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FIIB Delhi: Interview with Dr Kshamta Chauhan on Admissions, Internships, Placements, and More

FIIB Delhi: Interview with Dr Kshamta Chauhan on Admissions, Internships, Placements, and More

Edited By Sukriti Sahoo | Updated on Jan 24, 2024 05:47 PM IST | #FIIB Delhi

In this interview, Dr Kshamta Chauhan, Dean - Academics, FIIB talks about the FIIB admission process, vision and missions, infrastructure, internships, collaborations, placement statistics and more. Check the interview here.

About: Fortune Institute of International Business (FIIB), Delhi was established in 1994 under the leadership of Mr R K Shrivastava. FIIB Delhi courses are offered at postgraduate and doctoral levels. The institute offers PGDM, PGDM Financial Management and FPM. For FIIB admission to the PGDM programme, the scores of CAT/ GMAT/ XAT/ CMAT/ MAT/ ATMA are considered. As per the latest FIIB placements statistics, the highest salary package was Rs. 25 LPA and the average salary for the Top 20% batch is Rs. 10.5 LPA respectively.

FIIB Delhi: Interview with Dr Kshamta Chauhan on Admissions, Internships, Placements, and More
FIIB Delhi: Interview with Dr Kshamta Chauhan on Admissions, Internships, Placements, and More

Q. Tell us something about FIIB Delhi; when it was set up, its vision and mission.

A: The Fortune Society for Development and Promotion of International Business, now Fortune Institute of International Business (FIIB), was established in 1994 under the leadership of Mr R K Shrivastava with a vision to revolutionise management education and develop leaders who make a significant impact in both business and society.

Our mission revolves around the following core pillars:

1. Advancing the Practice of Management: FIIB aims to teach management and push the boundaries of conventional practices. This involves fostering innovative thinking, embracing new methodologies, and staying ahead of the curve in the dynamically evolving management field.

2. Developing Leader-Managers of Business and Social Relevance: The institution is dedicated to nurturing individuals adept in business acumen and socially responsible. We aim to create leaders who understand the importance of ethical practices, sustainability, and societal impact in their managerial roles.

3. Excellence in Teaching, Research, and Stewardship: FIIB strives for excellence across teaching, research endeavours, and stewardship. This translates to a commitment to providing high-quality education, conducting impactful research that contributes to the management field, and responsible governance and stewardship of resources.

Our promise encapsulates the commitment to students' transformation and success:

  • Confidence in Transformation: FIIB is confident in transforming lives through education. This confidence is rooted in our curriculum, faculty, and support systems geared toward holistic development.

  • Commitment to Lasting Value: The institution pledges to deliver lasting value to every member of the FIIB community, ensuring that the education and experiences offered resonate throughout their careers, contributing to sustained success.

  • Empowering Career Success: FIIB's commitment is to provide education and equip students with the right attitude, skills, and knowledge essential for sustained career success. We aim to prepare individuals who are not only employable but also adaptable and capable of thriving in the ever-changing business landscape.

Overall, FIIB's ethos centres around innovation, ethics, and holistic development, aiming to create a new generation of leaders equipped to navigate complexities in the global business environment while contributing positively to society.

Q. Tell us something about the FIIB admission process.

A: The FIIB admission process is designed to select candidates who exhibit specific qualities and meet certain academic criteria.

FIIB Delhi Eligibility Criteria:

1. Educational Qualification: Applicants should hold a bachelor's degree from a recognised university with a minimum aggregate of 50%. The degree programme should entail at least three years of education beyond Higher Secondary Schooling (10+2) or equivalent.

2. Final-Year Graduates: Students expecting to graduate in 2024 can apply, but they must provide proof of graduation by October 2024, maintaining the minimum required aggregate of 50% marks.

3. Standardised Test Scores: As part of the eligibility, candidates must have a valid score in standardised tests like CAT, GMAT, XAT, CMAT, MAT, or ATMA with a minimum percentile of 60.

FIIB Delhi Evaluation Process:

FIIB's selection process aims to identify individuals who showcase specific qualities:

  • Ambition: Applicants are driven to achieve their goals and strive for excellence.

  • Curiosity: Individuals with a thirst for knowledge, a desire to learn, and an inquisitive nature.

