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Krupanidhi School of Management (KSM), Karnataka - Director Interview - Dr. Samuel Paul Isaac

Krupanidhi School of Management (KSM), Karnataka - Director Interview - Dr. Samuel Paul Isaac

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Krupanidhi School of Management (KSM) is one of the renowned PGDM and MBA colleges in Bangalore providing quality education and infrastructure to its students. It is the first Institute in India to introduce PGDM in Healthcare Analytics. KSM has been ranked the 7th best B-School in South India by the Times of India (TOI). Careers360 interacted with Dr. Samuel Paul Isaac, Director of KSM Bangalore to know about the college, its mission, vision, courses offered, admission process, and more. Read the interview with Dr. Samuel Paul Isaac, Director to know all about KSM Karnataka.

Krupanidhi School of Management (KSM), Karnataka - Director Interview - Dr. Samuel Paul Isaac
Krupanidhi School of Management (KSM), Karnataka - Director Interview - Dr. Samuel Paul Isaac

Careers360: Tell us the vision, mission, and more about the institute.

Dr. Samuel Paul Isaac: Krupanidhi School of Management (KSM) is an integral part of the Krupanidhi Educational Trust Bangalore, India that was founded by Dr. Suresh Nagpal, Mrs. Geeta Nagpal, and Prof. Sunil Samson Dhamangiin 1985 with the vision to develop a course of study that leads to a dynamic management degree. The institute has a diverse community of 6,500+ national and international students from more than 35 countries. Established in 2008, KSM is one of the top business schools in Bangalore, providing excellent academic delivery and infrastructure to its students. It is the first institute in India to introduce PGDM in Healthcare Analytics

Our Vision:

“Our vision is to aspire to become a leading global institute for learning, innovation, research, and discourse. We envision entrepreneurship as the central stratagem to best serve the nation in general and the world at large.”

Krupanidhi’s vision encapsulates what the visionaries have in mind for the students - “We don’t just polish them; we endeavor to carve them and make monuments out of them.” Keeping in mind today’s competitive world, the teaching practices at Krupanidhi goes beyond classroom lectures and aims to include case studies, industrial visits, and internships.


  • To be the preferred choice of an institution amongst students and faculty members.

  • To foster the feeling of social responsibility amongst students.

  • To encourage research and innovation amongst faculty and students alike.

  • To provide the best state-of-art facilities within our settings.

  • To provide interdisciplinary learning opportunities.

Careers360: Tell us something about the admission process?

Dr. Samuel Paul Isaac: The admission process at Krupanidhi has 3 main steps.

Step 1

Students must appear for one of the below-mentioned ‘All India Aptitude/Entrance Test (as approved and Directed by Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India)’ and submit the photocopy of Score Card along with filled Application Form.

Step 2

Group Discussion & Personal Interview (After verification of all the original documents & experience certificate {if any})

Step 3

Announcement of Results within 3 working days after GD & PI round

Admission Criterion

  • Students with a bachelor’s degree in any discipline with a minimum of 50% marks are eligible to apply.

  • Students appearing for final year degree examination can also apply.

  • A student applying to KSM for MBA & PGDM must have a valid CAT/ GMAT/ XAT/ MAT/ ATMA/ CMAT scorecard.


  • Applicants looking to avail of academic scholarships have to appear for KSET (Krupanidhi Scholarship Entrance Test). The scholarship will be based on merit.

Education Loan

  • Educational loans to KSM students are provided by all major banks. KSM is also associated with different agencies which makes the process easy for the students.

Careers360: What kind of infrastructure can students expect at the institute?

Dr. Samuel Paul Isaac: Krupanidhi gives great importance to the holistic development of students. The Institute provides a range of opportunities outside the classroom- its huge, lush green campus is equipped with state-of-the-art modern facilities like Wi-Fi, cafeteria, playgrounds, audio-video conference halls, libraries, hostels, physiotherapy OPD, and gymnasium.

