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Know all about Institute of Management Technology Ghaziabad from Ankit Joshi (Student)

Know all about Institute of Management Technology Ghaziabad from Ankit Joshi (Student)

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Established in the year 1980, Institute of Management Technology (IMT) Ghaziabad is one of the top private B-Schools that has been ranked 44th in the management category with a score of 52.12 by the National Institute Ranking Framework (NIRF) 2022 ranking. IMT Ghaziabad is accredited by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA) which offers postgraduate and doctoral level programmes in the field of banking, management and finance like PGDM and FPM.

Know all about Institute of Management Technology Ghaziabad from Ankit Joshi (Student)
Know all about Institute of Management Technology Ghaziabad from Ankit Joshi (Student)

Careers360 brings you an interview with Ankit Joshi, student at IMT Ghaziabad pursuing his MBA in Operations Management. In this interview, Ankit has shared his experience of the college. What is student life like at IMTGhaziabad? How did he choose the IMT Ghaziabad MBA in Operations Management along with other things about the IMT Ghaziabad like admission process, courses offered, placements, campus life and more. To know more about IMT Ghaziabad from a student's perspective go through the complete interview of Ankit Joshi .

Careers360: Tell us something about yourself.

Ankit Joshi: I am a mechanical engineer by heart. After completing my mechanical engineering undergrad, I have full-time work experience, 59 months at Tube Investments of India, Murugappa Group. I joined as a GET and got confirmed as an Assistant Manager, where I was in the Production Department for 2 years and then in Quality Assurance for another 3 years. I am a Green Belt in Lean Six Sigma and a Certified Internal Auditor for IATF 16949 and ISO 9001.

I love playing musical instruments such as the tabla, guitar, cajon, djembe, etc.. I am also pretty active in sports such as cricket and volleyball, having represented my college's team on several occasions.

Careers360: How did you come to choose IMT and what factors were instrumental in your choice?

Ankit Josh: The legacy of 40+ years and the alumni network of IMT Ghaziabad. I am passionate about Operations Management, and the pedagogy of IMT Ghaziabad was also some of the factors that made me choose IMT Ghaziabad.

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Careers360: What were the salient features of your admission process at IMT that struck you as unique?

Ankit Joshi: The WAT Process and the PI Process were highly structured, and there were no hassles during the process. The timing was communicated well in advance, and the support team was reachable at any moment.

Careers360: How did you narrow down your choice of specialization considering that IMT offers many? What were the key factors that helped?

Ankit Joshi: With 59 months of experience in core manufacturing and quality assurance, I knew I needed to get my MBA in Operations Management.

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Careers360: What is your take on the initial days at the IMT campus considering that it is the time to build contacts, understand the processes? Could you give details on the support given by the institute?

Ankit Joshi: It was an open process. There were team-building sessions for an entire week, where we had a lot of fun activities, games, and adventures. That was when we made many friends and realized that the batch had such a diverse background and came from different parts of the country.

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Careers360: Now that you are a part of the IMT campus, what in your opinion are stand apart features of the institute that you think are really assets to building a student’s career and future?

Ankit Joshi: I think the diverse batch the college brings enhances peer-to-peer learning. The leadership talks that the college organizes, where industry leaders come and share their experiences, help a lot in planning the way forward. The pedagogy, with a foundation course at the beginning that teaches you courses like Case Learning Pedagogy and Spreadsheet Modeling, helps develop skills of utmost relevance in the industry. The faculty is the best that an MBA student can get and have enough industry experience.

Careers360: Could you give details on the industry connection that is inbuilt with the course at IMT and its advantages?

Ankit Joshi: Leadership talks happen very often, and we sit and interact with the current industry leaders running the shows. In the meantime, we have a lot of guest lectures where expert veterans of the industry visit and share their experiences with the batch.

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Careers360: The IMT family is huge considering the alumni network and the current students. How advantageous in your opinion is this connection and in which ways?

Ankit Joshi: It is actually very advantageous. The alumni are reachable all the time over various platforms and guide the juniors and help them in whatever possible way they can.

Careers360: Internships are an integral part of any MBA student’s life. Please talk about the internship process at IMT and how they lead to students being placement ready.

Ankit Joshi: Since the beginning, our PDP sessions started that comprised of GDPI sessions, case presentations, and personal interviews along with one on one feedbacks by the seniors. The long nights, the dedication and hardwork make students placement ready.

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Careers360: Placements have always been good at IMT but they all come with tireless work done by students and the institute. Could you give details on the support and the preparation towards this?