  • Leadership: Candidates who have demonstrated leadership qualities or have the potential to lead and inspire others.

  • Adaptability: Those who can navigate change and show flexibility in diverse environments or situations.

Loan Assistance and Scholarships:

FIIB understands the financial constraints that some students may face. Hence, to ensure access to quality education for deserving candidates, we offer scholarships to deserving candidates pursuing the PGDM or PGDM-FM programmes. These FIIB Delhi scholarships aim to support students in their academic journey, ensuring that financial barriers do not impede their aspirations.

Q. What kind of infrastructure can students expect at FIIB Delhi? Please elaborate.

A: At FIIB, the infrastructure is not just about physical spaces but encompasses a holistic approach supporting academic and non-academic facets of student success.

FIIB Delhi Physical Infrastructure:

1. Smart Classrooms: FIIB boasts modern, technology-equipped classrooms facilitating interactive and engaging learning experiences. These smart classrooms are uniquely designed to enhance the teaching and learning process, integrating technology for a more effective educational environment.

2. Library: The institute houses a well-stocked library that is a hub for knowledge and research. It offers access to various resources, including books, journals, periodicals, and digital databases. This resource-rich environment supports students in their academic pursuits.

FIIB Delhi Digital Infrastructure:

1. Learning Management System (LMS) - Coll Poll: FIIB has embraced technology through its Learning Management System, Coll Poll. This platform is a centralised hub where students can access learning resources and assignments and catch up on missed classes. It also enables performance analysis, aiding students in tracking their progress.

2. e-Library: In line with the digital shift in education, FIIB provides a comprehensive virtual library accessible 24/7. This e-library houses diverse digital resources pertinent to management education, including text, audio, visuals, and video materials. This allows students flexibility and convenience in accessing relevant study materials.

3. Employability Lab (Elab): The Elab at FIIB is a specialised resource centre catering to various aspects of career readiness. It offers workshops, guest lectures, and training sessions to enhance students' employability skills. These sessions cover soft skills development, resume writing, and mock interviews, ensuring students are academically prepared and equipped with practical career skills.

By investing in physical and digital infrastructure, FIIB aims to create an environment conducive to holistic student development. The integration of technology, coupled with well-designed physical spaces, facilitates effective learning, research, and career preparation for its diverse student body.

Q. There is a lot of stress that is being made with regard to interaction with the industry as well as companies that recruit. What steps are being taken by FIIB in this direction?

A: FIIB has a multi-faceted approach to facilitating industry interaction and preparing students for professional challenges while ensuring their holistic well-being.

Industry Interaction:

1. Apart from the Career Management Centre (CMC), FIIB has a dedicated Learning and Development (L&D) department that is pivotal in preparing students for industry challenges. This department conducts mock tests and interviews, simulating real-world scenarios to enhance students' readiness for job placements.

2. Mentoring Programme: FIIB runs a robust mentoring programme that ensures personalised attention and guidance for each student. This individualised mentoring helps students navigate academic and career-related challenges, fostering their overall growth and development.

Well-being Initiatives:

1. Aarohan Counselling Centre: FIIB is committed to students' mental health and well-being. The in-house Aarohan Counselling Centre offers individual counselling sessions, and webinars focused on mental health. This support system aims to provide emotional guidance and assistance to students, promoting a conducive learning and personal development environment.

2. BetterLYF Online Counselling Platform: FIIB's engagement with BetterLYF, an online mental health counselling platform, further emphasises the institution's dedication to providing confidential counselling sessions through online mediums. This accessible resource ensures that students have avenues to address mental health concerns effectively.

3. Student Well-being Facilities: The institute offers physical fitness facilities beyond academic and mental health support. The well-equipped “Saddle Gym” allows students the flexibility to engage in workout sessions, promoting physical fitness and overall wellness. Additionally, the provision of morning tea and fruit in the courtyard signifies the institution's concern for students' physical well-being.

FIIB's holistic approach to student development encompasses academic and professional readiness and mental and physical well-being. By integrating mentoring programmes, career development initiatives, mental health support, and fitness facilities, the institute strives to create an environment where students can excel academically while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Q. Internships are now mandatory as per AICTE guidelines. Does FIIB Delhi help students with this? If yes, how?

A: At FIIB, internships are not just a requirement but a structured part of the curriculum to provide students with practical exposure and align with industry and societal needs.

