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All about SPJIMR Mumbai PGDM programme from Prof. Renuka Kamath & Mr. Rammesh Mishra

All about SPJIMR Mumbai PGDM programme from Prof. Renuka Kamath & Mr. Rammesh Mishra

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Established in 1981, S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR) is located in Mumbai. It is a member of Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan. SPJIMR Mumbai is accredited by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA), The Association of MBAs (AMBA), UK and The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). It is also approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). As per the NIRF 2022 Ranking, SPJIMR Mumbai was ranked 21st position in the management category. The institute offers a total of 8 courses under the streams of management and business administration.

All about SPJIMR Mumbai PGDM programme from Prof. Renuka Kamath & Mr. Rammesh Mishra
All about SPJIMR Mumbai PGDM programme from Prof. Renuka Kamath & Mr. Rammesh Mishra

Careers360 brings you a webinar with Dr. Renuka Kamath, Professor Marketing and Associate Dean - Full-time Programmes and Mr. Rammesh Mishra, Marketing Head, S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research. In this webinar they have answered many questions related to SPJIMR PGDM and PGDM-BM programme, placements, internships, and more. Read the complete article to know more about PGDM at S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research Mumbai.

Question- How SPJIMR was established and its journey to the top B-School in India?

Prof. Renuka Kamath- SPJIMR was established in 1981. It is based in Mumbai and SPJIMR has a centre in Delhi which offers part-time, modular and senior executive level programmes. It has more than 12000+ Alumni and SPJIMR Mumbai has programmes for different sections of society.

Question- What are the programmes offered at SPJIMR?

Prof. Renuka Kamath- The PGDM programme at SPJIMR has four specializations in domains like - Marketing, Finance, Operations & Supply Chain and Information Management. PGDM (BM-Business Management) is for general management. Applicants can apply to one or both the PGDM programmes and they will be interviewed separately for both in round 1. SPJIMR PGDM is an AICTE approved program and recognised by AIU. PGDM and PGDM-BM have non classroom activities for students.

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Question- How can a person choose a specialization and does UG degree play a role in it?

Prof. Renuka Kamath- Applicants while applying to SPJIMR have to apply for preference 1 and preference 2 specializations and accordingly they will be called for an interview. If a candidate has work experience and has worked in a field, you can apply for any 1 among 4 specializations. If an applicant wants to change his field of study, then during an interview they have to show their interest in that particular area. Freshers can also apply for admission to SPJIMR but the candidate has to demonstrate that they are a good fit to apply for a particular specialization.

Question- Does marketing only involve sales?

Prof. Renuka Kamath- Working as a sales person is not an easy job. The reality of the industry is that before you get into hard core marketing you have to do a sales job. And this has become the standard practice in the industry now. For pursuing marketing, experience in sales is a must for practical knowledge and learning. It is a very important part of grooming for a good hardcore genuine passionate marketer.

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Question- How much International exposure is there at SPJIMR?

Prof. Renuka Kamath- SPJIMR has a three week Global Fastrack where students spend 3 weeks of learning at top B-Schools in the US and Europe. It is compulsory for all PGDM and PGDM-BM students. SPJIMR students also have an option to opt for International Exchange ‘INTEX’ which has a duration of 6-8 weeks, it depends on which school the students opt for. SPJIMR provides foreign business professors who teach individual courses to students.

Question- How does SPJIMR produce leaders which are socially sensitive?

Prof. Renuka Kamath- This aspect is an important part of the SPJIMR interview. Every PGDM and PGDM-BM adopt a child and educate them. All 1st year students become mentors to these children (SITARAS) and teach them the curriculum from class 1 to 10. After completion they hand these children to the next incoming batch of students. This program is called ABHYUDAYA. SPJIMR opts for Value-based leaders who are good for society and business both.

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Question- How are the placements and internships at SPJIMR?

Prof. Renuka Kamath- The average package was Rs. 32 LPA and the Highest package was Rs. 53 LPA at SPJIMR as per last year's data. SPJIMR has autumn internships which have an average stipend of Rs. 3-4 lakhs for 2 months.

Question- How to get into SPJIMR?

