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Know all about PGDM-BM: An interactive session with academic experts from MDI Gurgaon

Know all about PGDM-BM: An interactive session with academic experts from MDI Gurgaon

Edited By Darshan Girdhar | Updated on Mar 24, 2023 12:05 PM IST | #MDI Gurgaon

Management Development Institute, Gurgaon was established in the year 1973. MDI Ranks 13th on the NIRF ranking 2022. It holds accreditations from AACSB, AMBA, NBA and SAQS. They have partnerships with over 80 B-schools across the world. MDI Gurgaon offers postgraduate (PG) diploma studies in Human Resource Management, PGDM Business Management, and Executive Post Graduate Programs in Public Policy and Management, Business Administration.

Know all about PGDM-BM: An interactive session with academic experts from MDI Gurgaon
Know all about PGDM-BM: An interactive session with academic experts from MDI Gurgaon

Careers360 in an interview with Prof. Chinmaya Kulshrestha - Lead Executive Graduate Programmes, Prof. Nakul Gupta - Faculty In-charge EGP Placements, Prof. Niva Bhandari - Faculty In-charge EGP Admissions, Prof. Shiv S Tripathi - Faculty In-charge PGDM - Business Management discusses MDI’s Post Graduate Diploma in Management – Business Management. In this interview they talk about one of the oldest programmes offered by the Management Development Institute, Gurgaon, the admission process and other details like the benefits of the course. Go through the complete article to know more about MDI Gurgaon.

Careers360: The PGDM BM is one of the oldest programmes of MDI. Can you give details on the evolution of the course?

Prof. Niva Bhandari: MDI has a legacy of moving into executive training and executive education. PGDM BM is the first program that ever started here at the MDI campus, so this program has a beautiful legacy to itself, and we are just now teaching the 35th batch of this PGDM BM course. The new admission will be of the 36th batch. We have a legacy of alumni from this program who are MDs, CEOs and are at senior leadership posts both in India and Abroad. Earlier we used to have a lot of company association collaborations with us, where many of the companies used to send across a variety of their own participants from varieties of functions and domains. We used to have a mix of sponsored and self-sponsored candidates that has been the legacy. Before we had a 1 year program and now again we are back to 18 months long residential program at MDI, where 15 months they spend on the campus doing their classes and 3 months towards the end they go back to their companies for projects, they come back to the campus and present their project. And with that their Postgrads are completed. This program also gives the benefit of location, we are located in the heart of the country and with that students get to experience a flavour of industry experts from all functionality, from industry, from all sectors. Every week there are a lot of industry expert sessions that are lined up as a part of a variety of courses the students are studying and other than that we have student seminars, where students get to interact one-on-one with a variety of industry coaches and guides. So that is the beauty of this program.

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Careers360: What is the eligibility criteria in terms of entrance exam scores that are taken for screening, academic qualifications etc? What is the minimum work experience that is considered?

Prof. Niva Bhandari: The minimum eligibility criteria for the MDI Gurgaon PGDM programme is 50% at 10th, 12th and graduation. Candidates with 5 years of industry-experience post their graduation. We are also looking at them clearing at least of these tests CAT, XAT, GMAT. We are looking for a minimum 550 score in GMAT. Once shortlisted they will be called in for interview rounds. It's not an interview more like a conversation to understand the candidate better. Once selected they are given offers.

Careers360: What kind of experience is considered for admissions? Kindly elaborate.

Prof. Niva Bhandari: This experience can be from variety to domains, can be self-employed as well, wherever they are working, they should have completed 5 years of employment. We are looking for full-time employees not part-time.

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Careers360: What sets the MDI PGDM BM programme apart from the others?

Prof. Shiv S Tripathi: The program is unique as it consists of 15 months of classroom teaching and 3 months of industry experience. Also in the 15 months we provide them with learning which is practical in nature. The way we treat regular PGDM classes is not the same as PGDM BM class because they’re already experienced. They are like functional experts in their domains. Some unique features that set PGDM BM which set is apart from other B Schools are very high return of investment, we invite guest lecturers to deliver sessions, then there is National Program where they are exposed to various industries in India and global exposure where they also undergo a formal course for the duration of 3 days to a week. As per AICTE guidelines we have introduced Universal Human Values. We believe our managers won’t be only successful managers but responsible leaders.

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Careers360: Can you give details on the course structure? There are Core and Electives. Can you elaborate more on what these are and how many are mandatory?

Prof. Shiv S Tripathi: In the course they have to go through 21 core courses and 11 electives. These 21 core courses are spread up to term 5 and the 11 electives are to be taken in the last three terms. A student has to opt for 4 courses for major and 3 courses for minor . We recommend whatever their domain expertise, they should try to fill in the gaps of competencies.

Careers360: Candidates can opt for dual specializations. Please give details on this.

Prof. Shiv S Tripathi: We offer dual specializations as per their area of interest. If they are able to build up the inputs required to change the domain they can take that as the major specialization. What we have observed is that some students have taken up their major in the core domain itself and minor in some other area. We are available to guide them as to what courses to take.

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Careers360: This programme is accredited by AMBA, the Association of MBAs (UK). What are the benefits that one gains out of such an accreditation? Is it useful while planning to move or work abroad?

Prof. Shiv S Tripathi: In order to bring all the B Schools at par in terms of comparable equality, these accreditation are important which are famous all over the world. These include AACSB, AMBA, NBA and SAQS certification. The more certification a BSchool gets it is assumed that it is at par with other colleges. At times it is wanted by the companies that you should have done your course from AACSB, AMBA, NBA accredited college.

Careers360: What are the placement statistics for this programme? Kindly give details. How is support provided by MDI in this regard?

Prof. Nakul Gupta: For MDI Gurgaon placements for Executive programs, career management is one of the reasons why students join the PGDM program at MDI. We have students who have sponsored their MBA themselves, and we have students coming in who are sponsored by the company. The average placement package was 24.46 LPA. highest package heaven 43.92 and the median package has been 22 LPA. The companies such as Jio Platform, TCS, Infosys, Infosys consulting, Cognizant, Accenture, these have been the companies recruited from the campus. The profiles they have offered basically were product manager, principal in business consulting, functional lead. Supports that we provide from something like CV preparation, to scouting companies, or any knowledge resource they need to be subscribed to is given. Faculty here can be reached out for career support as well. This PGDM program helps you to shift roles.

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Disclaimer: This content was distributed by Management Development Institute, Gurgaon and has been published as part of Careers360’s marketing initiative.

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To answer your question, NO. All the students of premier B-schools in India do not have the above criteria. Though they are preferred, but what all the students have is a good profile, with good academics, and good co-curricular and extra-curricular.

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