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Why to study PGDM at Sparsh Global Business School?

Why to study PGDM at Sparsh Global Business School?

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Choosing the right college for a PGDM programme is a pivotal decision that can significantly influence a student's academic journey, career trajectory, and personal development. With countless options available, candidates must look at the key factors before choosing Sparsh Global Business School to pursue a PGDM course and how the Sparsh Global Business School PGDM programme will help them in their career growth and exposure exponentially.

Why to study PGDM at Sparsh Global Business School?
Why to study PGDM at Sparsh Global Business School?

This article delves into the essential considerations every student should evaluate to ensure why to choose Sparsh Global Business School that not only meets their educational needs but also aligns with their personal aspirations and future goals.

Why to study PGDM at Sparsh Global Business School: Important Factors

B-School from a Business House

One of the very few new breeds of B-schools that incorporates business DNA is SGBS. Because of its corporate sponsorship, SGBS is in a unique position to provide an essential blend of theory and practice in the areas of curriculum design, delivery model, and programme structure. A company with a global presence like Sparsh Group of Industries does provide a good foundation in the world of business.

Contextually Tailored Curriculum

Nearly all conventional management theories that date back to the industrial revolution of the 20th century are under threat or have outlived their usefulness in the age of Industry 4.0. With a healthy balance of blended and digital learning, SGBS offers you a state-of-the-art curriculum that is specifically designed for the dynamic business environment of the disruptive digital age. SGBS hopes to develop future leaders who can adjust to the different business needs of a changing world through this method.

Immersive & Engaging Pedagogy

A well designed bouquet of pedagogies is provided by SGBS to enable an immersive learning experience. Through carefully designed experiential learning labs, supported by our industry partners, students participate in field investigations, exploratory research, and practical problem-solving tasks. Students get the chance to work on corporate and social problem statements, giving them the chance to assess, innovate, and create business models based on those problem statements.

Mentoring by Masters

This is at the core of the industry-academia integration offered by SGBS. Under this arrangement, our learners shall get the opportunity to be mentored one-on-one by senior corporate leaders throughout the programme duration. This facilitates participative Learning by Shadowing experts and practitioners through experience sharing, continuous feedback loop, apprenticeship, story-telling and active engagement.

Global Footprints

In its mission to develop global citizens, SGBS, through its corporate reach, establishes global footprints through enduring partnerships and connections with MNCs and premier institutions that offer management and related programmes. This creates opportunities for students to participate in both long-term study-abroad programmes and short-term business and cultural immersion programmes, which may lead to international employment and research opportunities.

Sim Lab

Powered by marquee global brands such as Harvard Business School, Bloomberg, Capstone, NSE etc., our SGBS Business Simulation Laboratory allows learners to do trial-error in a risk-free environment and helps them understand the impact of their decisions and gain real business experiences with immersive and guided learning. Learners draw substantial aspects of the real world in a fully interactive mode, thus improving their problem solving and decision-making skills in business management, where experience-based learning is critical.

Start-Up Garage

With a dedicated seed capital of $250,000, SGBS is the pioneer in offering a full-fledged entrepreneurship lab dubbed Sparsh Combinator, in collaboration with a registered angel fund and an internationally recognised start-up accelerator. All postgraduate students, particularly those enrolled in the PGDM in Entrepreneurship & Innovation curriculum, will get a seed grant to experiment with founding a startup. Start-Up Garage's main goal is to bring about social change by empowering young people to develop viable company plans that address the societal issues that the entire human race is facing.

Win @ Work Modules

Win @ work entails a bouquet of specially crafted modules throughout the programme, designed and delivered by our industry partners and global agencies. These modules shall hone people & life skills of our learners so they can be effective in multicultural, borderless, and digital workspaces.

Social Immersion

The Social Immersion module, which requires students to participate in hundreds of hours of annual social impact activities in collaboration with our NGO partners, including international organisations like the United Nations, is in line with our goal of developing tomorrow's environmentally conscious business leaders. The UN Sustainable Development Goals and the ESG framework will form the foundation of this Social Immersion programme.

Action Research

By analysing and assessing the best practices and helping to establish the Next Practices for the business and management world, SGBS hopes to have a scholarly influence through this programme. Together with academic instructors and business mentors, all students will participate in action research. The foundation of this project would be research using qualitative and case methods. At SGBS, action research will be propelled by committed resources and international collaborations.

Professional Certifications

At SGBS, a plethora of certificate programmes from global stakeholders and Ivy League institutions are offered to enrich the employability of our learners. Each learner can opt for a minimum of two certifications in their chosen specialisation.

Crafting Creative Careers

By using competency mapping and personality profiling, SGBS, with its corporate DNA, provides its learners with unwavering support and a methodical approach to building careers. Our learners can design a meaningful life and a fulfilling career with the help of a specialised Career Planning & Advancement centre staffed by trainers, behavioural scientists, and career counsellors.

Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Framework

Contemporary corporate leaders require multifaceted and comprehensive development grounded in Functional, Emotional, and Spiritual Intelligence in order to thrive in the multicultural, transnational, digital workplace. In order to achieve this, SGBS provides specifically created modules that draw inspiration from the widely recognised Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Framework. This framework combines nine different types of intelligence: linguistic, general, bodily-kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, logical/mathematical, and naturalist.

I-Evolve Metric

SGBS administers its proprietary and unique learning-outcome metrics called I-EVOLVE to assess and evaluate learners' progress powered by attributes of responsible business leadership - entrepreneurship, values, objectivity, lateral thinking, versatility and environmental consciousness - across the programme, right from their induction till graduation.

More about Sparsh Global Business School

Sparsh Global Business School (SGBS) is an AICTE approved, new age b-school located in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh offers 2-year full time PGDM programme. SGBS is on the lookout for learners who have a natural inclination and ability towards management and possess an entrepreneurial mindset. Through our unique and proprietary I-EVOLVE Metric, we evaluate all our learners right from induction till graduation via a multistage screening process. SGBS is the ideal ground for those who are self-motivated and have a fire in their belly to emerge as a visionary leader of the future.

Admission process at SGBS

  • Fill the application form (online/ offline)
  • Review of application form by the admission committee
  • Attempt I- Evolve metric assessment
  • Personal Interview
  • Offer of selection
  • Submission of holding fee


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