1. Corporate Internship Project (CIP):

  • Duration and Engagement: FIIB offers a three-month Corporate Internship Project (CIP) where students get hands-on experience within the industry. The institute collaborates with various companies to secure these opportunities, and alumni involvement significantly contributes to providing these placements.

2. Social Internship Project (SIP):

  • Focus on UNSDG Goals: FIIB mandates a two-week Social Internship Project (SIP) for every student, concentrating on specific United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs). These goals include quality education, gender equality, decent workplace and economic growth, and infrastructure innovation.

  • Alignment with Student Interests: Efforts are made to allocate projects based on students' interests to ensure maximum engagement and impact.

  • Emphasis on Social Impact: Rather than merely completing the project, FIIB places substantial emphasis on students achieving a tangible social impact through their SIP. This aligns with the institution's vision of creating socially responsible leaders.

3. Evaluation & Grading:

  • Structured Grading System: FIIB employs a structured grading system to evaluate student projects. This assessment ensures that students' efforts, achievements, and the impact of their internship projects are duly recognised and assessed.

The internship programmes at FIIB serve dual purposes offering exposure to the corporate world through CIP and instilling a sense of social responsibility through SIP. These initiatives comply with AICTE guidelines and enrich students' learning experiences, providing them with a practical understanding of industry practices while fostering a commitment to address societal challenges.

Q. Can you please share details if there is any collaboration with universities abroad?

A: We have a well-defined International Relations Policy and have collaborated with various foreign partner universities for student exchange, faculty exchange, and research collaborations.

FIIB Delhi has established a robust International Relations Policy to foster global exposure and enhance educational experiences through collaborations with foreign partner universities.

Collaborations with Foreign Partner Universities:

Student Exchange Programmes: FIIB partners with foreign universities to facilitate student exchange programmes. These collaborations allow students to spend a semester or a specified period studying abroad, gaining international exposure, and experiencing diverse academic environments.

Faculty Exchange: The institution also engages in faculty exchange programmes, enabling professors and instructors from FIIB to collaborate with counterparts from partner universities abroad. This exchange of expertise, teaching methodologies, and research collaboration contributes to a more diverse academic experience.

Research Collaborations: Collaborations with foreign universities often extend to research initiatives. Joint research projects or collaborations between faculty members from different institutions foster an environment of academic exchange, knowledge sharing, and innovative research endeavours.

Benefits and Implementation:

Enhanced Learning Experience: Collaborations with foreign universities enrich the learning experience by exposing students and faculty members to different educational systems, cultures, and perspectives.

Cultural Exchange: These collaborations foster cultural exchange, promoting a global mindset among students and faculty and enhancing their cross-cultural communication skills and global understanding.

Networking Opportunities: Engagement with partner universities creates networking opportunities for students and faculty.

Q. Please share FIIB placement statistics with information on the average package, highest and lowest package, number of students placed and details of companies that have recruited.

A: The detailed information about FIIB Delhi placement statistics is mentioned below:

  • FIIB Highest Package: The highest salary package stands at Rs. 25 LPA (Lakhs Per Annum), showcasing the potential for lucrative opportunities available to students through the institute.

  • FIIB Average Package: The average salary for the top 20% of the batch is Rs. 10.5 LPA, indicating a competitive average salary among the higher-performing students.

  • FIIB Delhi Alumni Network: The institution prides itself on a vast and connected alumni network of over 3300 accomplished professionals. This network often plays a significant role in placements through referrals and connections.

  • Corporate Relationships: With 500+ managed corporate relationships, FIIB maintains strong ties with various companies across various sectors. These relationships are instrumental in facilitating placements and industry collaborations.

  • Alliances and Partnerships: FIIB's alliances and partnerships include collaborations with corporate entities, industry bodies, or international institutions. These partnerships often contribute to enhancing placement opportunities and exposure for students.

Our extensive alumni network, numerous corporate relationships, and strategic alliances show our commitment to nurturing industry connections and fostering a conducive environment for placements and career growth. Collectively, these figures underscore the institution's focus on ensuring valuable career prospects for its students through strong industry ties and alumni support.

Disclaimer: This content was distributed by FIIB Delhi, and has been published as part of Careers360’s marketing initiative.


