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Why PGDM programme at IMT Ghaziabad is worth pursuing by Prof. Harvinder Singh

Why PGDM programme at IMT Ghaziabad is worth pursuing by Prof. Harvinder Singh

Edited By Piyush Chaudhary | Updated on Jan 25, 2023 04:27 PM IST | #IMT Ghaziabad

Established in the year 1980, Institute of Management Technology (IMT) Ghaziabad is one of the top private B-Schools in India. As per the National Institute Ranking Framework (NIRF) 2022 ranking IMT Ghaziabad had bagged the 44th position in the management category with a score of 52.12. Institute of Management Technology Ghaziabad is accredited by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA). The institute offers postgraduate and doctoral level courses in the field of management, banking and finance like PGDM and Fellow Programme in Management (FPM). Admission to IMT Ghaziabad PG and Doctoral programmes is offered to students who meet the programme eligibility criteria and go through the IMT common admission process.

Why PGDM programme at IMT Ghaziabad is worth pursuing by Prof. Harvinder Singh
Why PGDM programme at IMT Ghaziabad is worth pursuing by Prof. Harvinder Singh

Careers360 brings you an interview with Prof. Harvinder Singh, Marketing Management at IMT Ghaziabad. In this interview, Prof. Harvinder shares various details on the IMT PGDM programmes like what are the pros & cons of the PGDM programme, what is the scope of the programme. And various other details about the PGDM programme and the Institute of Management Technology Ghaziabad. To know more go through the complete interview of Prof. Harvinder Singh.

Careers360. What are the key program features that set IMT apart from a regular BSchool?

Prof. Harvinder Singh. IMT Ghaziabad is a highly responsive institution that constantly tracks the changes and upcoming trends in the business ecosystem and modulates the content, delivery and industry connect to ensure the programme is constantly updated and meets the contemporary and future needs of the industry.

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Careers360. New age specializations vs regular ones, how does IMT incorporate a good blend of both for students?

Prof. Harvinder Singh. In addition to the regular specializations like Marketing, Finance, Operations, and HR, IMT Ghaziabad has placed special emphasis on technological trends like analytics and digital aspects of business. The programmes also focus on socially desirable activities like Entrepreneurship, sustainability and social responsibility of business.

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Careers360. What are the new initiatives taken up by IMT to make the admission process more robust?

Prof. Harvinder Singh. The new initiatives taken up by IMT to make the admission process robust are as follows:

  • Including more parameters into candidates with work experience to evaluate the quality of work and quality of the organization they have worked with. This will close the loop with the placements office in order to secure better job profiles for our students.

  • Lowering the test score cut offs to some points for women candidates and candidates with exceptional profile and work experience in order to get better diversity in the classroom.

  • Including academic diversity parameter for non-engineering candidates who have graduated from marquee Undergrad institutes across the country and abroad to bring in more non-engineers into the classroom to enhance the student learning experience.

  • Under academic background of aspirants, rating of quality of undergrad institute in addition to scores/marks obtained by the aspirant, so that the class has better quality of intake.

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Careers360. What are the learning outcomes that IMT focusses on and how are they improved on?

Prof. Harvinder Singh. The learning outcomes of the programmes offered by IMT Ghaziabad align with the institute’s mission and vision statements. The broad outcomes include the development of corporate, entrepreneurial, and intellectual leadership which is professionally successful and socially responsible.

Careers360. Industry connect: how does IMT incorporate this in its curriculum and teachings?

Prof. Harvinder Singh. In curriculum development, IMT Ghaziabad takes inputs from the industry at the time of development of new courses and revision of existing courses. These inputs come from the Area Advisory Councils. For delivering this content, IMT Ghaziabad has permanent faculty comprising of industry professionals and accomplished researchers. In addition, the institute regularly invites senior professionals from the industry to deliver full courses and guest sessions.

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Careers360. How do accreditations like AACSB, NBA, SAQS help students? More importantly, how do these accreditations contribute to the quality aspect for IMT?

Prof. Harvinder Singh. These accreditations ensure that the institute has followed a systematic approach while designing, delivering and reviewing the academic processes. Coveted accreditations like AACSB, NBA and SAQS reflect that IMT Ghaziabad inputs are well aligned with the nationally and globally accepted learning frameworks. In addition, international accreditations like AACSB give the students acceptability in the international peer group.

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Careers360. In the current times, liberal education, sustainability and technology are part of businesses and business curriculums. How is this balance achieved by IMT?

Prof. Harvinder Singh. Technology, sustainability and liberal education are vital pillars of holistic learning that the institute imparts to its students. The institute has incorporated a number of courses from these domains in its list of core and elective courses.

Careers360. How do extracurriculars contribute to the holistic development of any management student? How does IMT facilitate these?

Prof. Harvinder Singh. Extra-curricular activities at IMT Ghaziabad play a vital role in imparting key qualities of leadership, innovation, persistence and teamwork outside the classroom. This way, the extra-curricular activities supplement or cement the classroom learning in a competitive but informal setting.

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Careers360. Practical learning is now a part of the new age teaching methodology. How is this followed at IMT?

Prof. Harvinder Singh. Practical learning in IMT Ghaziabad comes in the form of a mandatory 8-10 weeks long summer internship, Short-term projects done by students, practical projects assigned to students in every course, and case-study competitions that IMT Ghaziabad students compete in.

