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DoMS IIT Roorkee: Interview with Utkarsh Arora (Student)

DoMS IIT Roorkee: Interview with Utkarsh Arora (Student)

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Department of Management Studies, IIT Roorkee - IIT Roorkee was the first engineering college in British India established in 1847. Formerly known as Roorkee college, it was given the status of university in 1948. The Department of Management Studies (DoMS) was set up at IIT Roorkee in 1988 by the then University of Roorkee. The institute offers a 2 year, full-time MBA program with dual specialization in Finance, Marketing, Operations, Human Resource, and IT. Doctoral research programmes in various fields of management are also offered at the institute.

DoMS IIT Roorkee: Interview with Utkarsh Arora (Student)
DoMS IIT Roorkee: Interview with Utkarsh Arora (Student)

Careers360 brings you an exclusive interview with Utkarsh Arora, a final year MBA student at Department of Management Studies, IIT Roorkee. He is currently pursuing his MBA degree in the field of Marketing & Operations. In his interview with Careers360, Utkarsh has answered many questions that candidates have about the MBA program, his experience at DoMS. How is college life at IIT Roorkee? What facilities are provided to MBA students at IIT Roorkee? How did he choose his career path? These are some questions answered by Utkarsh. To know more about the experience of Utkarsh Arora at Department of Management Studies, IIT Roorkee read the full interview.

Question. Tell us something about yourself. Where are you from? What makes you want to pursue a master's degree? What do you hope to achieve with an MBA?

Answer. Hailing from the beautiful town of Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. I am the Class Representative and a Placement Committee Coordinator at Department of Management Studies (DoMS), IIT Roorkee. Coming from a business background, I came here to pursue Marketing. I believe in helping people, which motivates me too. I wish to continue down the same path and achieve laurels in the corporate world.

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Question. Presently which course are you pursuing and in which year are you? What has been your most rewarding academic experience thus far?

Answer. The Department of Management Studies, IIT Roorkee allows students to excel in two different specializations as majors. To make the most of this opportunity, I specialized in Marketing and Operations. Even with my packed schedule and holding key positions of responsibilities in the institute, I worked on industry-relevant projects under the guidance of excellent professors. Scoring a perfect 10 in the first year in all my marketing subjects was my most rewarding academic experience thus far.

Question. Tell us about the course curriculum and specializations offered. Are the learning more theory-based or practical-based?

Answer. Shifting to a term-based system from the traditional semester system provides more fluidity to students. The system is one of a kind, designed specifically to align the course with the industry's needs. Structured sessions take place for understanding the tools to assist the theory with the practical know-how.

Question. Did you face any difficulty in the initial months when you joined the institute?

Answer. My initial months at the institute were filled with mixed emotions of excitement and nervousness about joining the MBA program at DoMS, IIT Roorkee. Initially the rush of activities, classes, assignments, student-led activities took some time getting used to but, with the help and guidance of seniors or batch mates I managed it all. The initial few weeks and months set the tone for the entire two-year MBA course.

Question. Since now classes are being held in online mode majorly. Share your experience of online classes with us. What are the challenges of distance learning amid the coronavirus pandemic?

Answer. The pandemic has rendered us to the confines of our homes or the hostel rooms instead of attending physical classes in the classrooms. Though we miss the personal touch and the physical co-working experiences, the pandemic has brought with it many perks. The institute has enabled VPN access for students attending classes from their home so that they are able to have unrestricted access to the institute’s e-resources.

Question. Chalk out the differences you felt between online and offline classes. How stressful is distance learning for you during the COVID-19 pandemic? Which mode of learning do you prefer?

Answer. There are quite a few differences between online and offline classes which include the personal touch and interactive levels, tipping the scales towards the offline mode. The repeated network issues do add to the stress during online classes, but the institute has provided multiple platforms for conducting these classes to overcome these issues. I personally, still prefer the offline classes, but due to safety protocols online mode wins the day.

Question. How difficult or easy is it to use distance learning technology (computer, tablet, video calls, learning applications, etc.)? Tell us about the technology and software you are using for online learning?

Answer. The new normal in a Covid ridden world, almost everything has shifted to an online alternative. Hence, it's only apt that education and learning should follow suit and shift to online mode. To maintain social distance between people, here at DoMS, several tools have been used in unison to ensure that the students get a similar, if not better, experience of an MBA course. Lectures typically are conducted on either Cisco Webex meetings or Microsoft Teams meetings, while the exams are being held virtually using the state-of-the- art mentoring provided by Mettl. Placement interviews are conducted on either of the video conferencing applications and student meets are held on Google Meet, Cisco Webex or Microsoft Teams. Even online timers, schedulers and calendars like Google calendar and Toggl timer subscriptions have been provided so that students can better track their workings. DoMS institute believes that an MBA is an opportunity to experiment for all. Be it an offline MBA where students tried turning their business ideas into successful companies or the online mode that has helped students become a master in using all applications, aiding them once again in the online shift into jobs post MBA.

