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IIFT 2024: Last Month Preparation Strategy - Check Here

IIFT 2024: Last Month Preparation Strategy - Check Here

Edited By Sundararajan | Updated on Apr 25, 2023 05:13 PM IST | #IIFT

IIFT 2024: Last Month Preparation Strategy - Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) entrance exam 2024 is all set to go. The candidates are left with one month to prepare for the entrance exam. Although you must have most done your preparation, you can leverage this time to amp up your preparation and increase your chances of clearing the exam. It is important to aware of all important things that should be done on priority. In this article, we will look at all those things, including the best tips and strategy for the last month preparation.

From formulating your preparation plan for cracking the IIFT 2024, sectional preparation guidelines, IIFT exam pattern to how to remained motivated and confident, this article by Careers360 has covered you all needed to ace the test with a good score. IIFT is a national-level entrance test that is conducted by the National Testing Agency in computer-based mode.

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Basics of IIFT 2024

  • More than 100 questions will be asked in IIFT 2024

  • Differential marking scheme, allocating marks according to the type of questions in each section

  • IIFT offers two years full-time MBA programme in International Business (IB) for IIFT campuses located in Delhi, Kolkata, and Kakinada. Every year around 50,000 candidates register for IIFT entrance exam

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IIFT 2024: Last Month Preparation Strategy:

  1. Practice What is Already Covered

  2. Focus on Sectional Preparation

  3. Attempt Mocks

  4. Solve Question/Sample papers

  5. Use FlashCards/Sticky Notes

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Let us look at each IIFT 2024: Last Month Preparation Strategy one by one to understand it in a better way.

Practice What is Already Covered

For all sections, practice is the key. Just because you have only one month left for final preparation, begin your revision. Revise all the topics which you have already covered. Do not forget the exam pattern of IIFT 2024 and practice the topics based on the timing you will get in the exam. Most of the CAT candidates also appear for IIFT simultaneously as both exams are held in almost nearby months.

Henceforth, candidates can practice for both concurrently. As per the IIFT 2024 exam pattern, it is similar to other MBA entrance exams. Multiple choice questions will be part of the IIFT question paper and candidates will be given limited time i.e. 120 minutes to solve the question paper.

Important Guidelines -

  • Leave those topics which are not been covered till now

  • Revise what you have studied

  • Do not waste time trying to solve questions in different ways. This is possible when you have ample of time left

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Focus on Sectional preparation

As per the exam pattern of IIFT 2024, there will be majorly four sections i.e. General Knowledge & Current Affairs, Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning, Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension, and Quantitative Ability. Get the right study material for IIFT 2024.

Candidates must check out the topics covered under each section based on past trends as NTA does not provide any official syllabus of IIFT 2024. Preparing uniformly for each section is important, as IIFT 2024 will also have a sectional cutoff. You need to set your preparation plan in such a way that it covers sectional strategy, which will guide you on how to attempt each section while writing the exam.

General Knowledge & Current Affairs - Unlike CAT, IIFT 2024 will have one separate section which will be dedicated to GK questions.

  • For this General Knowledge & Current Affairs section, keep yourself updated about current events

  • Read as many newspapers, general knowledge books, digital news, journals, and current affairs magazines and watch business news, etc.,

  • Try to focus on business and trade-related content as most of the questions are based on that

  • Question range could be from topics like current affairs, business policies of India with other countries, the punch lines of companies, details related to top officials of major Indian companies, dominant corporate events, books and authors, science, trade policies of India, BOP, etc.,

  • Questions from static GK could be prepared using the yearly Manorama and Competition Success Review

  • Toppers consider it to be easiest and hence advise others to attempt it at the end

Abhishek Agarwal who scored 99.85 percentile in the IIFT exam shares his insights and preparation strategy. “For GK, I used to read newspapers and kept myself updated with the current affairs. Simultaneously I worked on building my own opinions about things with sound reasoning. During the test, just devote 10 minutes to the GK section and divide the left out time equally amongst the other three sections,” he says.

Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning - For this section, practice is the key in order to enable speed of reading actively, comprehending the caselets, and answering correctly. Sharing his preparation strategy, another IIFT topper Mohit Sharma said, "As far as LR & DI goes, practice is the key. I made it a habit to solve at least five caselets every day of different types so that I felt comfortable with the topic."

  • Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning will generally contain questions based on logic. However, there could be some calculation intensive questions as well

  • Devote some extra time to understanding the concepts and formulas

  • Practice from previous years IIFT question papers and mock test series in order to expose yourself to a variety of data interpretation and logical reasoning questions. While practicing candidates can divide questions into tough, tricky, lengthy, and easy.

  • If confused, try taking help from an online study group or friend’s circle to discover tricks and shortcut methods of solving questions

  • Revise all the concepts and formulas once you are done with the syllabus

Quantitative Ability - As per the IIFT 2024: last month's preparation strategy for this section, candidates need to bring concept clarity.