Prof. Renuka Kamath- SPJIMR has 300 seats. It's easy for applicants who are genuine and do not make up stuff while filling the SPJIMR application forms. At the same time it is difficult also as the number of applicants is large. SPJIMR has 2 rounds of interviews and both rounds are Group Interviews. This enables it to view more students and enables us to see a students interpersonal skills at the same time. CAT and GMAT scores are required to get into admission.

Question- What does profile - based shortlisting mean?

Prof. Renuka Kamath- Profile based is the overall profile of the candidate. Their achievements, skills, talents, hobbies are encouraged here and the work experience is taken into consideration for profile based shortlisting. Many students at SPJIMR are freshers and non-engineers.

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Question- Is there any facility where aspirants can get financial aid at SPJIMR?

Prof. Renuka Kamath- SPJIMR gives means-cum-merit based scholarships to its students. SPJIMR has also tied up with banks for educational loans.

Aryan- Is there always a word limit during form filling?

Prof. Renuka Kamath- Candidates should stay within the word limit and be very crisp in describing that catches the viewer's attention.

Lakshya- How much cut-off in CAT exam is acceptable at SPJIMR?

Prof. Renuka Kamath- Anything above 85% is the cut-off in CAT exam at SPJIMR. Every year the cut-off keeps changing for the exam so it’s difficult to give an exact cut-off.

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Subhashish- How many seats are there in PGDM Finance?

Prof. Renuka Kamath- The PGDM in Finance has 60 seats. It depends on the waitlist and so no. The PGDM programme in general has 240 seats.

Question- Can you switch the specialization in 2nd year?

Prof. Renuka Kamath- Yes, if a candidate is doing academically well, they can switch their specialization in 2nd year at SPJIMR.

Student- I am an Architect and want to go into consulting? What kind of specializations will be good for me?

Prof. Renuka Kamath- The candidates should visit the official website of SPJIMR and take subjects that interest them.

Student- What do you look into the SPJIMR application form?

Prof. Renuka Kamath- For shortlisting, SPJIMR looks upon the consistency of the grades of candidates, interests, scores, work experience, essays, their passions, hobbies, interests beyond academics and the overall personality.

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Question- How to choose the specialization?

Prof. Renuka Kamath- For choosing the specialization, look at all the subjects offered on the official website and understand what interests you - Marketing, Understanding consumers, E-Commerce, Supply chain management, product management are the subjects the candidates can look forward to. They can reach out to the alumni and get solutions.

Student- Is it possible to choose Finance if you don’t have a maths background?

Prof. Renuka Kamath - Yes, it is possible to choose Finance but the candidates can check the curriculum and subjects before choosing the course.

Disclaimer: This content was distributed by S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai and has been published as part of Question’s marketing initiative.

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Bachelors in Data Science in SP Jain College is a great choice. It is  a specialized program that focuses on data analysis, machine learning, and programming. The curriculum is designed to provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the field of data science. You will definitely learn about data visualization, statistical analysis, and big data technologies. It is a promising field with plenty of opportunities. If you are interested, you can visit the SP Jain College website for more details on the program and admission requirements.

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The average pakage offered there is roughly around Rupees 10Lakhs per annum to Rupees 15 Lakhs per annum. The Master in Applied Business (MAIB) course at SP Jain University in Sydney is a great option for those looking to enhance their business skills. It is a comprehensive program that focuses on practical learning and real world problems. The course covers various aspects of business, including marketing, finance, operations, and entrepreneurship. SP Jain University is known for its global perspective and industry-oriented approach.

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The Master in Applied Business (MAIB) course at SP Jain University in Sydney is a great option for those looking to enhance their business skills. It is a comprehensive program that focuses on practical learning and real world problems. The course covers various aspects of business, including marketing, finance, operations, and entrepreneurship. SP Jain University is known for its global perspective and industry-oriented approach.

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Hey Nikhil,

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To answer your question, NO. All the students of premier B-schools in India do not have the above criteria. Though they are preferred, but what all the students have is a good profile, with good academics, and good co-curricular and extra-curricular.

Also, having work-ex is not mandatory, though it would help you is B-schools.

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