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Question. Were there any guest lectures/ industry interactions held by the Institute during remote learning? Tell us about them.

Answer. The clubs and committees at DoMS IIT Roorkee have actually turned this disaster into an opportunity by leveraging the ease of meeting people virtually by organizing several guest lectures with people coming from diverse backgrounds. More than 100 guests in total have interacted with the batch of MBA in the year 2020-21 alone. These guests ranged from esteemed faculties at reputed universities across the globe to honorable bureaucrats working with the Government of India, even the CXO’s of several companies The institute also successfully organized its yearly event ‘Avenir’ where we hosted 15 guests, all of which were stalwarts in their own sectors.

Question. Does the institute provide opportunities to interact with industry stalwarts and people from the corporate world? If yes, share your experience and learnings.

Answer. The institute and its faculties believe that an MBA is not completed by academics or placements, but by the exposure students gain during the course. The interactions with the industry stalwarts across sectors by means of guest lectures are the best way to achieve it. These stalwarts come from several sectors and have shared their immense knowledge and experience with the students. Some of them are Prof. David Simchi-Levi, Professor, Engineering Systems at Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Prof. Ranjay Gulati, Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School; Dr. R. A. Mashelkar, National Research Professor and more. The interactions served not only as an opportunity to gain knowledge from the esteemed guests but also to provide students an insight into the workings of some of the brightest minds in the world.

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Question. What all initiatives are taken by the institute to make the classes and learning more engaging for all students?

Answer. Given the present COVID-19 scenario, the classes are conducted in a virtual mode. The faculty have been quite adaptive towards this change, engaging students with various ready-to-use practical activities, inculcating a culture of competition and competence. Interactive classes promote an environment of growth, allowing students to step up and mold into leaders of tomorrow.

Question. How helpful has your institute been in offering you the resources to learn from home? How helpful are your teachers while studying online?

Answer. The institute has all the necessary tools for the convenience of students, which include Statista, Bloomberg, Grammarly, HBR, and others. All these, backed with an online library covering every aspect to help students in every domain. Besides this, students internally have subscribed to The Economist to keep themselves up to date with the world outside. Eminent professors with world-class recognition provide a seamless MBA experience. Approachable at all times, they lay the perfect foundation for students. Doubt clearing sessions help students to grasp the necessary knowledge and skills.

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Question. What activities are offered in the institute? Are there any clubs, societies, etc for the various extracurricular activities? Which ones have you taken up and are a part of?

Answer. On the IIT Roorkee campus, Student Activity Club offers a variety of options for one to spend their time in. From snooker to PlayStation all kinds of activities are there for students to try out. The institute has inter- departmental clubs hosting regular workshops and knowledge-sharing sessions for various domains like Finance, Marketing, Consulting, Analytics etc.

Question. Tell us about the faculty-student ratio here and the teacher-student relationship in your understanding.

Answer. The Student to Faculty ratio is the USP of DoMS, IIT Roorkee as we have multiple faculties teaching a small batch of students enabling one to explore a concept and brainstorm it with the faculties inside and outside the classes. The faculties are dedicated with years of experience and a student can approach them anytime to clarify their doubts.

Question. Does your college help you get internships? Have you undergone an internship via college? Was there any stipend? Share your internship experience with us. Tell us what all you learned, what challenges you faced, which company it was, which profile?

Answer. Various internships and live project opportunities are often offered to students at DoMS. There are plenty of paid opportunities for students in all the domains like Finance, Analytics, Marketing etc. where they can implement their class learnings in real-time and understand the challenges. This is a very good opportunity to grab a full time offer as well.

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Question. Tell us about the placement drive. Is there a placement cell in your college? Do teachers/ seniors help you prepare for placements, prepare a resume, mock interviews conducted?

Answer. There are two Placement Cells at DoMS, IIT Roorkee, i.e., The Departmental Placement Committee and The Central Placement Committee for placements. The professors help the students connect with the alumni for special sessions for the preparations. Mock interviews are conducted regularly by the concerned committee and an external third-party vendor. This holistic approach is the driving force behind the brilliant placements. The true reflection of the same is evident from the NIRF and QF rankings.

Question. Which all companies generally visit your campus for placements? Can you give us an idea about the salary packages offered to the students at the time of placement?

Answer. The students get ample opportunities with diverse industry-wide companies visiting the campus. The interim placement report of IIT Roorkee provides an accurate insight into the roles and packages offered.

Question. What all facilities do you have on the campus? What do you like here the most which you feel is unique and differentiating?

