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Know all about IMI New Delhi from Sehaj Bajaj (Student)

Know all about IMI New Delhi from Sehaj Bajaj (Student)

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International Management Institute (IMI) New Delhi was established in 1981. It is the first corporate-sponsored Business School. It is approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and is a member of the Association of Indian Universities (AIU). IMI New Delhi offers PGDM in multiple disciplines along with FPM and EFPM programmes. Admissions at IMI Delhi are offered to students who meet the UG and PG programme eligibility criteria and who fill and submit the online application form.

Know all about IMI New Delhi from Sehaj Bajaj (Student)
Know all about IMI New Delhi from Sehaj Bajaj (Student)

Careers360 brings you an interview with Sehaj Bajaj, Student at IMI New Delhi. She is doing her Post Graduate Diploma in Management programme (core) from International Management Institute. In this interview, Sehaj shares her experience at the college till now. What is life like at IMI Delhi? How did she choose the PGPM programme? And other things about the International Management Institute like the Summer Internship Program, placements and more. To know more about International Management Institute from a student's perspective go through the complete interview of Sehaj Bajaj, with Careers360.

Careers360. Tell us something about yourself such as from which place are you from?

Sehaj Bajaj. I am from Jalandhar, Punjab. I have completed my graduation in BBA from Guru Nanak Dev University in 2022 and post that I joined IMI New Delhi for a PGDM course.

Careers360. Presently which course are you pursuing and in which year are you?

Sehaj Bajaj. I am a first year PGDM (core) student.

Careers360. Did you face any difficulty in the initial months when you joined the institute?

Sehaj Bajaj. A new environment might pose a challenge to some but IMI New Delhi makes sure to make this ride as comfortable as possible for all its students. The initial few months were a little hectic but with time you get accustomed to it. Through the process, you learn time management and to prioritize tasks.

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Careers360. What activities are offered in the institute? Are there any clubs etc for the various extracurricular activities? Which ones have you taken up and are a part of?

Sehaj Bajaj. There are various activities apart from academics that are offered in the institute. We have 3 councils, 5 committees, 8 Academic Clubs, 3 Non- Academic Clubs and 10 Societies which are driven by the students themselves. These student bodies provide excellent exposure and opportunities for students to learn and shape them for the corporate world. I am a part of The Admissions Committee of IMI New Delhi.

Careers360. Describe a typical day at your institute? What do you do from the time you wake up till you go to sleep?

Sehaj Bajaj. As a PGDM student, My day begins at 8 AM. Post breakfast I attend classes from 9 AM to 2 PM, which is followed by a lunch break of 1 hour. And then the classes go on till 4:30 PM. After classes I get to work on the tasks of the day, they vary from preparing for quizzes, presentations, case studies and class discussions to committee work. Here at IMI, we maintain a good work life balance so whenever I get a chance I try to engage myself in relaxing activities like badminton, reading in library or just a casual stroll around the campus.This pretty much sums up my day as a whole.

Careers360. Tell us about the faculty-student ratio here and about the teacher-student relationship in your understanding.

Sehaj Bajaj. Every section has around 50-60 students and this in my opinion is the perfect strength. Class discussions are thought stimulating and peer to peer learning helps in personal growth. Every faculty member is highly qualified and very considerate. They are always ready to share as much knowledge as they can through their valuable industry experience.

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Careers360. What facilities do you have on campus? What do you like here the most which you feel is unique and differentiating?

Sehaj Bajaj. The Campus is highly advanced and is designed in such a way that it provides comfort to all its students. We have well equipped and spacious lecture halls, a world class library- home to over 25000 books, RPG Auditorium, Sports room and heart of our college- Amphitheatre. The most unique and differentiating factor for me is how well knit the students of IMI are, it’s like a close community.

Careers360. How comfortable are your hostels and how about the cleanliness factor over there?

Sehaj Bajaj. I live in Orion, which is a double sharing girls hostel. Each room in Orion has a washroom attached. I am comfortable and content with my living arrangement. The hygiene factor is of utmost importance for me and IMI maintains a good hygiene standard.

Careers360. What about the medical facilities? Can you avail requisite medical attention if needed in an emergency?

Sehaj Bajaj. Campus has a medical room for emergencies and a practitioner who visits everyday.

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Careers360. How do you balance your studies, projects, exams and other activities?