Green Campus

Krupanidhi has done a commendable job in initiating the concept of green campus, where there is a juxtaposition of environmentally friendly methods and education to promote sustainable and eco-friendly living. The green campus concept allows Krupanidhi to redefine its environmental culture and develop new concepts by creating sustainable solutions to curb environmental, economic, and social hazards.

Krupanidhi does solid, liquid, and e-waste management. It also does rainwater harvesting, a technique of collection and storage of rainwater into natural reservoirs or tanks. This ensures to make the best use of rainwater and has a backup source of water. We also have roof-top solar photovoltaic and small solar power plants that make for our sustainable energy sources to meet parts of our daily energy requirement.

Sports Grounds

A healthy body acts as a catalyst in the process of gaining knowledge. Krupanidhi provides many sports facilities to the students to strengthen their physical energy level and foster team spirit. The college campus accommodates a basketball court as well as a football ground where various tournaments are held throughout the year.


As a residential college, we provide clean lodging and sanitation facilities in a healthy and hygienic surrounding separately for both boys and girls within the campus. The hostel has a good water facility along with a Wi-Fi facility. The hostel is supervised by a chief warden with a male and female warden working under who resides on the campus. The hostel is equipped with facilities like:

  • a food vending machine

  • automatic washing machine with smart card system

  • attached bath

  • kitchen facility


Krupanidhi’s huge cafeteria with a comfortable seating facility offers a myriad of cuisines to cater to everyone’s taste buds. Right from various choices for food and energy drinks to an exclusive ice-cream counter, the Krupanidhi cafeteria is a place of delight and non-stop chatter. Here taste, hygiene, and nutrition go hand in hand in equal measure, non-exclusive of the other.

Tuck Shop

There are two tuck shops within the Campus where students can buy their required stationery items as well as other essential items of daily use from.


A Hi-tech gym is located within the Krupanidhi campus for the benefit of the students. The well-equipped gym offers an ideal platform for a daily workout for fitness freaks. The gym is a complete fitness centre that provides facilities for Fitness, Weight Reducing, Weight Gaining, Weight Training, and Executive Fitness Program.

Physiotherapy OPD Clinic

Krupanidhi also has a Physiotherapy OPD clinic inside its campus to cater to the emergency health needs of the students.


KSM has spacious, well-ventilated classrooms with LCD projectors. All our management classrooms are gallery-styled classrooms.


Our 11-acre campus consists of a specialized departmental library updated with new editions, textbooks, journals, and business magazines for our students. We have a lot of study material and reference books. Our students also have access to online business journals on various portals. The library has one of the best collections of information sources in management-related disciplines.

The library has a large collection of text, reference books, and multimedia which is continuously updated with the latest editions. It subscribes to international periodicals, databases, and online journals. The library has a digital library providing a full-text collection of documents and faculty publications.

Careers360: Can you please share details about any collaboration with universities abroad?

Dr. Samuel Paul Isaac: Keeping up in this era of globalization, Krupanidhi School of Management is determined to ensure that the students receive adequate international exposure that can aid in not just their development but also help them understand the global standards in which they would be competing for their career advancement. Our main aim is to enhance the prospect of global networking and placement for our students via these international exposures.

University of Memphis

KSM has collaboration with UofM, which is extended towards facilitation of joint teaching and research activities, staging of joint seminars and conferences, special academic programs, curriculum development to promote the academic and professional enhancement, and exchange programs along with joint curriculum development.

Every year, the PGDM students attend the International Summer School at UofM for a period of 2 weeks. During this visit, they take up many relevant programs and visit the nearby industry facility as part of their curriculum. The idea of this collaboration is to inculcate global thinking abilities in students and familiarize them with multiple social and cultural identities. Moreover, the interaction between students and faculty of diverse cultural backgrounds and communities enhances cultural awareness as well.

Industrial Orientation

Each year, the students from the Business School are entitled to an international industrial visit, which helps them to gain first-hand exposure to the international business market and the intricacies of their chosen domain outside the Indian spectrum. During their visit, the students participate in a Design Thinking session, where they familiarize themselves with the ideology of solving user-centric complex problems.


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