligent study and routine practice over a few months can lead to success.

Hope this helps!!

Hello Aspirant

The question could have been more specific if you're looking for GMAT coaching offline or online.
Here are the best online GMAT coaching options
1) Manhattan Prep: Their quant and DILR are highly praised.
2) GMAT Ninja: they are so far the best for verbal ability.

The GMAT exam is a widely accepted test for admission to management courses to study abroad. The GMAT scores are mainly considered for the Masters in Management (MIM) and Masters in Business Admission (MBA). However, the test is not limited to the flagship MBA programme, GMAT test scores are also considered for other courses, which are:

  • MS in Finance
  • MS in Supply Chain Management
  • Business Analytics
  • Marketing
  • International Business
  • Corporate Finance
  • International Construction Management
  • Technology Management
  • Global Business Management
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