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CMR University Alumni Interview with Divya Brigson - Life at B-school, Life Afterward and Career Goals

CMR University Alumni Interview with Divya Brigson - Life at B-school, Life Afterward and Career Goals

Edited By Himanshu Shekhar | Updated on May 20, 2021 06:57 PM IST | #CMR University, Bangalore

Alumni of a B-school is always the safest bet to learn all about the college. While picking up a college, we all take a sneak peek into the alumni of that college, and without a doubt, if that list has names of eminent people then the inclination towards it enhances. We at Careers360 reach out to alumni of renowned B-schools from time to time to know their experiences at the college and about their life afterward. We believe such alumni interviews always help in making the right choice. Here we spoke to Divya Brigson, an alumna of CMR University to know her journey at this B-school, her afterlife that includes working with the Risks & Investigation department with Custodian Bank, and her career goals.

CMR University Alumni Interview with Divya Brigson - Life at B-school, Life Afterward and Career Goals
CMR University Alumni Interview with Divya Brigson - Life at B-school, Life Afterward and Career Goals

CMR University Alumni Interview Divya Brigson

Careers360 - Tell us about your domain and your work profile. At the professional level, did you pursue the same field you were interested in or you switched?

Divya Brigson- I work in a custodian bank , State street Corporation. I work for State street organization in the Risks & Investigation department. We investigate the funds we receive from different organisations. On a professional level I am looking into finding a new job role in the same Banking & Finance field.

Careers360 - Can you briefly tell us about your career path so far?

Divya Brigson - I have worked in State Street for about 1 year & 9 months as an Associate 2.

Careers360 - Is the Industry work different from what you learnt at CMR University?

Divya Brigson - Yes, in the industry, work is definitely different from what we learnt in college. We go through more practical problems & solutions than theory.

Careers360 - How do you think your time in college has added value to your life, both professional and personal?

Divya Brigson - The time in college has added ample value to life, both professional & personal. College is where we learnt Brainstorming for solutions, team work , work ethics etc which is very helpful in leading a healthy corporate life.

Careers360 - What was your initial thought process when you joined CMR University?

Divya Brigson - I was excited to join the college, to meet new people. Since I was from a science background I had concerns about how well I would do in the finance classes. But teachers here made the effort. The friends I made here were also very helpful.

Careers360 - You must have had a memorable time at CMR University. Do you miss being a part of it? Share a few good memories.

Divya Brigson - Yes I miss being a part of the college, meeting friends everyday, the assignments, having group study sessions before the exams, the rush of performing on stage, organising events.

Careers360 - Briefly take us through your life at the campus, the activities you used to do and your routine life.

Divya Brigson - As a student who lived in the campus for the initial few months the struggle was to maintain the curfew of 7pm. Managing with whatever money is being provided by the parents and living on a budget. Cooking for yourself and balancing your studies once you move out of hostel is a challenge.

In college, mostly organizing & taking part in events was the best thing to do. I would always be on the dance team. As a member of bizzy heights we would organize events and encourage students to participate. Ethnic day would be a blast. As a member of the college choir I would be there in all the events in college, Christmas competition where we represented our college.

Careers360 - Apart from academics, what were the other activities you were involved in and how did it enrich your life?

Divya Brigson- Apart from Academics , I was actively involved in the Bizzy heights team , Vibration team , Dance team , The Choir.

Careers360 - How did you keep updated with the industrial requirements and what was the role of the institute in it?

Divya Brigson- I mostly do my research online now about the updates in the Industry. College placed an important role too as we would go for Industrial Visits, were acquired to take different courses & had mandatory internships.

Careers360 - You are a proud alumnus of this top College. What is the best part of CMR University from a student's perspective?

Divya Brigson - As a proud alumnus I would say the teachers. They can make you teach you a lot of things starting from attention to detail to the value of time.

Careers360 - What is your suggestion/guidance for the CMR University aspirants?

Divya Brigson - I suggest the aspirants to not only try to do the best in academics but also take part in all the extra-curricular activities that have been organised. Good memories always come from having fun. This is your college life and as you would have heard many people say - “ time spent in college doesn’t come back, all you’re left with is the memories


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Questions related to CMR University, Bangalore

Have a question related to CMR University, Bangalore ?

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You must have past ten plus two class level board examination with physics, chemistry, Mathematics and English as compulsory subjects for being eligible for admission to this course.

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Yes, CMR University Bangalore has a good campus placements. The university has a training and placement centre for preparing students for placements. As per CMR University placement report for the year 2020-21, as many as 151 companies participated and provided over 115 offers to the students. The average salary offered was INR 3.52 lakhs per annum and the highest salary offered was Rs 8 Lakhs per annum. These are some CMR University top recruiters-

Ax is Bank, Myntra, Amazon, Bharti Airtel, Puma, Taj Group of Hotels, Unacademy, WorkIndia,, Shades of Spring.

For more about the CMR university Bangalore and its placements, go through the following link :

Hope this helps!


There may be lot of issues due to which a student maynot be able to continue his/her degree.  So, by explaining you current situation to your current institution in which you have completed your 1st semester, it is possible to leave the college legally and get your documents back upon request.

Inorder to leave an institution, you should get a No Objection Certificate and get it signed from the higher officials(principal or VC) of your current institute(college in which you have completed 1 sem of B.Tech) and submit it to the college(to which you are planning to join B.A) to which you will get admitted to.

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Hi aspirant as usual placements are good for CSE. Many companies visited the campus like V Mware, Wipro, Cognizant, Accenture, Infosys, TCS, etc. The highest package offered in the previous year i.e. 2022 was 21 LPA from a Japanese based company. The average package of the college in respect of previous year around 5 LPA for CS and IT batches.

Thank You.


CMR University Bangalore is one of the good colleges in Bangalore for CSE in Engineering. Placements is not very high but if you are a good student you can a placement of around 7–8 lakhs in BTech.

It offers E&C, EEE, CSE, ISE, Mech, Civil, MCA & MBA.

Hope this helps

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