Ankit Joshi: The college provides support of all sorts. They assign mentors to us both seniors and faculties. They organize personality development sessions. The connection with the alumni and industry leaders is what differentiates IMT in terms of preparation towards Placements.

Disclaimer: This content was distributed by Institute of Management Technology Ghaziabad and has been published as part of Careers360’s marketing initiative.

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Questions related to IMT Ghaziabad

Have a question related to IMT Ghaziabad ?

Hello student

Here are some details about the two colleges:

IMT Ghaziabad :

- IMT Ghaziabad offers a two-year Postgraduate Diploma in Management program.

- Specializations include Marketing, International Business, Finance, Banking and Financial Services, Operations, and Human Resources.

- The average package for the 2021-23 batch was 17.35 lakhs per annum, with the highest international salary at 65.6 lakhs per annum and the highest domestic salary at 34 lakhs per annum.

- The top 100 students had an average package of 24.99 lakhs per annum, and the top 200 students had an average package of 21.5 lakhs per annum.

FORE School of Management, New Delhi:

- FORE School of Management offers a two-year full-time PGDM program.

- Specializations include Marketing, Finance, Operations, and Human Resources.

- The average package for the 2021 batch was 12.4 lakhs per annum, with the highest package at 21 lakhs per annum.

- The top 50 students had an average package of 15.6 lakhs per annum.

It's important to consider multiple factors when choosing a college, including location, program offerings, and campus culture. I recommend doing your own research and reaching out to both colleges for more information.


According to last year  CAT score No, as last year cutoff was 90 percentile and you have scored 79.80 percentile which is way more less than the required for the IMT College, but you can definitely aim for different colleges with HR Management or give other entrance exams like XAT, Snap for different Management colleges.

IMT Ghaziabad, CAT Cutoff 2023

The overall cutoff for CAT is 90 percentile.

Hope this helps you,

Thank you

Hi Aryan,

Hope You are doing well !

To answer your query, GIM PGDM would be the best option, though all the institutes are really good, but GIM has better exposure and better placements in comparison to IMT and FORE.

Below is the placement statistics given for your reference.


Statistics (2021)

Statistics (2022)

Highest package

INR 25.60 LPA

INR 27.83 LPA

Average package

INR 10.71 LPA

INR 12.14 LPA

Top 20 average package

INR 16.65 LPA

INR 19.19 LPA

Top 50 average package

INR 14.43 LPA

INR 16.79 LPA

Top 100 average package

INR 12.67 LPA

INR 14.52 LPA

Top 200 average package


INR 12.65 LPA

Hope my answer was helpful.

Thank You.

Hello Shreya,

ITM buisness school, Navi Mumbai was established in the year 1991. ITM buisness school Navi Mumbai was founded in academic collaboration with southern New Hampshire University , USA. The institute is accredited by the national board of accreditation (NBA) and also approved by the aicte.

The campus size is around 3 acres. ITM Mumbai is a member of association of Indian universities.

Regarding your percentile let me tell you that it's a bit low to take admission in IMT Navi Mumbai. You need to score atleast 70+ to be on a safer side.

To get complete information you can check out the link given below-


The average salary of this course in India is between INR 5-20 LPA . PGDM jobs are available in leading sectors such as Finance, Sales, Marketing, HR, and more.

The skills that you will learn from this program are - Marketing Strategies, Teamwork, Business Growth Strategies, Structured Thinking and Problem solving, Strategic thinking and Planning abilities, adaptability to change, Interpersonal and communication skills, and time management and project management skills.

The minimum eligibility to enroll for this program is a Bachelor’s Degree with a minimum of 50% marks. This program is a good connect if you are from the following roles - Managers and Entrepreneurs looking for an in-depth understanding of leadership and management, IT Professionals looking to switch industry and Sales and Marketing Executives.

Career Assistance - A career coach will be there to guide you in the career phase of your learning journey. You will get personalized career support from industry express to help you find the best opportunities. It will provide learners with 1-1 mock interviews conducted by mentors from the industry, you will also get detailed feedback. There will be guidance on resume building with the right set of inputs.

Job Opportunities - On successful completion of the program those job opportunities that will be available to you are in Marketing, Management Consulting, Leadership Roles in Business Development and Sales, Strategy, and Growth.

Top-class faculty - This engaging and rigorous program curriculum will be taught by some of the top professionals in the industry. They will guide you at every step of the program to help you develop into extremely industry relevant individuals.

Interaction with peers - You have to interactive and exciting Base Camps along with live sessions and career-building workshops which will be held by professionals from the industry. There will also be group activities for you to build your network and interact with your peers.

Hope this helps.

Good luck.

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