Careers360. MBA or PGDM curriculum has to innovate with time. How does IMT facilitate and incorporate this?

Prof. Harvinder Singh. As indicated earlier, IMT Ghaziabad does not wait for the changes to occur. It is accustomed to sensing the changes and trends as they occur in the market and society. It has already put in place an institutional structure, consisting of faculty members and industry advisors who come up with innovative inputs, processes and interventions to calibrate the learning outcomes with the changes in the market.

Careers360. The ultimate goal of any management aspirant is a good placement. How is this achieved at IMT? What are the processes, support and aspects that are part of the placement drives?

Prof. Harvinder Singh. IMT Ghaziabad has a dedicated and highly motivated student placement committee comprising of senior and junior students. These students are guided by a team of placement professionals. The placement team reaches out to the industry, and it is easier when we have thousands of alumni already working in the industry.

Disclaimer: This content was distributed by Institute of Management Technology Ghaziabad and has been published as part of Careers360’s marketing initiative.

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Questions related to IMT Ghaziabad

Have a question related to IMT Ghaziabad ?

Hello student

Here are some details about the two colleges:

IMT Ghaziabad :

- IMT Ghaziabad offers a two-year Postgraduate Diploma in Management program.

- Specializations include Marketing, International Business, Finance, Banking and Financial Services, Operations, and Human Resources.

- The average package for the 2021-23 batch was 17.35 lakhs per annum, with the highest international salary at 65.6 lakhs per annum and the highest domestic salary at 34 lakhs per annum.

- The top 100 students had an average package of 24.99 lakhs per annum, and the top 200 students had an average package of 21.5 lakhs per annum.

FORE School of Management, New Delhi:

- FORE School of Management offers a two-year full-time PGDM program.

- Specializations include Marketing, Finance, Operations, and Human Resources.

- The average package for the 2021 batch was 12.4 lakhs per annum, with the highest package at 21 lakhs per annum.

- The top 50 students had an average package of 15.6 lakhs per annum.

It's important to consider multiple factors when choosing a college, including location, program offerings, and campus culture. I recommend doing your own research and reaching out to both colleges for more information.


According to last year  CAT score No, as last year cutoff was 90 percentile and you have scored 79.80 percentile which is way more less than the required for the IMT College, but you can definitely aim for different colleges with HR Management or give other entrance exams like XAT, Snap for different Management colleges.

IMT Ghaziabad, CAT Cutoff 2023

The overall cutoff for CAT is 90 percentile.

Hope this helps you,

Thank you

Hi Aryan,

Hope You are doing well !

To answer your query, GIM PGDM would be the best option, though all the institutes are really good, but GIM has better exposure and better placements in comparison to IMT and FORE.

Below is the placement statistics given for your reference.


Statistics (2021)

Statistics (2022)

Highest package

INR 25.60 LPA

INR 27.83 LPA

Average package

INR 10.71 LPA

INR 12.14 LPA

Top 20 average package

INR 16.65 LPA

INR 19.19 LPA

Top 50 average package

INR 14.43 LPA

INR 16.79 LPA

Top 100 average package

INR 12.67 LPA

INR 14.52 LPA

Top 200 average package


INR 12.65 LPA

Hope my answer was helpful.

Thank You.

Hello Shreya,

ITM buisness school, Navi Mumbai was established in the year 1991. ITM buisness school Navi Mumbai was founded in academic collaboration with southern New Hampshire University , USA. The institute is accredited by the national board of accreditation (NBA) and also approved by the aicte.

The campus size is around 3 acres. ITM Mumbai is a member of association of Indian universities.

Regarding your percentile let me tell you that it's a bit low to take admission in IMT Navi Mumbai. You need to score atleast 70+ to be on a safer side.

To get complete information you can check out the link given below-


The average salary of this course in India is between INR 5-20 LPA . PGDM jobs are available in leading sectors such as Finance, Sales, Marketing, HR, and more.

The skills that you will learn from this program are - Marketing Strategies, Teamwork, Business Growth Strategies, Structured Thinking and Problem solving, Strategic thinking and Planning abilities, adaptability to change, Interpersonal and communication skills, and time management and project management skills.

The minimum eligibility to enroll for this program is a Bachelor’s Degree with a minimum of 50% marks. This program is a good connect if you are from the following roles - Managers and Entrepreneurs looking for an in-depth understanding of leadership and management, IT Professionals looking to switch industry and Sales and Marketing Executives.

Career Assistance - A career coach will be there to guide you in the career phase of your learning journey. You will get personalized career support from industry express to help you find the best opportunities. It will provide learners with 1-1 mock interviews conducted by mentors from the industry, you will also get detailed feedback. There will be guidance on resume building with the right set of inputs.

Job Opportunities - On successful completion of the program those job opportunities that will be available to you are in Marketing, Management Consulting, Leadership Roles in Business Development and Sales, Strategy, and Growth.

Top-class faculty - This engaging and rigorous program curriculum will be taught by some of the top professionals in the industry. They will guide you at every step of the program to help you develop into extremely industry relevant individuals.

Interaction with peers - You have to interactive and exciting Base Camps along with live sessions and career-building workshops which will be held by professionals from the industry. There will also be group activities for you to build your network and interact with your peers.

Hope this helps.

Good luck.

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