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Know about ICFAI Business School Kolkata: An Interview with Dikshak Bose (Student, Batch 2023-25)

Know about ICFAI Business School Kolkata: An Interview with Dikshak Bose (Student, Batch 2023-25)

Edited By Piyush Chaudhary | Updated on Nov 28, 2023 04:34 PM IST | #IBS Kolkata

Established in 1995, ICFAI Business School (IBS) Kolkata is a private B-School. IBS Kolkata offers only one postgraduate programme in management stream. Post Graduate Program in Management (PGPM) is the PG programme available at IBS Kolkata. Careers360 brings you an interview with Dikshak Bose, student at ICFAI Business School Kolkata. In his interview to Careers360, Dikshak shares his experience at IBS Kolkata. What is student life like inside IBS? How did he choose the PGPM programme at IBS Kolkata? And other things about the college like admission process, IBS Kolkata courses and fees, placements, campus life and more. To know more about ICFAI Business School Kolkata from a student's perspective go through the complete interview of Dikshak Bose.

Know about ICFAI Business School Kolkata: An Interview with Dikshak Bose (Student, Batch 2023-25)
Know about ICFAI Business School Kolkata: An Interview with Dikshak Bose (Student, Batch 2023-25)

Careers360: Tell us something about yourself such as from which place are you from?

Answer: I was born and brought up in the city of Calcutta. I studied literature as a part of my undergraduate studies and being keen on becoming a business leader I have embarked on my journey of pursuing my post graduate studies in management.

Careers360: Presently which course are you pursuing and in which year are you?

Answer: Post Graduate Program in Management at IBS Kolkata. I am in the 2nd Semester of the 1st year.

Careers360: Did you face any difficulty in the initial months when you joined the institute?

Answer: Faced difficulty in grasping a few courses compared to others, to which I was completely new to. We did have orientation classes for some subjects to help us cope.

Careers360: What activities are offered in the institute? Are there any clubs etc. for the various extracurricular activities? Which ones have you taken up and are a part of?

Answer: There is an active Student Council that looks after student activities. Domain Clubs (Finance, Marketing, Analytics & etc.) & Personality Development Clubs (Cultural, Social Responsibility & Sports) are very much present. All the clubs with the guidance of the Student Council organise competitions and engagement programs. I am a part of the Student Council and to mention the most memorable event that I have been a part of was the IBS Soccer League.

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Careers360: Describe a typical day at your institute – what do you do from the time you wake up till you go to sleep?

Answer: My typical day begins at 6 am. I travel for an hour and half every day in the morning to reach the campus. Usually lectures begin at 9:30 AM. in the morning for 75 minutes each of 6 lectures a day and the day ends at 6:30 PM. The day includes student activities, projects & presentations all adjusted within. Then again, I travel an hour and half to reach where I live. Online skill building training or guest lectures in the later half of the evening are offered by my Institute, which takes place very often and if so my day ends at 10:30. I go to bed by 11:30 PM.

Careers360: Tell us about the faculty-student ratio here and about the teacher-student relationship in your understanding?

Answer: The faculties are very amicable and understanding in nature, willing to help in navigating through any difficulty faced. Faculty student ratio is 1:13.

Careers360: What facilities do you have in the campus? What do you like here the most which you feel is unique and differentiating?

Answer: Facilities include the well-equipped Library, Computer Lab, On-Campus Stationery Service, Cafeteria, Common Room, Auditorium, Indoor Games (Table Tennis, Carrom, Chess and etc.), Internet Connectivity. I like the Indoor Games the most.

Careers360: How comfortable are your hostels and how about the cleanliness factor over there?

Answer: PG and rental apartments are available in close vicinity of the campus, which are safe, clean and affordable.

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Careers360: What about the medical facilities? Can you avail requisite medical attention if needed in an emergency?

Answer: Yes, sufficient on-campus medical facilities are available.

Careers360: How do you balance your studies, projects, exams and other activities?

Answer: Well time management is the key along with putting in a lot more than usual hours as hard work. It is fun at the end of the day, which enables us to become more effective & efficient.

Careers360: Tell us about the clubs and societies at the campus and how significant are they from your point of view or students point of view?

Answer: The clubs and societies are always active. There are 7 clubs in total and the Student Council. Organizing and participating in events are a part of our daily task. The clubs offer enough opportunity to take up initiatives, learn in the process and grow out of inhibitions.

Careers360: Is there any in-house magazine or journal for the latest events or happenings at the institute?

Answer: Every club publishes its monthly newsletter. The campus has its own magazine, Konnects.

Careers360: What are the popular hangouts at the institute? What, according to you, are the most-visited places nearby?

Answer: The common room & the cafeteria. The clubs, food joints & tea shacks nearby are the most visited places.

