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How Business Analytics Programme is a New Age Career Option at BITS Pilani by Deepak Sharma

How Business Analytics Programme is a New Age Career Option at BITS Pilani by Deepak Sharma

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Insights on the Business Analytics programme as a career option: Pursuing MBA gives an opportunity for better career growth. Earlier, students used to make choices between traditional specializations such as Finance, Human Resource Management, Sales and Marketing, Operations and others which are still there. However, the change in various fields and online systems brings more specializations in demand such as Business Analytics, Healthcare Management, Digital Marketing, Sports Management and many others. Careers360 brings you an exclusive interview with Deepak Sharma, Faculty, Department of Management at BITS Pilani. Mr. Sharma talked about the Business Analytics programme as a career option, the scope and other important pointers. In this article , students will get to know all about new-age MBA specializations in Business Analytics, BITS selection criteria, placement details and other details. To know more, read the full article below.

How Business Analytics Programme is a New Age Career Option at BITS Pilani by Deepak Sharma
How Business Analytics Programme is a New Age Career Option at BITS Pilani by Deepak Sharma

Careers360: One of the new-age MBA specializations in Business Analytics. Can you give insights on how the specialization came about and its importance?

Deepak Sharma: In today's world, we are inundated with the continuous inflow of data. The future of businesses is based on insights generated by this humongous data. Insights, as generated from analysis of big data, have become vital information for companies of the world which empowers them to make critical business decisions. These insights backed directions in which the business moves heavily relies on knowledge of business models, database management, and cloud and high-performance computing. The real problem with businesses is that they do not have sophisticated data analysts. We identified this education gap and created an MBA program in Business Analytics to lessen the acute shortage of suave data analysts.

Careers360: Who should do an MBA in Business Analytics?

Deepak Sharma: Graduate students with knowledge of statistics/ mathematics and an interest in finding solutions to business problems would be the ideal candidates to pursue the MBA in Business Analytics program. Due to the heavy use of technology in business analytics, an ideal candidate should either have exposure to relevant programming languages or be eager to learn such new concepts. The candidate should possess good analytical ability, an excellent learning attitude, and a mindset to apply theoretical concepts in solving real-world business problems.

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Careers360: What is the scope of the course? What kind of roles can one expect after completion of the course?

Deepak Sharma: The MBA in Business Analytics program emphasizes proper usage of the latest computer science technologies and best management fundamentals theories to solve business problems. It builds the foundation of strategic, analytical, and algorithmic problem-solving skills. The job roles could be in the data science domain, where individuals would work on data science-related projects to solve business problems.

Careers360: What is the BITS advantage when it comes to MBA in Business Analytics?

Deepak Sharma: BITS Pilani is an "Institute of Eminence" as conferred by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India, in 2018. BITS is the first Indian university to have an overseas campus in Dubai, maintaining a legendary alumni network. Department of Management, BITS Pilani is among the top 10 private MBA institutions offering an MBA in Business Analytics in India as per the report of "The Outlook-ICARE MBA Rankings 2020" and is ranked in the top 30 B-Schools in India as per the report of "THE WEEK Hansa Research Best B-Schools Survey 2019." The highly sophisticated faculty and their cultivated pedagogy skills make the classroom a practical learning experience through a high level of interaction, hands-on approach, case studies, workshops, and team activities.

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Careers360: What are the selection criteria at BITS?

Deepak Sharma: Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree in any discipline or equivalent with at least 60% cumulative marks. They should have studied at least one subject in mathematics or statistics at the high school (10+2) or higher level. Students in the final year of their qualifying degree program are also eligible to apply, provided they can submit the original copies of the results by 1st October 2023 and fulfill other criteria.

Candidates are required to appear for the Business Analytics Aptitude Test (BAAT) conducted by BITS Pilani. Shortlisting for the personal interview will be done based on their performance in BAAT. Final selection will be based on overall performance in BAAT, personal interview, CAT(2022) / XAT(2023) / GMAT(2022) (if available), along with prior work experience (if any) and previous academic history. Exposure to some programming languages is desirable.

Careers360: Can you describe the pedagogy of the program?

Deepak Sharma: To help students grasp business analytics concepts, we focus on a practical education approach through hands-on and investigation-based learning. We have developed an advanced pedagogy method with premium quality content delivered through engaging presentations by industry professionals, workshops, and first-rate case studies. Interactivity in learning is promoted to ingrain leadership and team spirit through group activities and class discussions. First-hand industry experience is provided to students through summer internships and practice school for one semester to evolve industry prepared.

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Careers360: Please give details on the internships, workshops, and experiential learnings that come with the program.

Deepak Sharma: Students learn real-life knowledge of business problems and how to arrive at their solutions through a 2-month summer internship program at premier companies. The program continuously infuses practical understanding of business analytics through workshops to use the latest technologies such as tableau, Power BI, and business data analysis powered by programming. To provide the final touch to create meticulous industry-ready professionals, students gain the opportunity to learn from the industry through practice school during their last semester.

Careers360: Could you give me the latest placement details for the program?

Deepak Sharma: The program has proved its value, as cited by placement statistics of the past few years. The average package for the summer internship program (SIP) was 42,606 INR/month, and the highest package was 75,000 INR/month for batch 2021-2023. The average package for final placement was 15.9 LPA, and the median package was 17 LPA, with the highest package of 22 LPA for the 2021-2023 MBA batch.

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Disclaimer: This content was distributed by BITS Pilani and has been published as part of Careers360’s marketing initiative.

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· BE Mechanical: BITS Goa ( BITSAT cutoff 2023: 223, BITSAT cutoff 2022: 191, BITSAT cutoff 2021: 221)

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What a great dilemma to have!

Both options are excellent, but it ultimately depends on your son's interests, career goals, and priorities. Here's a brief comparison:


· Strong industry connections and placements

· Located in Delhi, with access to a hub of tech companies

· CSE and IT are in-demand fields with good job prospects

BITS (Mechanical):

· Renowned institution with a strong reputation

· Interdisciplinary approach, combining mechanical with other fields

· Opportunities for research and innovation

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Hii sir, selection between IT( information technology) from maharaja agrasen Institute or mechanical engineering from BITS hyderabad depends upon the goals and interests of your son. I can give you a description about both

1. BITS HYDERABAD: it is a top tier institution with high placement records and strong industry connection. Mechanical engineering offers good prospect in industries like manufacturing, robotics etc. Higher chances of Internship, research and networking.

2. Maharaja agrasen Institute:  it have a decent reputation but it's placement records may not match BITS hyderabad.  It gives you local opportunities so if you are looking to work in the local tech it might help.

In my opinion BITS could be a better option. But you should take decision based on other factors like distance , personal preferences, faculty etc.

Hello Aspirant, Hope your doing  great. As per your query , for your rank that is 230 so you can get in BITS PILANI  as a branch of MSc Mathematics, in BITS Goa you can get MSc Economics and in BITS Hyderabad youcan get seat in a branch of Msc  Economics.

Hello aspirant,

Students at BITS Hyderabad can choose from a variety of curricula and receive attractive packages for employment in reputable companies. The placement process at BITS Hyderabad begins with the institute sending out invitations to firms for the placement drive, and the companies then choose individuals based on their placement procedures. The placement drive is held twice a year by the institute, from August to November and January to April. BITS Hyderabad Pilani has a stellar placement history.

To know the 2023 placement, you can visit our website by clicking on the link given below.

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Hope this information helps you.

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