Sehaj Bajaj. Being efficient is the key to balancing studies with projects, exams and other activities. As stated earlier initially it was a challenge but as the course moves forward students adapt and learn to multitask.

Careers360. Tell us about the clubs and societies at the campus and how significant are they from your point of view or students point of view?

Sehaj Bajaj. The institute has a total of 18 student bodies and 10 societies which are driven by the students themselves. These student bodies provide excellent exposure and opportunities for students to learn and shape them for the corporate world. Organizing, planning, working in a team, dealing with various stakeholders and getting groomed for the future corporate world are some of the takeaways from being in a Club/ Committee or society.

Careers360. Is there any in-house magazine or journal for the latest events or happenings at the institute?

Sehaj Bajaj. Many Academic Clubs post a weekly journal related to the ongoing industry happenings.

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Careers360. What are the popular hangouts at the institute? What, according to you, are the most-visited places nearby?

Sehaj Bajaj. Most popular hangout places at campus are the amphitheater, Flavours or more commonly known as BT which is our canteen and Round table which is surrounded by a plush green area. Places nearby the Campus are food stalls and eateries.

Careers360. How do you spend your leisure time at the campus?

Sehaj Bajaj. My leisure time is mostly spent in the sports room playing pool, in the library reading a book or in Flavours (BT) with my friends.

Careers360. Do you have any Facebook page of your campus where the students express their views, jokes or ideas, or maybe even a blog where they write about their experience of life at campus?

Sehaj Bajaj. There is no facebook page as such but the students are all well connected on all the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin, where they share their ongoing campus life happenings with each other.

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Careers360. What type of companies come for campus recruitment and what percentage of students get placed every year? How is the recruitment process here?

Sehaj Bajaj. The institute provides promising placements and summer internships every year. Top recruiters recruiting for various roles in the domain of Banking and Financial Services, Insurance, E-Commerce, FMCD, FMCG, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Consulting, Edtech, IT, ITES and Telecom. Some well-known names that recruit from campus are BCG, BMW, Piramal Group, Adani Group etc. IMI Delhi placement was 100% for the batch of 2020-22 with an average package at Rs 15.51 LPA for PGDM core, Rs 15.02 LPA for PGDM HRM and Rs 14.39 LPA for PGDM B&FS.

Disclaimer: This content was distributed by International Management Institute, New Delhi and has been published as part of Careers360’s marketing initiative.

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Generally, many institutes have a residential requirement, especially for full-time programs, to foster a conducive learning environment and promote holistic development among students. However, since your home is just 15 minutes from the campus, you may want to inquire directly. Mostly they'll agree with you as it is not worth for your to stay in campus. So connect with them they'll surely agree on this.

Hope this helps you,

Thank you

Dear aspirant,

I would be judging these two institutes on the basis of placements.

So, IMT nagpur has a very strong placement cell. All the training and placement related stuff is handled by the placement team. The students are trained through various training programmes to enhance their communication skills.

Students are placed across various sectors such as BFSI ,IT and ITES , service , hospitality, e-commerce ,consulting ,power , manufacturing, FMCG and retail and many more.

Whereas imi new dehli does not have strong grip in its placements.

To get complete information you can check out the link given below-

Hi Aditya,

It would be great and easy to provide you the answer if you mentioned the course you want to pursue from one of these colleges.  In my views, I would suggest you go with Jaipuria, Noida because it is better in various terms  as compared to imi Kolkata. See, choosing a college is quite difficult because there are several factors that one should verify firstly.

The factors that tells an individual which college is best, these are:

  • Qualified faculty
  • Environment
  • Placement ratio
  • Academics
  • Location

These things matter the most during pursuing of any course.

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Dear student,

If you were to take my opinion then i would recommend you to go for bml munjal gurugram because imi Kolkata doesn't have brand name, this is a drawback of this college.

The placements at bml munjal gurugram is far better than imi Kolkata because the median package is around 8L per annum. In case of faculty too bml munjal has an upper hand in comparison with imi Kolkata. The faculty members are very cooperative and helpful.

The infrastructure of both the colleges is at par . All the amenities are provided in the campus.

Birla Institute of Management Technology will be a good option for you for management studies (PGDM). It is clarified by mentioned below points:

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  2. It has also been ranked at 44 position for master of Business Administration by National Institute ranking framework 2021.
  3. The highest placement package which has been awarded in in the institute is 18 lakh per annum.
  4. Birla Institute of Management and Technology has witnessed 100% placements.

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