Careers360: How do you spend your leisure time at the campus?

Answer: I play table tennis.

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Careers360: Do you have any Facebook page of your campus where the students express their views, jokes or ideas, or maybe even a blog where they write about their experience of life at campus?

Answer: Yes, our campus is very active on all forms of social media. An active blog is maintained throughout the year.

Careers360: What type of companies come for campus recruitment and what percentage of students get placed every year? How is the recruitment process here?

Answer: A variety of companies visit our campus, the top Recruiters being the Big 4 Consulting firms and top Indian Banks. The recruitment process here is very smooth and efficient. My Institute is ensuring a 100% placement record for years.

Disclaimer: This content was distributed by ICFAI Business School Kolkata and has been published as part of Careers360’s marketing initiative.


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Questions related to IBS Kolkata

Have a question related to IBS Kolkata ?

In order to make an informed decision about which college to choose for your final joining, you must analyze various parameters of a B-School to decide the one which matches with your final goals. At the end of your MBA, your goal could be entrepreneurship, higher education, job opportunities, greater exposure, increased market value or something very different.  Basis the end result, please choose the college wisely.

For higher education, you should choose a college with good faculty and academic exposure, for career opportunities - choose a college with good placement records, for exposure and networking - choose a one with greater alumni base and so on.

Below I am mentioning few details pertaining to both the colleges basis which you can make your final choice:

IBS Kolkata:

  • College: The college was established in 1995. They offer 2year full time program to help students evolve as future leaders.
  • Entrance Exam: IBSAT followed by GD/PI
  • Placements:
    • Top recruiters include HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, IMRB International, Indusind Bank, Hinduja Leyland Finance, etc. among many others.
    • Average salary: INR 6LPA
    • Highest salary INR 8LPA and above
  • Rankings:
    • 11th among Top New Generation B-Schools
    • 108 th rank by Business Today
    • 2nd among Zone wise – Digital Mailers

For more info refer:

BIBS Kolkata

  • College:
    • The college is among the top colleges for MBA in Kolkata. They offer MBA program in with specialisations in Digital Marketing, Business Management, Financial Management and Banking.
    • There are also courses for Industry Integrated Business Management, Executive Management.
  • Placements:
    • Average Salary: INR 4.65 LPA
    • Highest Salary : INR 13.6 LPA
    • Top recruiters include ICICI Bank, Coca-Cola, Asian Paints, Dabur, Britannia, Mother Dairy among many others.

Now that you know the key differences between the two colleges, choose the best one basis your future aspirations. IBS is a brand that has campuses in 6 different cities. Also the top colleges of IBS are highly valued in the industry and considered among the top 30 colleges for MBA. Due to this, IBS gives you the opportunity to leverage the strong alumni network across all campuses. That will be a better option when you want the network or to change jobs in future.

Hello Aspirant!
IBS is a good brand indeed. But that is Hyderabad Campus. IBS Kolkata offers PGPM degree approved by AIU, which is equivalent to MBA. It is UGC and AICTE recognized, ranked 2nd in West Bengal. But the Kolkata campus is comparatively smaller in size with a few facilities, having a placement record of 99%, with the average CTC being 5.82 and no international placements in 2019. The highest (national) package offered was 10 LPA and a total of 84 recruiters participated for on campus placements.

For more information about IBS Kolkata, you can visit -

I hope this answer will help you.


For Praxis it is Rs. 7.2 LPA average for the batch, Highest was Rs. 10.50 LPA, this is for 40 students of the batch.

on the other hand IBS has 5.82 Lakhs per annum average with higesht being 10 lakhs per annum, a total of 84 recruiters participated for on campus placements nearly 99percent of the batch was placed.

You can also visit the following link for more information -

You can reach out to us for more help with entrance tests/admissions procedures/mocks or any other help.

Hope it helps.


Hi Silli,

If you want to join IBS then go for IBS Hyderabad or for IBS Mumbai.As the IBS kolkata is not that good.If you see in terms of ROI(Returns On Investment) then I will suggest you to go for IBS Mumbai as the fee structure of IBS Mumbai is same as IBS Kolkata but the placement is good at IBS Mumbai.If you want to go for IBS Kolkata then go for Marketing only.

Hope this will help,please feel free to ask if you have any further queries.

Thank You.

Hello aspirant,

Hope you are doing well.

Set in the vibrant and intellectual ‘City of Joy’, ICFAI Business School (IBS) Kolkata is one of the branches of the IBS group. The college offers a certificate program in Management, which is equivalent to an MBA degree. Admission to the program is through the IBSAT exam. The minimum cut off required in the IBSAT exam is 66 marks for the Kolkata branch.

It is private institute affiliated with ICFAI group.

It is not affiliated with any university.

Good luck

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