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Know about PGDM programmes at MDI Gurgaon: An Interactive Session with Academic Experts

Know about PGDM programmes at MDI Gurgaon: An Interactive Session with Academic Experts

Edited By Vaishnavi Addagatla | Updated on Nov 23, 2023 05:15 PM IST | #MDI Gurgaon

Management Development Institute (MDI), Gurgaon was established in 1972. MDI Gurgaon is ranked 13th among the top management schools according to the NIRF 2023 Ranking. The institute offers postgraduate and doctoral-level programmes in the management and business administration stream. For admission to MDI Gurgaon PGDM, PGDM-HRM, PGDM-IB and PGDM Business Analytics programmes, candidates need to appear and secure a valid score in the CAT entrance examination (for Indian students). MDI Gurgaon also provides placement opportunities to students studying in their final year. Management Development Institute also offers scholarships to deserving and meritorious students.

Know about PGDM programmes at MDI Gurgaon: An Interactive Session with Academic Experts
Know about PGDM programmes at MDI Gurgaon: An Interactive Session with Academic Experts

In an exclusive webinar with Careers360, MDI Gurgaon academic experts Prof. Ashutosh Dash, Assoc. Prof. Kirti Sharma and Asst. Prof. Kishore Kumar Gangwani has shared the journey of the institute, courses offered, fees, admissions, summer internships and much more. In this session, the panellists have also answered students’ queries related to MDI Gurgaon admissions, cutoff scores, shortlisting of the candidates for placements, career gaps amongst others things. To know more about the MDI Gurgaon PGDM courses go through the complete article.

Careers360: Describe the journey of MDI Gurgaon since its inception.

Answer: MDI Gurgaon was set up in 1972. In 1988 the institute started the National Management Programme (PGDM-BM). In 1994 Post Graduate Programme in Management course was introduced which is now known as PGDM. FPM and Part-time PGDM were started in 1999. The institute started the PGP-HRM and Executive FPM in 2004. In 2005 MDI Gurgaon introduced the Energy Management Programme as well as the Association of MBAs (AMBA), UK. In 2006 the institute was accredited by the South Asian Quality Assurance System and also introduced PGP-IB with ESCP Europe (France) along with PGP Public Policy Management (PPM). The institute was Re-accredited with AMBA 1st time in 2011 and 2nd time in 2015. Management Development Institute Gurgaon was Re-accredited 3rd time with SAQs in 2019. The institution has received AACSB and 3rd AMBA re-accreditation in the year 2021. In the last academic year 2023, the institute started the Post Graduate Programme in Business Analytics.

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Careers360: Please elaborate on the PGDM programmes offered at MDI Gurgaon.

Answer: MDI Gurgaon offers two year full-time PG programmes like PGDM, PGDM-HRM, PGDM-IB, and PGDM Business Analytics. Accounting and Finance, Information Management, Marketing Management, Operation Management, Strategy and General Management are the areas of specialisation in PGDM offered by MDI Gurgaon.

In PGDM-HRM, the students are exposed to two interdisciplinary courses during term I to term IV. They are required to complete 8 elective courses from the OB/HR area. The students are encouraged to opt a maximum of 2 courses other than OB/HR.

In PGDM Business Analytics, the student has to complete 4 courses from term I to term IV. In this, the students are required to gain 24 credits through elective courses during the 5th and 6th term in the 2nd year.

In PGDM-IB-MIM Twinning Programme: In this, the terms I, II and VI are provided at MDI Gurgaon. Whereas, the terms III, IV and V are delivered at ESCP Business schools in one of the allocated locations of Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Turin and London campuses.

100% of placements are seen at MDI Gurgaon of which the highest salary package was recorded at Rs. 60 LPA for PGDM students. MDI Gurgaon course fee for PGDM/ PGDM HRM/ PGDM Business Analytics is Rs. 24,16,800. However, the fee structure for PGDM International Business is Rs. 28,16,200.

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Careers360: When does the student opt for specialisation while filling out the application form?

