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Know about IMI Kolkata: An interview with Prateek (Alumnus)

Know about IMI Kolkata: An interview with Prateek (Alumnus)

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Careers360 brings you an interview with Prateek, alumni International Management Institute Kolkata. In his interview to Careers360, Prateek shares his experience at IMI Kolkata. What was life like at the institute? How did he choose the PGDM programme IMI Kolkata? And other things about the college like placements, internships, facilities, clubs & societies and more. To know more about International Management Institute Kolkata from an alumni perspective go through the complete interview of Prateek.

Know about IMI Kolkata: An interview with Prateek (Alumnus)
Know about IMI Kolkata: An interview with Prateek (Alumnus)

About - International Management Institute (IMI) Kolkata was India's first corporate-sponsored business school. As per the NIRF 2023 Rankings, IMI Kolkata has been placed 70th in the management category. IMI Kolkata offers postgraduate and doctoral level programmes like Post-Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM), Fellowship Programme in Management (FPM) and EFPM.

Careers360: Tell us about your domain and your work profile. At the professional level, did you pursue the same field you were interested in, or did you switch?

Answer: I manage a category in an e-commerce company which means anything, and everything related to that category. I take care of new discount strategies, operations, inventory management, selection etc.

I always wanted to get into Sales and Marketing with a deep interest in Finance. I am fortunate that post MBA both the companies (Reliance and now Udaan) have given me immense opportunity to learn.

Careers360: Can you briefly tell us about your career path so far?

Answer: Initially I was Category Management (Region), then Pan India and now I am CM (Horizontal approach- Many categories all together).

Careers360: Is the Industry work different from what you learnt at IMI-K College?

Answer: Yes, practical work is different.

Careers360: How do you think your time in college has added value to your life, both professional and personal?

Answer: I have gained a lot of knowledge from the extracurricular activities in the college as compare to what classroom lectures and discussions have taught me

Careers360: What was your initial thought process when you joined IMI-K College?

Answer: I never thought that I will learn so much and will get guidance from such professors and mentors

Careers360: You must have spent a memorable time at your IMI-K College. Do you miss being a part of it? Share a few good memories.

Answer: One of the most amazing experiences I have had in IMI.

Careers360: Briefly take us through your life at the campus, the activities you used to do and your routine life.

Answer: From getting up in the morning then rushing to the class with a cup of tea. Then in the evening again enjoy snacks with the friends and then heading for the gym. Extracurricular activities like managing students in the placement’s interviews, working for the admissions and interacting with the aspirants. I miss eating in the mess, working out in the gym and playing badminton, pool, snooker and what not, the list will never end

Careers360: Apart from academics, what were the other activities you were involved in and how did it enrich your life?

Answer: Meeting recruiters and understating what they look for in a candidate.

Careers360: How did you keep updated with the industrial requirements and what was the role of the institute in it?

Answer: There are good number of mock interviews that will give a good start to the students before the interview

Careers360: You are a proud alumnus of this top College. What is the best part of IMI-K Institute from a student's perspective?

Answer: Wonderful faculty and the mentors from whom I can always get guidance

Careers360: What is your suggestion/ guidance for the PGDM aspirants?

Answer: Something which is as basic as how the price of a product determined and what are the things involved. Camps where students will choose a product and will determine the price and factors involved in making it and then what will be the channels through which the product will reach the end consumers.

Disclaimer: This content was distributed by International Management Institute Kolkata and has been published as part of Careers360’s marketing initiative.


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International management institute in kolkata offers courses on following disciplines,

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)
  • Fellowship Programme in Management (FPM), Doctoral Level Programme

PGDM programme is equivalent to MBA with equivalence granted by Association of Indian Universities (AIU), Government of India.

KINDLY mention which course admission details you want to know, then we may help you with necessary information.

IMI Kolkata is pretty average college. For IMI only the Delhi campus is good and the Bhubaneshwar campuse is a little decent. The PGDM program consists of courses like Marketing, Finance and Human resources management. The fees for the PGDM program in IMI Kolkata is 12.4 lakhs but the placements are not up to the mark. Companies like ICICI Prudential, HDFC Life insurance, Jaro Education, Ujjivan and some other startups visit the campus but the job roles offered are mostly for sales. For Human Resources Management most of the companies like TCS, Arohan Financial Services and others conduct pool campusing. The average compensation package offered there is 5-6 lakhs. So if you have limited options with you in terms of colleges or you want to pursue marketing management then this college won't be a bad option. But they do have good alumni base which can help you in future growth.

Good Luck

Dear Priyanka, you will  have to score atleast an overall 60-70% in CAT for being shortlisted for further rounds of selection procedure. Your education background, marks scored in 10th and 12th, Graduation and work experience are considered and calculated for being shortlisted for WAT and PI. IMI Kolkota conducts WAT to evaluate written capabilities of prospective Candidates. WAT evaluates Articulation and Technical aspects of the applicant. After WAT, selected Candidates will attend 15 minutes of Personal Interview. For complete information about the selection process, please visit their official website at:

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