Answer. The campus is a mini world in itself, waiting to unleash the unexplored sides of the talented minds. Seated in the heart of Uttarakhand, the campus is elegant. The James Thomason building has a lush green lawn. We feel proud and thankful for being a part of this 175-year-old legacy.

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Question. What about the medical facilities? Can you avail requisite medical attention if needed in an emergency?

Answer. The institute has an in-house hospital catering to the needs of thousands of individuals. Once inside, everyone comes forward to help each other, emergency or not. The hospital has world-class medical facilities to serve the entire IIT Roorkee fraternity.

Question. How do you balance your studies, projects, exams, and other activities?

Answer. The amalgamation of studies, projects, internships with extra-curricular gives us a demo run for the corporate world outside. They teach us the essential collaborative approach of the human race.

Question. How comfortable are your hostels and how about the cleanliness factor over there?

Answer. All MBA students are allotted a separate room, and the bhawans themselves are as modern as they can be while also reminding us of the glory of the institute. The state-of-the-art infrastructure includes fully WiFi connected bhawans (though the fun lies in the LAN, with best in the country speeds), day and night canteens, TV & sports rooms, well-equipped gyms, outdoor sports courts, laundry, saloon, amongst others.

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Question. What are the popular hangouts at the institute? What, according to you, are the most-visited places nearby?

Answer. The institute has a plethora of hangout spots. The CCD quenches your thirst for a good coffee, and at subsidized prices, they taste even better. The several other food courts and canteens spread across the campus ensure you’re never a walk away from a quick bite. And what better hangout place than a free weekend movie screening at the convocation hall. Talking of places outside the campus, the calming bike rides along the Ganga canal or the rafting trips at Rishikesh are more adventurous.

Question. How do you spend your leisure time at the campus?

Answer. For leisure, the SAC, short for Student Activity Centre is where I go to play carroms, futsal, billiards, table tennis, playstation, chess, etc. The SAC has got it all.

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Yes, you can get a 5-year integrated course in Mathematics and Computing at the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (IIT Roorkee). The program offered is a BS-MS Dual Degree in Mathematics and Computing.

Candidates must have passed the class 12th or equivalent examination with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics as compulsory subjects and a minimum of 75% marks in aggregate (65% for PwD candidates) in the same attempt.

Admission to the program is based on JEE Advanced scores.

The BS-MS program is a five-year integrated program that combines the curriculum of a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Mathematics and Computing with a Master of Science (MS) degree in the same field. The program provides a strong foundation in mathematics and computer science, along with courses in applied mathematics, computational science, and electives in various areas of specialization.

The curriculum for the BS-MS program in Mathematics and Computing at IIT Roorkee includes courses in:

  • Calculus
  • Linear Algebra
  • Differential Equations
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Programming Languages
  • Numerical Analysis
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Mathematical Modeling
  • Computational Science
  • Electives in various areas of specialization, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, cryptography, and financial mathematics.

  • The program provides a strong foundation in both mathematics and computer science.

  • The program prepares students for careers in research, academia, and industry.

  • The program offers a variety of electives that allow students to specialize in a particular area of interest.

    I hope it helps!

Hii There,

I hope you are doing Great

According to your query, you need to get rank under 100 in SC category to get CSE branch in IIT Roorkee as per previous year cutoff.

If your rank is below 4000 then you will able to get admission in IIT Roorkee but you will not get CSE branch.

Go through this link to get information about cutoff of JEE Advance:

I hope this answers your question.



Mechanical Engineering is one of the ancient and well-established branches in IIT Roorkee. The placement in mechanical is more than 72% with the rest of the population choosing for higher studies, CAT and UPSC. The average package in Mechanical Engineering is more than 10 Lacs.

Hope this helps!!!

Thank you.

Hey Eldora,

IIT Roorkee does not accept NATA scores. Admission to IIT Roorkee is based on exams such as JEE Advanced, GATE, JAM, and written tests followed by interview rounds.
Check out this link for further information:

Check out this link for IIT Roorkee's various cutoff trends:

Dear Aspirant,

The cut off of a college will keep varying every year based on the number of students attempting the exam, the difficulty level of the paper and the preferences of the students.

The previous year cutoff is as follows.

1. CSE -  120

2. Electrical - 500

3. ECE - 300

4. Mechanical - 800

5. Production - 1500

6. Civil - 1300

These are the category wise rank trends of IIT Roorkee.

To get into the most preferred branches like Electrical, CSE ,ECE you need to get a rank below  15 K in CRL and for other branches you need a rank below 25 K in CRL.

This is a general trend.

Please check the link below for more details on the cutoffs.

IIT Roorkee Cut-off

Hope this helps

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