Answer: Students can opt specialisation in their 2nd year. They can choose their electives in term IV, V and VI before going for the summer internship in term III. MDI Gurgaon has 14 to 17 electives for students to choose from.

Assoc. Prof. Kirti Sharma: By the middle of III term students are aware of what specialisation they want to select, as by that time they have als attended a couple of interview rounds, in which the institute asks students about their areas of interest.

Careers360: How do you advise a student to choose a specialisation? Is there any support from MDI?

Prof. Ashutosh Dash: There are a combination of factors that may influence students while selecting their specialisation. After one year of joining the course students have to choose their specialisation. They can also take the advice of their seniors and faculty members while selecting the specialisation.

Asst. Prof. Kishore Kumar Gangwani: MDI Gurgaon provides the information related to the courses and its specialisation. If students have any doubts regarding the specialisation they can approach their faculty and GP office as well regarding the same. MDI Gurgaon is open to solve the doubts of students to help them finalise their decisions.

Careers360: Is there any difference in the eligibility for selecting students apart from CAT? Is there any particular criteria where the institute looks into the students?

Prof. Ashutosh Dash: For specialisation there is no particular criteria students are free to select the specialisation as per their choice. But if a faculty member restricts the number of students in that particular specialisation that he/ she is teaching then there are certain checks and balances. Else once a student is admitted, they are free to select the electives of their choice. Regarding the MDI Gurgaon admission process there are many checks apart from CAT.

Student: Does MDI do profile-based selection or do you give importance to extracurricular activities?

Prof. Ashutosh Dash: Yes, the institute gives importance to diversity in terms of gender, sports, and geography while calculating the application score. The profile scores include both academics as well as non-academic scores which are combined to calculate the application score.

Careers360: Does work experience matter during selection?

Prof. Ashutosh Dash: Yes, work experience is a must for admission to MDI Gurgaon. So the factors that are taken into consideration are diversity, work experience, in addition to academics are considered for calculating the application score.

Careers360: How does a chance of fresher vary in terms of admissions with a person who already has work experience?

Prof. Ashutosh Dash: So work experience carries some weight, and the freshers can make up for that in other parameters.

For admission to PGDM-IB programme fresher can not apply. Candidates with at least one year of work experience after graduation. And graduation should be of 4 years duration.

Assoc. Prof. Kirti Sharma: Master in Management (MIM) from ESCP Europe is one of the top 5 degrees. To get admission to ESCP Europe one has to score 750 in GMAT. So MDI students get an advantage there with the kind of CAT score they have to sit with those students who are qualifying GMAT and then taking admission there. The fee of ESCP is around Rs 70-80 lakhs depending on the campus. But an MDI student gets an advantage to study one term in Paris and one term somewhere else. And at the same time students earn two degrees if they opt for PGDM-IB plus MIM course. In the recruitment process students also have an advantage as recruiters nowadays prefer students who have international exposure.

Careers360: Will age and career gap impact the campus placement chances?

Assoc. Prof. Kirti Sharma: Careers gap can impact the campus placement chances of students. But if the student is able to justify the gap year for personal or any medical emergency. then, that would not be a problem. Even too much work experience also sometimes becomes a deterrent for FMCG companies.

Student: What is the expected cutoff for CAT in 2023? And what was the CAT cutoff score last year?

Asst. Prof. Kishore Kumar Gangwani: There are several components considered for admission to MDI. And every component is given proper weightage. There is enough opportunity for students to get selected even if they have not done well in one component, they can cover up for that in other components.

The CAT cutoff score last year was 90 plus to be called for the GD and PI process.

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Student: What are the chances for admission if the student scores well in CAT and has low communication skills because of the language barrier?

Asst. Prof. Kishore Kumar Gangwani: In the interview process the panel looks for two factors of which first is the communication part. As english is a globally accepted language, hence it is somewhat required. The lack of english can be compensated by factors like students' understanding of current business issues and other things and english communication can be improved with time.

Student: What are the extracurricular activities that will be looked at? How much should a student score in the CAT to get admission?

