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MDI Gurgaon: An Interview with Aditya Bora (Student)

MDI Gurgaon: An Interview with Aditya Bora (Student)

Edited By Vaishnavi Addagatla | Updated on Mar 08, 2024 05:37 PM IST | #MDI Gurgaon

In an interview with careers360, Aditya Bora shares his knowledge about the MDI Gurgaon courses, admissions, campus life, etc. He provides information about MDI Gurgaon facilities, programmes and admissions process, making it simple for students to follow the steps and be admitted to the college. Additionally, Aditya Bora talks about his experiences on the MDI campus.

MDI Gurgaon: An Interview with Aditya Bora (Student)
MDI Gurgaon: An Interview with Aditya Bora (Student)

About: Management Development Institute (MDI), Gurgaon was established in 1972. The institute is ranked 13th by NIRF amongst the top BSchools in India. MDI Gurgaon offers postgraduate, executive and fellowship programmes in management and business administration. MDI Gurgaon courses include PGDM, PGDM-BA, PGDM-HRM, PGDM-IB, FPM and MDPs. Executive postgraduate programmes like PGDM-BM, PGDM-PPM and PGDM-BA are offered by the institute. MDI Gurgaon admissions are based on a candidate's performance in CAT/GMAT/XAT followed by a personal interview.

Careers360: Tell us something about yourself. What is the course you are pursuing at the MDI Gurgaon?

A: I am Aditya Bora an Architect and have a decade's expertise in infrastructure consulting and design. I have shaped aviation, hospitality, industrial, and residential projects for major corporations.

I am pursuing the PGDM Business Management course (while NMP), the full-time executive programme at MDI.

Careers360: Why this course? Specify the reasons.

A: I aimed to enroll in an executive course because I valued the opportunity to study alongside peers with diverse and extensive professional backgrounds. My objective was to gain insights into various industries, broaden my perspective, and establish a strong network.

While executive education in India has gained traction only over the last decade, the BM programme holds the distinction of being one of the oldest executive courses in India, dating back to 1987. My decision to enroll in this programme was strongly influenced by its rich legacy. I understood that while other executive courses are trying to find a foothold, the BM programme, over the last 3 decades, has already pioneered the unique pedagogy required for executives.

Careers360: What are the factors that made you narrow down to MDI Gurgaon?

A: For years, I drove across the MDI campus and wondered what it would be like to study at such a prestigious institute. However, I had to perform due diligence before investing myself in an MBA. In a conversation with MDI alumni, I witnessed their insights, personalities and aura that left a great impression on me. I saw myself wanting to develop the same aspects as these leaders; hence MDI became my first choice.

Another major driver was the institute’s strategic location – Gurgaon. MDI being situated in such a dynamic business hub not only offers exposure to a diverse range of companies but also provides ample opportunities for networking and collaboration

Careers360: Explain the admission process at the MDI Gurgaon. What was the one unique thing you remember in the entire process?

A: MDI Gurgaon admissions are done based on the scores of competitive exams like CAT, GMAT or XAT. They can then fill out an online form available on MDI Gurgaon website. The major components of the form are your score, experience and a statement of purpose. If shortlisted, the applicants are invited for an interview either on campus or online. The decision is then mailed to you.

I recall that during my interview, what started as a standard question-and-answer session unexpectedly transformed into an engaging discussion about the 'design thinking process.' Given my design background, I was pleasantly surprised by the extensive knowledge the professors (who were conducting the interview) possessed about the process. We engaged in a fruitful exchange of ideas, and it became evident that my personality and expertise were being assessed not just through direct questions but also through my conduct and insights during this enriching conversation.

Careers360: What is the career change that you foresee on completion of the course?

A: While working as an architect, my involvement in the infrastructure industry was primarily confined to design and construction. However, the studies here have provided me with a comprehensive understanding of various business facets, including finance, marketing, and operations.

With this newfound knowledge, I envision transitioning into leadership and strategy within my industry. Specifically, I am drawn to strategic positions within construction companies or roles involving real estate finance. It's worth noting that the skills and competencies acquired here have the potential to facilitate shifts into entirely different roles. I have witnessed instances of fashion designers transforming into banking consultants during my time here.

Careers360: In what ways do you anticipate this programme to contribute to your personal and professional growth?

A: The daily routine here involves delivering speeches to diverse audiences and helps systematically overcome the fear of public speaking. Engaging with people of varied backgrounds is helping me develop a fresh perspective, reshaping not only the way I communicate but also my conduct and thought processes. I've already observed a positive transformation in my speech, demeanour, and critical thinking.

The programme is designed to mould us into leaders capable of thinking beyond our narrow domain knowledge and to emphasize strategic thinking, problem-solving, and effective leadership. As I envision my future, I see myself emerging from MDI, as a more self-assured individual with the capacity to approach problem-solving in a strategic manner and lead teams through these skills, I anticipate being in the role of a decision-maker instead of a technical professional.

Careers360: What do you like most about the programme?

A: For me it’s the brilliant faculty. The classroom experience transcends the conventional study session; it feels more like a friendly and insightful conversation. MDI Gurgaon professors go beyond textbooks, offering a window into the latest business developments, sharing interesting stories from the business world, and keeping us aware of global happenings. They guide us to approach challenges with a strategic perspective, urging us to consider the broader implications of our decisions.

What sets the pedagogy at MDI apart is the evident concern of professors for our personal growth as leaders & our well-being. They consistently stress the importance of staying informed by encouraging us to read papers & journals. They also push us to actively participate in competitions and urge us to stay fit & take up sports. Its endearing and encouraging to be on the receiving end of so much concern and attention.

Careers360: What is your favourite place on campus?

A: The volleyball court. It's a beautiful sand court nestled amongst the trees. We spend our time playing there in the night to destress. It falls on the path of students passing by who stop to witness our game and cheer for us. MDI- always find time for yourself no matter how busy you are. So, post studies we trade our textbooks for jerseys, and gear up for nights of epic showdowns.

Careers360: The programme is for professionals with some minimum work experience. What do you think will be the key benefits of such a cohort?

A: The benefit comes from the diverse set of knowledge and experience that each individual brings to the table. The diversity is such that at any given project there could be an engineer, accountant, marketeer or even an army officer sitting together and brainstorming. Through the years of unique experience each candidate brings, they are able to offer great insights during these sessions. One learns how people belonging to different professions view and approach a problem. It has personally helped me shed my own professional bias.

I believe that this becomes important because as we go into the corporate world as leaders, we have to lead people of diverse backgrounds and experience and also be able to empathize with their way of thinking. The time spent with the diverse candidates in the institution prepares you for that

Careers360: One advice you would like to give working professionals looking for change?

A: Professionals could be looking for change to either grow within their own industry or to pivot into a new industry altogether. For the former, one needs to step beyond technical skills and develop business and leadership skills to lead their companies. For those looking to change fields, redoing a vocational course at this stage in life is not feasible. However, knowledge of running a business will always be appreciated in your dream industry. In either case, doing an MBA/PGDM will help you make that transition. An MBA/PGDM equipes you with both hard skills of business and soft skills of leadership and communication.

I suggest an Executive MBA/PGDM because it offers a mature cohort of your age and experience so that you find greater compatibility and networking opportunities within your peer group.

Disclaimer: This content was distributed by Management Development Institute, Gurgaon and has been published as part of Careers360’s marketing initiative.


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Hope you are doing well !

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Hope my answer was helpful.

Wish you Best of Luck!

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Hope you are doing well !

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Hope my answer was helpful.

Wish you Best of Luck !

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