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Dear Aspirant,

IIM offers best placements after pursuing MBA degree from these institutes .Well, for this you need to clear CAT exam conducted by Various IIMs in India .

Top Recruiters like Amazon,Deloitte,Accenture,Google,Dabur etc. had come there  for previous placements .

refer to this link to find suitable colleges that offers MBA as well as high placements :

hope this helps !

best wishes !!

In order to make an informed decision about which college to choose for your final joining, you must analyse various parameters of a B-School to decide the one which matches with your final goals. At the end of your MBA, your goal could be entrepreneurship, higher education, job opportunities, greater exposure, increased market value or something very different.  Basis the end result, please choose the college wisely.

For higher education, you should choose a college with good faculty and academic exposure, for career opportunities - choose a college with good placement records, for exposure and networking - choose a one with greater alumni base and so on.

For the colleges mentioned, I am highlighting the key parameters and the differences between the colleges. Accordingly, please review and make a choice:

FIIB - Fortune Institue of International Business

  • College: This college was established in 1995. Along with their full time 2 year PGDm course, they also offer Post Graduation Program in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics (PGP-BI & DA) in association with IBM Corporation. It is located in located in Vasant Vihar, New Delhi.
  • Entrance Exams: The accept scores from ATMA, CAT, XAT, GMAT, MAT and CMAT.
  • Rankings:
    • Ranked 4 in Top Private B-Schools of Delhi by CSR-GHRDC 2020
    • Ranked 4 in Top Private B-Schools of Delhi by BusinessToday 2020
    • Ranked 4 in Top Private B-Schools of Delhi by The Week 2020
    • Ranked 6 in ‘Future Orientation’ among Top B-Schools of Delhi by Business Today 2020
  • Facilities: They have hostel but not on campus. There is a big library and labs.
  • Placements:
    • Average salary - INR 6.46 LPA
    • Highest salary - INR 17 LPA
    • Some recruiters include : Deloitte, Yes Bank, American Express, ICICI Bank. FedEx Express, Tech Mahindra, Airtel, Nestle, CSC, Colgate, etc.


  • College: This college was established in 2007 by alumni of IIM A. They offer specialisation in Marketing, Finance, Human Capital Management, Operations and International Business. It is located in located in south-west Delhi at Dwarka.
  • Entrance Exams: The accept scores from FEAT, CAT, XAT, GMAT and CMAT.
  • Facilities: They have hostel on campus and provide lot of industry exposure through conferences, student industrial visits and industry interface programs.
  • Placements:
    • Average salary - INR 9 LPA
    • Highest salary - INR 17.5 LPA
    • Some recruiters include : ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, American Express, Square Yards, Decathlon.
According to me
FIIB is good..

Although the institute is marginally short of achieving the glorious 100% placement mark, it offers more than enough opportunities for excellent future endeavours. The annual package offered to the students of FIIB New Delhi depends on their skill sets.
FIIB has managed to maintaina goodplacement record overall.The placement activities are conducted by theCorporate Relationship Centre (CRC) which works towards enhancing the skills and employability of the students. The team of CRC conducts pre-placement mock interviews for the second-year students in the areas of Finance, Marketing, International Business, and HR. This helps students prepare themselves for the actual campus placement interviewsand also helps them understand the recruiters perspective.

FIIB Delhi and IIMs Pune is at par. You can easily get these colleges without any much hindrance. If you want to stay in Delhi only then you can opt FIIB as there i snot much difference between these colleges.

Scopes are also same in fact a little more in FIIB.

But if you want any other college in Delhi with this percentile , then you can try :

VIPS-TC-Delhi School of Business Delhi


Jagan Institute of Management

These 3 colleges are difficult to get but not impossible. It's 70-30 chance.

All the best!!

Both JIMS Kalkaji and FIIB Delhi are leading and premier B schools of India. Both the colleges have excellent faculties and also enriched with world class infrastructure. But in Fortune Institute of International Business Delhi, the placement record in better compared to JIMS Kalkaji. Many of the top recruiters visit the campus for the recruitment such as Aditya Birla group, Genpact, Citi bank, Deloitte, Fecathlon , ITC and many more.

The highest salary package offered was 19 lakhs while average salary package offered is around 6.5 lakhs per annum.

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