Asst. Prof. Kishore Kumar Gangwani: Management Development Institute, Gurgaon has so many clubs, which students can join as per their interest areas. Students should start working for 100 percentile and not for 90 percentile to get admission into MDI Gurgaon. CAT scores and a personal interview are the major components for admission to MDI Gurgaon.

Careers360: What kind of summer internships are offered to the students and what is the main aim behind these summer internships?

Assoc. Prof. Kirti Sharma: Summer internships are mandatory for the students, to work and get industry exposure. There are multiple projects offered by the industries where students can apply the concepts and work for a better future. These summer internships start from 1st week of April to the end of May. After completing the summer internship students have to make a presentation of their projects done in the internships which will be equivalent to 1 credit point and 2 credit points in the case of PGDM IB.

Asst. Prof. Kishore Kumar Gangwani: SIP in a way is an opportunity for students to showcase their potential to future recruiters. As many of the recruiters that participate in the SIP also participate in the final recruitment process and they may offer students PPO’s.

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Careers360: Do the students get to select the types of internships they wish to do or they apply for all the internships?

Assoc. Prof. Kirti Sharma: Students apply to whatever openings are coming. But the chances of students getting an internship decreases if they keep waiting for their dream company. The institute encourages students to apply for as many internships as they can as the market situation can not be predicted.

Careers360: Is there any process for internships?

Assoc. Prof. Kirti Sharma: Yes there is a process for internships. Once the students apply the institute sends their profiles to the companies, then they send the names of the shortlisted student's to the institute. Further process depends on companies, as some of the companies have offline interviews, some have online interviews and some companies take psychometric tests. MDI Gurgaon has a preparation team which helps the students to prepare for their internship interview sessions.

Student: Are there any specific criteria for 10th, 12th and graduation? Is there any particular weightage for the shortlisting?

Answer: For admission to MDI Gurgaon at least 50% marks in 10th, 12th and graduation are required.

Assoc. Prof. Kirti Sharma: Some companies focus on the marks secured in academics as well i.e. it depends on the companies. Students can make their profile better as they move forward.

Asst. Prof. Kishore Kumar Gangwani: Better performance in academics is better rewarded. Higher scores in academics gives an added advantage to students.

Student: Are there any scholarships for students who get admission into the MDI Gurgaon?

Answer: The institute has a 100% tuition fee waiver for students who have a family income of not more than Rs 8 lakh rupees. Around 15 seats in PGDM and 6 seats in PGDM HRM. MDI also has a merit-cum-means scholarships scheme where we give 50% tuition fee waiver and the family income should not be more than Rs 8 lakh rupees.

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Careers360: What kind of questions can one expect during the personal interview process for admissions?

Assoc. Prof. Kirti Sharma: We can't say what questions will be asked in the PI, as there are multiple panel members in the interview. Students must be well prepared and aware of what is happening in business, economics, geopolitics and their academic subjects.

Dr Kishore Kumar Gangwani: The question asked during personal interview may be asked on what you write in the MDI application form like interest areas and more.

Careers360: Accreditations like AACSB, NBA, and SAQS are parameters for quality. Can you elaborate on the contribution of these to the institute as well as students?

Asst. Prof. Kishore Kumar Gangwani: Accreditations help to set a benchmark and give a state holder confidence that the institute follows quality standards. It also helps to boost career growth as well as international standings and recognition. Accreditation also helps to renew the MoUs as well.

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Careers360: How are candidates shortlisted for placements? Do you base it on an exam, a CV, or how you do it in the interview?

Assoc. Prof. Kirti Sharma: Shortlisteing of candidates for placement varies from company to company. Some companies will ask for very specific profiles based on their needs. It totally depends on what kind of roles the company is recruiting for. Once the company sends criteria based on that criteria the institute will send candidates' profiles to the companies and then shortlisting of candidates can take place. In some cases, companies will call the students for an interview as they may have multiple rounds of interviews and then shortlisting of the candidates will occur.

Careers360: Do we have any deadline for the applications?

Answer: The deadline for the MDI application submission is November 24, 2023 by 5 pm.

Disclaimer: This content was distributed by the MDI Gurgaon and has been published as part of Careers360’s marketing initiative.


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