  • Know the important topics like Mensuration, Time, Distance, Work and Heights, Permutation and Combination, Logarithms, etc., and practice them as much as you can

  • This section is moderately difficult as candidates are expected to solve questions with heavy calculations

  • Be thorough with formulas and theorems of various topics like a binomial theorem, Equations Ratio Proportion Variation, etc.,

  • If you think you can start with the basics, then buy an NCERT maths book and practice questions and revise theorems on a regular basis

  • Pay extra attention to topics like Algebra, Arithmetic, and Geometry but don’t overlook mensuration

  • Remember that there is negative marking in the IIFT exam always, so while practicing try choosing only those QA questions which you can solve with 100 percent accuracy

Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension - The best strategy for this section would be reading. Read articles over the web and try making notes of what you find could be useful during the exam. Improve your vocabulary by adding at least 10 words to it daily along with its synonyms and antonyms.

  • 10 new words each day for 30 days will be equal to 300 new vocabulary added. If you find any information misleading, try contacting some of your friends who are preparing for IIFT and try to confirm the same. This will allow you to discard the unnecessary information

  • Develop reading speed and focus on strengthening your grammar part

  • Read newspaper editorials, online blogs, novels & short stories, business reports, etc.

  • Practice more reading comprehension passages. If you are short on time, try to choose the tough and tricky ones

  • For verbal ability focus on revising English grammar. Refer to Wren & Martin grammar book

  • Solve sample papers and mock questions to strengthen your grip on this part

Shikhar Mahalwala, who secured 99.77 percentile in IIFT said, "For English Comprehension, I read a lot. Having a good vocabulary base really helped me out. Even the questions which were not directly vocabulary-based become easier to solve. Along with that, I also practiced a lot of RC’s using help from both online and offline sources. Attempting only those questions which I was sure of really helped me a lot."

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Attempt Mocks

To get a gist of the exam day scenario, candidates are advised to attempt a mock test of IIFT. NTA does not provide any specific mock test series for the IIFT entrance exam. But there are other options available over the internet whereby candidates can get a hold of the IIFT mock test. Benefits associated with the mock test of IIFT are given below -

  • Speed and accuracy can be assessed

  • Familiarity with the exam pattern and syllabus

  • Discovery of new tricks/shortcuts for solving questions in lesser time

  • Selecting the right set of questions becomes clear

  • The strengths and weaknesses of each section could be analyzed

Quick Link - IIFT 2024 Result - Road beyond IIFT Shortlist

Solve question/sample papers

As a part of IIFT 2024: Last Month Preparation Strategy, candidates are advised to solve the previous year's question papers of IIFT to get hold of the type of questions that were asked and are expected to appear in IIFT 2024. Just in case, candidates are unable to find the previous year's question papers or are done solving them, they also have the option to solve some of the IIFT sample papers.

Solving more and more question/sample papers will help candidates know their capabilities of solving questions within the specified time limit. Try to solve one set of questions/ sample papers on a daily basis, and after a few days, candidates will realize that there is no new type of question in any section.

Use FlashCards/Sticky Notes

One of the best IIFT 2024: Last Month Preparation Strategies would be to use flashcards and sticky notes. Make notes of what you think is essential and necessary. Stick them in the forefront so that these flashcards or sticky notes are visible. This technique will help you remember the tricky content easily and accurately.

Try to use attractive colors which can grab your attention and make sure to stick them at a place whereby they are more visible. Do not write long lines/paragraphs. Just mention the points and while making the notes just read about that point so you can understand what you are reading later.

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Questions related to IIFT

Have a question related to IIFT ?


Yes, there are integrated BBA-MBA programs offered by IIM Indiore. These programs are designed for students who want to pursue a management education right after completing their 12th grade. The entrance exam for this is IPMAT. As for IIFT, they have their own entrance exam called IIFT Entrance Exam.

Hope this helps,

Thank you

Hello Aspirant

IIFT is one of the premiere institutes in the country. The institute is well known for comprehensive programs, placements and hefty packages. Short answer, full time MBA from IIFT would be a good idea.

Indeed, it is conceivable, yet it will be very troublesome. You get focused on a variety on the off chance that you're a non-engineer.

Ensure you have an exceptionally high percentile.

Business colleges like FMS don't consider your school marks. A portion of the other business colleges gives less weightage to your past scholastics. IIIFT doesn't give a lot of weightage to past scholastics.

You might decide to get some work insight before applying as that will help your profile.

By the day's end, assuming you get a high percentile, that by itself will do the trick to get you a meeting call. At the point when inside the room, it is up to you to persuade the specialists that you have a place there in that business college.

Dear aspirant,

I would like to request you to kindly mention your category because that can also be the reason for your shortlisting as you would have cleared the category wise cut off .

But if you are from general category i would advise you kindly prepare for your pi very sincerely because that's the eliminating round where maximum candidates suffer rejection. Even high percentile scorers suffer rejection.

Hello aspirant,

Yes you are eligible for IIFT in terms of education qualification and need to meet other eligibility criteria. Eligibility criteria that candidates must have minimum 50 percentage (45 percentage for reservation category candidates) in Graduation from a recognised College or University.

Students must have been resident outside India, for a period of not less than 18 months as on 31 st December, 2021 & should be outside India during IIFT exam.

Alao they are requested to submit a certificate from the Indian Embassy or High Commission.

To get more information about IIFT go through below mentioned link.

Hope this information was helpful to you.

Best of Luck!!

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